Best 8 Fog Proof Paintball Masks Review & Buying Guide

Are you distrubed at paintball games and unable to give your best shots? This is just because of unavoidable fogging up on your mask halfway through the game. It usually happens with all of us and we can’t see anything that splits our focus from the game. Don’t get frustrated, we are here to help you by our personal experience of finding the best quality mask that will work for you and give you a clear vision instead of working against you.

Here is our recommendation for the best anti fog paintball mask after testing the above 100 pieces of mask based on fog and thermal resistance, comfortability, clear visioning and most importantly breathability. From our experience these paintball masks are trending on the market today by having each necessary aspect. These masks are fogless and will be exactly dependent on your preferences and needs to keep you in the game for a long time. We are also including buying advice in this article to inform you about the knowledge of paintball masks that you need before purchasing.

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Editors Choice

Dye I4 Precious
  • Lightweight
  • Peripheral Vision
  • Multi-Directional Design

Top Rated

Dye I5
  • Lightweight
  • Anti-Fog
  • UV Protection

Budget Pick

virtue vio extend
Virtue VIO
  • Pheripheral Vision
  • Unbreakable Mask
  • Friendly Glasses




Best Anti-fog Paintball Mask 2023
Quick Summary

Thermal Paintball Mask: Dye Precision i5
"A superior mask in both hot and cold weather with dual-pane thermal coated lens for all experts and beginners players."
Best Low profile mask: Dye Precision i4 
"An amazing mask that keep you fully confident in stressful situation and its design comfortable fit for both small and big size of athletes faces."
Best Fog Proof Paintball Mask: Virtue VIO 
"This lovely mask has impressive vents for clear communication and ultra-violet Radiation protection and fog-resistance in very cheap price range."
Best Budget Mask: Empire E-Flex 
"This durable mask is best against the paintball mock battle hits, with super fog-proof feature even when you are playing in extremely hot weather."
Best Small Face Mask: Base GSF 
"A great paintball mask with comfortable straps, Quick change EVS foam, and lens system which you can speedily replace when you feel any distortion during the game."
Best Fitting Mask: G.I. SPORTZ Grill
"A paintball mask that attracts the attention of players with its charming design and provides 280 degree celestial vision that keeps your eyes clear so you can recognize your enemy from afar."
Best Flexible Mask: Empire EVS 
"A best Coverage mask efficient for your whole face including nose, eyes, ears, cheeks with nice transmission system specially for big head players ."
Professional Paintball Google's: JT Premise Headshield
"An excellent newbie recommended mask with full face and head protection and multiple ventilation holes to inhale cool air and expel hot air from the mask.

1- Dye Precision i5 Thermal Paintball Mask

Reason To Buy

  • It has compatible glasses
  • It have anti fog dual pane thermal coated mirror lens
  • It has a comfortable head strap
  • You can change lens in just 10 sec
  • The form is easy to wash, replaceable and affordable

Reason To Avoid

  • It is a little bit more expensive than i4 and other paintball masks
  • It can cause pain in the ears after use for an hour or more

We are ethically representing the Dye Precision i5 Thermal paintball mask that is perfectly designed according to user requirement. It is a high quality mask with all bells and whistles. It has a wide view angle that gives us a great peripheral vision and the lens that is used inside it has a special anti-fog coating. It has more chin coverage that will protect your face even if you have a bigger face.

Its lens change process is fairly easy once you get hang of it but it requires some finger strength and if you don’t have proper finger strength then you can use a pen that presses the necessary button. There is no fog up even in hot weather that has great washable and replaceable form padding and comfortable head strips which are easy to tighten and fit right. This mask comes with a mirror lens which is very clear and it is very good especially when you want to play at night.

it’s upgraded strap(GSR Pro) system  is very easy to adjust and there is no need to readjust during the game. it comes with an adjustable dial for your better comfort. You can adjust it to turn right for tightening it and moving to left as a means of loosening it. During the playing you should have a 360-degree view and cover all sides and dye precision i5 Thermal is the best choice for paintball lovers.

