Best Protected Paintball Mask – Beginner to Expert Guide

While playing a game you don’t feel comfortable with your existing paintball mask ? and want the best paintball mask ? Yes, you have reached the right place. Clarity in sound quality, visibility, easy breathing and face comfort are very important factors for a paintball mask which help to keep you in the game for a long time. It can be done by quick look at our reviews of secure and restful equipment. If you are a beginner in paintballing and you don’t have any idea which feature of a gear could make the game easier for players, I am going to show you a proper outfit that not only gives you clear visibility but also prevents you from various impacts.

Here we present the top 12 paintball masks after wearing and testing 72 masks that will be handy for any paintball game lover whether he is a beginner or an expert. We found a highly comfortable padded and little bit expensive paintball mask for professional players which is Empire EVS. We also have a mask which provides a clean view in fog and rainy conditions. So if you are just starting out then we will guide you to look at our collection of the best masks that have been used by our team in paintballing thus you can make a good decision for yourself when you are purchasing.

Now what are you waiting for ? Let’s have a quick review on them.

Most Recommended Paintball Mask

Editors Choice

Empire EVS
  • Customaizable
  • Ventilation
  • Thermal Lens

Best Overall

BunkersKing CMD
  • Visor
  • Distortion free
  • Anti-Fog

High End

Dye i5 goggle
  • GSR Pro strap
  • Anti-fog Lens
  • eVoke Wireless




Top 12 Paitnball Masks Review 2023 Comparison Table

Image Product Details   Price
empire-evs Empire EVS – Editor’s Choice Color: Black
Brand: Empire
Size: One Size
Check Pice
virtue vio extend Virtue VIO Extend Brand: Virtue
Color: Black
Frame Material: Silicone
Check Price
Bunkerkings-CMD-Paintball-Goggles Bunkerkings CMD Paintball Mask Brand: Bnkr Kings
Color: Black Acid
Frame Material: Polycarbonate
Lens Material: Polycarbonate
Check Price
Dye-i5-Paintball-Goggle Dye I5 Thermal Paintball Mask Brand: Dye
Color: Storm 2020
Dimensions LxWxH: 13 x 11 x 9 inches
Lens Coating: Anti-Fog Coating
Check Price
Dye-i4-Paintball-Goggle Dye Precision I4 Thermal Color: Black
Brand: Dye
Item Weight: 0.3 Kilograms
Dimensions LxWxH: 9.06 x 7.09 x 6.3 inches
Check Price
Push-Unite-Paintball-Mask Push Unite Paintball Mask Color: Red Camo
Brand: Push Paintball
Style: Adjustable
Lens Coating: Anti-Fog Coating
Check Price
Empire-E-Flex-Paintball-Mask Empire E-Flex Color: Black Check Price
Virtue-VIO-Paintball-mask Virtue VIO Ascend Brand: Virtue
Color: Lime Emerald
Style: Flexible
Dimensions LxWxH: 8.43 x 8.43 x 7.09 inches
Check Price
V-Force-Profiler-Paintball-Mask V-Force G.I. Grill Goggles Vision: 260Degree
Full Coverage design
Check Price
JT-SPECTRA-FLEX-8 JT SPECTRA FLEX 8 Comfort and Versatility
260Degree field of vision
Check Price
Tactical-Military-Ballistic-Helmet Tactical Military Ballistic Helmet Size: 21.2-25.2″
Color: BK
Recommended Uses For: Airsoft
Check Price
G1-Sportz-Grill-Mask G1 Sportz Grill Mask Brand: GI Sportz
Color: Black
Frame Material: Rubber
Ultraviolet Light Protection: No
Check Price

1- Empire EVSEditor’s Choice

The main specialty of this mask is clear vision which gives you the best experience throughout the game, even if you are playing in a roomy interior. Its spherical lens increases the focus of athletes who wear glasses and do not want to pinch their frames, its rubber material gives flexibility from any angle. 

