Best Paintball Mask Under 100 Review & Buying Guide 2023

There are many paintball masks available for under 100 dollars but all of them are different in features, quality and other standards. We have done research on paintball masks under 100 and compose all the data in this article, that information will help you to discover the best paintball masks under 100 for yourself and your friends. Sometime it usually happen that low prices mask are not in good quality and they get distrube the players in game, these masks have fog on the lens and did not give the clear vision to players but in this article I will explain all those best paintball masks that are under 100 but also give priority to quality.

After the testing, our most important considerations in paintball mask selection are: anti fogless, anti scratch, comfort, safety, wide range visibility, these all features are available in low budget paintball masks so don’t go with a high graded mask like GSR strap pro. We explained all masks here that have similar functionality to expensive one and gravitate on the current market. 

These masks have good ventilation systems that allow the user to breathe easily and also provide clear vision which fulfill the user requirement. In the section below I will help you to explore the low budget masks used for paintball games and will enhance your knowledge about these multiple feature masks.

Price Disclaimer

The selling price of all products can be changed any time that’s why we will not give any guarantee about any products listed here. All the masks have a specific price range and it can be changed at any time. So make sure to check the latest price before buying.

Most Recommended

Editors Choice

Empire E-Flex Mask
  • Customaizable
  • Ventilation
  • Thermal Lens

Best Overall

V Force Profiler Paintball Mask
  • Visor
  • Distortion free
  • Anti-Fog

High End

JT Premise Headshield Mask
  • GSR Pro strap
  • Anti-fog Lens
  • eVoke Wireless

Buying Guide for Paintball Mask Under 100$

We should do a great research to buy a perfect paintball mask that works for us instead of working against us. In the best paintball mask, protection, comfort and visibility are the most prioritized things and we should purchase a mask with distortion free visibility, safe and ultra comfortable that is enough to play.

It is difficult for us to belief hundred of brands available in market due to their different  qualities and it require great research to find out the best paintball mask for yourself but don’t you worry we have solved this problem for you by giving best 9 paintball mask in above section and here I’m providing buying guide that will help you to choose the suitable mask for yourself.


Vision clarity is a very important thing for players while playing the paintball game, so if the mask has dual pane thermal coated lens then it does not allow to gather any dust particles on screen and reduce the blurriness and provide you premium quality vision to their users. 

The high quality mask always has a built-in thermal anti fog lens inside it, these masks are designed in such a pattern that not only kill the fog but also provide good vision in the field of battle. 

On the other hand, low quality masks have single pane lenses and get scratches on their screen after a few times of using, they also have fog in different weather conditions. The mask for a paintball game is a one time investment once you buy a good quality mask then it will survive for time with you. 

Full Head Coverage

Another important aspect is good protection that you should consider before buying a paintball mask. A good paintball mask uses strong durable plastic and flexible rubber that can bear any type of paintball shots that cause serious injuries during the game. They have full head coverage and strong non-slip silicone strap which provide good grip to your face. 


The quality paintball mask has soft inner padding which absorbs the player’s sweat and provides a comfortable zone. If you buy some cheap mask which causes discomfort for yourself and feel irritation that destroys your match immediately. If the mask has clear vision, removable visor, soft padding and good ventilation system then it will be a super comfort for your match and you can use it in any condition without any problem.


This game has been played for long time and high weight mask will burden on your head and you did not pay attention to your game. Make sure that your mask should be light weight which will enhance your performance in game and you feel more comfortable in playing game, it does not matter that you are beginner or champion the light weight paintball mask factor is very important for you to beat your enemies in game. 


A lot of money has been used when we buy a paintball mask and we cannot compromise with its quality, in this buying guide I suggest that you should buy such a mask which is made with strong and ductile material because it faces many speedy paintball hits. The mask should also be anti scratch and thermal coated so that it can provide polished vision and protect the players from harmful ultraviolet rays.




Top 9 Paitnball Masks Under 100 Comparison Table 2023

Image Product Details   Price
Virtue-VIO-Paintball-mask Virtue VIO Ascend Brand: Virtue Paintball
Color: Black
Style: Thermal, Protection
Check Pice
JT-Premise-Headshield-Mask JT Premise Headshield Mask Size: One Size
Color: Black
Brand: JT
Check Price
Empire-EVS-Paintball-Mask Empire EVS Thermal Paintball Mask Size: One Size
Color: Black
Material: Fleece
Brand: Empire
Check Price
Empire X-Rays V2.1 Empire X-Ray Thermal protected Mask Brand: Empire Paintball
Style: Thermal
Item Dimensions LxWxH: 13.9 x 12.6 x 8 inches
Check Price
V-Force-Profiler-Paintball-Mask V-Force Profiler Paintball Mask Package Weight: 0.54 Kilograms
Brand Name: V-Force
Sport Type: Paintball
Check Price
Valken-Paintball-MI-7-Mask Valken Paintball MI-7 Mask Brand: Valken
Color: orange
Frame Material: Polycarbonate
Check Price
Base-Paintball-Mask Base Paintball Mask Color: Black
Brand: BASE
Style: Thermal, protection, safety
Check Price
Tippmann-Tactical-Mesh-Airsoft-Mask Tippmann Tactical Mesh Airsoft Mask Department ‏ : ‎ Unisex-adult
Date First Available ‏ : ‎ February 23, 2018
Manufacturer ‏ : ‎ Tippmann
Check Price
Empire-E-Flex-Paintball-Mask Empire E-Flex Paintball Mask Item Weight: ‎862 Grams
Brand Name: ‎Empire Paintball
Color: Black
Check Price

