Best 10 Paintball Guns Under $300 [2023] – Ultimate Guide

Are you on a tight budget but still want to buy paintball guns to enjoy your tournaments? Then you’ve landed in the right place. There are many paintball markers that are affordable and have good performance. In this article, we have listed the best paintball guns under 300$.

Check out our personal experience, pros and cons, and which type of gun is suitable for you. Moreover, you can read our comprehensive buying guide that will make it easy to buy the right paintball gun for you.

Before you purchase a paintball, do research on these few points 

  • Financial Plan – What is your budget and minimum how much you can expend on a gun? Also, what is the requirement for the cover of the hopper or HPA vat?
  • Your Favored Style – Do you like to play speedball woodsball, or a combination of both?
  • Load – Do you prefer a gun that is not heavy load and is relaxed to move around?
  • The Company– There are plenty of different paintball Markers Companies out there, so choose the brands that you like the most
  • Adjustability – Do you want to customize according to your desires, if you have an extra budget?
  • Robustness – Is the gun robust enough to perform in different weather and game styles?

Quick Summary

Best for Smoothness – Planet Eclipse EMEK 100

The most significant mechanic paintball gun has a spinning valve, swift cleaning choices, a gamma-core engine, replaceable grips, and a plane bolting neck. Additionally, it is simple to use, precise, and silent when firing.

Best for Customization – The Tippmann Stormer Elite

It is One of the best adjustable and trustworthy guns. With the use of its Picatinny rails, you can customize easily conferring your desires. It has a deluxe military body design within $300 that provides good performance and consistency.

Best for Rapid Fire– Tippmann TMC Magfed

This high-speed gun delivers remarkable functionality as a loader and a magazine-fed option. An additional attribute is the elastic grip, increasing its ergonomic hold.

Best Mag-Fed Gun – Valken M17 Magfed

Best affordable and impressive gun for paintball players. It has impressive precision with a strong body and is easy to use.

Best Woodsball Gun for Beginners – Tippmann A-5

A top-performing and remarkable option for woodsball enthusiasts. The twister feed mechanism permits exceptional quick firing. Liked by many players due to its exceptional precision and robust manufacture. Adding the E-trigger system will offer the proficiency for automatic quick firing.

Best Compactness – HK Army SABR

HK Army SABR stands as an excellent and concise gun composed of premium aluminum. It carries notable functionality, having distinct features such as a 12-inch barrel, a dependable fastening feed neck, an updated hose-freestyle, and a threaded barrel. Undoubtedly, it is a good choice for beginner players. 

Best for Its Design – Azodin Blitz 4

Covering everything from system to function, it outshines every feature. The Azodin Blitz 4 claims special craftsmanship and delivers unmatched performance. It provides powerful shots and premium features including a pruner-style trigger, fast-release bolt, metallic feed neck, and an updated regulator to lift up its overall functionality.

Best for Reliability – Tippmann 98 Custom

Tippmann has the best stability and is popular among the entry-level layers. Qualities that made this gun in the top 10 best paintball guns are easy maintenance, customizability, and a malleable metallic body. It is a simple gun but well-organized. 

Cheapest Paintball Gun – Spyder Victor Gun

The best option for newcomers due to its affordable price and simple upkeeping. Its frothy design combines a grip panel that tightly imitates your arms, providing a relaxed grip. The addition of features such as the barrel length, front clasps, and valve system improves it and is a worthwhile deal.

Best for Beginners – US Army Alpha Elite

Alpha Elite is an aluminum-made gun and feels like an actual gun. It has features like customizability, precision, and consistency. Entry-level players can buy it and enjoy their game. This marker with impressive appearance provides good firing speed.

1. Planet Eclipse EMEK 100


Planet Eclipse EMEK 100 is a powered gun and lies on the top of the best paintball guns under $300.

Emek made its first debut at $220, a promising cost for beginners entering the game. After the inflation flood in 2021, the EMEK’s price increased to $295. Nevertheless, it remains the prime choice for learners and holds the admiration of professionals. 

Unlike other modern guns, this gun model has no auto switch on or off buttons, LCD screens, and other upscale marker features. Nonetheless, its performance stands on balance with more costly markers in terms of paint quality, control, and steadiness. Here a question arises: how does it attain this comparable performance?

