Best 7 Lens for Paintball Mask 2023 – Review

During playing, clear vision is a very important factor for users to give their best in a paintball game. Paintball mask lens is an important element of paintball games because it gives preventive gear on your face. Paintball lenses help to give the distortion free view, it also decreases the sunlight and increases your viewing clarity, contrast and color differentiation while playing. It allows for the sharper vision in heavy lighting conditions and removes eye-catching reflections.

We tested almost 50 plus paintball mask lenses and will recommend the best lens that is used in paintball masks based on thermal resistance, comfortability and clear wide vision. From our personal experience these lenses offer extra protection to your eyes in the field of game. It also brings down the brightness and flare in excessive light scenarios and transmits all colors and is perfect to play in an open field on a sunny day.

These lenses are fog-free and based on your preferences and needs. We will also give you a buying guide that you need to know before buying the best paintball mask lens.


Editors Choice

Dye Paintball i4/i5
  • Compatible Lens
  • Thermal Coated
  • For Big Faces

Best Overall

Empire EVS Lens
  • Dual-Pane Lens
  • 260 Degree Field Vision
  • Glare Free

High End

Virtue VIO
  • Quick Replacement Lens
  • Scratch-Resistence
  • UV Protected

Top 7 Paintball Masks Lens

Image Product Details   Price
Empire Paintball Mask Lens  Empire Paintball Mask Lens Color: Worx
Note: Includes 10-gallon
reusable collection bag.
Check Price
Virtue VIO Paintball Mask Lens Virtue VIO Package Weight: 0.09 Kilograms
Brand Name: Virtue Paintball
Color: Bright Mirror
Check Price
Dye Paintball Mask Special Edition SLS Lens Dye SLS Lens Color: Greenworks
Note: Can move freely while
clearing leaves and debris.
Check Price
High Definition Reflective Paintball Mask Lens VForce GI sportz grill lens Item Package Dimensions: 9.5 x 7.4 x 0.1 inches
Package Weight: ‎0.1 Pounds
Brand Name: VForce
Check Price
Dye i4/i5 Thermal Paintball Mask Lens Dye i4/i5 Thermal  Item Weight: 0.1 Kilograms
Brand Name: Dye
Color: Clear
Check Price
Mirror Painted Lens – Best for Glasses Empire EVS Package Weight: 0.11 Kilograms
Brand Name: Empire Paintball
Color: ‎Green Mirror
Check Price
Rose Tinted Paintball Lenses Rose Tinted Color: Greenworks
Note: Can move freely while
clearing leaves and debris.
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1- Empire Paintball Mask Lens – Thermal Coated

Empire paintball mask lens is an anti-fog thermal lens that uses twin pane development, it has zero optical distortion that allows the user to see in wide range at all angles. The inner layer of this thin and lightweight and outer part is normally thick. Due to their thickness with the air cushion inside the pane of lens, it provides additional protection to eyes while playing. This lens never fogged even on a humid, hot day, its amazing feature is a grill below the lens and uses very comfortable padding. I will recommend it for those ever looking for cool design lenses.


  • Give you clear view in worst weather aslo
  • Thermal coated anti fog lens
  • Zero optical distortion that give the clear view at all angle
  • Scratchless lens
  • Provide protection from sun rays
  • Easy to washable, replaceable and affordable


  • Limited in colors
  • Can cause in eyes after using 5 to 6 hours


With our experience, it’s comfortable and easy to adjust in a mask because of its flexibility and stretching ability it can easily be placed on a small paintball mask also. These lens is thermal coated that kill the fog give the good view to player in the battle field, it does not matter where the people are playing in extreme hot or cold weather it always eliminate the fog and protect the eyes and i rate it 9/10.

2- Virtue VIO Paintball Mask Lens

It is a single pane anti-fog lens that provides the fog free optical readability and protects your eyes from harmful ultraviolet rays. Once you buy it then you could play fearlessly without worrying that your vision is obstructed. Its clarity is amazing and did not give any problem you play in foggy, sunny or overcast conditions, these lenses are popular for those people who wants do not want the blond tint (slight or pale coloration) and like dark tint just similar to smoke lens but it don’t have gradient tint. Virtue VIO paintball mask lens is usually use for outdoor game and provide anti-fatigue qualities as well as good color discrimination with distortion free wide vison.


