Most Suitable Paintball Masks for Woodsball & Speedball 2023

Some people want a paintball mask for woodsball and speedball, if you are one of them then you come to the right place. Furthermore, woodsball has been famous and growing because of its huge demands, it is good for diplomatic and perseverance protection while speedball paintball masks are also a great demanded product it has been used by those people who like lightweight for speedy movement. 

The quality paintball mask has more protective gears for woodsball that provide good protection to their players. Here we will explore the best paintball mask for woodsball and speedball making a list with our research which are famous because of their important properties like full head coverage, anti-fog lens, nice style and lastly comfortability.

In this paragraph, I’m going to tell you that these below mentioned paintball masks have been used by celebrities and youtubers and then our team has given a review on it after independently researching, testing and then rating them which paintball masks are best for our audience.

These masks have charmings functions inside it and are used to produce a particular identification between the players that are good for enhancing the aggression during the game. No doubt, the paintball game is a safe sport but still you have to focus on your assurance rules and fulfill the tool requirements.

 After providing you a reviews on paintball masks for woodsball and speedball, I will also give you an important buying guide that you have to follow before purchasing the paintball mask.


Best Value

JT Spectra Flex 8
  • 360 degree coverage
  • Adjustable straps
  • Good Ventilation System

Top Rated

Tippmann Intrepid
  • Changeable Lens
  • Anti scratch
  • Durable

Budget Pick

Empire Helix
  • Dual pane
  • Silicon Adjustable Straps
  • Lightweight

1- JT Spectra Flex 8 Paintball Mask

Reason To Buy

  • Durable
  • Provide 360 degree coverage
  • Have changeable lens
  • Have good ventilation system
  • Lightweight that help to enhance your performance
  • Adjustable straps

Reason To Avoid

  • Need to more inside padding

JT spectra paintball mask is famous because of its dashing look, it not just has a good look but also has all latest technology features. These masks have fusion technology which provide protection and flexibility for comfort from its exoskeleton frame. It has long vertical spaces in front of it that give good airflow and a ventilation system that allow its user to breathe easily.

It is a helmet-like mask which gives 360 degree protection to players that is an ideal case for woodsball players. JT spectra flex 8 have thermal coated anti fog lens which is easily swappable. You can change it within a few moments and give protection from harmful ultraviolet rays furthermore, its visor provides you a 260 degree field of view and made with durable plastic and flexible rubber that is available in many colors.

Key Features

  • Comfort:  Super comfortable on the head
  • Vision: 260 degrees wide-angle
  • Visor: Built-in
  • UV protection: Yes
  • Strap: Very Adjustable
  • Full head coverage


  • Brand:  JT
  • Weight:  1.9 pounds

Our Suggestion

In my opinion if you are thinking of buying this then its camo model is good in both design and features, it comes with decent and rich functionality at a cheap price. The manufacturer has used strong material in its manufacturing which can bear heavy and speedy shots and provide you protection from harda and tough situations. 

It has adjustable straps that allow you to fit it at your face according to your comfort. This is a non-destructive mask which is easy to clean and gives their user a good ventilation system for communication and breathing and it is also cheap in price as compared to other masks.

2- Tippmann Intrepid Paintball Mask for Woodsball

Reason To Buy

  • Spherical Dual pane changeable lens
  • Anti fog
  • Good for woodsball players
  • Have open cell foam technology
  • Allow distortion free communication
  • Cheap in price

Reason To Avoid

  • Limited in colors

Tippmann paintball mask is budget-friendly and a woodsball player’s mask which provides good chin, jaws and ear safety in the heat of a woodsball game. This mask is also popular because of its beautiful design and made with durable and flexible material. 

Beside the protection and look this mask has a spherical lens which is anti scratch and anti fog and provides a peripheral wide clear view that helps you enhance your performance throughout the game. The most unique thing about this mask is the open cell foam technology which makes it the most comfortable mask of this era. 

It eliminates moistur­­e from the mask and absorbs all the sweat while playing the game and it is a great investment for you. In paintball games, your communication with your teammates and friends is a very significant aspect that enables you to plan against your enemies and increase the chances of your success.

 Tippmann Intrepid Paintball Mask provides you a great mechanism for distortion free communication. With the source of communication during the game it also provides good ventilation for exhaling the warm air and contains cool air and breathes easily.