Key Features

  • Strong and comfortable polymer construction
  • Silicone coating
  • Built-in visor
  • Quick change EVA foam
  • Wide-angle thermal anti-fog lens

Our Opinion

As per our experience, it is too comfortable and easy to wear, because of its softness and stretching capability it’s also good for big face people which we personally analyzed in last one of my friend birthday party . Dye i5 is actually a fog killer, no matter where you are playing in extremely cold weather or highly hot it always removes fog from the lens and protects your face. But it’s not good for beginners and good investment for the champion person, I personally rate it 10/10.

2- Dye Precision i4 Thermal Paintball Mask

Reason To Buy

  • Easy to carry because of its Lightweight
  • It has a solid unbreakable mask
  • It’s form is soft and dries up fastly
  • It has extensive Peripheral vision
  • You can also use it along with your glasses
  • It has a multi-directional design that helps you communicate with your friends

Reason To Avoid

  • It’s not good for big-faced people
  • It has no forehead and chin cover

Dye precision i4 thermal mask is one of the most impressive paintball mask that satisfied me. It gives me full face protection from shooted paintballs during the game. I am very happy because of its peripheral vision.

Dye i4 is completely manufactured from lightweight and durable material. It helps you to move from one place to another without any hesitation. It has all the necessary comfort because of its screaming ventilation, tiger teeth and non-slippery straps features. It fulfills the ASTM and CE standards.

It is designed according to the boasting multi-directional paintball mask design that helps you to communicate with your teammates easily. Because of its amazing ventilation design you can also wear it on glasses. I really notice in this mask during my game that it has a high resolution lens which conflicts with the fog.

Its thermal lens has high accuracy of vision that provides the distortion and fog-free surface to its user even in humidity and heavy breathing. I always feel quite tired after playing while wearing it because of its light weight.

This mask is a little tight for those people who have bigger faces and it has practically another layer of skin with how close it is to your face. It also has no forehead and side chin cover that can be harmful for the face during playing.

Key Features

  • Maximum protection
  • Multidirectional design
  • Highly Breathable
  • Scratch resistant hard coat
  • Two-stage foam shields

Our Opinion

Dye precision i4 Thermal paintball mask is low profile mask with amazing comfort level and good anti-fog lens. It’s nice ventilation system allows you to communicate with other players easily without any voice distortion. It has been popular in the market because of its face fitting, durability, and rapid change lens functionality. It fits on your face so nicely that you cannot feel a single movement of the mask while running in game. I highly rated it 9/10.

3- Virtue VIO Paintball Goggles Fog Proof Paintball Mask

Reason To Buy

  • Easy to carry because of its Lightweight
  • It has a solid unbreakable mask
  • It’s form is soft and dries up fastly
  • It has extensive Peripheral vision
  • You can also use it along with your glasses
  • It has a multi-directional design that helps you communicate with your friends

Reason To Avoid

  • It’s not good for big-faced people
  • It has no forehead and chin cover

Virtue VIO paintball goggles/mask is highly impressive design, comfortable structure, good performance and cheap price rates. It has a changeable multi-layer form for better breathing. I can also change its lens, visor stealth fan and straps.

It has a good ventilation system that is enough for soaking your sweat and provides you comfortability. It is made up of polycarbonate material to make it more flexible and durable for users. It comes with dual pane anti-fog and anti reflection thermal lens that provides us fog free wide vision.

In Virtue VIO, you have different cool options for upgrading – 16 for visor, 32 for straps and 18 for lens. It is a sleek and comfortable mask for beginners in airsoft games because of its good visibility and large field of view. It is a very handy mask that protects us from ultraviolet rays and provides us protection and fog-resistance. Its edge cutting technology makes it stylish as well as functional.

It used a 3D pad that improved the face grip without putting any extra pressure and gave protection during the battle. It has a direct mouth ventilation system that helps you to communicate with your friends and breathe easily. Its wide backstrap that provides pro level protection because of its good padding.

Key Features

  • 3D pad
  • Thermal resistant lens
  • Replaceable multi-layer eye foam
  • Large and adjustable strap

Our Opinion

I impressively recommended it because of its good body structure and amazing functionality. It’s too comfortable, has a good ventilation system, dual pane lens and anti-fogging properties. Its highly upgraded and ultra glass friendly mask that covers all your face except a little bit of area of jaws and forehead . I fell in love with it and it never disappointed me any time in the field and I rate it 9.9/10.

