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Thank you for visiting us ! We are the world’s best source of all paintball reviews and their related news. Our team is very fond of playing various games of paintball, that’s why we decided to serve this information to our viewers as a feedbacker of paintball. Our group of paintball geeks and engineers have a specific goal to provide the best reviews and information related to paintball sports. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to send us a message at [email protected]. We will get back to you as soon as we can!

Purpose to Here

TruePaintballer is a great collection of most wanted paintballing products which are used in various environments like speedball or woodsball. We are here to provide you with the best paintball mask and other related products and save your time and energy during the searching of your required products. No matter what thing you are looking for – paintball mask or paintball spray etc. we will make your shopping easy by carefully reviewing and choosing the best item on the current market.

Why Us

We really understand that there are many things that are too burdensome for the average client, the highlights of which are too much. They may be valuable in moving something forward, but they are seldom helpful. The most expensive model with a wide range of features is not really the best available. In our shopping guides, we recommend the kind of goods we will buy for our loved ones, which we will choose for ourselves.

This means that nothing is ‘according to size’. To this end our experts devise a few different regular situations that the client may think of themselves, and decide the best thing for each of them. We call them ‘elections’. In every survey, you will actually want to choose the one that is best for you.

How We do this

We start our research work by distributing into the best information source that is currently available, once we do it then we study millions of actual buyer’s reviews that enable us to take long term adventure into account.

After that we make a short list of the best paintball products and study them in detail. Actually we want to create an effective system to perceive freak comments and remove them.

The only thing we want is while selecting paintball products our customer only pay attention to the people’s product reviews who already paid for it and use these items.


We invest heavily in adhering to the full guidelines and ethics. Our suggestions are based entirely on the findings and conclusions of our article group.

We are part of the Amazon Associates program and raise cash to promote our venture and audit items.

Our pay does not depend on the specific merchandise you purchase, so we are allowed to choose from a full range of available items, and nothing influences our choice.

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Email us if you need help with a particular shopping issue, and we’ll do our best to help.

You can also contact us if you need help with a particular purchase issue, haven’t found a product you’re interested in, or have thought you would like to share. Thank You.

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Rocco Eden

I am an energetic content writer living in the United States of America, working on many famous paintball blogs and other surfing sports all around the world with an open mind and honesty. My good thing is that I really enjoy the sun, beach and other hard work activities like swimming, boating and climbing.


Alexa is a content writer and staker who is in the United States of America and working on many famous blogs and also concentrated on staking skills and other surfing spots all around the world. His one more good thing is, he enjoys the sun, beach and other hard work activities like swimming, boating and climbing.


Hey everyone, this is Jessica here. I live in London, United Kingdom and I am passionate about the paintball game and I also love researching and buying different paintball masks. In Fact I may have a tackle addition that is a deep part of why I created this site, as you hear “ is a healthier and more affordable outlet ”


I am a software engineer and also a paintball dye hard with a great vision about the safe promotion of paintball around the world. I am fond of buying different paintball guns and paintball masks for experiments and reviews on those for my users, for that purpose I made this website.