Top Rated Scary Paintball Mask Review 2023 (Updated)

Would you like to get a unique and scary design mask that gives you protection and as well safety ?

Here we are presenting best scary paintball masks having all the necessary features for a great performance in the paintball game.

Having a experience of using scary paintball masks in different places like paintball, theme parties, Halloween, airsoft etc. I can say that these masks not only provide fun but as well have ability to give a great vision without blurring. 

Choosing the right mask without any knowledge is a difficult task and it can be scary, so it is a good practice to take advantage of the other’s experiences.

Our expert team have used a lot of scary and skull masks to get experience share it with you to help you for best skull paintball mask.

Here we’re sharing a list of the top 9 scary masks with their pros and cons. It will help you to choose the right scary and dull paintball mask.

Our Top Picks

ATAIRSOFT Tactical Skull Mask

ATAIRSOFT Tactical Skull Mask

JFFCESTORE Tactical Mask & Helmet

JFFCESTORE Tactical Mask and Fast Helmet

Best Scary Paintball Mask 2023 Comparison Table

Image Product Details   Price
JFFCESTORE Tactical Mask JFFCESTORE Tactical Mask Size: Large
Color: Mask Black(Not including helmets)
Material: Nylon
Sport: Airsoft,Running
Check Price
Anyoupin Airsoft Full Face Mask Anyoupin Airsoft Full Face Mask Color: Camo-Gray-Lens
Material: Nylon
Brand: Anyoupin
Sport Type: Airsoft
Age Range (Description): Adults/men/adult
Check Price
Eggs & Banana Airsoft Mask Eggs & Banana Airsoft Mask Material: Plastic
Brand: Eggs & Banana
Sport Type: Airsoft,Paintball
Check Price
ATAIRSOFT Tactical Skull Mask ATAIRSOFT Tactical Skull Mask Color: MCBK
Sport: Airsoft,Paintball
Check Price
JFFCESTORE Tactical Mask and Fast Helmet JFFCESTORE Tactical Mask and Fast Helmet Color: Cp helmet+ cp mask
Inner Material: Polyester
Outer Material: Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene
Check Price
COOL Wire Mesh Full Face COOL Wire Mesh Full Face Size: Adjustable
Color: Bronze color
Material: High strength Resin glass fiber, Wire Mesh
Brand: FMA
Sport Type: Airsoft,Paintball
Check Price
Under Armour Men’s ColdGear Under Armour Men’s ColdGear  Size: One Size
Color: Black (001)/Graphite
Check Price
Save Phace 3012749 SUM Series Save Phace 3012749 SUM Series Item Weight: 1.2 pounds
Product Dimensions: 10 x 9 x 12 inches
Check Price
Tactical M88 Helmet JFFCESTORE Tactical M88 Helmet Color: Black Mask
Material: Nylon
Sport Type: Airsoft
Closure Type: Elastic
Check Price
VIVO Ghillie Suit Camo Woodland VIVO Ghillie Suit Camo Woodland Package Weight: ‎1.92 Kilograms
Brand Name: VIVO
Color: Woodland
Check Price




1- JFFCESTORE Tactical Mask

JFFCESTORE Tactical Mask
  • Designed with ABS Material
  • Suspended Straps
  • UV Rays protective lens
  • Full face protective mask
  • Not ideal for a realistic gaming

JFFCESTORE Tactical Mask is an excellent scary mask like skull shape with all the premium features. It is a full face helmet which completely covers our head which is essential for our health and safety. 

Furthermore, it is a dual mode paintball mask that could be customize according to our needs. As a complete head mask, it is able to protect us using its flexible headband that is strapped to your chin. 

You can feel quite flexible and comfortable wearing it because its surface is designed with EVA padding and ABS material, as well as physical safety, it protects your eyes from lenses that block UV rays which is a commendable standard. 

Its fitting is amazing as it provides opportunities for tightening and adjustment with straps and buckles.

Our Opinion

As it is a fully protective and dual mode designed mask that is good for our safety and performance, it can fit anyone’s head with an adjustable strap, and the lenses are also good for our eyes protection. It is made of premium quality material which gives it a long life, so it is a good investment to get a scary look in the field without any compromise.

