VForce Profiler Review 2023: Comfortable Mask at Reasonable Price

Investing in the best quality paintball mask is one of the best things that players can make when they start out in a paintball game. I’m sad to say, most of the high quality masks in the market are too expensive for standard players. Majority of the masks cost more than $100.

If you are like me, And want to buy the best paintball mask with perfect quality but don’t want to spend more money on it then I would personally recommend you to take a VForce Profile. 

The profiler comes with an unrivaled field of view and provides amazing comfort and protection. It also has plenty of ventilation and a quick lens change system to their players.

In order to decide, v-force paintball mask is good for you or not. I am going to provide all the information about it: benefits, disadvantages and other things which you will face while using it. So now if you are interested to know about everything in this mask then continue reading the rest of the VForce Profiler review. 

Extensive Field of View

When I tried VForce for the first time, it was a great view for me. Because before using it my vision was not clear any more. The rental paintball masks which I used while playing paintball games had a flat lens which gave me a narrow field of view.

On the other hand, Profile uses spherical lenses that provide a 280 degree distortion free field of view. It is made with durable material and its design is very unique. It allows you to see your enemies effectively from the corner of your eye by providing peripheral vision in game.

The VForce Profiler uses a single pane lens that is Thermo curved coated and works as an anti fog lens. Furthermore, I would like to recommend you to upgrade it to dual pane.

Great Comfort and Protection

As per our research the VForce Profiler is also one of the most expensive paintball masks in the current market. But it is also considered the most comfortable that ever made. 

It is famous due to their ultra soft open cell foam that is compatible for both breathing and fast drying. You have to appreciate the profiler for its lightweight and capability to stay snug and protect your face.

Still there are many things to know in VForce Profiler except their comfortness.

It provides perfect protection and low profile design to their player while playing the game, it is also incredible for those people who don’t want to leave their face overly exposed but want to keep their profile as low as possible.

In the beginning, there are two types of material used in making the design of this mask. First is soft rubber for making the ear piece, middle and side edges of the mask, the second is hard plastic for making the rest of the mask.

The soft rubber is good for bounces and enables their players to chase their aim while using stock, the hard plastic is perfect for holding a mask in one place and preventing your face. 

The VForce Profiler is a little bit longer as compared to other high end masks and gives ultra protection for your lower jaw protection.

Plenty of Ventilation

Many people are forced to use paintball with less ventilation when they are exhausted from running and grasping air and this is the very worst feeling. 

This is not an ending, it gets even worse.

Lack of a ventilation system makes it harder to breathe which causes your mask to fog up as much as faster during the game. But don’t you worry, The VForce Profiler has strategically placed ventilation holes which allow the players to breathe easily without any worry of excessive paint getting into the mask.

Yes, we know that it may not be as breathable as a mask like the Empire E-Flex but still it’s better than most.

Easy to Change Lens

If you are a regular player of the paintball game then changing a lens is a very essential matter for you. Because everyone needs to clean the lens when paintballs hit it.

But if have not do this then let me be the first to warn that it’s not a good thing

Here i am admit that quick Lens change system is not as much easier as compared to rapid lens change system on dye I4 but no worries still it is fast enough for average players

After removing the lens from the mask or breaking it you can swap a new paintball lens within 30 seconds or less.

What Users Have to Say Regarding the V-Force Profiler

After studying countless reviews of vforce profiler, I can definitely say that I am not an individual person who says that profiler is one of best paintball masks which you can buy at any price. Don’t just rely on my work, there are a lot of other reviews also available on amazon.com that say the exact same words.

Here is one of those reviews :

“ Far better than expected! I was originally looking for a mask that could fit well over glasses but what I got was some decent quality shielding with a highly clear lense. After testing these absolutely won’t fog at all from breath and the face gasket is comfortable.

Side note, there is some yellowed film covering the inside of the lense that must be removed otherwise your vision will be cloudy. ”

Some customers also complained about the single pane lens fogging up in a few minutes and some found it very annoying to change a visor during the game.

As I have mentioned above, you should always prefer a thermal pane lens to get rid of fog but unfortunately there’s nothing much to do for a visor. But honestly, the VForce provided us with two different types of visor to use.

Many users appreciate the variety of mask’s colors because they get a chance for the selection of different colors and lenses. 

If you really want to get attention then you should always buy the Special Edition version of the Profiler. My personal favorite is CELTIC EARTH.

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