  • Change the lens rapidly
  • Provide wide range of vision
  • Thermal coated lens
  • Offers zero optical clearness
  • Anti reflective coated
  • Scratch resistance
  • Covered with multi-layers that protect eyes from ultraviolet rays.


  • Loose fitting on some faces
  • Little bit expensive


I used it in my last few games and made fun with my teammates. I really love to use this lens because it is very clear, crispy and bright. I play alot of woodsball in trees so it’s extremely helpful to have clear vision. 

In my last game when a storm came, my opponent team member was unable to see me but my virtue VIO paintball mask lens really helped me for clear vision and play confidently in such condition.i recommended it because of its good structure and dual pane, anti-fog functionality. It never disappointed me any time in the field of battle.

3- Dye Paintball Mask Special Edition SLS Lens

This is a twin paned anti fog thermal lens that gives the participant vertical and horizontal peripheral view and excellent optical readability and sets the environment with efficient visibility. It is coated with dyetanium and scratch resistant to prevent the lens from scratches and help the user to cover their eyes from ultraviolet rays. It also allows you to change or adjust the lens in just 8 to 10 seconds. You should have slide inner locking tap rises and then slide them forward the lens will be immediately. 

You can enhance your imagination and fear, prepare yourself for any rain or shine situation by putting an lsl lens in your gear bag. It also reduces the splendor and flare in high light scenarios, it also has a slight gradient on the lens and becomes grayish purple when sunlight it.


  • Easy to change and adjustable lens
  • Dual pane anti fog thermal lens
  • Provide the ultimate horizontal / vertical vision
  • Distortion free optical clarity
  • Solid unbreakable lens
  • Can use it along with glasses


  • Only fit the SE and no other dye paintball mask


Dye paintball mask special edition lens is amazingly comfortable and a great anti fog lens. It has been popular because of its dual paned thermal anti fog feature that uses dyetanium coating. Its scratch resistant coating protects the both sides of the lens and ultraviolet coat protects the players eyes from harmful sun rays. 

You can also change and adjust the lens rapidly, it easily fits on the mask so that you cannot feel any type of irritation or frustration while running in the battle. It helps you to expand your vision without unequipped any type of playing conditions. Having SLS in a gear bag can help you to prepare yourself for a rainy situation. I rated it 9.5/10.

4- High Definition Reflective Paintball Mask Lens

VForce GI sportz grill lens is a high definition reflective paintball mask lens that reduces the ultraviolet rays for zero flare and increases the clarity, colors and contrast. It also contains HDR that provides the distortion free vision. This dual pane lens has a highly polished mirror that allows the user to use it in heavy rain and it never fog up. You can use it on a sunny day but in the evening or at night it does not give a good response. 

The manufacturer designed it with flexible plastic that can bear a highly bounce factor and save your eyes from paintball in the battle field. This lens is lightweight and provides the comfort zone in game with wide degree peripheral vision.


  • Dual pane lens
  • Great for sunny and rainy day
  • Give clarity and contrast
  • Use anti fog technology and provide clear wide vision
  • Protected and durable
  • Require low budget


  • Not good for play in evening or night


Due to its low cost and impressive optical system I recommend it for those who like to play on sunny and rainy days. It is a thermo curved lens that provides clarity to players and prevents the screen from fog, its built in visor that protects the eyes from harmful ultraviolet rays. These lenses are good for beginner level players because its manufacturer designed it with ductile plastic. During the game visibility is the first priority for players and this mask provides distortion free visibility and I rate it 9/10. 

5- Dye i4/i5 Thermal Paintball Mask Lens

Dye i4/i5 thermal paintball lens is a high definition paintball lens that uses high order aberration to affect the person’s vision based on visual characteristics and it’s not corrected by prescription lens. This is an anti-reflective coated comfortable and clearest lens that provides the sharp wide vision in heavy lighting situations and removes the reflection from eyes.

