Top 9 Paintball Masks for Beginners Review 2023

New players always start their paintball career with bad choices. They have no idea which mask would be the best paintball mask to begin with.

Entry level paintball masks are basic in terms of design but it’s not mean that it will not provide basic needs like comfort and safety while playing.

As a beginner, You should prefer eye and head protection and covering them with merciless paintball pellets. Safety is the first priority.

Main question that arises in every brain of paintball players is : what is a beginner or initial level goggle ?

Typical Beginner mask Properties:

  • Many paintball masks for beginners come with a single pane lens and they easily fog up.
  • Beginner goggles are tough
  • Cheapest Paintball mask ever
  • Entry level masks do not provide you comfort but they will cover your head and eyes.

Aren’t beginners’ goggles so good ? Not required.

To overcome this problem, we’ve got 9 best paintball masks for beginners that are very affordable and provide high comfort, head and eye protection with dual pane thermal lens technologies. If you want to learn about these paintball masks then you should learn this article.


Best Technology

V Force Grill
  • Nice transmission
  • Customizable
  • Friendly glasses

Budget Friendly

JT premise Headsheild
  • Soft Padding foam
  • Excessive Vents
  • Optical Clarity

Newbies Choice

Empire X-Rays V2.1
Empire X-rays V2.1
  • Hard Coated Material
  • Cheap for Newbies
  • Dual-pane Thermal Lens

1- V-FORCE Profiler Thermal Mask – Woodland Camo Review

Reason To Buy

  • Dual density foam for proper face protection
  • Dual-pane thermal scratchless lens
  • Adjustable chin straps
  • High Sustainability
  • Quick change replaceable lens

Reason To Avoid

  • Without POV Mount

V-force profiler Mask has dominated the market over the years due to its unique or elegant design and durable quality. Its long sunshades and glasses are top-notched.

It comes with a dual pane thermal lens that you can quickly replace with another lens without wasting a second if it is full of paint due to shots. In addition, it provides a 280-degree peripheral view with clear visibility, If the fog suddenly appears.

Double density foam comes to save us from sweating because as a beginner, we have to sweat more due to less capability in the field. In other words, it will protect our face from many paintball hits and provide lasting comfort to build confidence to play long innings.

Its Long sun shades protect beginner players’ eyes from direct UV rays and provide clear vision as they may be prone to reflection.

The V-Force has excessive vent holes which provide smooth and dust-free breathing, also vents are slightly narrow which prevents sand particles from entering into the mouth, and delivers perfect voice to companions.


With an expert review and my personal opinion, V-force is a very lightweight and durable product to give your competitor a hard time. If you are a beginner and have no idea how to defend yourself against an opponent, trust me, this will give you more time to avoid enemy attacks. I can’t suggest a better option from this in a very low price range. 

Just Buy it and enjoy a healthy paintball activity.

2- JT Premise Headshield – Budget-Friendly Mask

Reason To Buy

  • Comfortable padding foam
  • Complete head and face coverage
  • Excessive vents for breathing and transmission
  • Adjustable chin and head straps
  • Optical clarity with fog free view

Reason To Avoid

  • A slight fog comes due to the long match

JT Premise comes with a complete head package to protect the whole face of beginners from the stubbornness of war. It is considered one of the top 10 brands in the market for its safety and comfort. Experts can remove its helmet without using any tool, if they want to play paintball without wearing head coverage.

Premise has interchangeable lenses with single pan technology to protect the eyes from the fog. The lens provides a 260-degree field of vision with optical clarity so that the player can see right, left, up, down without any hindrance.

JT used several vents in its design near the mouth, ears, head, cheeks, nose which provide fresh air from every wide-angle as well as enable us to implement various strategies to defeat our opponents, Allow clear voices to be heard in communication.

Its straps are adjustable and fit all sizes of head to provide adequate comfort and protection in various critical combat situations.

Quick padding foam replacement system throughout the mask is considered a great feature to change during the game if the existing foam does not keep your face comfortable.

Our Opinion

The JT premise headshield is a great option for beginners because, in startups, they need adequate protection and comfort to increase their confidence in the paintball game.