The light weight of the product is the first choice of every athlete in sports to go for long innings without any irritation or fatigue. For facial protection, the key factors that athletes demand in masks are moisture protection form, the thermo-formed for the ears, and fit strap (nonslip) for head, fortunately it meets the needs of players with its triple density face form.

It may not be your long-term partner, many players say that its durability is at most three times and then the foam on top of it starts to separate and you need to replace it again. If you are looking for a mask to wear with glasses and can ignore other faults like top and bottom foam, you can go with it. 

The ASTM property of this lens provides special protection to the eyes and glasses and prevents reflective and UVA rays. Its innovative design covers your entire face and is designed to help you breathe comfortably, hear well and talk.

I have heard, some players get problems with various masks in the field while putting them on their face. But I personally used Empire Evs many times and I never felt any problem. In Empire EVS I think the only drawback is their foam which wears out over time and we need to replace or glue it.


  • Anti-Reflective Coating
  • Fast and easy lens removal system
  • Fogless (good focus)
  • Best for glasses wearers
  • Triple Density face foam
  • 270-degree field of vision


  • Short life
  • Echo Less
  • Doesn’t fit on nose at start

Our Opinion:

We recommend Empire EVS for glasses wearers due to its lens clearity and rubberized material that doesn’t affect the face and frame. It also protects them from ultraviolet rays and gives comfort from every aspect like breathing, listening and hearing. Its light weight is a big factor that forces us to buy this mask ignoring the small flaws.

2- Virtue VIO ExtendBest Professional Mask

If you are more concerned about the performance and safety of your game at the same time, and want to use the same products that expert players do, then you should use this mask. It is a complete protective mask with a wide range of dimensions, which is comfortable even for players with big heads. Yes, size matters a lot in my opinion. It helps in many stages like getting a good view on all sides, breathing well, talking, listening etc. But it is not recommended for people with small heads because it does not fit them well. 

Along with great size, it also has a hydrophobic coating lens that prevents fogging and rays and gives a good sight view. Large size also helps to quickly change the lens with a specially integrated lock without wasting too much time. 

It is designed with light weight and high quality materials including premium plastic and foam that are comfortable and long lasting. It also offers the option to upgrade as needed with Google Strips, Advanced Chromatic Lens, Anti-Fog Dual Pan Thermal Lens. That means you can add these features to suit your budget and affordability.


  • Anti-Reflective Coating
  • Good Airflow, Air Ventilation System
  • Scratch-resistant, Anti-reflective, and anti-fog
  • Hinge lock for lens


  • Doesn’t offer a visor
  • Highly paid

Our Opinion:

Since it is so durable, you can invest in it once and get long lasting comfort without compromising on performance. It is the best and always recommended choice of pro players with all the features and quality like flexible size, multicolor, air ventilator, anti-fog, scratch resistance, safety and much more. Believe me, it really deserves loveable feedback because I didn’t feel fog after playing paintball in an outdoor field for 4 hours in a row under 40 degrees temperature, I love it. Highly recommended.

3- Bunkerkings CMD Paintball Mask/Goggles

This is the premium version of all masks with a microfiber contact layer which is used to dry the paint from the mask and keep it always fresh. In our last tournament, my teammates and I personally used Bunker Kings and found it unique in every way whether we talk about a design or features. I’m not a pro but I felt safe throughout the game with this mask, I didn’t feel the fog, the air exhaust holes provide a good level of breathing which is the most preferable thing of every newbie and expert player.

Bunker Kings worked with its best feature Bounce Flex Zones to protect players who absorb impacts, and the interior is designed with a perfect balance between geometry and material. Geometry is good for hearing because it is echo friendly and distraction free and prevents all the things that can bother you during the game. 