It provides the contradictory consideration and is also good for low light paintball games. It provides the 290 degree wide clear vertical and horizontal peripheral vision which is quick changeable and adjustable and saves your time in the battle field. This is designed according to the user recruitment and gives the full eye coverage, it is suitable for both small and bigger faces.


  • Compatible lens
  • Easily change in less than 10 second
  • Anti-fog thermal coated lens
  • Easy to wash, replace and affordable
  • Good for small and big faces


  • A little bit expensive
  • Limited in colors


This is a low profile anti fog lens with great and amazing comfortness for eyes, these lenses are good for both small as well as bigger faces. It is a solid and unbreakable lens that provides the extensive optical peripheral vision, it is also allowed to wear along with glasses. It has been famous in the current market because of its durability, mask fitting, rapid change functionality. It fits in mask so nicely that it cannot be loose when the mask faces jerks in game. It has been combined with your optically correct and robust design to provide protection to eyes.

6- Mirror Painted Lens – Best for Glasses

Empire EVS thermal mask lens is a mirror painted lens that has been manufactured through reflective optical coating, it gives brown and gray uniform tint to the user’s vision. It decreases the light passing through it further 20 to 60%, it is very useful in water, sand, snow, high altitude and glare conditions. Its reflective coating has several different layers that are made with metal and non conductor material, its manufacturing process is similar to anti reflective coating lenses. 

It is distortion free spherical shape lenses that provide the 270 degree clear vision and block the dangerous UV-A/B radiation and protect the players eyes. It just doesn’t fog up but is also easy to change in evs thermal mask. Its smoke is pretty dark but a neat and clean smoke lens and perfectly good for playing on a bright day.


  • 270-degree field of vision
  • Dual pane lens
  • Protect eyes from ultraviolet rays
  • Scratch resistant
  • Anti–fog thermal resistant
  • Distortion and glare free


  • Low horizontal view instead of vertical
  • Not good to play ambush scenario


I highly recommend it because of its unbeatable and halo soldiers-like look, its impressive interior design helps users to adjust it on those masks that used to wear along with glasses. This dual pane spherical thermal lens gave the wide vertical view during the game, and did not lose on the mask when players felt jerks in game. It can easily face the powerful shots coming from enemies. outdoor activities.

7- Rose Tinted Paintball Lenses

Rose tinted paintball lense generally offers smoothness and high contrast to eyes and blocks the blue light, it highly recommended to use for a long time playing and reduce the flare and strain from eye. Its amazing quality is that it  makes colors more intense than its actual appearance like red looks redder, white looks whiter and blue looks bluer but it did not change the colors. 

In rose tinted paintball lenses the pink lens is good for keeping you in rough terrain, it is also commonly used in color therapy off the paintball game and offers soothing to eyes.


  • Can be used both in i4 and i5 goggle
  • Anti fog thermal lens
  • Provide ultimate vertical and horizontal peripheral view
  • Rapid lens change
  • Perfect optical clarity
  • Scratch resistant coating


  • A little bit expensive
  • Not good for sunny day


I recommend it because it is a great lens for specific weather. I purchased this lens alongside an HD thermal lens because the smoke HD lens was too dark for playing in that area where I lived. I use this lens on cloudy days when there is some rain or snow and it still works great, but the only issue is that it has some glare in sunny conditions. Another cool effect is that it has a light reflective coating on the outside of the lens so your enemies can’t see your eyes during the game. I highly recommend it and rate it 9/10.

Buying Guide for Paintball Mask Lenses

High quality paintball mask lenses not only protect your eyes from action but also help you to see the action, following tips will enhance your knowledge that you should have before buying the quality paintball mask.


Lenses give a clear vision that helps you to keep in game for a long time, if the players compromise with this fact then he cannot compete with his enemies. You should have to examine the market before buying the lenses that give you clear vision.