2- Anyoupin Airsoft Full Face Mask

  • Useful for other games too
  • Very adjustable mask
  • Protected lens
  • Nylon plus fiber
  • Does not include assembly instructions

Anyoupin Airsoft Full Face Mask is another well-rated mask in the shape of a skull that works effectively to scare our competitors. It offers more than the price and has an identity due to its valuable features and enhances the prestige of our mask list. 

One of the prominent features of this mask is its fitting which is suitable to every small and big head as its straps allow us to play comfortably.

It is made of eco-friendly material which gives us comfort and safety, in which you can breathe and get a wide range view without fog. It also strengthens you with its nylon plus fiber material which has some additional properties including aging resistance, stress strength etc which is commendable for a good paintball sport. 

I have personally used Anyoupin Airsoft mask in many other places besides paintball, like in hunting games, fighting games, halloween etc, and found it to be very resistant even to bad temperature.

Our Opinon

It is a great choice for those who want to use scary masks, it facilitates us with its various potential features that are present in every premium mask. It effectively provides comfort in every point with its fitting which we can set with straps as per our size. Its materials and lenses allow us to use it in a variety of sports venues as it is very weather compatible.

3- Eggs & Banana Airsoft Full Face Mask

Eggs & Banana Airsoft Mask
  • Full padded with soft cushion
  • Available in many colors
  • Easy and comfortable to wear
  • Handmade mask
  • Have anti fog lens which give protection upto 600 fps
  • Cheap in Price
  • Have low quality hooks

Eggs and banana airsoft paintball masks are handmade and fully qualified rated masks which deny the theory of handmade things. it have high quality and give proper comfort that clients need. This airsoft mask from eggs and banana is such a great dedication in multi-reddish and smiley face.

It has some good gears attached which helps the players to make the opponents pants wet. People also like this mask because of its color and design and it offers a wide clear peripheral view on a hot sunny day. 

This airsoft mask has anti-fog lens to protect the eyes from harmful ultraviolet up to 600 fps due to its thickness. If we are talking about its interior environment, it is super padded which provides high comfort to players while playing paintball games. There is a soft cushion on every side which soaks the sweat and provides a breathe break to users.

Our Opinion

It is a customizable mask which enables me to change the design as well as provide the comfort zone in the whole game. It provides me with a good ventilation system that allows me to breathe easily and can communicate with our teammate for the sake of great collaboration in paintballing. I also used it in hot sunny weather but it never disappointed me any time. The mask itself looks pretty and durable, the player behaves eagerly due to its red look and that is a plus point of this mask and I would like to rate it 8/10.

4- ATAIRSOFT Tactical Protective Adjustable Skull Full Face Mask

ATAIRSOFT Tactical Skull Mask
  • Have multiple vent holes on every side
  • Have thick transparent lens
  • Have resistant aspect upto 600 fps
  • Comfortable and attractive design
  • Easy to breathe
  • Low in price
  • Does not provide enough coverage to head

If you want to wear a skull shape paintball mask then Atairsoft tactical protective adjustable skull full face mask is ideal for you. It is the perfect dressing enhancement in your paintball gear wardrobe due to its interesting benefits.

It is good in its design which has multiple vent holes on every side to make it more reliable and breathable, while the shock absorbing wipes provide the awesome relaxation deal during an exciting paintball game. It looks good but has a little bit of a deficiency of head coverage which can be fulfilled by using a cap.

If you are always doubtful regarding the skull mask then the time has arrived when you can let go of all your doubts because the at airsoft tactical mask has passed the ANSI 280.3 ball drop test to satisfy the quality standards and have resistant impact upto 600 fps.

Our Opinion

I like this mask because of its multi-purpose. I can use it for cosplay parties, outdoor games, dance parties, halloween, airsoft and paintball, I can also use it where plastic bullets are involved in game. 

Most people like its dual facets, they can use it as a helmet as well as a mask. Its full padded interior offers a comfortable environment which absorbs the player’s sweat and enables them to perform well in the whole game.

Lastly, I would like to say that it is trustable product for paintball game players.

5- JFFCESTORE Tactical Mask and Fast Helmet

JFFCESTORE Tactical Mask and Fast Helmet
  • 9 pieces of self adjustable EVA padding inside
  • Adjustable suspender straps
  • Also come with full converge for 55-60cm head size
  • ABS durable material
  • Super PC lens installed
  • Not certified from ASTM
  • assembled Parts with no instruction sheet

You may have seen more than one skull mask in different paintball matches, but Jffcestore Fast Helmet is great than other because of its scary design. The bones of the human face are very similar to its design, but it would not be wrong to say that this mask has a human face.