This highly durable plastic material, soft comfortable foam and anti-fog coating lens, with soft ventilation process as well as adjustable straps, is designed to overcome the major problems of all indoor players.

This is one of the top products that most paintball experts recommend.

3- Dye i5 – Best Technology Mask

Reason To Buy

  • Thermal Coated Glasses
  • Compression foam ear Padding provide clear transmission
  • Quick lens replace within 15 to 20 sec
  • Dyetanium lens to protect eyes
  • Fog-beating lens
  • Available in Multiple lens colors

Reason To Avoid

  • None

Dye i5 is the 100% best mask for beginners to overcome their main issues like fog, uncomfort, noise distortion, scratched lens, UV Issues, heavyweight and many more Problems to provide a stress-free environment for start-up players.

It comes with a 290 degree horizontal lens that provides maximum clarity without distortion to find targets in the field. Also, its peripheral vision protects your eyes from BB pellets or other gunshots and provides more visual clarity than the Dye i4, an older version of the i5. 

In addition, glasses made of hard-coated material cannot be easily broken unless you hit them with something heavy.

The GSR Pro Lock comes in Strap Dye i5, which fits perfectly on the face and never causes stress to the players during the game, and gives them extreme comfort to stay alert on the field. The Multipurpose ventilation keeps you calm and cool in the hottest temperatures where most masks fail. 

With a parallel side of glass, the dye i5 has POV camera mount space, where you can adjust the camera and make a short film to show your friends the performance of your field that was not in the match.

When you are running in the field, drops of sweat flowing from the head due to heat fall on your eyes and distract you, but its texture keeps your face dry from sweat and moisture.

Our Opinion

With my Experience, dye i5 is a best mask that has unbelievable features for protection and comfort which keeps you tension free till the last blow and does not allow courage and enthusiasm to dissipate. It offers all the key features of a paintball game that you can’t find in any other related mask. It is also perfect for big face players who think we are deprived of these qualities.

4- Empire X-Rays V2.1 Thermal Mask

Reason To Buy

  • Full head protection
  • Very cheap for newbies
  • Dual-pane thermal scratchless lens to prevent fog
  • Hard coated material
  • Light in weight

Reason To Avoid

  • Padding foam cause slightly heat inside

Empire X-rays are said to be advanced masks that can be very helpful and beneficial for beginner athletes to perform well on the field. This product is designed for those who can’t afford to spend more on startups and expect better comfort and security.

V2.1 has installed an upgraded dual-pane thermal version of the lens, which is the father of all springs, to protect newbies from fog and give the exact location of enemies in a dark night tournament. Also, it provides optical clarity and peripheral vision, If you want to target your competitor from afar.

The design of V2 is similar to the simple empire x-rays, but are manufactured with durable plastic material than the previous mask. Older players who are familiar with it started from this mask and today they are called paintball champions. If you will love your mask, it will definitely love you more.

It has many vent holes near the mouth for smooth air flow in very hot temperatures and at the same time provides a noise proof environment without any hassle in transmission between you and your teammates. It is a reputable product that endures hard times for beginners.

Our Opinion

In paintball, safety and comfort are a top priority for newcomers. The empire is built entirely with all their problems in mind. It comes in full coverage to protect beginner level players from head to neck. In addition, the straps are lined with silicon bedding to provide the best comfort and protection or to prevent slipping.

This is the best mask that sticks to the scalp and protects you from a wide angle attack. I recommend going with this mask to have fun in the field.

5 – V-Force Grill Thermal Paintball Mask Review

Reason To Buy

  • Friendly glasses
  • Excellent optical clarity
  • Large vents holes
  • Provide Nice transmission
  • Easily replace parts with existing
  • Low profile and elegant design

Reason To Avoid

  • Expensive for beginners
  • Without top of the head protection

V-Force is a valuable mask that protects the nose, forehead, eyes, cheeks and chin instead of the head. It’s designed without head safety, which is a bit of a drawback, as full coverage is essential for all beginners as a startup.

It is made of pure durable plastic material that can withstand the hard shell of a paintball gun and does not break easily. It has an aggressive look that scares opponents. This is very comfortable to wear and remove due to its extreme lightweight. 

In addition, for calm air, it has very open vents that help you breathe smoothly, but because of the big holes near the mouth, paint can enter the mouth and create distortion in your enjoyment of the game.