4- Empire E-Flex Paintball Goggle – Best Mask for Breathing

Reason To Buy

  • Clear Anti-fog lens
  • Easily lens change capability
  • Used light weight material
  • Ultra soft face skirt
  • Comfortable and durable
  • Easy to fit on face

Reason To Avoid

  • Because of single strap its difficult to adjust
  • Low quality form

Empire E-Flex paintball mask/goggle is one of the best durable masks in the market that have good breathing ability, swift lens exchange and zero visual distortion. It has been used by countless users because of its light weight design and anti fog lens system. It allows users good visibility during the game and conveys your voice to your teammate. 

It is the world’s most flexible mask for paintball battle that comes with proflex comfortable face foam. I am 100% sure its ultra flexible face skirt covered your face from harmful impact. In my paintball game career, I never received a single scratch on my face just because it’s an extra protective facial region.

Empire E-Flex Mask

For our comfort and face protection it has been masterminded with ultra protection and designed intelligently. It comes with ultraviolet rays, protective thermal lens, scratchless mirror, and anti fog ventilation system that provides us wide vision with zero optical distortion.

Because of its good echos system installed you can hear all the instructions coming from your teammate and secondly you can easily change its lens in the field of battle. Moreover, I want to tell you that you can play for more than 4 hours with this mask and your vision will not be distorted just because of its incredible ventilation system.

Key Features

  • Thermal anti-fog lens
  • Ventilation system
  • Flexible, ultra-soft face skirt
  • Hypo-allergenic, Pro-Flex foam

Our Opinion

This mask has solved all my problems. I even played in 90 degree hot weather and there is no fogging issue at any point during my game and its ventilation system will never suffocate you in a mask. I would like to suggest to the manufacturers that there should be two straps for better grip but single straps are also fine. It’s pretty solid and provides me anti reflection quad pane for better paintball hits in game.

5 – Base GSF Paintball Goggles – Best Mask for Small Face

Reason To Buy

  • Change the lens or EVS foam in few seconds
  • Allow great breathability and plenty of air flow
  • Silicon coated straps
  • No Fogging and easy to clean
  • Cheap in price
  • Have non slippery straps that grip face well

Reason To Avoid

  • Only good small face
  • Available only in few colors

It is the best budget – a friendly mask where you don’t need to spend most money to get rid of fog on the battlefield. Base GSF paintball has been released with fog free screen so you are able to view your enemies clearly. It used optical protection visors that have very good potential to face all kinds of unhealthy situations.

Base GSF

This mask is comfortable and comes up with a curved shape that is good to fit on the face. Its adjustable and non-slippery silicon coated straps gives you perfect vision that makes it more significant in the eyes of users.The straps are non-slippy and moisture resistant that helps you adjust it where you feel easy.

While playing, sweat causes it to slide down the mask which causes scratches on the face but GFS paintball has solved this problem. The inner EVS form not only absorbs all your sweat but also protects sensitive parts of your body like ears and nose. It can also bear the shocks of paintballs on the mask and protect you from speed pellets.

Key Features

  • Comfortable polymer construction
  • Silicone coating strap
  • Quick lens, and EVS foam change
  • Silicon coated non-slippery strap
  • Scratchless dual-pane thermal lens

Our Opinion

I highly recommend it for newbies as it does not have a lot of customization options and has enough interior space. I would like to rate it 4.5/5. It has amazing durability and protection with good comfortness and high quality wide visibility. It has all essential features that beginners want to start with, like affordable, comfortable, easy to clean  and even no fog in a cooled area after playing for more than 6 hours in 85 degrees.

6 – G.I. SPORTZ Grill Goggles Best Fitting Mask

Reason To Buy

  • Provide you wide peripheral view
  • Dual density foam make it comfortable
  • Designed light weight
  • Protected and durable
  • Require low budget
  • Anti fog mask

Reason To Avoid

  • Sides design is slightly shorter for some people
  • It’s hard to remove visor

The G.I sports goggles are cheap and highly demanded paintball masks. It has a revolutionary design with good features like anti-fog, ultraviolet rays defender and ultra soft padding form that can dryer the players sweat rapidly.