This mask is great with its accessories to protect the face from paintballs. But on the other hand, it is not ASTM certified which is why in some places where this certification is required you will not be allowed to come with this mask. This is a minor flaw but the mask as a whole is also great for protection, relaxation, and breathing.

It comes with an adjustable suspender strap for the neck or chin that fits easily to all face sizes and prevents the mask from slipping while running on the field. Most brands do not pay close attention to the buckles of paintball masks that give grip to your face but it allows us to tighten our boxes so much with the use of one hand.

This mask lens is made of polycarbonate material which works perfectly against fog and provides optical clarity throughout the game. Also secure your eyes from sun, flying insects  and sand particles.

Our Opinion

A few months ago I bought it for my twin boys. When they first used it in the field, my children’s friends asked their parents to buy a mask like this. There is a different kind of terror in the whole field. It has all the characteristics of a great mask, but because of its superb design, it is superior to others. It’s also a great overall mask for beginners and advanced athletes.

6- COOL Wire Mesh Full Face Protection Paintball

COOL Wire Mesh Full Face
  • Quick to adjust
  • Full padded with soft cushions
  • 360 degree face coverage
  • User friendly design
  • Protective mesh eyes
  • Needs to something under the eyes before wear the mask

A cool wire paintball mask is a full face helmet which is used for playing a paintball game and provides us 360 degree coverage. This is a combination of a full-face and scary mask which I found when I was looking for the perfect full- face mask for my Halloween party. 

This one is good for such occasions because it is comfortable, sturdy and has everything that I need. Now here we will talk about his top to bottom structure, it has been made with durable resin fiber material that can face any type of fire and if you become a target of it then this mask will never leave you in those cases.

 If we look at its interior part it is fully padded with soft cushions which enable the player to breathe easily and there will be no chance of feeling uncomfortable when you will spoil your opponents.

Our Opinion

In the long passage of using cool wire mesh masks I note its many qualities like professional coverage, protective shield for eye protection, its robust construction, padding with soft cushions to make players comfortable. 

It is a good paintball mask for those who have a low budget to buy a mask. Its feature of covering your eyes is really good which is preferable for me so i highly recommend it to my readers.

7- Under Armour Men’s ColdGear Infrared Balaclava

Under Armour Men’s ColdGear
  • Fully protected mask
  • ColdGear Infrared technology
  • Breathable
  • Thin and lightweight
  • washable
  • Not for big heads

Here is another top pick which can force your opponents to walk away from you with its scary black look. It caters to our needs effectively because it has many qualities that make us want to use it confidently. As the picture shows it is a full coverage mask that covers us from head to neck, this sets it apart from the rest.

Its body is designed with ColdGear Infrared Technology which uses a thermo-conductive coating that has the ability to keep us cool by absorbing our heat. Its form fitting balaclava allows us to breathe properly so that we can try to maintain our game performance without any discomfort.

It does not cause any discomfort, because of its thinness you do not feel the heat, and can easily communicate with colleagues, its greatest feature is its full length coverage which everyone can get without the hassle of fog. 

This should be considered before making any decision, it is not entirely suitable for big heads as it is completely covered which prevents your face moving freely around you.

Our Opinion

It is a very useful and recommendable mask especially for those kids who want to look scary to enjoy their paintball game. It covers us from top to bottom, without compromising, it gives us all the facilities we need for a good game like vision, breathing, communication, safety, and all other essentials.

8- Save Phace 3012749 SUM Series Spiderman Sport Utility Mask

Save Phace 3012749 SUM Series
  • Very light in weight
  • Adjustable straps
  • AF+AS+UV coating
  • Polycarbonate Anti-fog lens
  • Available in different shapes like Spider-Man and Iron-Man
  • Lose inside foam
  • Without full coverage

Save phace is a regular mask that we use on the field to protect our face from paintball hits, but they are specially designed in the form of Spider-Man which looks beautiful. It attracts the attention of the players and draws them in for a while.

