Best Paintball Mask for Glasses 2023 – Small & Big Face

Have you tried many masks that are suitable with glasses ? I know what happens when you are looking for the best paintball mask for goggles. The dirty air comes inside the mask and fogging up your glasses, your frame and nose get squeezed when you are hit by millions of paintballs.  It is very difficult to find a mask that meets all the needs of the users, but not impossible. The best mask is one that fits on your face easily without any fog.

In this post we are sharing the top 8 paintball goggles for glasses which we found by our personnel testing and paintball pros reviews. After a great research now we are able to share a list of those paintball masks that are suitable for glass wearers. We also explain how you can put glasses underneath the mask while fully enjoying the paintball game.


Best Design

Push Unite
  • Wide scope vision
  • Quad layer thermal lens
  • Magnetic Chin strap

Best Technology

Dye I5
  • 290-degree ultra-wide vision
  • UV rays & glare protection
  • GSR Pro strap

Best Choice

Empire EVS
  • Thermal lens
  • Facial absorber foam
  • Multi-dimensional vents

Best Paintball Mask for Glasses

Best paintball mask for glasses must have anti-fog thermal lens coating, enough space for you to wear it with your glasses and provide peripheral vision without any limitation and constraint so you can see everything from the edge of the mask. These masks are very comfortable from the inside. That’s why your nose becomes safe from your glasses and hard from the outside to ensure your safety from harsh strikes. 

Moreover, the best paintball goggles with glasses should have a proper ventilation system that helps the players to take breath easily without any fog on the lens, it also not affect your hearing and communication sense during the game.

1- Dye Precision i5 Thermal Paintball Mask

Reason To Buy

  • 290-degree ultra-wide vision
  • Venting system
  • Anti-fog thermal lens
  • UV rays & glare protection
  • ASTM Certified
  • GSR Pro strap

Reason To Avoid

  • Little Bit Expensive

Among all others, it’s the best mask we’ve been looking for, with a great interior that provides comfort and protection with glasses. Protecting your glasses during the game is a big challenge which we will come over today, because dye I5 mask is the most popular among glasses wearers having many premium features.

If we talk about its features, the most important is its wide vision which provides a 290 degree clear view. Its anti-fog coating lens gives you a clear picture and visibility in any shadowy or sunny area and protects your eyes from paint and affective rays. This eliminates glare and prevents any kind of fog from coming in front of your glasses which can impair your performance.

Another important feature to protect us and our frame is the GSR Pro strap whose adjustable system helps to fit the mask according to the size of our head. 

Its ventilation feature works to move air which is good for fresh breath and facilitates communication with fellows. It is covered with high quality blades to give it a unique shape and protect it from scratches. You can also use the extra features that is E.Voke wireless air syn which is better used for live communication. 

Another feature that would hardly be found in any other mask is the POV system for the camera which is used to capture your shots and every single moment that you watch for enjoyment and improvement after the game.  

It is equipped with multi-layer foams to keep you cool from heat and sweat, which prevents fog forming on the lens and prevents vision loss, which indirectly improves your performance.

Why is it our Priority?

  • The enough interior space of dye i5 is the biggest reason to choose it
  • It is super safe and secure, with its ear padding and face foam it protects against all kinds of injuries.
  • Dye i5 is designed with quality materials, which does not add to its weight so that the player does not feel any burden.
  • It provides fog-free vision with its lens quality and ventilation system.
  • We can change the lens and foam in seconds if we feel the need to do so.

Our Opinion

There is no hindrance, hesitation or need to take expert opinion to buying this mask, With a lot of features we definitely recommend you to use this mask. Dye i5 comes with more space than others which fulfills our basic need, so that glasses can fit without pressure on our face and we feel comfort in game. This goggle is great for glasses wearers as it is good in every aspect of performance, safety, visibility and most importantly the POV system that captures the memorable moments.

2- Dye Precision i4 Thermal Paintball Mask

Reason To Buy

  • Compatible with glasses
  • Ventilation system
  • Facial friendly structure design
  • Precise blade angling
  • Lightweight

Reason To Avoid

  • No removable visor
  • No glare protection
  • Overpriced

Considering all the factors of the user’s need or necessary for a reliable game, this mask is designed with all the elements that meet the user’s demand. It is the second most popular mask for the glasses wearer with many features and is available on a reasonable budget. The first priority of this brand is to make the player comfortable in every way, for this they have designed its structure with dual stage foam which provides extra comfort. 