Key Features

  • Visibility:  Thermal lens dual pane 260° field of vision
  • Foam: Hypoallergenic super-comfortable face foam
  • Visor: Removable
  • Strap: Adjustable strap with anti-slip strips


  • Brand:  Tippmann
  • Color:  Black

Our Suggestion

I purchased it for my friend’s bachelor party. It is a fantastic mask with no fogging, removing the clear shield for cleaning is so easy for me. The plastic of this is so flexible but not rubbery.

If we are talking about its size, my head size is average and it fits easily on it so comfortably. It has adequate spacing between the lens and the foam that gives you the option of 25mm fans installation. I have 4 to 5 members in my group. 

All of them bought it because of its advanced features like lightweight, good visibility, zero fogging on the lens,soft foam and low price and all of them loved it. I rated it 8/10.

3- Dye i5 Paintball Mask – Best for Woodsball

Reason To Buy

  • Have Changeable comfortable foam
  • Thermal coated dual pane lens
  • Have GSR Pro straps
  • Remove the moisture and heat from mask
  • Provide peripheral wide vision
  • Good for big face

Reason To Avoid

  • Not suitable for play in heavy rain
  • A little bit expensive as compared to other paintball mask

Woodsball paintball matches are usually long duration and it requires those paintball masks which can be used for a long time. The dye i5 paintball mask is one of those masks that are used in tournaments and can make good partnerships with our players. 

This paintball mask is a quality mask and satisfies their users with our features, the most advanced and demanding feature is that it has dual pane thermal coated lens which prevent the mask from fog and give good sight to users. It is not wrong to say that this is the best anti-fog mask that gives 290 degree wide clear peripheral vision in the battlefield. 

Dye i5 paintball masks have built-in GSR Pro straps and adjustable dials which give a good comfortable grip to players, which means you can make it tight or loose according to your needs. Another good advantage of this mask is it has come with replaceable foam which means you can easily remove it from the mask’s chassis when its soft foam has been dirty, beside the replaceable quality it also provides comfort to users that helps to enhance the performance of players.

It also has a Go Pro Mount and you do not need for extra bettering if you are planning to mount the camera to show or capture the great gameplay.

Key Features

  • Color:  Emerald, Emerald 2.0, fire & Emerald combo, etc
  • Comfort: Maximum comfort without any stress
  • Scratch Proof: Yes
  • UV protection: Its lens system will protect from harmful UV rays
  • Strap: GSR pro strap system


  • Brand: Dye
  • Weight:  12.6 ounces
  • ASTM Certified:  Yes

Our Suggestion

With my personal experience I would like to tell my audience that it is the most advanced thermal coated paintball mask and provides an amazing ventilation system for easy breathing and communication and its most demanding paintball mask because of their qualities.

My head is little big from normal head sizes so I face problem with many paintball masks but dye i5 mask has solved my this problem and it fit exactly fit on head but the only one problem with this mask is that not good for heavy rain as it prone the accumulated the water within visor. I rated it 10/10.

4- Virtue VIO Ascend Paintball Mask

Reason To Buy

  • Have good ventilation system for breathe
  • Distortion free communication
  • Have thermal coated anti fog lens
  • Changeable lens
  • Available with highly customized and chromatic lens
  • Have anti reflective coating
  • Highly advances mask straps

Reason To Avoid

  • Used hard rubber in its manufacturing

Due to its distinctive design, the virtue vio ascend became a demanded paintball mask for both speedball and woodsball players whether it is also considered as hybrid paintball mask with cheap price. 

It uses thermal coated anti scratch dual pane lens which kills the fog and gets excessive purity for clear and wide vision. The lenses are available in many colors for this mask which provides the ultra protection from ultraviolet rays and makes your eyes relaxed. The manufacturer used good durable and elastic material to ensure its good player protection and provide the optimized ventilation mechanism for high quality breathing. 

It also allows you to communicate with your mates during the game. The virtue vio ascend is available in the market with reasonable price who fulfill all demands from players side for their best performance.

