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Paintball is a safe game if you play it following proper rules. The main purpose of this game is to provide you with a fun environment so that you can enjoy it properly, But overconfidence can also lead you to serious damage. Some Basic players after a few matches consider themselves pro and try to compete with the expert, but unfortunately they lose the match badly because they do not have the experience like a pro.

Paintball has some essential safety gear that you wear to enter the field so that you can protect sensitive parts of your body from injury. These include a durable mask for face and scalp protection, knee pads, shoes for the feet, and a vest for the chest if you have slight experience in the field ; otherwise recommended clothes must be included if you are a startup player.

Basic Rules to Play Paintball

In this guide, we will teach you how to play paintball with some basic safety rules so that you can go into the paintball game with full readiness and play it with confidence.

Create Boundaries for Paintball: Circle the field before starting the mock battle. Take a good look at the opponents’ bases and then set your defenses accordingly. If the number of players is less, set appropriate boundaries so that you do not spend too much time looking for enemies.

Arrange your bases in such a way as to encircle the opponents so that their chances of survival are less.

Create Boundaries for Paintball

Dead Zone: Mark the area of dead zones immediately after setting boundaries. Then everyone should be informed about it so that no one accidentally fires a bullet near it. This is the finishing point where all the players get together after the match and express their absolute opinion of the game.

If fog or paint spreads on your lens during the match, you can clean it in the dead zone, which is mostly marked out of the field.

Make Rules for Hits: Everywhere in paintball there are different rules of hit. The main purpose of hitting is to keep the player out of the game. If a player is hit by a paintball, it leaves a solid mark on the body and equipment indicating that the player is out of the match.

So before starting the game, make it clear which ones hit to keep in mind and which ones do not, so that there is no confusion.

Purpose of Paintball Game: Set your goal, what points to achieve, then adopt the strategy accordingly. If you are on a mission and you are not aware of its purpose then you can never succeed in it because the purpose gives the direction. The same case is in paintball in which you have to hold the flag or the center flag.

Remember that the duration of the game should not be too long which will cause boredom in the game.

Victory: Continue firing on oppositions to win the paintball game until their last player is out of the match.  Remember you have to protect yourself from the paintball hit otherwise you too can be excluded from the game.

The team survives to the end, the victory goes to them.

Paintball Safety Rules

Rule 1: All players must wear a recommended costume if they have otherwise used a full-sleeve shirt and long pants whose length comes to the feet. If you are a beginner, get on the field with your body fully covered.

Rule 2: Wear a mask that covers your entire face and head. If you wear glasses, choose a paintball mask designed specifically for athletes who wear glasses. Without it you will not be entered.

Rule 3: Do not hit the opponent if he comes too close during the match as the 280 per second speed capsule coming out of your gun can cause serious injury to the opponent. If you are within 10 to 15 feet of your opponent, surrender so that he/she does not hit you.

Rule 4: If a player is carrying a gun on their head, do not shoot at him/her as he/she is out of the game.

Rule 5: If someone is injured during the match, whether it is one of you or a player of the opposing team, call to stop the match immediately so that the injured player can be provided the necessary first aid box.

Rule 6: Don’t target the referee otherwise you’ll be disqualified.

Rule 7: Use dual-pane thermal coated lenses to protect your eyes if opponents shoot directly in a very short range.

Paintball Universal Rules

  • Avoid firing anywhere other than your target
  • Exclude your paintball markers in the shooting area
  • Do not consume drugs and alcohol before starting the game
  • Get out of the field as soon as possible after surrendering
  • Do not take off your mask after surrendering until you reach the dead zone
  • Don’t make gameplay videos with your hand, buy a special mask that allows you to adjust the webcam on your forehead to capture the whole field video
  • Do not bring unnecessary weapons except paintball equipment.

What You’ll Need for the Game

Here are some of the essential equipment you need to play paintball that will help you protect yourself as well as face your opponents. These equipment are listed below, we learn about them briefly. 

Paintballs: Paintballs are like capsules with a gelatin shell containing biodegradable, water-soluble, non-toxic paint. You can buy paintballs from the paintball arenas where you decide to play, they are readily available at an affordable price range. If you decide to play this game in another outdoor area or in your home, you can buy it from any game store.

Paintball Gun: The most important equipment for playing paintball is the paintball gun which is easily available in the market at different prices according to the functionalities. Using compressed air, it shoots marble-sized paintballs at high speeds. In addition, the shot also guides the paintball and expels excess air when the ball is fired.

Paintball Hopper: The hopper is where you place the paintballs when you need to load them, it feeds the paintballs into your gun so they are ready to fire. There are two types of hoppers, Gravity-fed hoppers and Electric hoppers.

Gravity-fed hoppers

They use gravity to feed paintballs into the gun. They feed slowly, so the rate of fire is reduced. Slow speeds can also affect the paintballs and cause them to break.

Electric hoppers

They are faster than the above type because they use a motor and batteries to power the paint in the gun, thus providing faster shots and solving paintball lag problems.

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Air Tanks: The function of an air tank is to provide air to move the paintball, Carbon Dioxide (Co2) and High Pressure air tanks are the most popular types of tanks that come in different sizes, shapes and weights.

Tips – If You Are Playing Paintball for First Time

Playing Paintball for First Time

Here we are sharing some useful tips that will be beneficial for those who have decided to start playing paintball for the first time, or for some intermediate level players. These tips are important to pay attention to, they will cover everything important to become a pro.

Choose the Location Wisely

Choosing the location well is really important as it will help you play longer, as you will be able to fire at your opponents out of sight, and be safe from their aim.

Listen, Look, and Talk

Before taking any steps in the game you need to communicate and stay in touch with your fellows, as they can keep track of you and back you up. You need to be very focused and keep an eye on everything that is happening around you in order to accurately predict the enemy’s moves. In order to speak and listen well, you need to use a mask that does not damage these abilities.  

Use Cover

Always use a cover to protect yourself especially if you are playing for the first time, it will help protect you from your opponent’s shots and boost your confidence. This protection cover will be useful to last longer, and increase your chances of winning the game.

Think to Move Ahead

Always be alert and aware of your opponents moves and what they are trying to plan, the best way to thwart their plans is to think two steps ahead of them and strike them from above. 

Covering Fire

As mentioned above you need to keep in touch with your teammates so they can back you up, and you need to back them up too when they are taking action or changing their position. This is necessary so that all team members can enjoy success in the end. 

If You’re Shot – Leave

If you get shot, you need to leave for a while to clear yourself, this is a pro practice. 

Learn to Aim

It takes practice to aim your enemy accurately, so that your gun doesn’t miss a beat. It is necessary to learn to aim well to to compete with your opponents, the better the target, the more chances of winning. 

Move quickly

Another way to protect yourself from an opponent’s attack is to move quickly, this will help protect you from shots, slow movement can put you at risk and give them an easy win. 

Creep Around

A good strategy to stay out of enemy sight and counter well is to creep around the field. You need more protective equipment to save yourself from scratches.

Don’t Waste the Paint

Here you will understand the importance of accurate aim, otherwise the paint can be lost quickly. The consequences of which you may have to bear even in the form of loss because reloading consumes time.

If You’re Out of Pellets

In this scenario you should use cover to protect yourself if you run out of pellets. You can reload paint by sitting behind the cover and can fire from the bullets of your comrades.

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