Dye Rize CZR Review – Key Features

In this article, we’ll share our take on the Dye Rize CZR. We want to share our experience regarding this product’s performance, stability, and control during paintball tournaments.

At first sight, one might perceive it as a vibrant paintball gun. This product goes above and beyond expectations. This game offers a wide range of advanced controls that allow players to make strategic moves on the playground and enhance their overall gaming experience. CZR impressed me when it first came out in 2019. The features it offered, like different firing modes, adjustable firing speed, and an adaptable trigger, caught my attention. We were thrilled with our decision to include another DYE marker in our gear for the upcoming NXL event. We are extremely satisfied with our decision and have no regrets whatsoever.

Let’s dive into the extensive features of the DYE CZR and see how it gives a leading edge in the paintball game. I want to discuss the performance shot quality of this gun.

Rise Fusion BoltAir Efficient

The CZR’s Rise Fusion Bolt is a standout feature that provides seamless and reliable propulsion for paintball shots. This technology is truly impressive. It allows the gun to handle paints at various velocities effortlessly, ensuring no gunshots are missed. I found the fusion bolt system highly efficient, requiring less air for each shot. Thanks to its low air pressure, I appreciate how this marker is designed to minimize kickback and recoil. It makes using it a breeze.

The bolt system can be easily removed using a large Allen wrench. Using a wrench made it easy to unscrew the bolt and slide out the back. This allowed me to disassemble the bolt for regular cleaning and maintenance easily. Applying grease was a breeze thanks to this simple process. Applying grease to CZR’s bolt before every game has been a game-changer for us. While these don’t necessarily need a lot of greasing, applying grease has proven to be quite effective.

No More Broken Paint?

The paint broke before I even had a chance to shoot the target. We’ve all experienced it. I am extremely grateful to Rize CZR for solving the issue of broken paint. I appreciate how this model utilizes a lower PSI compared to other models. This feature significantly reduces the risk of splitting a ball, even when working with delicate paints.

I appreciate the inclusion of the 4th generation polycarbonate eye pipe in this product. It’s a great addition that effectively safeguards the anti-chop system from any potential damage caused by broken paint and dirt. The self-cleaning system is a great feature as it constantly monitors the ball drop and breech, ensuring optimal performance. I found that the bolt O-ring tip tends to wipe off the seamless pipe after each firing cycle.

Firing Modes

The CZR marker stands out from the rest by providing exceptional flexibility in its operating modes, letting people change their experience to fit their preferences. I appreciate the convenient switch on the marker’s body, allowing me to select different firing modes easily.

I like the gun because it offers a variety of firing modes, including Semi-Auto, Burst, NXL ramp, and Full-Auto. Switching between these modes is a breeze, making it a real challenge for opponents. It has a customizable firing speed that you can adjust to match your preferred firing mode. Our team players loved the opportunity to create their strategies and put this paintball gun to the test.

Trigger – Smooth & Customizable

This model boasts an adjustable trigger feature like its high-end paintball gun market counterparts. I like how the trigger is made of smooth and comfortable Aluminium. It feels great to hold in my hand. If the aluminum trigger doesn’t suit your preferences, replace it with an alternative option.


I love CZR because it offers incredible flexibility in design, allowing players like myself to take their game to the next level. The trigger is responsible for accurately controlling the shot accuracy and timing on the intended target. The smooth trigger on this product allows for effortless pressing, eliminating any strain on your hands and ensuring accurate shots on target.


DYE has made a name for itself when producing top-notch barrels. Their Ultralite and boomsticks are truly impressive in terms of quality. I’m quite impressed with its 2-piece 14-inch long barrel. The self-aligning two pc barrel is a breeze to attach and detach. The asset and control bore is disassembled flawlessly at the center. I must say, this combination of components truly delivers exceptional performance, remarkable accuracy, and an impressively quiet shot.

Hyper Regulator

I appreciate the regulator’s ability to increase air pressure precisely. It truly serves its purpose effectively. The hyperregulator in CZR is a fantastic addition that allows for easy air pressure setting adjustment. It’s small, sleek, and consistently delivers great performance.

The Hyper 3 regulator truly impresses with its ability to deliver a consistent low-pressure action of 140 PSI. This product ensures the marker gets the exact air needed for each shot. I love how quiet it is due to the low PSI. This PSI is fantastic when it comes to handling high-end paint. CZR makes the process incredibly easy and seamless. The paintball gun boasts an enhanced solenoid seamlessly integrated into the system, ensuring a reliable and consistent flow.

Key Features

After thoroughly testing this marker, I have discovered some additional intriguing features.

  • It’s super easy to maintain a marker. It’s got these cool color-coded O-rings that help you figure out where they go.
  • You’ll find a part kit, marker, slick lube, storage box, barrel sock, tools, and a 9-volt battery inside the box.
  • It’s super compact and lightweight, and it looks badass. The CZR has a fast turn UL airport ON/OFF switch. When you flick the switch, the air gets sent to the marker through its cool, streamlined design. We wish the knob were a little bigger so it’d be easier to turn on and off.
  • The sticky grips are awesome for getting a good grip on the gun. The wraparound made of dual-density material keeps your gun safe and gives you a good grip. It also protects the battery and electronics.
  • The Dye’s cam lock lever lets you lock the loader securely without needing any tools. The feed neck is tight and low, so your gear lines up right.

Dye Rize CZR Video Review by Lone Wolf

DYE CZR vs DYE DSR Video Review by LoneWolf


DYE CZR is a great option for those who are new to the sport or have some experience under their belt. If you’re in the market for a mid-level marker that offers exceptional performance without breaking the bank, the CZR is worth considering. With a price tag under $400, it provides great value for the money. This marker is a top choice in its price range, thanks to its impressive features like the fusion bolt, spool system, anti-chop eye system, firing modes, and regulator.

Frequently Asked Question’s

Is the Dye CZR an Electronic Paintball Gun?

Yes! Rize CZR is an electronic marker with a 68-caliber barrel and high-end features that work well on competition day.

How Much Does the DYE CZR Weigh?

It’s easy to hold, move, and fight because it only weighs 1.23kg.

What Firing Modes Does CZR Have?

It can fire in four ways: NXL Ramp, Semi-Auto, Burst, and Full-Auto.

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