The multi-shade screen gives you the best look and confidence to play a game like a pro, you can easily speak and hear with holes in its ears and around the mouth. Its fitting is very wide and flexible with a soft silicone chin strap that gives a strong and tight grip without putting pressure on the head, so it is useful for every physique.


  • Made with Polycarbonate
  • Soft silicone chin grip for a strong fit
  • Breathability level is good
  • Multi Shade Colors
  • Anti-echo geometry and materials
  • Micro visor for Glare reducing & scratch resistant


  • Little Bit Expensive

Our Opinion:

No doubt, it is a different product from any other goggles, it properly worked on ventilation system, flexibility, grip and looks too. Its micro visor improves performance by reducing glare and resistance, that is enough to go for it. It is made with polycarbonate that is a special shield of protection for these types of games and workplaces. Looking at each aspect, I would advise you to use it in your next game.

4- Dye I5 Thermal Paintball MaskBest in the Market

Dye has introduced a new product after I4 which has a lot of great features in terms of material quality, performance, design and technology. They improved the features that people complained about in the I4, adding some more features using their marketing and gaming experience. 

They use the best and the finest thermal layer in the I5 to protect against fog, so that the players do not feel any deterioration in any weather conditions. Compared to the i4, they are more capable of clear vision, for which they used 290 degree Horizon lenses that provide double protection to eyes and ears and a crystal clear vision. 

It has a very long life as it is made of such a good material that even if it is thrown 50 times from a height, it will not be damaged except by scratches. To secure our heads, they have installed a GRS Pro technology that locks the mask tightly around our heads and grips according to our fitting size. 

They used a multi-directional ventilation system and an e-Voke wireless communication system, especially for Woodsball players, to hear and speak well. It was helpful for any pro player who was serious about his game and became popular in a very short time.


  • e.VOKE wireless air sync
  • Multi-direction venting system
  • Dyetanium lens
  • Customizable
  • Adjustable strap to fit any size


  • Expensive

Our Opinion:

Be sure to use this mask if you consider yourself a pro player for paintball and woodsball, you may not find as many features as they are providing in any other brand or specs. Durable, capable, customizable, e.VOKE wireless air sync system and easy to take off the Dyetanium lenses, isn’t there something you’re looking for and not in this mask? It’s all in one product. After me, It is also one of my teammate favorite mask which we used for the first time when our match was fixed with the opponent Desk Champions team.

5- Dye Precision I4 ThermalBest High End Paintball Mask

It is considered one of the best to buy with all the merits and desires of any pro player. No one can beat its scratch-less and thermal lens quality that it provides to prevent fog in any extreme environment to play frequently. Timing is very important in every game, so just by pressing two tabs you can change the lens in seconds and start defending your enemy. 

It is good from any aspect if we compare it with Dye I5, my most favorite quality of this goggle is dual-stage foam used to absorb the shocks, moisture and sweat that is irritating and disturbing for any player, so we can say that it’s comfortability level is good. 

Till now, No one complained about its safety measures, it protects eyes from rays and gives 290 degree clear vision with a hard coat thermal lens. From the ears to the jaw, the blended shape with impeccable protection makes it unique from other brands. 

The size of this mask is quite enough which counts among the good features because anyone likes to play without any distortion and softness. It keeps your glasses secure and foam will protect the frames from every angle. The large size does not increase its weight as it is made of a material that makes it soft and easy to carry for a long time.


  • Dual Stage Foam
  • Soft, flexible, and extremely lightweight
  • Thermal lens
  • Most protected
  • Reasonable price
  • ASTM Certified


  • Carry bag not available
  • No POV mount

Our Opinion:

It is the most rated and best selling product, according to a conservative estimate every Dye fan has used this version (I4) and gave positive feedback. It provides each and everything that any regular player demands for security and efficient game performance. Anyone can go for it but most preferable for those who have a short head.