The reply is Emek 100 embraces the solution with its use of the Gamma Core engine, just like the one that powers PE’s Gtek series. Renowned for its spotless smoothness, proficiency, and specific impact on the ground, the Gamma Core proved its bravery. Personally testing my Emek 100 through eight battleground sessions, not a single shot was amiss.

All this comes at just under $300, allowing you access to the identical core employed in the esteemed Gtek series. What more could one possibly wish? Enclosed within the box, there is a barrel plug, a 20-round square head magazine, flip-up highlights, a polymer CQC mantle, and the M17 A2 Marker.

This marker features suitable external access points on both sides enabling swift ball detent substitutes. Should you accidentally splash paintball, simply use Allen keys to open the small hole and tidy up the spill.

 At the rear of the marker, there’s a small hollow that can be extracted. This hollow helps in changing grips. By pressing the button, the grips will elevate, letting you switch them out with your ideal color variant. While I personally prefer the eternal black grips, you have the freedom to pick any hue that charms you.

Top of Form

One more thrilling feature about this gun is that you will get a PE (Planet Eclipse) spare kit for the extra parts you want. This spare kit involves the ball detents, o-rings, bolts, and much more. However, the Planet Eclipse marker’s parts are robust and can work for a long time. 

Based on the feedback analysis from our team, they derived great pleasure from its shooting expertise and impressive range. Apparently, it shows precision in shooting even at distances of up to 100 feet. A group of paintball performers also do great admiration for its 10-inch lengthy barrel featuring auto cocker threads. The reliant observed a notable decrease in the need for cleaning broken paint.

From a personal point of view, there was a certain level of noise associated with the use of a 10-inch barrel. However, when I switched to a 12-inch barrel, a significant change in sound became obvious. 

There is no need for batteries for Emek 100 as it is a mechanical gun. It offers smooth shooting and you can simply change modes from fire to safe. To secure the hopper, it has a perfect locking lever. 

In core, this gun exhibits extraordinary features with swift cleansing alternatives, a Gamma core machine interchangeable grips, an effortlessly secure locking feed neck, and an excess of other qualities. Therefore, getting this gun will enhance your competency in the paintball arena.

  • Working pressure 135 psi
  • 10-inches long Barrel length 10-inch
  • Only Friendly with Compressed air
  • Gamma Core Engine


  • Costless maintenance
  • Not affected by Weather
  •  Impressive Shot quality 
  • Adjustable barrel and grips


  • A little bit noisy
  • Need apparatus for broken paintball cleaning

 2. Valken M17 Magfed


In recent times, the Magfed has gained more users because of its strategic game design, low cost, and strong body. During the test, it did not logjam even for one time. Its shots never miss the target. I like this gun’s unique style, robust body, and affordable price. 

Differing from old paintball markers, this variant includes a tank placed at the back end of the stock. It flawlessly integrates with the marker body through a tank enclosure. You will also have the choice of using a bigger air reservoir. In this situation, the cover of the tank may not align perfectly.

This robust gun accommodates together 0.68 caliber ammunition and FSR rounds. This has enhanced its adaptability across various gaming setups. Performers who like soldier-style paintball guns will have an affinity for this particular model. Its exterior aesthetics contribute to a very authentic appearance.

Within the packaging, you’ll discover a variety of items, including a magazine with a capacity for 20 rounds (square-shaped), a muzzle plug, a polymer CQC shroud, and the M17 A2 gun.

Compared to the Tippmann Stormer Elite or Magfed, this gun doesn’t have the bogus bagThis bag enhances the comfort of play when utilizing a hopper. Moreover, hopper neck feed and AR15 screw handle are also not provided in the box. 

Not finished yet! This marker comes with two modes: full-auto and semi-auto. With the help of a rolling switch, you can shift these modes. Its magazine has a range of 18 rounds that players can easily get for reloading within the game. 

I exposed a drawback within this model about its time-consuming procedure for cleaning the paint. The process of taking apart the 2-pin construction in the field takes some time. It involves the use of a tool and careful handling to access the controller system and reattach it. Besides, the barrel is relatively short in length. After I replaced the barrel, there was a clear improvement. This led to better shooting quality and reduced noise.