1- Virtue VIO Ascend – Best Paintball Mask Under $100

If you are looking for the perfect combination of protection, comfort, durability, flexibility with dual pane lens then virtue vio ascend will be a good choice for you. This paintball mask has anti scratch less and anti fog thermal coated lens which provide the user clear wide peripheral vision and reduce the irritation. 

We have done many testing to ensure its comfortability and prevention, it proves that it has been made with flexible and durable material that can be used in any condition. 

The dual pane lens of this mask not only provides the neat and clean vision but also provides 100% protection from harmful ultraviolet rays and you can also change its lens within seconds. The eyes form comes with a multi layer absorber which soaks up sweat and helps the players to feel relaxed during the game. Virtue VIO ascend is also famous because of its good ventilation system it gives good airflow, hearing and clear communication between the players.


  • Quick changeable
  • Provide large angle field of view
  • Distortion free hearing
  • Good ventilation system
  • Provide protection from UV rays
  • Made with durable and flexible material


  • Color limitation
  • Come with single piece body

Our Opinion:

In our opinion this is very good mask for those people who have budget to round about 100 dollars because this mask come with all features that expensive paintball masks have, this mask is also good for beginners due to its comfortness it will not lie any burden on your head in the field of battle, it will also provide you 100% protection from sun rays. 

Belief me go with it if your budget is 100 or under 100. From my personal experience, I found that the virtue vio mask is a very comfortable and protective paintball mask and you can play continually from 4 to 5 hours with this mask.

2- JT Premise Headshield Paintball Mask Single Pane

JT premise head shield paintball mask is available at a cheap price in the market, it main popularity is 360 degree protection from all threats. It also allows players to wear along with their glasses and there are adjustments in this mask first one chin strap, second one is head strap and third one is head protection cover these adjustments not only provide you good grip to your face but also take care of your comfortness level by their custom accomodation. 

JT premise head shield paintball mask has been made with huge experience and knowledge of expertise to make it more protective and multi functional. It provides you 260 degree clear vision with its single pane lens which is changeable and fogless, you can change its lens within a few seconds without any mechanical tools. JT premise paintball mask can be used with all JT spectra lenses you have to just change the single pane and dual pane lenses.

This mask comes with an amazing ventilation system that provides the distortion free airflow and converts the hot air into cool air for users freshness, it also has inner thin foam that soaks up all the sweat of the players.


  • Removable visor
  • Protect you from harmful UV rays
  • Provide ultra fitting during game
  • Have good ventilation
  • Changeable lens
  • Provide 260 degree clear view
  • Give you 360 degree protection


  • Inner form changing process is little bit difficult
  • Sometime 360 degree protection may hotter in summer
  • Limited in colors
  • Sometime issue with built-in lenses

Our Opinion:

I used it in my last paintball game and I realized that it is one of the best paintball masks that gives you full head coverage. Besides this it is also durable, lightweight and a good design mask with affordable price. This mask is multi-functional and has all the qualities of other expensive masks. The only problem with this mask is that you will be hot in summer weather because of its 360 degree coverage but that’s not a big deal you can go with it if you are low on budget.

3- Empire EVS Thermal Paintball Mask

Empire EVS paintball mask is doing a great job for economical players, it has a good design and is made up with strong material that can bear any type of rough weather conditions and easily fit on your face. Rubber and Plastic material is used in its manufacturing that’s why it can handle all types of rustic conditions. The players can wear it quickly because of its stretchiness and lightweight body..

The empire evs paintball mask uses dual pane lens that give protection to your eyes from fog and harmful sunlight, it has a changeable lens and you can change the lens within seconds and give you a 270 degree view in all weather conditions.

The mask has unlimited potholes around the mouth which provides an enhanced ventilation system to exhale the warm air from the helmet and players feel easy for breathing and communication with their teammates.

Sweating causes frustration during the game but empire evs have triple density foam padding that absorb all the sweat and provide comfortness to users.


