Dye i4 Precision Thermal Paintball Mask (Black/Gold) Review 2023

There are two types of weapons in paintball which provide advantages to players in the field. One is a paintball marker and the other one is a paintball mask. Type of paintball ( woodsball, speedball, rec ball ) games have a very impact on what type of marker you are using while playing a paintball but picking a mask is much easier and it will serve you always.

If you are looking for one of the best paintball masks at a good price then you go with Dye i4. It is not only famous because of their lightest weight and comfortness but it also has a cool and aggressive look that players love. It deals great with fog and provides a good system of ventilation. Beside this it comes with thermal lens that is perfect for those people living in hot and humid areas.

But be careful, this mask is not for everyone and you should read the rest of our review before making a decision on buying a dye i4 and then decide if dye i4 is the right paintball mask for you or not.


When you try to dye i4 for the first time you will feel that this mask is highly comfortable and light. Actually it is the lightest mask on the market equipped with dual stage form and compression formed ears. It helps to keep sweat out of your eyes and allows you to take breath without any distortion and this is good enough to make your face cool and nice while playing games.

The design of dye i4 is automatically correct and fits on almost all faces. You can also wear this mask along with your glasses comfortably and it is a plus point for those people who have weak eyesight and want to wear glasses with paintball masks.

It has a removable chin strap and tiger teeth buckles to make sure that you don’t worry about the falling off your paintball mask and unsecure your face.

Provide Easy Communication with Teammates

It is important to clearly communicate with your teammate on the field so that’s why the dye i4 comes with its own patented “ scream venting system ”. It is highly capable of carrying your voice to long distances as compared to other paintball mask’s capacity. 

Scream venting systems make it easy to breathe as you will feel that hot air come back at your face. Warning alert, the vents are designed in such a way that you will find your face covered in paint if you shoot directly at the vents, so please don’t say we didn’t warn you!

For making a good hearing, the dye i4 comes with compression – formed ears that are covered in tiny holes. It works nicely.

Great Vision 


The dye i4 has the widest vision range in the market. The peripheral vision enables you to detect a single movement of your enemies from the corner of your eyes. It uses an industry’s first compound radius thermal technology lens which provides an ultimate protection to your eyes and it will fog up in the field regardless of rain or shine. This mask is scratch resistant and the coating used on it is known as hard coat coating that ensures that sides are well protected to work against the scratches and mirror erosion. Ultra violet coating is also included on the lens of dye i4 which protects your eyes from the sun.

Quick Lens Change

Usually in paintball games, changing a lens is very annoying and takes too much time but luckily the dye i4 comes with a patent pending rapid lens replace system which allows the players to change the lens within 10 seconds. Be careful that you don’t completely draw the lens in water because it can drain in between 2 thermal lenses and leave the moisture behind which can ruin the lens and cause you to buy a new lens.

Is Dye i4 the Right Paintball Mask for Me ?

You should use dye i4 If you really want to increase the number of eliminations while playing the paintball game and it can also happen if you are upgrading your mask from a much lower quality mask. The dye i4 paintball mask removes almost all problems related to fog and we should be thankful for their anti fog thermal lens and superior breathing capability. It provides an extremely high and wide range of vision which helps the players to see their enemies from the corner of your eyes.


  • Look wise nice
  • Available in various color
  • Provide different lens options
  • Replaceable lens feature
  • The bottom of the mask is short and flexible so it’s easy to aim down the barrel.
  • Provide to easy to hearing mechanism by breathable compression formed earpiece
  • Have scream venting system for clear voice
  • Does not fog up easily
  • Give wide peripheral vision
  • Come with tiger teeth buckle for good fitting


  • Dye i4 paintball mask is low profile that does not cover the bottom of your jaws.
  • Water can come in between two thermal lenses if you did not wash out them properly.
  • Come without a visor that exposes your forehead.

Try it Before Buy

Dye i4 comes with various color and lens options which enable you to get the perfect lens and mask to fulfill your requirement like style and favorite color combination. With the positive view of this make beware that it comes with some major problems which is not ideal for certain players. 

The problem is dye i4 does not cover the lower part of your jaws and ear lobe to stick out for long face people.

This is not a problem for everyone and It would be grateful if you try it at your local field before buying from any online store. Other than this aspect the dye i4 is an amazing paintball mask that is definitely worth the money and will improve your paintball experience.

Black/Gold Dye i4 Paintball Goggle with Thermal Lens Combo

  • The dye i4 precision is the smallest profile, lightest and best field of vision paintball mask. The thermal lens leads the industry in optical clarity and distortion free environment.
  • The physiological correct i4 mask system offers optimal comfort for all face shapes. The i4 is tested to double the current impact ASTM and CE standards. Dye’s proprietary dual-stage foam.
  • The dye i4 finalizes the industry standards for anti-fog technology. The thermal lens provides distortion-free optical clarity and fog-free vision regardless of the weather.

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