Why We Need to Replace a Paintball Mask Lens 2023

Each paintball mask lens has a specific time in which they perform at their best in a match. They act like an empire in their initial journey, but with each rise comes decline. There is a time when lenses get old and their performance is not the same as before, so we should replace them with new or upgraded lenses to clear the field of vision.

Most preferably it should be changed from time to time. If one lens is your favorite of them all and you never want to lose it, then buy a pair of them to accommodate each other after a while, because lens damage occurs when you use the same lens repeatedly. Stay tuned to the end, when we should replace the new lens with our existing one.

Signs When We Should Replace our Mask Lens

There are some possibilities that we feel in our lens and then decide that it should be changed now. Try to check your paintball mask before joining the game so that you do not feel embarrassed in front of others. There are some signs which we discussed deeply.

Eye Fatigue:

If your eyes get tired of constantly looking through your glasses to the field, it means that there is something wrong with your Goggles. To overcome this problem, you need to change your lens. But before changing, make sure that it is due to old lenses, because if you wear spectacles prescribed by a doctor due to poor eyesight, it can also cause fatigue.

Moreover, there is also the possibility that you have been continuously watching movies or sessions from the last few nights due to which your eyes are getting fatigued, and when the very next day you decide to play paintball, So there you may encounter this problem. Therefore, it is important to investigate the issue first.

Crack and Abrasion:

If you have naughty children in your home who scratch your glass with a sharp object, you will have to replace it, otherwise it will not give you a visual explanation. Or if your lens gets stuck several times due to a plastic fire, it may break, so you will have to replace it with a new lens.

To keep your spectless safe you have to do maximum care about it.

Crack and Abrasion.png


If there is a mark on the lens, whether it is mud or a deep scratch, your attention will repeatedly fall on the one which will disturb the vision. Excessive staring at something causes eye pain. 


Lens Fog up:

Fog on the lens is a common problem and every paintball esthetic has an idea. To solve this, dual-pane thermal coated lenses come with masks but they are not 100% successful but prevent it from coming for a long time. But you know how much time you have to spend in the field, if that is enough to stop the fog then you have to change the lens.

Lens Fog up.png

Existing Lens:

Everything has an expiration date and even a good lens can survive for a while. It would be wrong to say that I bought a lens and now I do not need to replace it for years. You can also get explicit visibility as long as you keep changing them from time to time. So change it every one and half years for better performance.

Existing Lens.jpg

You Took a Shot Up to Close:

The material used to make the lenses should be of durable quality. Most paintball brands use polycarbonate materials that can easily withstand a close range of pellets without any damage. If your glasses are not sustainable, they can break easily and as a result you can lose your eyesight by being hit directly by paintball, which is very risky. So, make sure that the lens you are going to buy, along with a mask, can easily compete with BB pellets or other regular gun fires in a very close range.

Having Trouble Cleaning Your Lens

If your lens is not giving clear visibility even after repeated cleaning, then admit that it is no longer able to move. It would be foolish to continue using it even after knowing that it will no longer work. So change it immediately without wasting time, otherwise they will not be able to stop the fog in the match.

How to Replace Paintball Mask Lens

Sometimes we find it very difficult to do certain things because we have not gone through its stages but the same thing seems easier to us later because we have practiced it. The same is true of case studies with paintball mask lenses.

After reading this you will have no problem changing the lens if you follow some of the guidelines we are going to explain.

For Paintball Goggles (Eyes-Only)

  • First, make sure the mask is flexible enough to pull the lens out
  • Then pick up the new lens and pull the mask out just like you did when removing the lens.
  • Adjust the marks of your lens in the frame of the mask
  • Now keep the lens sliding until the lens fits into every mark on the frame

This process should continue until the lens is fully fitted. Be careful not to press them too hard or they may break.

Full Face Mask

Whenever you buy a mask, there is a booklet that describes the model. You can also change the lens by following it as the process of each mask may be different. Let me tell you more about how to change the lens of a full face mask. It basically depends on the ducts that hold the backstrap and lens in place.

  • First of all, You need to push down backstrap to loosen the grooves
  • This will make the lens come out easily
  • Then replace the new lens with an existing one, with the recommended mask designed for the same model.
  • Now you have to pull the back straps to fit the lens in its exact place
  • You finally did it

How to Replace the Lenses on V-Force Paintball Mask

As we know V Force is a very popular or top rated mask nowadays. It gives maximum protection to our faces in various paintball battles. Its method is slightly different from other masks. So let’s learn how to change its lens manually.

  • The first thing you need to do is pull out the clips so that you can actually see to the right through the lens, then move your finger inwards and pop from the left and get to the right.
  • Then the second thing you have to do on both sides is to put handcuffs here to get them out, this has to be done in a special way otherwise it will not work, you have to turn your ear back and keep it outside.
  • Next, there are two tabs that you have to push inwards. Pushing in will bring out one side and then you will be able to easily remove the rest of the lens.
  • Take the new lens and put it in pretty much the same way it came out put in one side.
  • Then retrieve the tabs, just place them in their proper place, bring it under the lens, slide it in place with a lock and it won’t go anywhere. Similar steps need to be taken with the other side.
  • Then get the buckles and put them back in their proper place.

This is how you install the V-Force profiler lens.

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