The manufacturer designed it in such a good manner that its pro flexible plastic can easily bear the high bounce factor and save your face from hits in the field of battle. It provides you a distortion free peripheral view with its sleek spherical 3D lens that have low profile sunglasses. G.I sportz has a good ventilation system where you can breathe and communicate easily and its improved airflow design never allows the fog to come on the lens.

Its light weight provides the comfort zone during game with 280 – degree enhanced peripheral vision. Its amazingly head target design minimizes the target zone. It also protects you from paintballs hit with its solid frame.

Key Features

  • 280-degree peripheral vision
  • Ultra-lightweight
  • Soft and dual-density foam

Our Opinion

I highly recommend it because of its low price and impressive ventilation system. It comes with a thermo cured lens that prevents the screen from fog giving you clear visibility. It has a built-in visor that protects you from harmful rays. It’s a good mask for initial level players because its manufacturer makes it with flexible plastic to prevent the user from hard hit of paintball. During the game, communication with our players is first priority for defending each other and this mask provides the distortion free echo system for communicating with each other in the field of battle.

7- Empire EVS Paintball Mask Best Fog Free Mask

Reason To Buy

  • Give you maximize coverage
  • Anti fog goggle
  • Give you more vertical view
  • Great ventilation system for breathing
  • Good for big face
  • Comfortable and durable lens

Reason To Avoid

  • It have low horizontal view instead of vertical view
  • A little bit expensive

Due to its spherical shape it offers 270 degree wide vision. The Empire evs paintball mask has anti-reflective and scratch resistant lens that provide full eye protection and is comfortable for the face. It uses flexible and durable plastic that makes it safe to wear without any difficulty.

If we consider its design then it is a very smart paintball as far as style and technology is concerned. Empire evs paintball mask have a lot of holes inside it which make its breathability and ventilation system excellent for players. There is no fog inside the mask because all hot air generated by users has been replaced with cool air in battle.

Lens changing process is too easy. It takes approximately 30 seconds, once you unlock the earpiece then you can easily push up the lens and replace it with a new one. Its dual pane, shined and thermal resistant lens are able to remove all fog and protect the player from ultraviolet rays. 

Lets move to its safety side, it uses high density face foam and moisture absorbing rob that absorb all your sweat generated from you body during game and protect your sensitive part of body like eyes, nose and ears because of its durability and flexibility it can easily bear hard paintball shots and gives you save ear coverage.

Key Features

  • Scratch-resistant glass
  • Spherical lens provides distortion-free vision
  • Silicone head strap for a secure fit
  • Triple-density form to absorbs sweat

Our Opinion

In my last game I used this mask and my teammate really liked it because of its unbeatable and halo soldier-like look. It’s impressive internal size helps me to wear it along with glasses. Its dual pane spherical thermal lens gives a wide vertical view in game. Its spherical dual pane lens is distortion and fog free you can easily clean your sweat. I highly recommend it because of its upgraded hud that is too comfortable and you did not feel loose on your head in game.

8- JT Premise Headshield Paintball Goggles

Reason To Buy

  • Have built in visor
  • Provide you 260 degree of vision
  • Have strap with silicone strips
  • Easy to change lens
  • Have Soft form to provide comfortness
  • Lightweight and cheap in price

Reason To Avoid

  •  Not good for wearing along with glasses

If you are a beginner and your budget is less than 50 then you should consider the JT premise headshield paintball goggle/mask. It has all the functionality that a newbie needs to take a start, like with a mask you can get 360 degree protection of your face in the field of battle and can concentrate on your game confidently. It did not require any tool for full head coverage and is suited for playing in forest especially as it concealment.

Its weight is only 1.9 lbs and it has a built in visor that protects the players from harmful sun rays, it provides you wie field of vision which is about 260 field this mask is usually seen with beginner players not with champions. The only bad thing about this mask is that it’s not comfortable near the ears but this is a common complaint for many masks and you can easily adjust it by strap or using your own’s good ventilation system is distortion free that allows the player to communicate with teammates accurately and breathe easily.