Key Features

  • Scratchless Coting:  Yes
  • Lightweight: You will feel comfortable wearing it
  • Anti-reflection Coating: No reflection
  • Foam: Multilayer foam, able to soak your sweat
  • Peripheral Vision: Good


  • Brand:  Virtue
  • Weight:  1.2 pounds
  • Dimensions:  8.4 x 8.4 x 7.3 Inches

Our Suggestion

In my opinion, the mask is good for well breathing, distortion free hearing and provides a great view behind the lens, the only thing that is important is to clean with microfiber cloths. This is a comfortable mask for me and very good for woodsball players, its soft foam will also absorb your sweat and make you cool. The only complaint on this mask is that if you use some other clothes instead of microfiber cloth then its lens will get scratched. Overall greate, and I recommend it.

5 – Empire Helix Paintball Mask

Reason To Buy

  • Dual pane thermal coated lens
  • Can be change easily
  • Use firm plastic to make it durable
  • Good ventilation system
  • Have silicon adjustable straps
  • Can be wear with your glasses

Reason To Avoid

  •  Not good for big face people

Empire helix paintball mask is budget friendly and speedball player mask which can not comprise their quality. It is a high end model mask which is made with strong material and has a stylish eye-catching look. it is comfortable to wear and you easily adjust it on your own according to your ease with its silicon straps. 

It has dual density foam inside which not just absorbs the sweat but also provides comfortness with their softness. Its forehead visor saves the lens and you from hard speedy paintball shots. The dual pane lens provides distortion free optical clarity and prevents the user’s eyes from fog in long term matches furthermore you can also wear it along with your glasses.

 Due to its lightweight it is good for speedball players with extra head protection but you can also use it for woodsball matches.

Key Features

  • Vision: Anti-fog lens has 270-degree visibility
  • Lens: Clear dual-pane thermal optical lens
  • Protection: Best Protective Rigid mask


  • Brand: Empire
  • Material: Plastic

Our Suggestion

Empire helix is a lightweight and easy to maintain paintball mask. The soft padding around the lens is separated from the bottom piece and no foam in the corner. The plus point of this mask for me is that I can wear it with my glasses while playing the paintball mask and it never crunches my eye-glasses into the side of my head like other masks do. 

This is the mask that comes with a removable chin strap and you can attach it to the head for more grip and stability. The only negative part of this mask is sliding the lens back into the place is a little bit hard but that’s not a big problem.

6 – V-Force Grill Paintball Mask

Reason To Buy

  • Have comfortable and changeable chin strap
  • Have super fast drying dual density foam
  • Durable and flexible
  • 100% UV protected
  • Provide peripheral vision

Reason To Avoid

  • A little bit expensive

V-force grill paintball mask is a highly performance and protected paintball mask. It is also famous because of its lightweight and due to this reason it is excessively used by speedball players. It required low maintenance, good for both newbies as well as for experts. 

It has a dual pane lens that is anti scratch and anti fog and provides good vision with zero distortion, it also prevents the players eyes and face from harmful sun rays. Due to its curved shape it can be used by those people who use glasses on their faces, it has many holes in front and both sides of them which makes good airflow from the mask provide enhanced ventilation system for easy breathing and communication.

The v-force paintball mask is highly customized, you can easily replace each and every one of its individual parts and adjust it according to your face needs and is good for both rainy and sunny days. Its inner soft padding form provides you a comfort zone and is also amazing for beginners and champions.

Key Features

  • Chin Strap: Comfortable
  • Lens: Fully customizable
  • Vision: Distortion-free optics
  • Foam: Can change quickly


  • Brand:  V-Force
  • Weight:  1.65 pounds

Our Suggestion

Great mask and very comfortable on my nose. Before this mask I have tried many masks that give me trouble in breathing but if we talk about this mask, it provides me with a great mechanism for comfort breathing and removing the warm air from the mask. 

The V-force mask looks cool in design and I would like to break it down into 3 parts, the mask, soft foam and lens. These all parts provide the full functionality that players need to play easily like good visibility, no fog, no scratch,easy to change, easy to clean, communication, smooth breathing.

The only thing I don’t like is that this mask is not a full size mask and sometimes you need to add some protection but it’s good for both newbies and newcomers. I would like to rate it 9/10.

