Planet Eclipse CS2 Full Review 2023 | CS2 vs. 170r

I had an opportunity to crack the spanking new Planet Eclipse CS2 marker in 2021, and I must admit, I was really stunned by it! Even nowadays, I still retain it as one of my best adoptions. This paintball marker has many fantastic specialties that make it the best choice for players of all levels, whether you’re a learner or an expert. In this article, we’ll discover why the Eclipse CS2 is such an exceptional piece of apparatus. So, if you’re excited to advance your game, stay tuned!

Engine – Easy to Maintain

The biggest upgrade in Planet CS2 is its new engine. CS1 had an IV core, but CS2 had the promoted Gamma Pro Core. The interior parts are minimal, and the engine takes apart into three components. In my view, it’s one of the modest designs in the marketplace, very stress-free to sustain.

Sustaining it is a breeze. It only acquired me 2 minutes. Just take out the engine, remove the container from the regulator, and drive the bolt out of the container. Sponge the surfaces, grease the O-rings, and set everything back organized. That’s it! Surely guileless!

Visual Impression

Robust, tangible, and without tools– planet CS2 is equipped with an outstanding fit and polish, the same as the Planet Eclipse guns should be. The rear of this paintball marker is dense but the anterior tube is thin due to which it has a bole-like appearance.


Perfect artistry Planet eclipse has delivered in this paintball model, just look at the fitting structure, eye shields, build, and feed neck.

The CS2 looks boundless, and I believe the front handle was a bit dense but relaxed to hold. There’s also a fine spot for your thumb behind the eye shield. I noticed that the handle is a bit skewed, unlike the straight grips on earlier models like the CS1 or Geo3.5. But, to be fair, it’s just a stuff of individual liking.

One of the best stuff about CS2 is the adaptable trigger. I really like this, which you can also discover in the fresh Dye DM and M series. It lets you modify how the trigger senses by moving it backward or outward to fit your favorites. The blade trigger sensed a bit odd to me at first, but I was able to regulate it to my taste cheers to the reprobate adjustment.


CS2 vs CS1:
  • Better-quality blade trigger
  • Trigger modification – The trigger could be removed without taking apart the marker
  • Grip leaner
  • Little feed Neck
  • lightweight as compared to CS1
  • simple upkeep than CS1
  • New bluetooth tech

I didn’t realize any problems with the tools or design in the new CS2 model compared to its earlier version, the CS1. The hold material on the CS1 was rough but still delivered a good grip. It appeared to keep a long time. However, when I tried the CS2, I saw that the grip is slighter and has a superior shape compared to the CS1. Even though I personally felt the grip was slightly larger than what I favored. Overall, it’s relaxed to control, very calm, and sustaining to use.

 Furthermore, the eye shields with no tools on the CS2 are stylish, and they maintain the same maintenance system as the CS1.

In the end, I felt the CS2 to be perfectly suited to my arms. PE has prepared a fantastic model by keeping the design modernized, spotless, and composed. The blade trigger is approachable, modifiable, and easy to start. I’m looking forward to seeing PE announce more adjustable choices in the future.

Electronics – Eye Covers, Screen Settings, USB Port

No doubt, CS2 belongs to one of the best paintball markers in the market! It has all the electrics within the hold casing as well as the eyes. After holding this gun in my hands and seeing the eye covers, I thought about its attainment. My concern was due to dissatisfaction with the BT line and ETHA 2 in which eyes were fragile, flexible, and hard to clean.

But thankfully! CS2 does not disappoint me. This paintball version is equipped with eyes outside which are stress-free to clean. Moreover, CS2 possesses reflected light piping that recoils the light on gun’s both sides. This feature really helps you in cleaning the broken paintball clearly. I endorse CS2 to every paintball performer who faces the issue of breaking the eye case rapidly.  

Fascination does not end here! The CS2 is cool to understand and perform. The display screen is not complex and players can easily fix up their guns. The high-performance markers of planet Eclipse are also equipped with a similar screen. However, it is relaxed to use because of its winded window within the grips.

The PE comprised the shot scale feature that assists you in knowing when to use the next pod paintball.  Its older version CS1 also has this feature that is really cool during the contest.  

Performance – Efficiency & Shot Quality

Sure, if you’re doubting how it performs in the arena, I can tell you it does really well. I was able to precisely shoot paintballs without any problems. When I used the Boom stick container back with it, the CS2 remained quiet. So it made it hard for my challengers to spot me in the paintball arena. In my observation, the CS2’s shooting value is similar to the CS1; I didn’t see any major differences. Both models had a really smooth gunshot.

