Best 7 Paintball Masks for Big Heads/Face Review & Guide

Do you have a paintball mask that does not fit on your big head of suffocation, deteriorates ventilation, absorbs excessive sweating. I know your paintball mask caught your head too badly due to their extra tight shape, and affected your performance badly.

While paintballing we need a good quality mask that protects your face and eyes properly.

No worries, we have some best paintball masks for your head that will make you active and energetic throughout the paintball game. 

The best solution we are going to provide are big head size paintball masks in a very low budget. Everyone can buy these masks easily. 

We have tested 7 different paintballs on different shapes of faces, which resolved all the problems of your big head very well. These masks will also provide you a calm environment in all kinds of weather.

Get the Best paintball mask for a big head to perform for long lasting on the battlefield of paintball


Best Technology

Dye i5 Paintball Mask
  • Nice transmission
  • Customizable
  • Friendly glasses

Budget Friendly

Virtue VIO Paintball Mask
  • Soft Padding foam
  • Excessive Vents
  • Optical Clarity

1- Virtue VIO Paintball mask

Reason To Buy

  • Unique design
  • Extra durable
  • Quickly change lens
  • Scratchless lens
  • Impressive airflow system
  • Available in multiple lens colors

Reason To Avoid

  • Without visor
  • Little bit costly

We should come into the game without any fear and defeat our opponents badly. Virtue is such type of mask which is made with durable material and covers your head from fast hits and also protects your eyes from paintball fires.

In addition, the Virtue design is based on full face protection for both small and large faces. Its protection starts at your forehead and ends at the chin because of its long pads.

Therefore, it has a VIO lens feature which gives you clear visibility in targeting. Also, provide a clean view in dark or foggy environments. It helps to find the enemies who are trying to hide in the field because of its lens technology.

It comes with the best anti-fog technology that protects players from fog and provides clear vision at every wide angle. Athletes can play without fear because they have double layer lenses, which prevent fog from entering every corner of the goggles.

If you are facing issues like suffocation and less air extortion that directly affect your stamina during a match, choose VIO as it has several vents that give you a fresh and cool environment  even in 55 degree celcius temperature. In addition, it gives a clear voice for negotiations to implement different strategies to win a match.

It has a shock absorbing system made with 100% thermoplastic urethane that covers your face with a sharp paintball fire hit and does not twist.


With our experience, we applied multiple attempts on virtue vio in the paintball game and got impressive results. It even can bear hard cricket ball hits and protect your face from any single damage. 

Also, its large goggle lens provides a large wide view of the field and smart vents keep you fresh and prevent hot air.

Don’t waste your precious time looking for some other paintball mask. Highly Recommended.

2- Bunkerkings CMD Paintball Goggles

Reason To Buy

  • Highly protected for both big and small face
  • Provide clear hearing for Secret communication
  • Thermal lenses protect the eyes from the sun’s rays
  • Amazing Earpiece
  • High durability
  • Very lightweight
  • Lens replaceable without any tool

Reason To Avoid

  • Difficult to remove straps sometimes
  • Limited colors in goggles

Bunkerkings also come especially for those players whose heads are bigger than the size of normal players. It is one of the top mask making brands of its kind which give you all safety features that are necessary for paintball tournaments. Also, CMD with its large Google lens provides a clear view of every corner of the field.

Smooth ventilation keeps you energized and mentally refreshed throughout the game. The CMD designed its vent zones to meet the needs of all thin and healthy athletes to protect them from the scorching heat. Players who have excess body fat may lose stamina just minutes after the start of the game due to the reduced air circulation system, but this mask allows cool air to enter from the outside and warm air from the inside to escape, and increase your overall  performance.

The CMD is made of pure plastic material that protects your ears, jaws and even the chin, and its smooth interior design covers your face with a variety of shocks.

In addition, its quick-change release system allows large faces to change their lenses without the use of tools. It also comes in handy for people with large heads who can easily wear and remove the mask due to its extra comfortable straps that take no time to change.

Bunkerking has smooth face foam that absorbs a high amount of sweat and never feels you moisture during the match. At the same time, the small holes in its ears help to hear the direction of the enemy.