The mask is interchangeable scratch-less thermal-coated dual-pane lenses that provide optical clarity and field peripheral vision, and protect your springs from fog even in winter. You can give it to children under the age of 10 without any fear of itching.

It is available to you in a bunch of colors that you like. You can replace it with your existing mask without any damage. Here you can customize it according to your heart’s desire. Also, it can be easily cleaned after gameplay, but be careful not to use things that could ruin the mask.

Our Opinion

According to expert reviews, this mask is said to be one of the favorite masks for newborns. Its 3D lens design, soft padding foam, interchangeable goggles, and superfluous ventilation holes add to its beauty. It is considered to be the most protective mask in the range of its good price, not high quality.

It is in the process of being upgraded, but I know it will be the best-selling mask in the days to come.

6 – Push Unite Paintball Goggle Review

Reason To Buy

  • 16 vent zones
  • Adjustable straps
  • Super comfort quad-layers lens
  • Use Durable quality
  • Soft padding foams
  • Provide Heavy face Safety

Reason To Avoid

  • Much expensive for startup players

Push United deserves a lot of love and respect because of the tremendous preparation of beginners in paintball. It builds confidence and makes its players professional in a very limited time with its strong frame and fit straps on the back of the head.

It comes with an adjustable nose bridge, which keeps you comfortable and never feels irritated to inhale or expel breath in the worst condition. Moreover, the chin or back of the head straps are magnetically fit and provide a tight grip on the player’s face, as a result, it will not fall off, even if you have a small size of the face.

The best thing about this mask is the unique goggles that provide amazing visibility. This type of goggles are mostly foggy, but to overcome this problem, it has16 vent zones, which will keep you free from the fog for life, as it does not allow air to accumulate inside the mask.

Let’s talk about its lenses, they are made with quad-layers that provide peripheral vision, and allow us to find our exact target from a great distance. without Fear of itching, when we shoot our opponents it does not allow our aim to be spoiled. Believe me, it will not let your head down in the field.

Our Opinion

Being a paintball expert, If you want to buy a one-time mask that lasts for years, make push unite a part of your life. It will protect your face like parents do to their children in childhood. It is designed to accomplish all little issues that you may have faced during the game. You will get more confidence from its several vents zones and its rigid plastic material that can bear hard fires for you so that you do not get any internal injuries.

If you have a heavy budget, close your eyes and choose it, I can bet that it will not leave you hopeless.

7- Bunkerking CMD Goggles/Mask Review

Reason To Buy

  • Amazing Texture
  • Easy to clean
  • Made with polycarbonate material
  • Flexible back of head strap
  • Microfibre contact layer foam for hearing player tactics
  • Provide optical clarity and peripheral view

Reason To Avoid

  • Out of mid-range budget players

Bunkerkings is called the top rated mask produced by the world’s most famous brand bnkr King, which includes multi-directional vents zones, superior VIO thermal lens technology that deserves much love, and soft microfiber contact layer foam, which Provides extremely clear transmission between players.

It is made with 200% pure polycarbonate plastic material that can easily withstand nerf guns, BB pallets and all other high damage gun hits which cause severe pain.

I tested its protection on the field with different fires, and the result was fantastic. I never thought it would protect me so much.

Eyes protection, which is top-notch priority of beginners, as it comes with VIO thermal coated lens that has several features to overcome their problem like direct bb pellets fires that can damage their eyes and as a result, they can lose their sight throughout the life.

It has many rare lens colors including black acid, black demon, highlander chemo, midnight azure, pitch black, and many more but its black samurai gives the player a valuable look in battle.

Most masks do not provide adequate ventilation holes and as a result players feel suffocated and leave the match due to the extremely hot temperatures. But the CMD comes with a high versatile vent zone to provide a smooth circulation of air for breathing and provide them a refreshing atmosphere.

Our Opinion

Bunker King CMD has many amazing features to support a beginner player on the field very well. According to experts, after going through many difficult stages, it bravely faced all the challenges which is why it is so famous today. The unique features used in it have further enhanced its beauty.