Here I’m describing some tips for anti fogging your mask. Shaving can help you to protect your lens, apply a small layer of shaving cream on the lens and rub it as a thin coat and wait for it to dry and remove the excess. This process will leave the layer on the lens to prevent it from vapors and trapped moisture. This is the ideal situation as it brings the shine on the mask lens to make it look new.

Key Features

  • Full head coverage protection
  • Anti-fog lens
  • Provides 260 degrees of vision
  • Adjustable strap with silicone strips
  • Soft foam for ultimate comfort

Our Opinion

In my opinion this JT paintball mask is highly recommended for those who are beginners and low in budget. Because this mask uses durable and flexible plastic that has more power to face strong paintball hits coming from enemies during game. It provides you good ventilation for easy breathing and replaces your hot breath air into cold air with a lot of holes inside it. Its anti reflection and anti fog lens provide you clearly wide range vision for targeting any object without any destruction. I rated it 9/10.

Beware About Few Things When Buying a Paintball Mask

If you want to high quality paintball mask which clearly meets your requirements then you should pay attention to few important things that are following:


A good paintball mask must have a good strap system and foam padding. If it has a good strap then you can easily adjust your mask before, during and after the paintball battle. A good straps tighten your paintball mask in such a way that it will not look loose- fitting with your movement during the game and does not disturb you.   

Soft foam padding around inside the mask does protect your sensitive part of the body like eyes and nose. It also bears the shots of paintball hits and speedy pellets that attack on the mask and provide comfort and safety to players.  

Some masks also provide foam padding for ear protection and enable the players to listen to their teammate’s voice. Foam padding also absorbs the sweat and liquid that occur during the game and prevents the mask lens from fogging. Some mask models also offer a quick foam change option that you can replace the old foam with new foam. 


You can get out of the game soon if you don’t have clear vision during the paintball game. If you come with compromised vision then you cannot compete with your enemies, in paintball battle your vision is very important so you have to do great research on paintball lens before buying a mask.

You should buy those paintball masks that have clear wide vision above 260 to 270 degrees and try to stay away from cheap lenses that can limit your peripheral vision in game. The high graded lens not only gives high peripheral vision but works distortion free. A good mask uses a broad lens that allows you to see from the corner of the eye in the field of battle.

During the game sweat is very big which causes the fog to come on the lens, ensure that you always purchase thermal coated lens to prevent the mask from fog and if lens is not anti-fog then you should apply thermal treatment on it manually for your comfort.

Make sure that your lens lies slightly away from your face which allows you to wear glasses beneath it and ensure that your body is heat away. Such behavior leads to the best quality paintball mask for glasses. But also make sure the distance should not be too much that it hinders you while the mask is bulky, here i’m trying to convey to you that distance should be middle from face and also consider that it should be anti-scratch coated with anti fog because coating increase the functional lifespan of lens.

I want to add that the mask should have changeable lens functionality, if your lens has broken in game so you can easily change it in a few seconds instead of moving to buy a new mask. It also helps you to find a mask with colored, mirror and chromatic lens because such lenses also help to prevent flame while using a mask in sunny conditions. Furthermore it also has a forehead visor that offers protection from harmful hits and different weather conditions.


Durability is the most important factor when you are searching for a reliable paintball mask. To make your paintball long lasting don’t use it too much and also make sure that it has been made with some durable material. Ensure that all the things make your paintball mask should be sufficiently strong that it can handle tear and wear and to prevent abuse and other uneven conditions.

Some people think that hard plastic would be resistant and powerful for a paintball mask but it can also cause stiffness without paintball bounces. Try to always purchase a high graded mask that is made with original durable material, use flexible and durable material but soft for long-lasting paintball mask. Always remember that a good mask always comes with a cover face area and skirt which is made with highly soft, flexible and strong material.

Dual pane lens is also a good factor for paintball mask instead of single lens that leads to the amazing durability of paintball mask.