  • Provide 270 degree wide view
  • Uses Thermal coated anti fog dual pane lens 
  • Non slippy silicon back
  • A lot of in front of mouth provide ease for breathing
  • Changeable lens


  • Not good built-in visor

Our Opinion:

Being a user of this mask I wanna clarify that empire evs have features that do not fog up even at an extreme level because of its dual pane lens and provide 100% protection from harmful UV rays. This mask has been designed in such a way that can easily endure all paintball shots and other unusual situations in the field of battle, its triple thickness form helps to absorb the sweat and give a comfortable inner environment to players. I rate it 9/10. 

4- Empire X-Ray Thermal protected Mask

Empire X-Rays V2.1

Empire x-ray thermal protected mask comes with exciting design, comfort, visibility and protection therefore it contains all the necessary and important features that a good paintball mask should have. It gives full 360 degree coverage to their users from all hard paintball shots and other abnormal conditions by using durable material in manufacturing of it. 

The empire x-ray mask uses dual pane lens which give 260 degree clear and clean wide view in game and this is anti scratchless and thermal coated anti fog, prevent the players from harmful ultraviolet rays and enable the player to use it in any conditions. We all know that in-game communication is a very important factor that connects us with our teammates to perform well, this provides the 100% best vent system which enhances the player’s hearing, communications and airflow. 

Furthermore, I would like to add that its soft foam padding absorbs all the sweat and provides an impressive environment for players to play a good game. If your budget is under 100 to buy a paintball mask then this product is good for you.


  • Provide full head coverage
  • 260 degree wide view
  • Good vent system for communication, hearing, airflow
  • Durable
  • Cheap in price


  • Padding foam is little bit flimsy (short-lived)

Our Opinion:

Empire x-ray thermal protected mask comes with multiple functionality at a low price, this mask only gives me full head coverage but also provides protection in rough condition and enables me to wear it along with glasses. It has been made with durable and flexible material which can bear any hard shot in game, as in my experience i would recommend it if you want a paintball mask at a cheap price with all necessary features then you should go with it and it will not be wrong for you. 

5- V-Force Profiler Paintball Mask


V-Force profiler paintball mask comes with all functionality of expensive high graded masks like anti-scratch, anti-fog, and wind resistant. The manufacturer used highly qualified durable plastic and rubber material in manufacturing it to absorb the power paintball shots and provided a comfortable mask with pro purify lens and incredible protection, also making available these masks in many different colors for their users. 

The v-force mask has a quick changeable lens which allows their users to change the lens in a few minutes. It has many dozens of holes in front that provide good ventilation systems to its users by exhaling the warm air from the helmet and enhancing the communication, breathing quality, you can also use it even in hot summer and you do not feel a little bit suffocation. Due to its V shape it has large soft padding to soak up the sweat and adjustable strap for better grip on face according to your desire.


  • Have built-in visor
  • Changeable lens
  • Goog ventilations system
  • Anti fog thermal coated 
  • Durable
  • Best paintball mask under 100
  • Provide protection to face and eyes from UV rays


  • Lens is changeable but the process of changing it is little bit difficult

Our Opinion:

As in my experience in using this mask, I did not see such an amazing mask with multiple features. The manufacturers have made it really protective for us by using durable plastic and flexible rubber material, you did not feel a heavy hard paintball shot in this mask. The V-force profiler mask is not only good for beginners but also good investment for pro level players, you can play more than 6 hours and the beautiful thing is that it never fogged up. This is beneficial for those people who want the right mask with all features at a low price. I want to rate it 9/10.

6- Valken Paintball MI-7 Mask

Valken MI-7 paintball mask is one the best mask for beginner and expert players, it is made with durable material for ultra protection and provides the 260 degree wide horizontal and 160 vertical clear view by using their dual pane lens. 

The dual pane lens is anti scratchless and kills all fog and gives a 260:160 degree neat and clean distortion free view. Its dual pane foam provides comfort to players in hot weather, it also has padding for enhanced eye and ear protection and soaks up the sweat. 

The ventilation system of this mask is amazingly good, it has vents in front and around the helmet which cause the cool temperature of the mask and exhale the warm air from it. It has adjustable back straps that help you adjust it according to your need where you feel comfortable.


  • Provide enhance eyes and ear protection
  • Have clear and wide horizontal and vertical view
  • Cheap in price
  • Anti-scratches
  • Built-in-visor
  • Anti fog thermal coated
  • Good ventilation system that enhance the quality of communication, breathing


  • Limited Color Option

Our Opinion:

In my opinion, this mask is the best possible way for low budget minded people because it has all the features that expensive paintball masks have. The Valken MI-7 paintball mask is durable, comfortable, thermal coated, anti-scratch, versatile and has many more qualities. If you think that you are short of money and you want to play a game with a paintball mask then this is a good option and I rate it 8/10.