Our Opinion

CMD has a unique look that covers all the sensitive parts of your face even in the worst case scenario. 

The self-adjusted strap can easily adjust on all head sizes and prevents you from slipping due to excessive sweating.

With the Beauty of Bunkerings Paint Mask go to the paintball match and perform best without fear of cracking, as it will not break easily due to hard durability.

3- JT Spectra Flex 8 Full Head & Face Coverage Paintball Mask

Reason To Buy

  • Extreme vision of spectra lens
  • Dual fusion technology
  • Quickly replace google frame
  • Complete head or face coverage
  • Smooth ventilation holes
  • Fog free lens

Reason To Avoid

  • Slightly Expensive for beginners

The JT spectra flex 8 has a number of features, including eye protection, a double layer Google lens, comfortable straps and many more features to play a long and impressive innings in a match. As well as, it comes with amazing sizes for both healthy and smart athletes.

Furthermore, it comes with unique designs that look different from other paintball masks in the field. In addition, it protects against full head coverage from paintball hits that can cause serious injury.

Near his ears are super vents that provide players with a clear transmission system for communication. Also, it helps players locate enemies from where they are coming so you can plan accordingly.

Its lens comes with ultraviolet protection in all weathers, including sun, rain and the wind, but does not provide complete protection due to a slight manufacturing fault leak. Otherwise the overall performance meets the needs of all players and beginners in a fictitious battle.

Spectra allows us to change the frames of the lens within 12 seconds because of its instantaneous change release system, if it is foggy or scratched. In addition, it provides extreme visibility to cover a large area of the field without interruption.

Our Opinion

In my experience, the JT Spectra meets the needs of all beginner and pro level gamers, with complete head protection. The Spectra Flex 8 was my first mask when I started paintball. I was a beginner at the time and it gave me great results and protection at an early stage. At the same time, it has played a very important role in making me a pro. If you are a startup player then I suggest you go with this rare mask.

4- Empire X-Rays V2.1

Reason To Buy

  • Fog proof
  • Bear fast jerks
  • Straps are adjustable
  • Scratchless lens
  • Fantastic vents near mouth and ears
  • Lightweight (2.45 lbs)

Reason To Avoid

  • Velcro tapes little bit lose

If you are looking for something better than your current mask, then Empire X-ray v2.1 is one of the best paintball masks. It is designed to relieve your anxiety and it has an auto-adjustable chin strap that fits easily on large faces without any hassle during adjustment. The long chin pads that protect your chin as well as your neck from the fire of a paintball gun. 

Moreover, It has no bounce rate due to their heavy duty material which never makes you feel any jerk when you accidently collide with someone in the game. Its durable material protects the player’s head from every angle and saves them from serious injuries.

Breathing is a special aspect of every human life that plays an important role in your ability to work. How can you get better results if circulation is not good? Empire v2.1 comes with excellent vent holes which not only keeps your breath process smooth but also gives you fresh air while playing a paintball game.

Empire’s smart lenses give you a clear view of long distances in foggy environments. The V2.1 is a heavy-duty protection lens of empire x-ray that is anti-fog and non-scratchable and provides protection to your head by rifle bullets. UV glasses protect us from sunlight and provide extreme visibility in night vision.

Our Opinion

Empire is designed for full head and face coverage. It comes with unique designs and features that provide adequate vision at night. If you have any difficulty wearing glasses and your target is not clearly visible, There is an option for selecting an empire x-ray to remove the glasses for 100% clear sight. No regrets.

5 – Dye i5 Paintball Goggle – Best in Market

Reason To Buy

  • Prevent fog and scratches
  • Rare protected goggles
  • Ultraviolet protection
  • Unique feature built-in GoPro camera mount
  • Scream venting holes
  • Friendly-budget

Reason To Avoid

  • Limited color option

Dye i5 is the best mask which gives highly comfort and durability. It comes with great features or techniques to meet all the requirements for beginner and large-faced athletes which include easy straps, hard face plastic for protection, large holes for breathing, and many more. Overall great option for expert and big head players for better comfort and convenience.

