Shocker SP Amp – Electric Marker with Ergonomics

In this article, We’ll analyze the Shocker SP Amp based on personal experience.

A Pennsylvania company known as Small Parts was responsible for manufacturing the Shocker Paintball markers. Kee Action Sports now owns the company and its intellectual property after 2020. 

The brand is famous because they were the first to introduce high-end markers in the paintball industry, which is why people love them. Many models have been launched, and each is significantly better than the previous one. The brand introduced its first marker in 1995, then released additional markers in 2003, 2006, and beyond.

In 2020, the company debuted a highly anticipated release – the Shocker SP Amp Paintball Marker. This new and improved model showcases a range of enhancements and a complete redesign, promising an enhanced paintball experience for enthusiasts. The Advanced Modular Platform is a highly efficient system operating at low pressure. 

The shocker paintball guns are known for their premium quality and advanced features, reflected in their higher price point. With a starting price of over $600 for a basic model, these guns cater to serious paintball enthusiasts who prioritize performance and durability. While the cost may be steep for some, the investment is justified by the exceptional craftsmanship and cutting-edge technology that the shocker paintball guns offer.  

Now, let us go into our comprehensive review of the Shocker SP Amp, where we will examine the notable enhancements introduced to this model in 2020, all aimed at enhancing your paintball experience and ensuring maximum enjoyment.

Twist Bolt Lock

Most marks on the market have an in-line bolt method that is opened by pressing a pin. In the other models, Allen keys or more are used to get to the bolt and valve system. In these situations, fixing and cleaning the broken paint is usually complicated.

Shocker SP is not like that at all! The Twist-lock Bolt was made when the bolt system on this type was changed. With a quick turn, you could release the shocker’s pressure and open the fire and bolt barrel. You can quickly slide it out to repair or oil the parts. With a quick move, you can get to both the valve and the pin without using any tools.

Paint Handling & Efficiency 

The efficiency of the Shocker AMP exceeds that of the previous version, the RSX model, by a notable 20%. The gun operates at a pressure of 110 psi, indicating that it can accommodate at least three additional paintball rounds before consuming its air supply. 

The operating pressure of the previous RSX model was 160 psi, which was insufficient for safely handling delicate or low-quality paintballs. However, the Shocker AMP marker fails to adapt to this scenario. The bolt exhibits a high level of gentleness towards the paintballs, effectively preventing them from breaking within the breech. Additionally, it enables users to hit the intended target effectively.

The experience of using this product is truly transformative, as it offers a remarkable improvement in efficiency. Whether you opt for the electronic mode, which boasts impressive Anti-chop technology, or the mechanical mode, the performance is consistently exceptional. 

Shot Quality

The experience was beyond any delightful expectation, unfolding with quiet tranquility and effortless grace.  The overall impression of my encounter with some shockers left much to be desired, particularly regarding the poor shot quality. Upon exploring this model, I couldn’t help but observe an apparent difference in the caliber of shots it produced. 

Tool-less Solenoid Removal

This model design allows for efficient maintenance by enabling easy removal or unlocking of the Solenoid valve without additional tools such as wrenches or Allen keys. The new feature provides users with improved accessibility and faster navigation compared to previous versions.

The AMP shockers are available in two distinct versions: mechanical and electronic.  In both versions, the bolt and other design elements remain consistent. The frame is the pivotal element that seamlessly transitions your firearm from a mechanical marvel to an electronic powerhouse, all in mere seconds. 

In addition to being easy to get to without tools, the frame can be taken off quickly compared to other types. I didn’t have much trouble figuring out how to use the gun. It is a way to save time that works perfectly. 

Highlighted Features

  • Quick sliding feature with Twist & Turn Bolt
  • Operating pressure: 110 psi
  • Electronic, mechanical, and VisionTm anti-chop modes 
  • Higher efficiency compared to previous models

Ergonomics Updates

The model showcases an exquisite display of new curves and carefully crafted milling over its body. The meticulous attention to detail in the milling process truly elevates the firearm’s aesthetic appeal and tactile experience. This paintball gun offers users a secure and confident handling experience with its front rubber grip. The experience of holding this gadget in your hands grants you complete control, allowing you to navigate its features with ease and precision. 

This marker felt very light in my hands, which made it easy for me to move around the game zone. It’s very light, so it didn’t hurt my hand even when I held it for hours while playing a game. It doesn’t stop in any weather because it is water-resistant and can easily handle moisture or water drops.

Compact QEV Module

The final feature is the gun’s sleek and compact QEV module, significantly enhancing cycle consistency. The experience of using this product was marked by its impressive speed and unwavering precision, which greatly enhanced my gameplay.


  • The product boasts an enhanced grip and a thoughtfully designed ergonomic structure, ensuring a superior user experience. 
  • The design of this product offers convenient and efficient tool-less access to the bolt, valve, and solenoid components. This feature dramatically enhances the user experience by eliminating the need for additional tools, allowing for quick and hassle-free maintenance and adjustments.
  • The ultra-lightweight, slim, and air-efficient model is a remarkable technology. Its sleek design and feather-light construction make it a joy to use and carry around.


  • The price tag of this marker may be too high.
  • This marker is perfectly suitable for professional players.

Shocker SP AMP vs. Planet Eclipse 170 R

The Planet Eclipse 170R and Shocker AMP are direct competitors in the market. Both guns have the same price range, with the Shocker AMP slightly over $100. Let’s compare both and find similarities and dissimilarities between them.

One compelling reason to invest an additional $100 in the shocker AMP is its notable increase in efficiency. The gun operates at an efficient air pressure of 110 psi, accommodating an extra three paintballs. 

Regarding the barrel, the 14-inch two-piece barrel of the Shocker Amp gives it the edge.  This barrel is unique because it can be used with the Freak XL Insert. So, it allows the user to change the bore’s size to suit their needs.

Both guns feature an adjustable feed neck equipped with a convenient thumb wheel. The PE 170R features a large wheel size, giving users a better grip for tightening the hopper and adding convenience.

Another notable feature of the 170R is its convenient tool-less access to the front grip and battery component. You can replace the battery in just 15 seconds. Additionally, the eye covers can be easily removed without needing any tools.  In the case of the Shocker Amp, it is necessary to use Allen wrenches to open the eye cover and clean any paint that has been chopped. The AMP’s battery is in the back grip rather than the front side. 


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