Tippmann Cronus Tactical Paintball Gun Review [2023]

Overview (First Impression – Performance)

Tippmann Cronus is the adorable marker of all Experts, who improved their skills through this marker. Read this article for the Tippmann Cronus review. When Cronus launched its first marker in 2014, it had the appearance of a kid’s toy gun. Later, it shocked us with its splendid performance. When you hold this Tippmann Cronus marker you get a comfy feeling and enjoy your gameplay. 

If you want a cost-effective marker as a fresher then the Tippmann Cronus marker is best for you. It offers good performance for only $150. The beginners and intermediate-level players both adore its reliability and performance.

We felt this gun was a little heavy because it weighs 3.9 lbs. You can develop pressure and burden on your arms after playing for a long time. Besides, the heaviness of the marker guarantees robustness and unshakable gears.

Our shot excellence test exposed that it showed a slight kickback. But it was easy to shoot. Rubber grips provide steadiness and strength in the player’s hand. According to the company’s claim, this marker can shoot more than 150 feet.  But this range can be afflicted by natural factors such as wind, moisture, or shower.

First-time users can face some problems to comprehend its working. But after knowing how it works, and the correct shooting position, it will be easy to use

Tippmann 98 is the older version of Tippmann Cronus. Tippmann 98 got famous because of its stability and cheap cost. According to a survey report, the Tippmann 98 and the Cronus have similarities in their performance and style. The only difference occurs in their aesthetics.  Let’s dive into the details of our review.

Inline Bolt System 

A distinctive part of the Tippmann markers is its inline bolt mechanism. The logic behind its name as “in-line” arises from the alignment of the back bolt and the primary bolt at an identical angle. This arrangement concentrates it more streamlined and user-friendly. 


This bolt system furthermore increases the handles of the marker when contrasted with the Tippmann 98. This competency allows you to produce superior shots on the field without compromising your performance. Beyond shotgun precision, the quality of your shoots is equally liable to your grasp of how to place the weapon toward the goal.

Mechanical Trigger

This Tippmann gun stands as a mechanical gun, prepared with a mechanical trigger system. This sort of trigger works through compression, needing the physical handling of two metal conductive elements to thrust the paintball along the barrel to its back bolt. 

In contrast, electronic guns assist a swifter process proficient with their electronic parts. Many paintball grounds focus on the usage of mechanical markers. To ensure the concerns about restrictions on your supported marker type create the least disturbance within the field’s boundaries.

Wide Barrel


Due to its wide barrel size, it will not break the ball easily.  The problem of breaking balls will be solved within the barrel. In addition, these specifications aid you in reducing the noise.

Some paintball users faced paintball splitting and lost shots problems, mainly if they shot constantly. The solution to these problems is to use first-class paintballs and also clean the barrel for precision. Moreover, a motorized hopper can aid you to escape the ball splitting.


Performers are generally worried about the inside parts destruction of the gun due to shooting. This marker has a strong design in contrast to other intermediate-level markers. Its robustness makes sure to protect the inside parts from destruction.

It is examined that Tippmann Cronus remains safe and secure from the inside every time. This is the feature that makes it more durable than all other versions.


All players want to be comfortable when playing the game. To give players a relaxed feel, Tippmann made this customizable marker. You can fix Picatinny rails on the top side and as well bottom. It also allows you to attach many accessories such as lasers, scopes, and red dot spectacles. 

The adjustable design permits to modify the barrel, extra grips, and many more. You need to spend the tactical version to customize the gun as you like.

Key Features

  • Semi-auto firing mode
  • Works thru  CO2 or compressed air
  • First-class performance ported barrel
  • 150 feet gunshot range 
  • Variety of colors olive and black 
  • A bit heavy 6 pounds
  • Enhanced marker control via vertical grip
  • Least recoil 
  • 2-years warranty


Tippmann Cronus v/s Tactical Edition 

This Cronus marker incorporates all the enhancements delivered by Tippmann. It also works as a semi-automatic firearm, ensuring both first-class performance and precision shots. Moreover, this variant possesses an extra front grip that can be attached or detached according to the player’s liking.

However, in contrast, the Tactical variant claims to have a portable stock to change your marker that suits your specific gaming area. Furthermore, the upper section of this marker comes with a pre-installed rail designed for attaching a laser light. This advanced model features the A-5 barrel, setting it apart from the barrel in the Tippmann Cronus. The box also includes extra tools such as lubricant, extra O-rings, and Allen keys. These accessories increase the maintenance and barrel storing.

Price – Justified?

The price provided by the Tippmann Cronus is justifiable! This paintball marker comes at an affordable price point of less than $150. While it may not include advanced attributes like tool-free upkeep, electronic operation, or a customizable trigger, its performance remains exceptional!

Nevertheless, it’s worth noting that the Cronus marker still presents a compelling proposal, needing only a slight price increase for all that it brings to the table.

Things We Liked

  • Robust design
  • Adjustable
  • Easy Upkeep
  • Offer consistency, adaptability, and affordability within $150

Things We Didn’t Like

  • The rail regulator lacks proper balance
  • The front grip is not easy to tight
  • The barrel might be better
  • Moderate shooting speed

Frequently Asked Question

Does the Cronus Need Batteries to Function?

No, the Tippmann Cronus functions on a mechanical system and doesn’t need batteries to function.

Can We Adjust the Stock?

The stock is portable, you can attach or remove it that suits your desires.

Is the Cronus Marker Air-Efficient?

Usually, the Cronus is famous for its decent air efficiency. Its mechanical operation often results in effective air usage, allowing you to play for long without needing to fill up your air tank frequently.

What Gunfire Modes Does the Cronus Provide?

The Cronus typically provides semi-automatic shooting mode, giving one shot for each trigger pull.

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