Ultimate Guide and Review of Best 6 Paintball Mask Cameras 2023

In paintballing, the cameras are a very essential part for players which helps them to capture the amazing content and moments and share it with their friends and family. They can also post them on social media platforms. Yeah, I know that paintballing is an entertaining game that allows us to have a good time with their boon companion and record the gameplay videos. 

you have reached the right place if you are looking for the best paintball action camera for strong gameplay footage because. In this article we will cover all the paintball cameras and provide you their features, pros, cons and also compare with others to give you the best product available in the market.

All the cameras that have been explained in the following section are well tested by our team. It will teach you about what tools you will need for perfect gameplay footage.

The question also arises that people use cameras only for capturing the moments? The answer is NO. they use camera for different purpose also like:

  • Learn from mistakes.
  • Remove the bad habits.
  • Improve their paintballing skills.
  • Learn from the enemy’s qualities. 
  • Share the fun moments with others.

Top Picks

Editors Choice

DJI Osmo Action
DJI Osmo Action Camera
  • Waterproof up to 16 feet
  • Have a super screen
  • Provide amazing stereo sound

Best Overall

Insta360 One R Twin Profession Camera
Insta360 One R Twin Profession Camera
  • Have an external microphone
  • has more than 3 hours of recording time
  • Have a 330 degree rotatable lens

Consider These Things Before Buying Paintball Mask Camera

A paintball’s camera needs to consider different important things for effective images and videos results. Important things include portability, resolution power, stabilization and waterproof potential, all these factors refer to a good quality user experience for paintball players. In the following we will deeply explain important aspects that you should follow for buying a paintball mask action camera. 

Video Stability

Video stability is the most important factor to look for a paintball action camera. It allows the user through digital settings to eliminate the vibration and irregular movement from the video when users are shooting or running. 

My old camera does not have this feature and it causes me to discard the game footage when i play the speedball paintball match. It also drops the video footage when you try to cover the big ground in an event base scenario.

you will drop 10% of the video edge in the wide field view when you use this feature. It’s a “BUFFER” option that allows the camera to naturally slow the video shaking.

Video Quality

It is the main thing for us to record the video in good quality and frame rate. I noticed that it hardly scrapes you with zero room for digital zooming at 720 pixels at 24 frames p/s with a video editor. So 2.7k at 60 frames p/s with my main front camera is excellent for everything which needs to make a decent video. 

It also has the option to convey at 1440 or 2160 pixels at 60 frames per second without compromise with video quality. If you want to use an optical zoom camera then you also have room for a little bit pinch the video quality. 

I also have set my zoom camera to 1080 pixels at 60 frame p/s and did get any noticeable difference in quality while editing. Always ensure that your zoom camera should be set to the right focal length because some cameras are designed to zoom in too far and need to be dialed back a little bit.

Battery Life

The bad thing is that when you are busy in a game to record your beautiful moments but suddenly your camera battery has been dead. Your battery should have good consumer timing because having a long battery helps you to keep record of all day activities without any tension. 

The camera should also have the option to replace the battery or even attach some external battery which enables it to keep filming without worry about the battery power maintenance. It is necessary to know that making video with high frame rate will lower your battery very fastly i.e the battery drain is about doubled when it jumps from 30 frame p/s to 60 frame p/s.

Durable and Portable

It is important for paintball action cameras to have capability  for bearing different irregular conditions when things get worse. The manufacturing material used in cameras should be durable and flexible for long lasting future use.  It should be easy to carry, especially this thing for cameras which use in paintball games or those which are attached with gears as its weight and size.


The paintball camera is attached to masks and its weight plays a vital role in longer games because you don’t want the heavy weight of your paintball mask where the camera is placed. The new technology action camera is very lightweight and can easily fit on the small place of a paintball mask. It also allows you to link the cameras on rigs for third person view.

Protected Cases

Most cameras are hard but cannot be used too much before the damage their display screens. You should be thankful to the case manufacturer who helps us to protect our cameras at cheap prices.




Top 6 Paitnball Mask Cameras Comparison Table 2023

Image Product Details   Price
YI-4K-Paintball-Action-Camera YI 4K Paintball Action Camera Brand: RunCam
Connectivity Technology:
Special Feature:
Check Pice
Go-Pro-Hero-5-Black-Paintball-Action-Camera Go Pro Hero 5 Black Paintball Action Camera Brand: GoPro
Connectivity Technology:
Flash Memory Type:
H8 Black + Lanyard
Check Price
Drift-Ghost-4k-Paintball-Action-Camera-2 Drift Ghost 4k Paintball Action Camera Brand: Drift Innovation
Connectivity Technology: Wi-Fi
Special Feature: Waterproof
Check Price
DJI-Osmo-Action DJI Osmo Action Brand: DJI
Connectivity Technology: USB
Color: Black
Check Price
Insta360-One-R-Twin-Profession-Camera  Insta360 One R Twin Profession Camera Brand: insta360
Screen Size: 1 Inches
Optical Zoom: 1 x
Check Price
DJI-Pocket-2-Compact-Creator-Camera DJI Pocket 2 Compact Creator Camera Color: Black
Brand: DJI
Compatible Devices: Camera, Cellphone
Check Price

YI 4K Paintball Action Camera

Yi 4k camera is the best paintball action camera. It has a reasonable price with all premier features and comes with an external body. It is good for suggesting because it helps you to save yourself from paintball hits in the battle field.