Valken M17’s mechanical gunfire system exhibits a slight kickback during the test. This can be somewhat awkward for strategies like rapid-fire during a game. Though, over time, I became familiar with it.

In the end, the M17 proves to be a faithful, well-proven, and real paintball marker. Its construction is of high quality, delivering exceptional performance, all at a reasonable price. This marker is user-friendly for upkeep, offers adjustability, and offers accessories for your upcoming paintball game. Please note that following current price increases, the cost of the Valken M17 has slightly risen beyond $300.

  • Automatic gunfire system
  • Rapid Magazine removal and Refill
  • Two auto modes: semi and full Auto
  • Extra railings for laser, and light


  • Stable and precise shoots
  • Robust
  • Sharp, soldier-style body
  • Spotless shift between the two auto modes


  • Short barrel length  
  • Have kickback 
  • produce a bit of noise

3. Tippmann A-5


Still 20 years after its launch, this gun did not lose its market demand. The reason behind its success lies in its flexibility, precision, and steadfastness. 

Impressive Construction! The firearm’s entire structure is made up of strong aluminum. Due to its strong build, it has the ability to endure unexpected effects and falls without causing any harm to its inside components. Also, this material exhibits flexibility against both erosion and rust, making it an ideal option for various weather circumstances.

I really admire the skilled artistry and exceptional quality of the materials used. However, its weight is 3.5 lbs as it feels slightly bulky to hold for extended times. Once the tank and additional attachments are assembled, the overall weight rises to 6 lbs. And the weight might elevate even further after any customization.

Tippmann A-5 has precisely spoken about the concerns surrounding range and shooting precision, vital factors for every user. With its impressive 8.5-inch barrel, this gun provides consistent hitting targets at distances exceeding 150 feet.

You can get a Toolless assembly feature in this gun for under $300. This model can be attached or detached in a couple of minutes with no tools.  Furthermore, the two-pin strip-down style helps you clean and uphold the marker effortlessly. 

Witness the patented cyclone feed system, seamlessly connecting the feeder to the air system, allowing it to release fireballs with the quickness of your fingertip on the trigger. A striking 15 to 17 balls can be fired every second! What’s more, it significantly limits the likelihood of paintball jams or barrel obstacles. In the stock hopper, the A5 claims the capability to accommodate over 200 paintballs.

Though the firearm doesn’t want much dusting or care. Still, I would suggest you grease your gun at a time to increase its performance and durability.

To sum up, the Tippmann A-5 is one of the most trending and blockbusting guns in the market. It earned a reputation because of its flexibility and high performance in each paintball tournament. The company has set the standard for its opponents for precision and versatility in paintball markers.

  • Twister Feed System
  • 15 balls each second
  • Shift within safe and fire mode with outer selector
  • Relaxed to hold with strong grip Comfortable to hold via large
  • Simple to modify and upgrade


  • Adaptable style for hopper
  • Extra attachments to Customize
  • Quick gunfire
  • Manageable trigger 
  • Frothy and robust construction


  • Inside leakage can occur
  • Have Blocking issues later longtime use  
  • Visions are not height variable

4. Tippmann Stormer Elite


Why will someone invest in Tippmann Stormer Elite? Because it has flexibility, inclusive body length, and best performance. Besides, it’s a budget-friendly gun under $300.

This marker is equipped with a double feed system just like Tippmann TMC MagfedOne is the old-style hopper for paintballs and the other one is MagFed. You can simply shift between the two systems. Even if the hopper is working, you can access the bogus mag.

Within the packaging, you can have a cover for the barrel, scraperAllen keys, and lubricant. Moreover, the box comprises 2 twenty magazines and extra components to convert the loader into a magazine 

The complete marker frame features numerous Picatinny rails for attaching accessories such as displays, scopes, lights, red dot sights, and more. These rails are not only present on the anterior covering and back, but also extend below the front grip. This feature enhances the flexibility of this gun model. The front grips offer the elasticity to be adjusted forward or backward based on the player’s arm length.

Moreover, the front covering can be easily separated by a slight button press. This permits for gliding it out to change the barrel or even using the gun without the front cover. The barrel utilizes a 98 custom threading, ensuring effortless fixing in place.