Multi-directional vents, VIO thermal lenses, and super comfort padding foam are the hallmarks of its true popularity. Highly recommended for entry level players if their budget is high.

8- JT Spectra Flex 8

Reason To Buy

  • Include removable visor
  • Scratchless or anti-fog spectra lens
  • Adjustable back head strap
  • Superior padding foam
  • Easy to customizable

Reason To Avoid

  • Visor removing is slightly difficult
  • Back plates is too hot

The JT Spectra is a perfect mask to make a player initially pro in a very limited time frame. It comes with complete head protection and can withstand 300 feet per second hits. This is a great option for those who play woodball with their heart’s desire. It is designed to give you extra care protection in war.

Let’s move on to its dual layer venting feature, in which the player can breathe easily due to excessive vent holes which can provide fresh and dust free air. There is no possibility of suffocation as its inner part keeps the player cool and mentally refreshed.

The inner pad foam is thicker, so you don’t feel any shock when the paintball hits the face.

Interesting thing

When I started Paintball, I bought 2 JT Spectra at the same time, one of them pads was thick and the other one was thin. I thought it was useless, but after a while, I realized it was a manufacturing error.

The spectra lens used inside the mask doesn’t make you feel the fog on a very hot day where most of the glasses fail. If you have a problem with goggles or any other part of the mask, you can take advantage of the customer service that is available to you 24/7.

Our Opinion

From my personal experience, Spectra caters to beginners with full head coverage, fog free lenses, excessive ventilation holes to increase breathing, and padding foam to absorb sweat and moisture. I used it in various Pro Level long tournaments but never felt a speck of fog in the matches played for 10 consecutive hours.

Believe me, it will never break your trust as long as it stays with you.

9- Empire EVS

Reason To Buy

  • Amazing black thermal lens
  • Cheap compared to others featurable mask
  • Customizable and easy to clean
  • Noise proof
  • Anti fog and scratchless
  • Durable hard plastic material

Reason To Avoid

  • Limited color available

The popularity of Empire EVS is due to all the features found in it, which are included in a preliminary list. The best advantage for entry level players is its wide inner part which keeps them cool and comfortable inside the mask until they remove it. It provides maximum protection to win the trust of the beginners.

The Empire works hard on its beautifully designed glasses to keep players free from fog and to protect them from the harmful ultraviolet rays which are dangerous to their eyes. As well, It provides 260 degree wide angle optical clarity when the player seeks their target.

Its holes look huge, most people who haven’t used it at first think that we would get paint in our mouths, but they are wrong. The holes are big, of course, but the empire is designed with this problem in mind and never lets a paintball enter your mouth.

The earpiece of this mask is flexible which covers the entire ears and protects them from paintballs. Noise-proof also provides a clear transmission to implement tactics against opponents.

It has a triple layer foam inside the mask that absorbs sweat and moisture where most masks leak. In addition, it allows us to change the lens in a matter of seconds without having to use a toolkit. This is the third top rated mask that comes after DyeI5 and Bunkersking CMD.

Our Opinion

In my personal experience, the Empire is a mask that experts exemplify that they have never seen before. Its beauty shakes every aesthetic heart of paintball. You can also play with it by wearing glasses. It can be easily customized and you can clean each part separately. He never let fog, sweat, humidity, reflection, and all the playground problems that every player could face.

It is extremely lightweight, comfortable, can be adjusted on all sizes of face, and provides superior protection against fast-moving paintballs in the ground. It is highly recommended for beginners.