7- Base Paintball Mask – Thermal Coated Changeable Lens

Base paintball mask is the most selling mask in the current market, it contains all the quality and functionality of premium paintball mask. It provides effective protection to their users by its solid and strong body that can bear any rough and tough situations.

It uses thermal coated anti fog dual pane lens which provides the best playfield distortion free vision, its anti fog thermal lens that kills the fogg from mask and its removable lens decrease the harmful UV rays from the sun and give protection to players.

The interior part of the base paintball mask is designed in such a way that is very comfortable for the users, it has soft padding EVA foam that absorbs the sweat and players feel relaxed during the game. It has a built-in chin strap that gives a good grip on your face, if you are low on budget and you want a mask with all features then go with a base paintball mask.


  • Have thermal coated dual pane changeable lens
  • Good ventilation system for communication and airflow
  • Built-in strong chin strap 
  • Durable
  • Anti Scratch
  • Built-in but changeable visior
  • Have unfold straps with silicone non slip coating
  • Available in many colors


  • A little bit tight from ears

Our Opinion:

In my paintball mask collection the base paintball mask is one of the most safe masks, it not only gives protection but also low price mask and provides us clear wide vision. It has silicone non slip straps that help me to adjust the mask on my face according to my need. It is the best mask that fulfills the ASTMF1667 standard and proves itself a highly quality helmet. It is lightweight as well budget friendly and has a changeable lens which allows me to change it within it. I highly recommend it. 

8- Tippmann Tactical Mesh Airsoft Mask

Tippmann tactical mesh paintball mask is the best anti-allergic mask that comes with dual pane thermal coated lens and gives 260 degree wide and optical clarity view. It is the best mask for economical players who have a budget under 100, it uses anti-allergic foam padding that prevents the players face from rashes( comes due to sweat ).

It has a removable visor that has protected layers for fight with ultra violet rays and adjustable non slip straps for giving good grip to face in the field of battle. Due to its dual pane lens this mask provides neat and clean vision that helps the players to take good strikes in game and eliminate the opponents from the game immediately. 

Its lightweight and incredible design attract millions of people and make them far from discomfort and give upgraded stability. These above features of tippmann tactical mask makes its good reputation in the eyes of users and increase their desirability.


  • Thermal coated anti fog lens
  • Anti allergic comfortable foam
  • Have removable visor
  • Removable visor 
  • Provide face prevention from harmful rays
  • Have changeable dual pane lens that give 260 degree view  
  • Unisex paintball mask


  • Due less vents in the mask sometime feel difficulty in breathing

Our Opinion:

It works perfectly for me. I was impressed by this mask because it has no issue while playing. I have done my CQB and speedsoft with it, it provides great visibility and full head coverage and reduces my tension for any type of injury. 

It also provides a good communication mechanism during the game with teammates. The only problem with this mask is its difficulty to see your sight because you can’t give rest to your chicks on the stock, which may not create issues in CBQ but is not good for outdoor games. I rate it 9/10.

9-  Empire E-Flex Paintball Mask – Stylish Look 

Empire e-flex has been popular because of its affected ventilation system which inhales the cool air from outside and exhales the warm air from the mask and does not create any breathing problem and also blocks the dust particle to prevent the lens from blurriness. 

This is a good anti fog mask which prevents the lens from fog and gives clear wide vision. After the huge research this mask is famous because of its performance and stylish look design with all high quality functionality. With its cheap prices it gives all expensive mask’s features like a vital ventilation system to enhance the airflow for proper breathability and communication. 

It has a rapid changeable lens and also can use this mask along with glasses. The manufacturer has made it user-friendly and comfortable and is also great for those whose budget is under 100 .


  • Hypoallergenic foam
  • Stylish look design
  • Rapid lens change
  • Have good ventilation system
  • Give full head coverage


  • The mask is small for a large face and a little bit unsecure for your jawlines
  • It will get scratched if you use it a lot.

Our Opinion:

This mask has solved all my problems, I play with this mask even in 80 degree weather but there is no fogging issue at any point during my game, no issue with my breath at all. I also used it in airsoft and felt pretty solid because there were very hard paintball shots there but my mask tolerated all these shots. The other benefit of the empire e-flex mask is you can also fit it with your glasses especially if you have a wide frame and they just fit inside.


We have spent many months in researching of paintball masks under $100 and gathering the data to give you the best 9 paintball masks. These masks only cheap in price but also contain all the features of quality paintball masks. 

They are for beginners as well as for expert players because we not only explore their features but also give great consideration on their safety, comfort and visibility so that you can play in the field without any hesitation. 
All above mention mask are good but virtue vio ascend and V force profiler are best from all of them according to my personal experience, they have great ventilation system which allow players to breathe well and communication with teammate easily without any distortion but if you have a big head then you should with  empire evs mask which gives proper grip protection and grip to your face.

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