But wait, there’s more! The marker claims a 6-point changeable butt stock, enabling customization according to the player’s arm length. Secure the button at your favored position and you’re ready to play. Players have the choice to make modifications as per their likings. Its bolt valve and hammer tool look like those found in the Tippmann 98 model.

Additionally, if the price still is a consideration, there is a substitute: the Stormer Tactical model. This variant deals with identical features to the elite version, excluding the dual feed ability. Notably, it avoids an old-style magazine relying solely on the hopper. If you can afford a slight increase in price, I strongly endorse the Tippmann TMC version, which boasts both double feed capacity and improved durability. Its structure has a metallic casing, left from the artificial polymer.

I’ve encountered this gun a mixture of qualities of both the Tactical edition and the Tippmann 98 version with upgraded features. The marker includes both front and back sights, which can be easily bent down and flipped up. 

In conclusion! Just like other models of Tippmann, this soldier-style marker is equipped with a high-influence body, excellent barrel, thread A5, In-line bolt mechanism, inner gas line, and many others. It carries good performance and high-quality shots. 

  • Anterior and back Highlights Flip-up
  • 6-points Portable  Stock 
  • Pica tinny rails for adjustability  
  • Magazines 20 Round & Loader


  • Shooting precision
  • Easy to shift within Magfed and hopper
  • Various customization possibilities 
  • Steadfast in-line bolt mechanism
  • Inner Gas line 


  • Medium working with C02
  • Slight bulky 

5. Tippmann TMC Magfed


The Tippmann Magfed offers a versatile double-feeding feature: one option is the classic hopper, while the other is the MagFed option. The package integrates a pair of 20-round magazines, using a spring-driven system. This offers a fantastic alternative to the awkward hoppers commonly found on old firearms. The gun’s soldier style not only displays authenticity but also improves convenience for users. Moreover, the shotgun is equipped with a dummy magazine, letting for the use of the conventional hopper feeding system. By well selecting the suitable mode based on your base,  grants you an advantage over the opposing team.

The fascination doesn’t finish here, the marker has the real soldier gun visual same as the AR-15 gun.  The precision and quality of gunshot is high level of this model. You can change the paint field with no effort as it is lightweight. Also, The built-up quality is quite remarkable!

One drawback of this model is a bit noisy. Its high working pressure is around 800 psi which causes a kickback while gunfire. 

Tippmann guarantees quality across its paintball markers, which is why their markers show years of consistent performance. Just like the A-5 model, this particular gun claims a robust build, showing remarkable resilience against both marks and potential damage. Its internal components covering the trigger, structure, and gears, are meticulously made from metal, while the other parts are created from high-grade polymer materials.

Much like t its other brands, the TMC offers wide customization options. Operators have the freedom to implement numerous changes to this gun. These alterations include substituting the stock barrel, trigger, or controls. The presence of Picatinny rails allows the attachment of many accessories, ranging from lasers to flashlights and beyond, onto the barrel front section.

According to responses from customers, the 12-inch barrel, prepared rubber grips, and 20-round magazines are highlighted as excellent qualities of this specific model. Though, it’s important to note that this shotgun is friendly with round balls, restrictive its use for first raid rounds. Players appreciate the adaptable designs, making it a common choice for intermediate players. 

In the end, the quick-fire marker showed remarkable performance during testing. It achieved a spotless record of targets. Priced below $300, it presents a good choice for investment in paintball guns, favorable for both improved gameplay and good value for your money.

  • 20-round magazines (sprig-driven)
  • Changeable front and back sights
  • Double Feed system 
  • One-year built-up warranty 


  • Versatility for magazines or hopper
  • Additional stuff for customization
  • Quick-fire, Easy trigger 
  • Frothy and durable construction 


  • Inside leakage can occur
  • Blocking issues later longtime use 
  • Visions are not height variable

6. Azodin Blitz 4


Blitz is not an electric maker but a trustworthy mechanical marker.  Its body is made of metal which is why it is robust and long lasting. After utilizing this gun for long time, I matched the Blitz 4 with its opponents. I realized that Azodin’s gun is no doubt an amazing gun in case of performance, durability, and style.