Top 6 Paitnball Masks for Woodsball 2023 Comparison Table

Image Product Details   Price
JT Spectra Flex 8 Paintball Mask JT Spectra Flex 8 Brand:  JT
Weight:  1.9 pounds
Check Price
Tippmann Intrepid Paintball Mask Tippmann Intrepid Brand:  Tippmann
Color:  Black
Check Price
Dye Precision i5 Thermal Paintball Mask Dye i5 Brand: Dye
Weight:  12.6 ounces
ASTM Certified:  Yes
Check Price
Virtue VIO Ascend Virtue VIO Ascend Brand:  Virtue
Weight:  1.2 pounds
Dimensions:  8.4 x 8.4 x 7.3 Inches
Check Price
Empire Helix Paintball Mask Empire Helix Brand: Empire
Material: Plastic
Check Price
V Force G.I. Grill Goggles V-Force Grill Brand:  V-Force
Weight:  1.65 pounds
Check Price




Things To Follow While Buying a Paintball Mask for Woodsball/Speedball

Attributes are a very necessary thing that make the paintball masks, the players should always consider it and research it before buying a paintball mask. I have also explained many buying guides in my previous articles and also provide you here buying guides to purchase a mask for woodsball matches. In the description below I will deeply explain every feature of the mask that will give you a good experience.


Paintball masks should be lightweight, there should be no burden on the head and shoulder of players while they are running in the field. The ideal weight of the mask is 1.5 pounds which allows their users to jump, roll, ducking and do important physical activities that are needed during the paintball game. If your mask gets heavy then it will lower your performance and decrease the ability of movement. We can see that many helmets are available in the market which provide 360 degree coverage but still flopped due to their heavy weights.


It causes very irritation when the mask touches your ears again and again, it feels like a snake’s sting and is very difficult to clean. The good paintball mask does not disturb the hearing ability of users and provides the soft ear padding throughout the ears without any negative effect on your hearing and communication.

If you think that you have to shout  for communication with your mates then you should invest in a mask which has good ear padding. In my opinion, the v-force grill and dye precision i4 paintball masks are the best masks that have good ear padding for players comfort and do not affect the hearing sense.


The paintball mask should have a lens which gives neat and clean vision to see your target because we all know that lens is the most important part of a paintball lens which can not be ignored. To win the game it’s necessary for us to see the enemies before they see you.

The lens with a lot of mirroring and flame or having a fog quickly can damage your vision and help your opponents to shot at you. The most important aspect of a paintball mask lens is its size, shape and the scope of eyesight that it allows. As per my experience, empire evs and empire e-flex are amazing products that provide an extended 270 degree clear and wide view and are able to control your gun according to rival movements. 

Different types of lenses are used to play in different environments like smore and mirror lenses are good to play in shiny days and dual pane lenses are good to reduce the fog from lens while some are good to play in indoor lighting and outdoor lighting conditions.


In a paintball mask, players feel many jerks which can cause them to loose the mask on their head, not just about the size. You should also consider that mask which has a good grip on the face. A good mask has adjustable straps for the user’s head, there should be two straps for horizontal grip of the face because one strap typically provides vertically grabbing. The sly profit is good for that purpose.


The main reason for the paintball mask visor is to provide ultra protection from ultraviolet rays and speedy paintball shots. If you want to eagle eyes on your opponents the visor fulfills these requirements and for these purposes our recommended paintball mask is v-force grill mask. 

Ventilation System

The masks with a good airflow system are such a blessing because breathing is everything. During the game the mask has full warm air which causes the suffocation and may cause the fogging of the lens, so always buy such a paintball mask which allows you to pull out the warm air and suck in the cool air to make a good environment inside the mask. 

The mask should also provide a good communication process that enables the teammates to freely communicate with each other and target your opponents. The paintball masks which have great vents in front of their body are Dye precision i4 and any mask from E-flex chain.

Durable Material

When you go to purchase a mask you just are not concerned with its inside comfort, like it has good breathing, good communication, has a soft padding foam for comfort and many more but should have concern with its physical material because many masks have been broken by physical damage. So always purchase a mask which is made with durable and quality material and can face any type of shots.

Final Verdict:

All masks that have been explained in the above sections are good in different quality aspects but here we will conclude our research by giving you the best product. Dye i5 paintball mask is the best and trending product in our list. It is selling by trustworthy brands and has many sales on a daily basis.

It offers a distortion free wide 270 degree vision in the field of battle, it is one of the best thermal coated anti fog paintball masks which does not allow a little bit fog on the lens and also help you to communicate and breathe easily while playing. After the great study on masks we will recommend it to our readers and rate it 10/10.

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