Vision or clarity are important factors for good performance in every sport and if we talk especially about those who already use spectacles due to weak eyesight then it should not be allowed to become their weak point. The mask is fitted with an anti-fog lens that provides clear vision without fog in front of the mask and helps to perform well in the game.

Although it has a blade and ventilation system that enhances the beauty of its design without affecting its weight and size. The purpose of the blades and vents is to make breathing easier, blow hot air out of the players’ mouths, and keep them fresh. 

As well as protecting your frame, it also covers your ears as it is the full coverage mask and choice for many experts. You can also clearly hear what is happening around you. The color coordination and shape give the buyer a reason to buy this mask.

Our Opinion

If you want to go with this brand, you should prefer I5 over I4 if you have a good budget and you want to run for a long time. It is overpriced but a solid product with more than features, I personally feel that they are not as good as people think. I could be wrong because my team and I have become accustomed to using the I5.

3- V Force Profiler Thermal Mask – Special Edition

Reason To Buy

  • Lightweight
  • Reasonable Price
  • Glasses Friendly
  • Full flex rubber grill
  • 3d lens

Reason To Avoid

  • Vent can allow paint to enter
  • Its nominal size exposes a portion of your jaw to paintball shots

It counts on the list of masks that offer all the premium features at the lowest prices that are found in the expensive masks. Many people say so but why? Let’s take a look at its features.

Most loveable thing is its 3d lens that prevents ultraviolet rays and gives the best and clear vision in every field of view. We cannot ignore the importance of lenses as they are used not only for sight but also to prevent fog as well as protect our eyes, so we can say that their use is dual, once for better protection and secondly to increase efficiency.


You can buy this mask for less than 100$ budget with maximum features like it has dual panel thermal lens which removes all kinds of visible imperfections and gives the players a distortion free environment. The material of these lenses is invincible and can fight any scratches that occur during the game.

This mask provides another amazing opportunity to bounce back the paintball shots with the full flex rubber grill attached to in front of it. At the back, there is a strong silicone strap that holds the mask tightly around our head. This element helps every pro and beginner player to focus on the game without any hassle.

Our Opinion

It offers a lot of features, especially the good visibility level we are actually looking for, the budget is normal which everyone can easily afford. But it is better for entry or intermediate level players, they can improve their abilities by using its full flex grille features to bounce back paintball shots.

4- Empire EVS Full Head and Face Coverage Thermal Goggles

Reason To Buy

  • Compatible with glasses users
  • Facial absorber foam
  • Thermal lens
  • Multi-dimensional vents
  • Clear hearing and communication

Reason To Avoid

  • 2 pounds Weight
  • Provides less horizontal field vision

The things or elements you should not compromise on when looking for a suitable mask for glasses are spectacles/lens that you can easily replace or clean, visibility that gives you a wide range of vision, Ventilating System for easy breathing, and double layer forms. 

EVS provides all the essentials for the convenience of its users in terms of safety, product material or performance. 

For convenience, it takes less than 30 seconds to replace or clean the lens for extra coverage, vision and protection. With this lens you can feel safe from paintball shots and rays.

Most people have a great experience with this product, its dual paned spherical lenses give a clear picture from every angle. This is one of the most beneficial and important factors for 100% game performance for any spectacle wearer. 

The front is designed with a variety of holes that help to expel hot air from the mouth and help it breathe more easily. It also allows cool air to enter to keep a man fresh. Along with the vent, it has a facial absorbing foam that absorbs sweat in a timely manner and provides a cool environment for playing perfect shots.

Our Opinion

Here we get all the features without any compromise, if your budget is good and you can afford then you should buy it. This goggle is tested by many pro players and they have shared positive thoughts about it. Its spherical lens assures you to invest in it once and get lasting comfort.

The mask is remarkable in terms of optical clarity with goggles, the size is good, no fitting problems at all, other things that make it glasses friendly are its anti-fog thermal lens, adequate venting, facial foam and above all lightweight.

5 – JT Spectra Proflex LE Thermal Goggle

Reason To Buy

  • Well ventilated and breathable
  • 260 degree peripheral vision
  • Vortex II fan
  • Extremely customizable
  • UV ray blocking lens

Reason To Avoid

  • Vortex fan could be noisy
  • Vortex fan needs to buy separately

This mask stands out from others with some special features that attract the users to use it. In this mask, they offer a vortex fan with a two-way switch, which helps in getting fresh air and expelling warm air. 

This is a very lightweight, waterproof fan that can run up to 30 hours with a single battery. This is a beneficial and recommended factor, but you need to pay extra to take advantage of it, this means that it is not the main part, although it can not affect the overall weight, you can also remove it. 