Adjustable Trigger

Blitz4 possesses a flexible Scythe-style trigger, mainly working in high-end paintball markers. By joining this innovation, Azodin enhances the core value of this model’s design. In my opinion, the scythe trigger dominates over the blade variant due to its ergonomically curved shape, flawlessly imitating the shapes of the fingers and hand. This alignment ensures superior control, a stable grip, and an advanced firing experience.

Swift Bolt Release Mechanism

In the past, I often faced situations where paintball breaking led to heavy paint gathering on the bolt. Consequently, the necessity for a quick cleaning and swift reinstallation of the bolt to return the game was evident. Thankfully, the Blitz 4 effectively reports this concern by giving a swift-release bolt system. The detaching process, cleaning, and rejoining the bolt now takes a mere 5 seconds. This improvement simplifies and accelerates the cleaning process during gameplay.

Colors Variants

One of the best things that I adore in Blitz4 is its availability in different colors. You can select the color that you like the most. This gun is accessible in many colors such as green, purple, orange, pink, blue, and silver. 

Secured Metal Feedneck

The fascination does not end here! This gun features a safe metallic feed neck, effectively holding the hopper in place during playtime or creeps in the playground. In contrast, electric paintball gun variants such as the Empire Axe Mini GS are equipped with plastic feed necks that have lesser reliability. The firm metal feed neck of the standard Blitz 4 model is as long-lasting as its predecessor, the Blitz 3. Tightening the feed neck bolts gets easy with the given tool included in the package.

Let’s sum up, Azodin stands as a highly admired builder of paintball guns, renowned for making an exceptional range of start to mid-level options. The Blitz 4 positions as evidence of their commitment to worthwhile construction, consistent procedures, and expert craft. Concluding from my personal experience, I firmly trust that Azodin’s Blitz 4 ranks among the finest paintball markers available for purchase below $300.

  • 12-inch Enhanced Barrel
  • Fast locked Feed neck 
  • Changeable Regulator 
  • Friendly with HPA


  • No heavy-weight body design 
  • Drift Valve to alter the intake of air
  • Speed controller 
  • Tight Grips hopper


  • Not compatible with C02

7. Spyder Victor Gun


Over the last 20 years, this paintball marker is dominating in the marketplace. It’s because of the reliable company name and affordable price. 

Efficiency and Flexibility 

Despite its reasonable price, it gives premium performance and a variety of multipurpose capabilities. I noticed a resemblance in features between this model and the HK Army SABR. Much like the SABR, this marker includes an inner velocity adjuster. This feature allows control over your shots, a task eased with the use of Allen wrenches. 

In the realm of efficiency, it dominates the HK Army. It boasts the ability to release approximately 1000 shots from a 20 oz. tank. While rival models manage around 800 gunshots with the same 20 oz tank. Hence, it clearly upholds an advantage over its rivals.


 This marker’s weight is a mere 2lbs, making it very lightweight and easy to handle. Even beginners can swiftly move across the field and take targets. From my observations during testing, the front grip of this gun offers high comfort for both holding and gun firing. The grip panel is contoured perfectly to fit in your hands, improving the overall shooting experience.

Quick Cleaning

The tasks like Dusting, assembling, or disassembling are very easy and simple. You have to spend only 3 to 5 minutes to eliminate the broken paintballs and clear themIt is stress-free to slide out the Delran bolt. There is an option for customization in your marker like a change of barrel.


According to my personal analysis, there are few restrictions. It is not that durable. As it is crafted from plastic which leads to a lightweight. 

If it’s feasible to slightly increase your financial plan, I recommend considering the HK Army SABR. Unlike the SABR, this marker features a steel braided hose line instead of an internal linkage, which adds to its demand with a compact design conferring my preference. 

To sum it up, if you’re beginning your paintball journey on a tight budget, this marker is an excellent choice. It provides remarkable user-friendliness, grip coziness, and easy upkeep. The length of the barrel, front grips, and controller system are worth your investment.