In different frames it has different shooting resolutions which are amazing like 720 pixels at 240 frames p/s, 1080 pixels at 120 frames p/s, 2700 pixels at 60 frames p/s and 4000 pixels at 60 frames p/s, i like its 4000 pixel resolutions at 60 frames per second. 

Even though these premier features are not available in a full frame camera. It also has video equilibration which does it in 4k at 30 frames that is highly appreciated. It provides a good voice transmission system but you should not use it during the game because it can damage its battery timing. 

It comes with a changeable battery. You can also use an application or touchscreen on the back of its screen to change/access the camera setting. It also allows you to rewind the video if you want to see a specific moment of the game. It is recommended for mounting this camera at the above mask due to its 130g weight.


  • Have usb charging port
  • Provide sharp and clean colored images
  • Have high quality image
  • Compress in design with lcd gorilla screen
  • Good in battery timing
  • Wifi and bluetooth connection available
  • Give you a energetic touch screen
  • Help us to activate the image stability up to 1080 pixels


  • Difficult to use in sunlight
  • Accessing to micro sd slot in quit hard


According to my judgment, Yi 4k is an action spot camera which comes with advanced technology for comfortable, fastness and versatility use. It has been famous because of its fast gorilla touch screen that provides 12 mega pixels high resolution image and 4k video clear result. 

It is a waterproof camera and gives performance water with water-proof housing up to 40m. It is available with a full omnidirecytional dual microphone that helps you to hear everything around you. I rated it 9/10.

Go Pro Hero 5 Black Paintball Action camera

Go pro black is a full coverage hybrid camera and has been famous due to its excellent hero style performance and spherical capturing magic. It provides the stabilized material that makes it the most innovative camera for paintball games. 

It allows us to make 360 degree footage, Go pro videos and good photos with its remarkable camera. It does not demand for any pan and you can get panoramic shots within a single click. It will be a surprising thing for you that users can also select the digital lens inside it for accurate shooting. It has 6 mics in different places to provide you distortion free audio and good sound quality.

The resolution power for shooting is different at various frames, let say 720 pixels at 240 frames p/s, 1080 pixels at 120 frames p/s, 2700 pixels at 60 frames p/s and 4000 pixels at 30 frames p/s which is good for players.


  • Provide the ultimate freedom due to their excessive features.
  • Waterproof upto 16 feet.
  • Provide the 360 degree capture using unbreakable stabilization.
  • Do not require any waterproof housing.
  • Have four lenses: narrow, wide, liner and max.
  • Can cover the live streaming in 1080 pixels hero shot.
  • Allow panoramic shots without any pan.
  • Have a super screen.
  • Provide amazing stereo sound.


  • Lens are easily breakable.
  • Can’t contain SD card.


It has an amazing video stability feature and the application is easy to use which allows you to connect your camera efficiently and change its advance setting easily. It has a decent battery with good timing which is also swappable.

I recommended it because of its voice command feature but you should turn off this feature while playing the game to avoid annoyance.

Drift Ghost 4k Paintball Action Camera

The another camera in our article is drift ghost 4k which is very rocky and small in design and can definitely take a hit. If we talk about its resolution power shouting then it has 720 pixels at 240 frames p/s, 1080 pixels at 120 frames p/s, 2700 pixels at 60 frames p/s and 4000 pixels at 30 frames p/s which is good for players. 

It has the fastest video quality but the only bad thing is that you use this feature on 1080 pixels, not on a 4k sensor. Battery timing is very well but definitely needs some spare batteries for whole day paintballing. It’s a lightweight camera with an installed battery, it has just 4.3 ounce weight which is good for a paintball mask. 

The masks have an optimized mounting spot for the camera on one side but this is not workable until you place it on your paintball gun with a secondary angle.


  • Have an external microphone .
  • Have a 330 degree rotatable lens for good image adjustment.
  • To avoid voice distortion also have a microphone.
  • It also has more than 3 hours of recording time.
  • Have 4k ultra hd 30fps and slow motion video feature in 1080 pixels.


  • Have a mini usb port instead of c-type.
  • A little bit expensive.


I bought a Drift Ghost 4k Paintball Action Camera for use in my paintball helmet. The video quality is good and my opponents were seeable in daylight as well in dark. It provides me with a 3hrs long lasting battery timing and I also got 1500 mah extra battery which helps me to see neat and clean everything the whole day. 