Weight is another important factor for the user when he is going to purchase the paintball mask. You should always consider the lightweight mask so you would not compromise with your performance in the field of battle. Heavy weight always puts a huge burden on your face and affects your performance when you are playing a paintball game. A good lightweight paintball mask has 1-2 lbs weight that never lets you down when you fight against your opponents in the field.

Ear Protection:

You will also need to assess the ear protection of the paintball mask that you have checked before buying the mask. Always purchase such a paintball mask that can cover your ears while playing, because wet paintball when it hits your ear can cause harm to your body health. Padded paintball mask can help you for ear protection. It can easily absorb the strong shocks and make sure that your face is safe from paintball hits.  


Airflow is another important factor that you should consider while purchasing a reliable paintball mask. The mask should have a good ventilation system in front of the mask that helps you to breathe easily and communicate effectively with your teammate in the field of battle.

The good ventilated mask exhales the hot air generated by players from the mask while playing replaces it with the cold air and stays cool in the field of battle.

Ultraviolet Rays:

The Excess amount of UV rays from the sun can be harmful for the human body so the protection from ultraviolet rays is a vital section and module in the selection of paintball masks. The players play the whole day and can be exposed to the sun and get harmful effects from the to their eyes, so it is necessary for us to find such paintball masks that cable to protect the face and eyes from injurious UV rays. Ensure that your hobby is not damaging you. 

Fog Resistance:

During playing, The regular fogging on the paintball mask is more irritating than ever, which compromises with your safety. Fog can cause severe damage to your chin when it blocks your visibility while playing. The professional paintball mask has a thermal coated lens which protects it from fog and makes your vision clear in the field.


What is the Difference Between a Thermal Lens and an anti-fog Lens?

A thermal lens is designed to reduce the amount of fog that forms inside the mask. Anti-fog lenses are also designed to reduce fogging, but they work differently.

In a dual-pane lens, the space between the two panes traps air and the temperature of that air changes as it draws heat from the inner pane and releases it to the outer pane. This function balances the temperature difference between all the panes and reduces the possibility of fogging.

Does Toothpaste Prevent Fogging?

Applying toothpaste on the paintball mask to prevent fogging is not an authentic method, it can cause scratches on the mask. Prevent fog in a proper way, preferably using an anti-fog coating or a microfiber cloth.

Does anti-fog Coating Last for a Long Time?

Anti-fog coating is a temporary solution and lasts for 3 to 4 months but is considered to be the best and more reliable method than others.

How Long Does a Dual-Pane Thermal Lens Last?

Dual-pane thermal lenses are a great investment because they last for a long time, but it depends on the user how carefully they use them or how they protect them from scratches after use. I have been using a thermal lens for 1.5 years and am very careful about its protection as it protects me during the game. 

What is the Difference Between a GRS Strap and a Regular Adjustable Strap?

A GRS strap is more comfortable and flexible, players can easily adjust the tension with the dial to suit their needs. A normal strap does not offer enough flexibility to accommodate the pressure.

What is Tri-Layer Density Foam Technology?

The paintball mask uses triple-layer density foam technology that provides comfort and protection to players throughout the game.

There is an inner layer, a middle layer and an outer layer, the inner layer provides protection to the head and face, the middle layer fits the mask to your shape, the outer layer is very soft which not only comforts but also relaxes the skin. 

Can You Use a Gas Mask for Paintball?

No, a gas mask doesn’t offer enough protection compared to paintball goggles/helmets, and it is better to use the thing for which it is intended because it is made keeping in mind its need.

Are Mesh Masks Safe for Paintball?

Always use equipment that is specifically made for paintball, of course other masks may not protect you as well.


With the extream research of our teammate, we discuss different types of paintball masks and we are confident that these masks are the best anti fog paintball mask. We highlight cheaper masks as well as expensive one but we never compromise with the quality. With our mentioned feature, specification and reviews you can easily make a decision to buy the mask. We have mentioned here all data regarding the products so you feel relaxed and free from the research. 

In conclusion, I recommend you the high rated paintball mask is Dye Precision i5 Thermal that provides you fog free visibility, distortion free, top-notch ventilation, good breathability, amazing communication, top level face protection and specially a great investment for champions.

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