JT Spectra Flex 8 Paintball Mask

This is the new version with many features including flexible jaw pieces and unique visors that you can also remove according to your need. I personally don’t like visors, so I take them off while playing. 

This mask fits your face more, covers the upper part of your chin / neck, the mandible is also flexible, has better foam, and is more comfortable then previous model. 
There are many vertical holes that help in breathing and its thermal lens provides a fog-free play with a wide 260o view and protects our eyes from UV rays.


Which thing will make me comfortable me in JT Spectra is its super soft foam that presses on glasses but it won’t be hard 

Players need good ventilation and breathability while playing which this mask takes into consideration, and with the JT Vortex 2 Goggle Fan, it facilitates fog-free vision and keeps players cool, as well it also absorbs sweat which is helpful so that we don’t feel any hesitation due to foggy glasses.

Our Opinion

The fan is useful but it also increases the purchase price and is also a little noisy. But it can’t affect anything else in terms of weight and performance. You can use this mask without it, you can buy it and use it according to the needs of the season. On the other hand, it also provides a very soft foam that is very comfortable and helps absorb sweat, which is no less than a blessing for glasses wearers. People have a good overall experience with this mask and they like to use this brand, it is the new version and much better than the old one.

6 – Push Unite Quad PANE Lens Mask

Reason To Buy

  • Wide scope vision
  • Exceptional ventilation
  • Glasses friendly
  • Quad layer thermal lens
  • Anti-fog
  • Magnetic Chin strap

Reason To Avoid

  • More expensive

Let’s take a look at the features that make this mask suitable for those who want to use it with a glass frame without compromising on performance. With so many features, it gives a lot of reasons to convince its users to go for this mask.  

One of the best reasons is the high protection that it provides a premium protective case to cover the weak parts of the head and face as a whole. It is made of quality plastic material which keeps it light in weight and protects against all kinds of damage and attack shots.

It’s all in one product, you can find all the innovative features found in the market as a whole, this is the main reason for its popularity among professionals. Let’s get to the point, and share our experience with the lens that clarifies distortion-free vision, prevents fog and protects eyes from rays. 

Breathability level is strong due to its 16 loud strategic vents used to cross air and voice freely. It has an amazing option to adjust the interior space according to the size of the face without inserting any layer foam. This mask has a built-in feature that can give a hassle-free game by grabbing the glasses tightly.

Our Opinion

The features of this mask that are close to my heart include an adjustable interior space that also fits with a small head, ear pads, thermal lens and 16 loud strategic vents. Its ventilation system improves breathing by expelling hot air from the mouth and keeping the lenses free from fog. If you can easily afford this mask then no one in the paintball field can easily compete with you.

7- VIO Thermal – Prescription Paintball Mask

Reason To Buy

  • Stylish Look
  • Fog Resistant
  • Protected from every angle
  • Wide Angle View
  • Lens can easily replaceable
  • More Secure

Reason To Avoid

  • It comes without Visor

This is another invincible product with all these features that we are looking for for those who wear glasses. In addition to features, it has the power to capture the attention of buyers with its versatile shape and style.

If you are struggling to find a remarkable product that does not bother you with fog, clear vision and other distortions while playing with glasses on your face, then this product will finish your search. Yes, you can go for it without any hassle, as it is especially recommended for those who wear glasses as its features fit in every aspect.

With the quality of its thermal lenses, there is no possibility of fogging in any case and we have experience and can say with certainty. You can also replace the lens within a short 5 to 10 seconds, even if it is locked with a hinge. 

This mask will make you feel safer as it is a full coverage mask and there is no chance of any shot touching your face. It is known for providing high security and comfort zones to its customers. With this strap you can cover your face from all sides like ears, back and other weak parts which must be covered. 

If we talk about the level of breathing, there is no obstacle because of the vents which provide the opportunity to speak and breathe well.

Our Opinion

In our opinion, this is not only a stylish mask, but also safe and glass-friendly, which helps to prevent fog from the glasses so that the vision is clear. Youngsters who like to look unique and attractive compared to other players should be the best choice as it is safe and helpful in improving their performance. It gives them confidence too.

8- Valken Dual Pane Thermal Lens

Reason To Buy

  • Modest price
  • Anti Fog coating lens
  • ASTM and CE certified
  • Best to use with glasses
  • Double panned lens

Reason To Avoid

  • A little bit tight at beginning
  • Not suitable for big heads

Its features will tell you why we put this mask on the list of the best paintball masks for glasses. In a very short time, Valken Paintball MI-7 Goggle gained popularity among pro players with its premium features. This is a durable, safe, and comfortable mask with a large size, unique color harmony, material and coating lens. 