This is made of hard durable ABS plastic which is considered to be a very valuable material which easily withstands the hit of paintballs and is always ready to play long innings without any loss. Its durability has gone through many testing stages, you can’t believe it didn’t let us down.

It also comes in soft plush open cell foam which keeps you comfortable in any bad situation. But there is something wrong with the fact that the foam inside the mask sometimes gets off due to the local use of glue which does not keep them firmly inside the mask. Other than that, it’s okay overall.

In this mask, polycarbonate lenses that do not appear fog in the glasses, provide you optical clarity and peripheral vision in all weathers environment. Players can get benefit of its interchangeable lens features if they feel scratch or dust on their goggles. To keep your eyes secure it comes with AS+AF+UV coating.

Our Opinion

In my personal experience, it’s a great mask for maximum protection and better comfort. It is easily adjusted on faces of all sizes without the hassle of wearing and taking off. Due to its lightweight, adults and young players feel comfortable in moving. It is not an expensive mask like the others but provides protection like them at an affordable price. If you want to have a lot of fun, go with it.

9- JFFCESTORE Airsoft Tactical Protective Mask M88 Helmet

Tactical M88 Helmet
  • Shock resistant
  • Thermoplastic polyurethane elastomeric rubber
  • Air circulation & Ventz system
  • PC lenses
  • Elastic Straps
  • Extra accessories

JFFCESTORE Airsoft Tactical Protective Mask M88 Helmet mask is scary and has features that can meet all our needs, except we don’t need to look for anyone else. This mask, which closely resembles Batman, gives us protection in every way and is good for performance as its goggles and lens give good vision and nylon straps give suitable fitting.

As well as protection, it is also well-known for being comfortable, as it also provides ventz holes and a fan that requires a battery to be activated, but for anyone who does not want to use a fan, the holes allow him to breathe and exhale moist air.

Its makers have worked harder for the comfort of the players and have facilitated them with inner soft pads that do not cause fatigue or strain and absorb sweat from the head, moreover its elastic nylon straps are helpful to adapt a mask to our size.

Our Opinion

I bought JFFCESTORE mask for my little brother who is only 14 years, eager to use this kind of scary mask for indoor games. He was really happy after using this product because its straps were very suitable for adjusting according to his size and found very compatible with every condition.

It has all the auxiliary features that any expert would recommend in a mask. So it is useful for players of all ages who want to play in any hot or cold weather, it provides an air circulation fan for high temperature, and vents holes for normal air flow. Highly Recommended.

10- VIVO Ghillie Suit Camo Woodland

VIVO Ghillie Suit Camo Woodland
  • Full coverage Kit
  • Lightweight & Breathable
  • Available in Various sizes
  • Suitable for both adult and youngs
  • Sheds a lot

VIVO Ghillie Suit Camo Woodland is the best costume for playing paintball in the woods, as well as lightweight and easy to change. It has many more benefits that we are going to highlight here. it is available in various sizes including M/L XL, XLL etc, so you choose according to you. It is a full body costume which covers us from head to toe and perfectly gives a full coverage even in a brush environment.

It comes with completely scary kit made up of lining and strings, available with 4 other products like masks, jackets, gun covers, and pants with a gear bag.

No need to buy everything separately, if you are a woods player then you must choose VIVO Woodland kit. 

Due to its colors it may not be perfect for daytime as without the proper concealment technique it will look a bit different, but at night it can be basically invisible. The fibers come off very easily, they do require a bit of care to make sure they don’t fall off, but nothing too serious.

Our Opinion

If you are looking for scary masks especially for the forest and brush environment, no one can beat VIVO’s Ghillie Suit Camo Woodland, as it is a completely safe costume that is easy to change and lightweight. It is available in a variety of sizes that fit both young and old, and has the option of a strap to fit the hood more.


In this article you have a complete guided based on deep research on scary paintball masks. We represent all those scary masks which will help you to fulfill your shooting dreams on the battlefield.

All of them are scary and comfortable for your good performance.

In our final verdict we are also give best paintball mask that will help you for good scary mask selection for yourself.

  1. ATAIRSOFT Tactical Skull Mask
  2. Anyoupin Airsoft Full Face Mask
  3. Eggs & Banana Airsoft Full Face Mask

Hope so during reading of this article you will not get any yawn waves and you will also share it with your after getting great experience from here and help them in purchasing. Thank You!

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