Always ensure that lenses should be thermal coated dual that kill the fog, reduce the  glare  and prevent the eyes from ultraviolet rays making your visibility destruction free. Fog always distracts your focus from the game and feels very annoying during the game so always go with anti fog lenses. 

HK Army HSTL Paintball Goggle with Thermal Lens

Make sure that mask lense have 270 degree clear vision and away yourself from cheap lenses that have a harmful effect on your eyes and make your peripheral vision limited. Buy only thermal coated lenses that not only give you extended peripheral vision but also work distortion free.

A good mask always uses the broad lenses that help the user to see their enemies from various angles even from the corner of their eye. When you adjust the lens on the mask it should be slightly away from your eyes so if you want to wear glasses then you can easily wear beneath it, the distance should not be too much that block you when the mask is bulky. I just want to tell you to use such paintball masks that are anti- fog and anti-scratchless because these qualities increase the life duration of your life.


Mask lens should be changeable, if the lens has been out of order during the game then you can easily change it instead of going to buy a new mask. Colored, chromatic, and mirror lenses are also available in the market that prevent the eyes from flame while using it in heavy sunny conditions. 

Excessive amounts of sun rays are also harmful for your face as well for your eyes so protection from these dangerous ultraviolet rays is another important section in the selection of paintball lenses, so it’s important to choose such paintball mask lenses that protect your eyes from these harmful rays.

For More Details:


Lens Durability is another important fact that you should alway consider in searching for a reliable lens. Durable lenses have a long lifetime period and never break in battle if you don’t use it too much. Buy only those lenses that are made with original durable plastic and can face any tear and wear situation. It is not necessary that the lens will be resistant and strong if it is made with hard plastic, good lenses always use flexible materials that are soft and long lasting.
We recommended dual pane lenses instead of single lens in masks that give great durability to paintball masks, and tried to purchase lightweight paintball lense that give the best performance in the field of battle. Heavyweight lenses put a burden on your face and let you down in game.

Dual Pane Versus Single Pane Lens

Dual Pane Versus Single Pane Lens

There are two types of lenses with respect to its thickness one is single pane lens the other one is dual pane it is also called thermal coated lenses that kill the fog from the mask thats why it is more recommended. Dual pane lenses are constructed in a better way and coated with higher impact resistance and less subject to fog so that it survives for long-lasting in masks. 

The single pane lens is cheap and good for informal use on the other hand, the dual pane lens is expensive and amazing for champions use while the single lens is good for beginners.

How Does Light Affect Paintball Lens Choice? 

There are various kinds of visible lights that can affect the paintball lens in their own way. The most affected light is called “white light”, people can easily see when it produces a small range of light waves. As a result, It destroy performance by affecting focus and vision. Blue and red are at each end of the visible spectrum of light, with yellow and green in the middle, making it the easiest and most natural range to visualize. 

Blue Light

Blue Spectrum Light is important because it has a negative effect on our vision clarity. It scatters more easily than other types of visible light, making it difficult for the eye to focus on points. Prolonged exposure to diffuse blue light causes more pressure on the eye than other types of light.

Many paintball goggles such as yellow tinted paintball lenses that attempt to sharpen the eyes work to reduce blue light in order to increase visual acuity later on and reduce eye fatigue.

Final Verdict

Our team has done a great research on the paintball mask lens and after a discussion on different types of lens we described that these lenses are the best paintball mask lenses in the market. We mentioned cheaper lenses as well as expensive lenses but never skipped the quality in the whole research. These all lenses are famous because of our various qualities and specifications. The above information will help you to buy a lense without wasting your time on research work. We provided here all the necessary information that is required for buying the paintball mask lenses.

In conclusion, I am recommending the best paintball lenses that are rose tinted paintball lenses because it is a great lens for specific weather. It provides you fog-free optical distortion visibility and is a great investment for the champion persons. This lens is also good for cloudy days where there is some rain or snow. Another cool effect is that it has a light reflective coating on the outside of the lens so your enemies can’t see your eyes during the game.

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