The CS2 paint gun gives me the same good paint excellence as my other Gamma Core markers. It senses as smooth as the high-performing guns. PE adores sticking with what works well, like the opposition’s markers in the market. Furthermore, when I tried it, I saw that the CS2 felt a bit unsteady in my hands. I think this might be because I have little hands and a heavy grip.

  • Better-quality blade trigger
  • Modifiable trigger rake
  • Toolless Detachable grips
  • Thinner Grips than CS1
  • Have Bluetooth system 
  • The anterior grip has a battery lock & load 
  • SL5 regulator
  • Engine with Gamma Core
  • Dense and proficient
  • Lightweight than earlier version CS1 
  • Air Coil for bolt removal
  • Trivial, smooth, and solid paintball marker 
  • Swift performance in the playground.
  • The shoot range is more than an average markers 
  • Less usage of energy due to Short-power Bluetooth
  • Easy to fix up and maintain
  • Simple display screen
  • Costly to buy but worth it
  • Restrained shooting quality
  • Little bit noisy

Final Thoughts

I habitually choose unique paintball markers compared to my challengers, opting for models that others might not see. My period with the PE CS2 was wonderful. It showed its superiority in terms of being steady, cool to use, shooting perfectly, and effective. 

I endorse this model because Planet eclipse highlights consistency and maintenance over having a silent or smooth shooting. Get the CS2 paintball marker for its comfy design and be a strong pro player in paintball.

CS2 vs. 170r – Which One is Better?

Shot Accuracy

In today’s world, most top-rated paintball guns offer similar levels of efficiency. Our trial results proved that both guns exhibit inspiring precision. The Planet Eclipse CS2 includes the FL Carbon container kit, while the 170r is equipped with a standard two-piece Planet Eclipse barrel. 

Regardless of its standard design, the barrel performed very well, similar to the more luxurious Shaft 4 or Shaft 5 barrels. As a result, we can determine that both guns deliver equally exceptional performance and include some first-class barrels.

Build Quality

Planet Eclipse is also famous for its construction excellence. So both these models are very well manufactured. However, Eclipse CS2 gives more quality sensation in your hands. Maybe it’s the rubber or the whole assemblage that gives a better impression and a little more chic. 

Shot Quality

Relating this is tricky, as it’s more of a perception you need to individually feel. Based on our ground experience, the shooting quality of CS2 seems slightly improved. This might be due to exactly how the gun senses in your hand. The tools and accuracy in its manufacture just give you the sense that the gunshot feature is a bit improved.

Ease of Use

In Planet Eclipse CS2 and 170r, you can take away bolts with no need for any tools. Both paintball models possess an air on/off mechanism. By simply eliminating the rubber holds, you can’t stress-free access and replace the batteries in both markers. Also, in both markers, it’s cool to remove the eye shield and clean out any remainder after usage. For more details, you can check out our comprehensive analysis of the Planet Eclipse 170r. So, when it comes to cleaning and upkeep, both of these paintball markers are quite related.


The gun’s kick and operating pressure are interrelated. According to our trials, the operating pressure of CS2 is 105 so it kicks less. While PE 170r’s operating pressure is 135. This can be a reason behind the better shooting quality of the PE CS2 paintball gun. 

Air Efficiency

Both of these guns are pretty good at preserving air. You might consider that since CS2 works at a lower pressure which is 105 psi, it would use a smaller amount of air. However, that’s not correct. Both guns have a similar mechanism with Gamma cores. So, both of these paintball models are equally effective when it comes to consuming air.


Unluckily, both of them are not easily upgraded. Things like the body and bolt are not designed for improvements. The only part of upgrading in both paintball models is the triggers. There are many trigger choices available in the market for the CS2 and 170r. So, it’s a draw in this regard.

But, if you’re ready to spend an extra $150, the Planet Eclipse 170r deals with a mechanical frame. This upgraded type is titled the Planet eclipse M170r. Thus, in this classification, we can say that the Planet eclipse 170r is somewhat superior.


Ergonomics refers to how relaxed a gun senses when you hold it. As we mentioned earlier when discussing shooting quality, the CS2 gives good impressions as compared to the 170r after holding it. It’s not like the 170r senses bad; both markers feel quite comfy. However, the CS2 has an extra high-end presence and sensation. This could be since it has a more obvious build design, and has a natural feel. Moreover, the trigger frames on the CS2 are round, not square-shaped.


The triggers in both paintball models are adjustable. Also, spare triggers are accessible in the market for both models. In the case of CS2, you can modify the trigger according to your desired position. While in the 170r model, you can modify the trigger only on defined positions.

There’s a major contrast between both guns. The 170r charges about $900, while the CS2 is close to twice as costly, priced at about $1500.”

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