How Far Can a Paintball Gun Shoot – How to Increase Range

How Far Can a Paintball Gun Shoot

Understanding the maximum range of a paintball gun can be advantageous in numerous scenarios. If you’re curious about the feasibility of shooting an opponent off the break during a speedball match, read on for more information. Perhaps you are curious about the safety of playing paintball in the wooded area adjacent to your residence.The maximum …

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7 Easy Ways to Make Your Paintball Marker Quieter

How to quiet your paintball marker

Like most other players, you likely want to keep your paintball as quiet as possible. That’s of the utmost importance in situations with limited space, as the sound of your gun could tip off the enemy to your location. Numerous methods circulating on the internet no longer work or are falsehoods about how to make …

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6 Useful Tips to Avoid Paintball Bruises or Welts

Tips to avoid Paintball Bruises

Paintball is a healthy hobby, a source of happiness, a way to relieve stress but only as long as your mind is free from dangers like injuries, pain. When playing paintball, the body’s stress response is activated, leading to the release of adrenaline. As players navigate the field, they may experience a surge of adrenaline …

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4 Reasons Why Paintballs Curve and How to Avoid it

Why Paintballs Curve and How to Avoid it

We all want to hit the target perfectly to achieve our goal in a paintball game. Which requires that when the gun is fired, the paintballs fly straight into the distance, but often the paintballs turn left or right due to various reasons.  Here we will learn about the possible reasons why paintballs curve and …

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Major Reasons for Paintballs Falling Out of Barrel

Reasons for Paintballs Falling Out of Barrel

Players who start playing paintball often use second hand equipment due to which they face some problems. As I had to face myself, paintballs used to fall out of my barrel, which I realized in time and now I want to share with you why.  Being old, the barrel doesn’t hold the paintballs properly, so …

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