It uses a dual pane thermal lens to provide a long distance view in both horizontal and vertical positions without any lighting problems. Dye i5 paintball mask uses high quality manufacturing material and it does not break easily from BB pellet fires. Their lens never allows sand particles, mosquitoes or other small insects to enter inside the mask.

It has a unique feature, you can install the built-in Pro Mount camera to capture video of the whole game so that you can make the tournament memorable. In addition, you can place a flashlight to find opponents in night matches.
Other than that, its patent pending foam kit can absorb sweat and moisture within some second and keep your face dry for long paintball tournaments.

Our Opinion

Dye i5 carries GSR pro strap for grip, Scream Multi-directional vents for breathing and communication. Beside this, POV camera for video coverage of the field and patent pending foam kit for soft comfort etc. It has beaten many high quality masks. You should buy this mask if you want to become a paintball champion.

6 – Empire EVS Paintball Mask/Goggle – 2 Thermal Lenses (Black/Black)

Reason To Buy

  • Light in weight
  • Fog Free
  • Smooth transmission
  • Fit for big face
  • Quick change replaceable lens
  • Comfort Holes for ventilation

Reason To Avoid

  • Limited lens color 

Empire EVS is featured with a chin pad with vent holes and face protection especially for big head players who do not enter the paintball field for fear of injury.

This mask has Triple density foam ability to absorb moisture and keep you free from the discomfort of wetness

The Empire EVS is a top-notch mask which comes with a spherical thermal lens and provides a wide angle view with a 270 degree visibility. In addition, the size of its glasses is larger and more flexible than other paintball mask, which is easily adjusted to the larger face.

It comes with thermo-formed ears for easy communication which show impressive transmission throughout the paintball match. I became a big fan of empire evs when I used it.

The dual-pen lens keeps you away from hurdles like scratches, direct hits of gun fires and prevents fog.

Our Opinion

I have played many times with Empire and I am always satisfied with its extra durable material which protects me from BB pellet fire. The silicone blackhead strips cover my whole head and even neck. 

7- Dye i4 Paintball Goggle (Black/Gold)

Reason To Buy

  • Smart ventilation holes
  • Elegant design
  • Noise proof
  • Provide clear transmission
  • Adjustable back straps
  • glasses-friendly

Reason To Avoid

  • Not available for complete head
  • Little bit expensive
  • Slightly tight for big head

Dye i4 is also one of the top masks that comes with heavy protection. It includes many features like beautiful design, precious color of spectacles, rare vent holes, heavy duty back head strips etc. this is the best choice for some big-faced athletes but you need to upgrade it.

In general, most springs use spectacles that do not protect you from fog and scratches, but Dye I4 comes with a thermal lens and it provides you a 100% view even in deep water.

In addition, the straps on the back of the head are thicker than a rental mask, which provides a great grip on your head and gives you freedom of movement without fear of slipping.

Generally, some beginners prefer full head coverage masks but they do not get full protection as it can ruin their beauty in battle. It is specially made to protect the ears, forehead, eyes, nose and jaws at a very reasonable price.

Our Opinion

The Dye i4 is highly demanded because of their beautiful design, shape and protection. It is made with high quality material and provides strong protection against multiple paintball hits. If you feel dark at a night vision tournament, you can remove the lens. Also, you can change the lens if it is full of colors after several hits. This is a great option for a medium head player in any environment.