This is a complete package as it provides extremely wide vision (260 degrees horizontal and 160 vertical) which is good for every player to keep an eye on every angle of the field. Scratch resistance coating lenses prevent blurred vision even in such a large view. 

The strap of this mask is very tight which may make you uncomfortable in the beginning as it happened to me, but there is an option to loosen it if you get hurt in the ears. The part that sits on your nose is a little tight at first and I felt like my nose had never closed so lightly. If your head is big, you can skip it, recommended for teens. 

What this brand did for a clear and distorted vision, they used a dual pane thermal lens to give zero fog and protect the eyes from any danger. This is the most important factor to protect everyone, whether they use a glass frame during the game or not.

Our Opinion

In our opinion, small heads and teenagers can use this product, because it has many features for them at a modest price that can be easily tolerated. You can use this mask for a long time or in any weather, it does not bother you regarding fog, vision or other related problems. This is a dual pane thermal coating lens that gives you a wide viewing angle and comfort in every aspect.

List of Best Paintball Mask for Glasses Comparison Table

Image Product Details   Price
Dye I5 Dye i5 Precision Brand: Dye
Color: Storm 2.0
Lens Coating Description: Anti-Fog Coating

Check Price
Dye i4 Precision Dye i4 Brand Dye
Color Dirty Bird
Style Flexible
Frame Material Rubber
Check Price
V-FORCE Profiler Thermal Mask V Force Profiler  Color: Skyline
Brand: V-Force
Sport Type: Paintball
Check Price
Empire EVS Empire EVS  Size One Size
Check Price
JT Spectra Flex LE JT Spectra Proflex LE Brand: ‎JT
Package Dimensions: ‎23.3 x 20.5 x 19.5 cm;
616 Gram
Check Price
Push Unite Push Unite Brand: Push Paintball
Style: Adjustable
Frame Material: Silicone
Check Price
Virtue VIO Paintball Mask Virtue VIO Thermal Item Package Dimensions L x W x H
‎8.58 x 8.5 x 7.52 inches
Package Weight 0.57 Kilograms
Brand Name Virtue Paintball
Check Price
Valken-Paintball-MI-7-Mask-1 Valken Brand Valken
Frame Material Plastic
Lens Material Polycarbonate
Lens Coating Description Anti-Fog Coating
Check Price

How to Choose a Paintball Mask for Glasses – A Complete Buyer’s Guide

This section will help you find the right mask from our list of eight. We’ve reviewed the best masks, but it’s important to know what factors we shouldn’t compromise on and what we can do. In order to choose the right mask that is suitable for us with glasses, we should consider the following recommended factors. These are factors that you can’t evaluate without using them, so we’ve selected masks from our experience to see which mask is better for you.


You cannot judge by the appearance of an object whether it is comfortable or not unless you use it, but this factor is so important that its importance cannot be overlooked. As we all know that paintball is not a short-time sport, we have to play it for hours wearing a mask, so it should be lightweight with all the features that protect us and give us comfort. Light-weight, Size, Material, Ventz, Lens, Straps, Elasticity, Full Coverage, Wide Angle View are some of the important factors that should be in a comfortable mask.  

Fog Prevention:

The biggest challenge is finding a mask that prevents fog and in any case and presents a clear view, it directly affects the performance of the game and is necessary to protect your eyes. We specifically recommend Dye I5 and Push Unite to keep an eye on this factor, and if you have a budget problem you can go with VIO Thermal. These masks will never bother you throughout the game and you will not need to clean the lens again and again.

Get Oversized Masks:

Size is important when you use it with glasses, tight size will hurt your nose and ears after a while, if you are a teenager then the recommended mask is Valken. Otherwise you can choose from the rest of the list which gives you the opportunity to adjust the size according to your head. Double layer foam is an important element that will fill your extra space and help tighten the mask so that it does not move.

High-Quality Facial Foam:

Facial foam is an important element that helps you in many stages like it gives you comfort and keeps you cool by absorbing sweat, another thing is that it protects your glass frame. It improves your performance by filling the gap with masks and scalp.

Choosing the Best Paintball Mask for Glasses

You need to be very smart and careful when choosing a paintball mask to use with glasses. I have mentioned some important features that you must check in a mask before making any purchase.