List of Best Paintball Mask for Beginners Comparison Table

Image Product Details   Price
Empire EVS Empire EVS – Editor’s Choice Color: Black
Brand: Empire
Size: One Size
Check Pice
Bunkerking CMD Eyes protection Bunkerkings CMD Paintball Mask Brand: Bnkr Kings
Color: Black Acid
Frame Material: Polycarbonate
Lens Material: Polycarbonate
Check Price
Dye Precision i5 Thermal Paintball Mask Dye I5 Thermal Paintball Mask Brand: Dye
Color: Storm 2020
Dimensions LxWxH: 13 x 11 x 9 inches
Lens Coating: Anti-Fog Coating
Check Price
Push Unite Push Unite Paintball Mask Color: Red Camo
Brand: Push Paintball
Style: Adjustable
Lens Coating: Anti-Fog Coating
Check Price
V-FORCE Profiler Thermal Mask V-FORCE Profiler Brand: Virtue
Color: Lime Emerald
Style: Flexible
Dimensions LxWxH: 8.43 x 8.43 x 7.09 inches
Check Price
V-Force G.I. Grill ventilation system V-Force G.I. Grill Goggles Vision: 260Degree
Full Coverage design
Check Price
JT Spectra Flex 8 Paintball Mask JT SPECTRA FLEX 8 Comfort and Versatility
260 Degree field of vision
Check Price
Group-1217 JT Premise Headshield Size: One Size
Color: Black
Brand: JT
Check Price
Empire X-Rays V2.1 Mask Empire X-Rays V2.1 Brand: Empire Paintball
Style: Adjustable
Lens Coating Description: Scratch Resistant Coating
Check Price

Buying Guide for the Best Beginners Paintball Mask

Paintball becomes a very popular game day by day because people show their interest in it. Everyone who casts their eyes upon it, wants to play. We compiled some necessary key points that should be in every paintball initial player mask before getting started with it.


Not every newbie has startup experience in paintball. They do not know what to look for in a mask to ease the way. They spend their hard-earned money on rough features before thinking about safety, which is the most important aspect of a paintball game.

We can compromise on most of the things in life but never compromise on those that can lead to serious injuries. Beginners unknowingly choose masks that are pleasing to the eye because they are part of human nature.

The purpose of all this is to always tell you to buy a mask that has the best comfortable padding, complete protection from head to neck, excellent durability, friendly glasses specially made with dual pane thermal technology, and lastly adjustable chin straps because the grip of your whole face depends on it. 

Quantities can be compromised but not quality.

Best Anti-fog Lens:

Fog usually comes during matches but the most important thing is how to get rid of it. It affects our visibility, and as a result, we lose our purpose.

Majority masks usually come with single and dual pan thermal technology to protect players from fog. But as a beginner, you should go with dual pan thermal technology as a single pane may leak at any time to prevent fog.

But in dual, there is no possibility of a single piece of fog as they are specially made to eliminate fog for a lifetime. Also, it provides maximum optical clarity so that your visibility is not disturbed.


The most important thing is the sturdiness of the mask which experts emphasize the most because it is to protect your face from the bullets fired at you, so that you do not have to be afraid of it. 

As a startup, you have to bear the brunt of 300 feet per second of paintballs directly on your face because you have no idea how to protect yourself from them. So get a mask that is made of solid plastic and does not break even after several shots.

Maximum Protection:

Try to wear a mask designed for complete protection of the head or face as it will protect you from every wide angle. 

You are unprofessional in the beginning and at this stage, you need great help in case of the best paintball mask which gives maximum protection to the face.

Find the best suitable mask that covers your entire face including eyes, ear, jaws, chin, neck, and back of the head and does not allow you to be embarrassed in front of anyone.

Straps for Safety and Comfort:

A loose and inelastic mask can cause discomfort during the match, and irritability in your nature. When you are running with the loose-fitting of its strap, it can suddenly slip off your face, and cause serious injury.

But in a standard mask you do not have to deal with these delicate issues, because they are designed to overcome the problems of the players’ leash. Above, we’ve put together the best masks that give you tight fitting and comfortable straps that provide maximum protection so you don’t have a sore throat.

UV Protection:

UV protection is essential for your eyes because when you are playing paintball on a sunny day you will see the sun again and again, as a result the UV rays emitted from it can damage the eyes.

That’s why choose a mask whose lens is coated with the best ultraviolet protection technology to keep your sensitive eyes asset secure.



The hard work we’ve put in for you is to find the perfect mask, the choice of which will make you a champion from beginners in just a few days. It’s just a matter of choosing whether we can make a better choice. 

Here we gathered 9 best paintball masks for beginners which provide maximum protection from head to neck with extreme comfort and durability, keeping them cool and stress free even in the worst environment. 

The two best masks that I feel are 100% perfect for newcomers are the Dye i5 and the JT premise Headshield that help form the foundation for all beginner players. They provide the high security and stability that beginners desperately need.

We hope now you will find the best mask.

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