This camera is also good in shape and works well on my helmet and provides resolution images in different frames. The only bad thing is that it is expensive in price but provides all high quality features.

DJI Osmo Action – Most Budget-Friendly

If you have a font of biking, running, surfing, skying, and other types of support and want to make images and videos during these supports then dji osmo action camera is perfect for you because it allows you to record all memories with his professional high resolution video camera. 

It has been loaded with various high resolution features in their small frame. Its main function is electronic picture stabilization which is also called rocksteady work like a hypersmooth camera. It provides HDR video which gives you enhanced dynamic quality range but it seems that it crank the saturation and exposure but still have the ability to shoot the video in a good way.

It’s not good just for trading so we should use its low profile color called d-cinelike because it works impressively and produces a flexible and easier way to work with it. 

It can also be controlled using bluetooth, wifi and android smartphone but its additional feature is it has exceeded ISO of 3200, custom setting for quick access, eliminating the wide-angle bending, dual speaker, microphone and removable batteries.


  • Dual speaker 
  • Waterproof to 36 inch deep
  • Swim safely
  • Snorkel
  • Controlled via wifi, bluetooth and smartphone
  • Original housing is durable 
  • Available with usb type-c cable
  • Good in price 
  • Have great photo and video resolution
  • Double LCD screens for clean view


  • No stabilization in HDR mode


From our team’s experience, it provides high quality results in both image and video aspects and enables us to lock the screen for prevent accidental touch screen touch. It gives five voice commands for necessary functions like filming, powering down the device and capturing images. 

If i recommend it for users i will say that it is an affordable option in between its high priced competitors in paintball action cameras.

Insta360 One R Twin Profession Camera

The Insta 360 One R Twin Profession camera is one of the best cameras for shooting in 5.7k 3560 degree or 4000 wide angle recording at 60 frame p/s. Its high resolutionary flow state prevents your photo and makes it stable and detailed against lightning that is close to placing a camera on some gadget without any need. 

Correspondingly if you have attached a selfie stick it will allow you to edit the image as it was not there before. The camera has an artificial technology which will automate your photos and videos in a few minutes, it also allows you to edit them manually and use other templates for editing. 

The best thing about this camera is, it is IPX8 waterproof level up to five meters deep which is very suitable for rainy days and some irregular conditions.


  • Available with multiple lenses for high resolution video
  • Speedy artificial intelligence editing 
  • Multiple application feature
  • IPX8 waterproofing
  • Have wireless communication technology
  • Strong image stability


  • A little bit expensive as compare to other camera
  • Limited in colors


The insta360 One R twin camera is good for those people who are really fond of paintball games and want to capture memorable moments in game. This camera requires one time investment and is good for both beginners and champions, it never leaves you in the field of battle and helps you for good quality shots and many other purposes. 

It makes me able to go out to shoot and make 360 degree footage and to see all things you can do with it. 

I want to tell my users that don’t record in HDR if you are shooting action shots it will look odd and shaky, the HDR mode used where you need to do time lapses, wide shots of mountained. It is highly recommended.

DJI Pocket 2 Compact Creator Camera

The DJI pocket camera has been popular due to its lightweight and compatibility, it’s so compact that it can easily fit inside your paint pocket. It is based on a 3-axis gimbal for stabilization which allows for long exposure shots and low brightening settings. 

It has a 1.17 inch sensor which takes pictures at 64 megapixels and amazingly 4k video, it also has four different microphones in various places to enhance quality and focus setting and record the sound at different angles. 

The technologist has included ActiveTrack 3.0 to focus on the content for stay in frames with clarity and does not matter how speedy movements occur. It also has a rotating feature for capturing the images and videos at various angles with its ductile build. The wake feature offers a DJI pocket to switch on within a second so that you can’t miss a moment.


  • Have good and stable shooting.
  • Have speedy wake features.
  • Provide quality images and videos.
  • ActiveTrack 3.0 cultivating.
  • Lightweight. 
  • Compatible and compact.
  • Have a rotating ability.


  • The DJI camera can not separated from gimbal


The DJI Pocket 2 action camera is very light weight which enables you to carry any paintball match and players do not feel any burden on their head and pay proper attention to the game. It will be highly recommended to paintball players. 

The only thing I did not like about this camera is that its software requires personal information to impose a strict policy that is china based and chinese culture and policies are totally incompatible with our US traditions.

Our Final Thoughts

In this article, I have described six most demanded action cameras, all cameras are top rated and I explained all features but never compromise with quality for my users. Now here you just have to choose the best paintball camera which suits your playstyle, budget, user experience and personal preferences. 

In my opinion the Insta 360 One R Twin Profession camera is one of the best cameras for shooting in 5.7k 3560 degree or 4000 wide angle recording at 60 frame p/s. Its high resolutionary flow state prevents your photo and makes it stable. These things have made me attracted toward it and I chose this camera for myself. I promise you that I will explore it further and update it. 

Now I hope you can easily select the perfect action camera for yourself by our research.

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