  • Be sure to check the furrow in the foam of covers that hold the legs of the glasses.
  • A major problem for glasses wearers is that due to the small size of the mask, the glasses are pressed too close to your eyes.
  • The only solution to the above problem is to use a large mask that has adequate space for glasses, as some masks are designed with a large space that allows glasses wearers to use them without distortion (Dye i5, Empire EVS, JT masks).
  • You can feel the comfort in them, I wore the Dye i5 with glasses and I didn’t feel that the glasses were pressing on my nose. (My head size is normal)
  • Always try to use dual pane anti-fog thermal lenses as it is the only way to prevent fog in every situation and glasses wearers need them more than others. 
  • To get cool temperatures and clear vision, your mask should allow you to breathe well with adequate ventilation and proper airflow.
  • Another important item is face foam as this will provide separation between the lens and the glasses, it is also good for protecting you from the effects of paint.

Pro Tips When Playing With Glasses

Now we are going to share some pro tips from our experience which will help you to play an effective game with glasses. 

Use Anti-Fog Spray:

If you do not want to compromise your game at any cost and you have a big tournament, you should use anti-fog spray for your lenses which is highly recommended and expert advice. Although we have chosen masks that already use anti-fog lenses, you can buy this spray for backup so that you can make your game more secure. It is recommended for pro players who are more conscious about their game and have a good budget, beginners can play without it if they are using the anti fog masks we have listed. 

Use Glasses Strap:

You have to overcome the elements that can cause you to lose the game, so you have to get rid of it before you start. Straps hold your glasses and help you focus on your shots instead of anything else that can upset you. With straps, your glasses will never slip as this can be a bad sign. It will secure you as well as your game.

Use a Fan To Clear the Fog:

JT Spectra Proflex offers a built-in fan with it, you can buy it to clear the fog in time. You can choose between an anti-fog spray or a fan, the fan can help keep you cool in hot weather. This will improve your breathing ability which is a big factor in a paintball game.

Use a Headband:

The most annoying thing is sweating that bothers you throughout the game and distracts you. You should use headbands to absorb all your sweat and keep you refreshed. This is also not mandatory as some masks provide built-in foam to absorb sweat. But if you consider yourself a pro or want to be a pro, you must use all the important factors to improve the game.


Can You Wear a Paintball Mask/Goggles With Glasses?

Yes, you can use glasses with specific paintball masks, as they are designed keeping in mind all the factors like fogging, pressing the glass frame. Dye i5, Push Unite, Dye i4, Empire EVS are unique masks that cater to the needs of glasses wearers.

How Do You Wear a Mask with Glasses?

Follow the steps for wearing a mask with without any distortion

  • Firstly choose a loose fit mask (Empire EVS and JT masks)
  • Use glasses strap
  • And cut sections in the foam about the length of the glass arms for a secure and tight fit.

To Remove fog

  • Use dual-pane anti-fog thermal lens 
  • Use goggle fan

Can You Wear Glasses Under Airsoft Masks?

Dye precision i4 and Dye i5 are the most popular airsoft paintball masks recommended for use with glasses, personally tested and found perfect for all aspects that eyeglass wearers face during the game such as fog issues, UV rays, and their foam doesn’t press glasses to our faces. 

Does Shaving Creams Stop Fogging Over Glasses?

Yes, as the soap is used in the shaving creams that forms a protective layer over the glass that prevents it from fogging for a long time. After applying shaving cream, it is better to wipe off the cream with tissue paper rather than wetting the glasses.

What is the Top Paintball Mask to Wear with Glasses?

Adequate interior space, anti-fog lens, proper breathing system are some of the features, if these are found in the mask, it can be used with glasses. These masks (Dye i5, Dye precision i4, Empire EVS/E-flex, JT series, Push unite, and Bunkerkings CMD) effectively meet our needs and provide excellent results throughout the game in every environment.


We are now aware of all the important aspects that must be present in the mask to be used with glasses. Now it’s time to choose one of these masks and share our recommendations keeping in mind all the factors related to your budget, head size etc. Our team has tested all of these masks that are of different ages and some are spectacles addicted, so we recommend you based on their findings. 

All these masks have their own importance and significance which we cannot ignore. All of these are good for anti-fog factor and suitable for glasses wearers, but some of them have some extra features, so they cost more which not everyone can afford. 

The most reasonably priced masks are Empire EVS and V Force Profiler with all the factors involved. If you want to go with something high, you have to go with the dye brand which is the most popular among the experts. 

For beginners or small-headed people, from our experience we recommend Valken masks for them, using this product they can easily play a game like a pro.

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