7 Paitnball Masks For Big Heads 2023 Comparison Table

Image Product Details   Price
Virtue-VIO-Paintball-mask Virtue VIO Paintball mask Brand Name: Virtue Paintball
Color: Black
Manufacturer: Virtue Paintball
Check Pice
Bunkerkings-CMD-Paintball-Goggles Bunkerkings CMD Brand: Bnkr Kings
Color: Black Acid
Frame Material: Polycarbonate
Lens Material: Polycarbonate
Check Price
Group-2021 JT spectra flex 8 Brand: JT
Lens Material:
Lens Color:
Check Price
Empire X-Rays V2.1 Empire X-Rays V2.1 Brand: Empire Paintball
Item Dimensions LxWxH:
13.9 x 12.6 x 8 inches
Lens Coating Description:
Scratch Resistant Coating
Check Price
Dye-i5-Paintball-Goggle Dye i5 Brand: Dye
Style: Safety
Lens Coating Description: Anti-Fog Coating
Check Price
Empire-EVS-Paintball-Mask Empire EVS Size: One Size
Color: Black
Material: Fleece
Brand: Empire
Sport Type: Paintball
Check Price
Dye-i4-Paintball-Goggle DYE PRECISION i4 Item Dimensions LxWxH: 10 x 10 x 10 inches
Brand Name: Dye
Color: Dirty Bird with Faded Bronze Sunrise Thermal Lens Combo
Check Price

Buying Guides of Best Paintball Masks for Big Heads

Once you decide to buy the best paintball mask for your big head then you should focus on the key features that are essential before buying a good mask. Here we define 7 best masks and explain the buying guide one by one which will help you choose the best mask. The things should keep in mind before buying:

  • Lens
  • Protection
  • Weight
  • Fitting
  • Frame
  • Ears Safety
  • Ventilation


Get a mask with a good ventilation system that helps you for easy breathing and expel hot air from your mouth. It will also increase your stamina while running in the field and keep your mind cool at the end of the game. Always find a mask in which you will feel comfortable and play long lasting without facing any interruption.


The thing to be considered in lenses is eye protection because it is the most important sensitive part of your face. Low quality glass can reflect and distort your targeted enemy. It can leak even in sunny and bad weather. 

You should buy a lens which is made with pure polycarbonate material with single and dual pane technology to keep your vision safe from fog-resistance and paintball shots.

Big brands always make a mask with a removable lens and give priority to symptoms of good lenses including anti-fog resistance, anti-scratchless, fit in the corners of the eyes and quick release system.


Buy on those paintball masks that provide protection to cover your mouth well or all rest of the face parts, this can only be possible if you choose the best quality masks.

You will find many unnecessary masks which try to fool you. But you should choose only those that are made with thermoplastic-urethane and provide effective protection to your head.


The paintball players would like the comfort environment to be found in their mask and it comes with a flexibility. Beside this, it should be easily adjustable even on a large head.

This will be found when you choose fine plastic for a large head especially, ears, chin, jaws as well as soft straps grips that do not press your face firmly. You should select those masks that do not slip from your face when you suddenly need to lie down in front of an opponent’s hit.


If your paintball mask is heavy in weight, you will get tired quickly, sweat more will decrease endurance and because of this you will be eliminated from the game before the time. Select those masks that come with light weight and keep you for a long time in match and provide mentally satisfaction.  I suggest, if you want to go with a golden mask, then you should buy an Empire X-Ray V2.1 or Empire EVS.

Ears Safety

Select a paintball mask that has a long pad to protect your ears from every direction in the war zone. Also, its ventilation system provides you with clear transmission so that you can communicate with team members to implement different strategies against opponents.


Each brand strives to design a unique and elegant frame but athletes prefer masks that fit their face properly and provide complete protection. Some masks come in a full frame, including a helmet, but they are mostly manufactured for beginners because they have no idea how to protect themselves from enemy bullets.

Good mask should have proper inner foam which precure your face from sudden collision and absorbs the sweat. Now decide on a mask whose frames are properly designed according to the size of your head.



Usually the problems faced by players who had big heads is the adjustment of paintball mask and here we provided them with the best possible options to solve their issues. We eliminate the top 7 best masks that are made exclusively from pure plastic material, with high level of protection, unlimited tournament playability, unique shape, low budget, lightweight, dual pen lens and hard grip backhead straps.

In our guideline, we mentioned the top 3 golden masks that perfectly meet the needs of big-faced players, the first is the Dye i5 which comes in beautiful shape design, the second one is Empire X-Rays v2.1. It is made with durable and flexible material to cope with paintball hits, and the last one is Jt spectra Flex 8 for complete head and face protection for startup players.

Choose the best of the unlimited options to meet your needs and get rid of major big head problems.

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