  • Air Proficient Controller system 
  • Delran Bolt 
  • Barrel length 10-inches
  • Steel braided Hose Pipe
  • Rubberized Grip


  • 1000 gunshots each 20oz. Tank
  • Reasonably Precise shots 
  • Stress-free Cleaning
  • rapid bolt release
  • Adaptable shooting speed


  • Not a very long-lasting paintball marker
  • Bolts may get slack after some time

8. US Army Alpha Elite


The inner workings of this gun copy those of the Tippmann 98 Custom, complete with features such as the swift-release inline bolt system and a receiver of .68 caliber and other similarities. So, what discriminates against this model? Well, it introduces a range of new features, including the addition of an M16 carrying handle, a frontal covering, a stock with a six-point flexibility, and an altered outer shell.

What chiefly caught my attention was the outer design of this gun. The ability to adjust the stock thru six different points allows for a personalized fit, matching your arm dimension perfectly. The presence of the M16 handle proved very advantageous, giving easy use in both transportation and management during strategic movements.

Customize Options

Upgradability! The best part about this entry-level gun is that you can upgrade its parts according to your needs and transform it into an intermediate-level gun.  You can install an electronic trigger, cyclone feed system, 98 response, or extended barrel as well. 

To change the barrel, you can pull it out and insert a new one inside it. There are no humps or anything that the actual shroud lacks. You can change its looks by pulling off the M16 carrying handle from the top.

Customizability is the standout feature of this beginner-level marker, letting you improve its components to support your favorites and uplift it to an intermediary-level marker. Joining an electric trigger, cyclone feed system, 98 retorts, or lengthy barrel are all possible upgrades. 

The process of substituting the barrel includes a simple removal of the existing one with the insertion of a new variant.  It is devoid of any protrusions that the original cover may have. One can easily eliminate the M16 carrying handle located at the upper section.


The US Army Elite gun boasts a certification from the US Army, a feature matchless among our guns priced below $300. Notably, the packaging endures a prominent star insignia. Additionally, this paintball gun gives a warranty of 2 years assisting claims for any loss or defects.

Superior Quality

In the realm of paintball guns, two primary materials are usually used: stainless steel and aluminum. Among these, aluminum-made markers stand out for their boosted durability. Even though they are slightly heavier compared to stainless steel or plastic markers. The US Army Alpha has the robust and lasting nature of aluminum with a long lifetime.

Final Thoughts 

From my point of view, the US Alpha Elite is a nice-looking gun with thrilling feels. It offers good performance with pretty nice shot quality and paint control. One drawback is that it creates a little loud sound and slight kickback hits. I liked that the marker has many customization choices to renovate in the future.

  • Long lasting Aluminum structure 
  • Barrel length 12 inches
  • Customization options
  • Electric trigger
  • Guarantee of two years


  • Pica tinny railings for using laser, scopes, and hand grasps
  • Valuable space for attachments
  • Inline valve system 
  • Strong build


  • A bit bulky after using accessories
  • Reasonable recoil 

9. Tippmann 98 Custom


Tippmann 98 Custom is also one of the best paintball guns in the marketplace for $300. If I can define this marker in just three words that would be trustworthy, long-lasting, and customizable. It is built in such a way that it can bear all types of weather conditions including rain, dirt, sudden fall, crepes, etc This gun provides incredible performance along with crucial durability.

Paintball players reported that they didn’t get a chance to clean this gun even after playing for many days and it is functioning like a professional. No issue occurred in terms of its functioning or any components. 

You will be comfortable while holding and playing with its high-end metallic body. Even after playing for hours, you will not sense any swellings or lumps on your fingers. Its solid, metallic build gives durability and a greater hold over the plastic-made guns of Walmart. 

The other reason for its demand in the market is its 2-year guarantee. It is best for beginner-level players due to the warranty they provide for any loss, defect, or repair. They are always there to help their users.  

What are the newest features of this gun? It includes a split receiver that grants you rapid access to its inner components. Effortlessly, you can swap the scorch, adjust the trigger, and improve the grips of this gun. Disassembling the gun is a stress-free task, focussing on your favored section, whether it’s the anterior or end.

But the charm doesn’t stop here; it claims exceptional performance. Its shoot quality matches that of other builders in the mid-tier range. Remarkably, it achieves a firing rate of 8 shots per second. Also, it is friendly with both CO2 and compacted air tanks.

The model’s only restriction lies in its tendency to retreat or kick back during consecutive firing. This aspect could impact the variability of your quick-firing sessions. Furthermore, some users have noted that the 8-inch barrel length is slightly undersized. Yet, adjusting the barrel length is a choice to boost its performance.

Any beginner should exercise caution when first time opening or enhancing the gun. Care is crucial, particularly for the pins and coils that might dislodge, especially the front sight coil.

To close, from my perspective, these paintball markers give constancy, security, and flexibility. Modifying the marker to your conditions is an open process. Simply assemble the firearm by fixing the barrel, assigning the feedneck, and placing the hopper covering paintballs and the container at the rear. Prepare to rock in field play and start firing!

  • Half auto gun 
  • Modifiable model 
  • Fragmented receiver style
  • Pica tinny railings for joining scopes or moving handle 
  • Less paint breaking
  • Anti-Chop Technology (ACT)


  • Rapid access to inner parts
  • Trustworthy and easy design
  • Unaffected to wear and tear 
  • Coarse grips for safe holding


  • A little bit bulky contrast to other Tippmann’s model

10. HK Army SABR


This paintball gun was introduced in 2021. It has advanced features that are useful for beginners as well as intermediate level players. You can purchase this marker in your favorite color like silver, purple, black, grey, or blue. No doubt, HK Army SABR enhanced the game of many newbie players in the arena. 

Inside the Box

Within the packaging, you will have a plastic covering for the barrel, Allen keys to control the velocity, and an O-rings kit. This short apparatus set assists you in making regulations for your gun. Moreover, users also get a complete manual guide in the box that makes it easy to use the gun or sort out any problem. 

An interesting fact is that no other gun under $300 has this manual facility for its users. Also, the guidebook has described the gun’s stat and quick tips with sentences or signs. You will quickly learn everything about the HK Army SABR gun by reading the guidebook. 

Exclusive Barrel

An auto cocker drift barrel is the standard feature for the pro-level paintball gun. Luckily, you will be able to use this feature in HK Army SABR for just $300. Might be mistaken but any other beginner-level gun does not provide an auto cocker barrel at this price range. The 12 inches lengthy barrel is simple to use and changeable. This is quite an interesting feature. 

Secure Feed Neck

The place where you lay the balls into the gun has a special bolt that you can turn to make it suitable for different sizes of ball boxes, whether they’re large or small. When you rotate it, the ball holder stays inflexibly attached so it won’t drop off. You can use a regular ball holder or a costly one, and this thing retains it fitted in place.

Easy to Maintain and Clean

SABR marker has a different kind of piece within it called a Delrin bolt. You can simply remove it out for cleaning or setting by dragging a pin and sliding the piece out. The Delrin bolt doesn’t need a lot of grease to stay smooth, unlike other old pieces that need to be greased often. I found the cleaning process during my game really easy.

Hose Less Design

Why I titled this as one of the best dense paintball markers under $300. The answer is its unique hoseless design.  All the wires are connected internally and no steel braided wires will be seen outside. The design is like the hose goes over the grip and the anterior compartment. This is a very smooth design and you can hold this gun with a strong grip and ease. 

Velocity Adjustment Feature

To change the velocity of the gun, you can take assistance from the Allen keys. A plus and minus symbol is present behind the bolt. Simply open it and make changes according to your requirements. 

A few drawbacks that I encountered during my test was the 0.92 bore size which is a little bit bulky. Also, its shot range is only 550 to 600. It is not a good feature if your gameplay requires strikes between 800 and 1000 shots

Let’s wind it up, for a beginner-level marker, HK Army SBR is a great deal with enhanced features like hose-less design, safe clamping feed neck, auto cocker barrel, and guidebook. A great marker with high performance for newbies.

  • Fast Removal system using Delrin bolt
  • 12-inches long barrel length 12-inch
  • Friendly with CO2 and also HPA 
  • Clear interior gas networking 
  • Secure fastening feed neck


  • Easy Mechanical process 
  • Auto cocker barrel 
  • Relaxed grips and frame 
  • Well-suited with large or small hoppers


  • Creates slight kickback 
  • Little bit of large barrel bore size

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