6- Push Unite Paintball MaskAdvanced Technology Mask

The Unite Mask comes with the correct adjustment of the bridge of the nose to cover a sensitive part of your face with the opposite hit. It has a unique Nose Bridge adjustment standard that fits all nose sizes, and can be set using the Allen tool if you feel uncomfortable in a match.

In addition to fitting, it has 16 ventilation holes to keep players cool in hot weather. Provide extra breathing comfort while running and shooting on the field, or multiple holes help improve communication with your partner to determine your goal.

The mask comes with the best seal to protect your face from hot air, sand particles and fog, all of which are necessary to easily defeat our opponents.

It has a soft cup formed to cover your ear from sudden side angle hits and help to listen to the clear voice of our companion for communication.

The Push Unit mask has an optically correct spherical lens that helps protect your eyesight when the paint covers your lens and causes vision problems. It gives you a quick change lens retention system When paint covers your lens from all sides and disturbs your vision.


  • 16 ventilation holes for air exhaustence
  • Optical spherical lens
  • Quick change Release system
  • Nose Bridge adjustment


  • Limited Color Option

Our Opinion:

From expert review, this mask has multi-level functionality for all pro and beginners players to spend long durations in the field, it carries an amazing nose adjustment bridge which helps for easy breathing during the running, optical spherical lens for wide angle vision and extra comfort ventilation holes to eliminate fog and impressive air flow.

I suggest you buy it to improve your performance and give your opponents a hard time on the field.

7- Empire E-FlexBest Visibility Paintball Face Mask

Every Empire product guarantees you comfort and safety in every aspect with its high quality materials and flexibility. It is designed in such a way that you do not face any difficulty during the game, you can breathe well, speak well, hear well and do not even feel the fog. 

All of the things that make you comfortable and enhance your performance include lenses that can be easily replaced, cleaned, and paint that doesn’t get into your face from anywhere which can hurt you, and it’s all available in this mask.

For better and wider exposure, they provide thermal lenses that are considered the best with anti-fog, scratchless, distortion free and UV protection properties. 

If we are talking about who should use this mask then we recommend using it to people who have big heads and they can handle it properly, although to get grip, It has a strong strap, but it is not suitable for small players, because size and weight are important for good sports.

Among all the features of a paintball mask, one thing that attracts me toward itself most is its comfort level and the foam used in it is super soft and you feel like your head is in a very relaxing environment. When I wear it I feel that there is no weight on me, it is very light weight. One more thing that I would like to add here is their faceplate which is very flexible as it is made of rubber material and it helps in aiming well while using the gun.


  • Thermal lens with zero optical distortion
  • Vents system
  • Face Skirt
  • Hypo-allergenic Foams
  • flexible rubber faceplate


  • Limited color choices

Our Opinion:

As we said it is not for small players, there is no other mistake or compromise for other players that will force you to leave this standard product, it is good and recommended for anyone who has a good budget and they want to buy some unique and quality masks.

8- Virtue VIO AscendUV Protective Mask

Within a reasonable price range this mask gives you various things including safety, flexibility, visibility and most importantly performance. The most attractive thing is its design and vast collection of multi shade colors. It offers you to add or remove features accordingly, such as you can quickly change the lens, adjust your straps according to your size and tightness, use the fan and much more. You can say that Virtue VIO Ascend is the best paintball mask for the money.

It is designed so that you can use it in a variety of places, such as speed ball, woods ball, indoor, outdoor, its 18 lens version, 16 stealth fan versions, and 32 straps can be helpful and useful anywhere. Isn’t that an attractive thing?

It provides distortion free extra vents to keep an eye on players safety to breath well and gaming performance to speak and listen well. It is the second hot selling product among others due to its durability and protective inner and outer soft foam material.

There is not much difference between E-Flex and VIO Ascend in pricing and features, it’s up to you which one you can select. You can choose one based on the design and color combination according to your taste, I have tried both of them and achieved perfection each time.


  • Less weight
  • Hydrophobic Coating Lens
  • 100% UV protected
  • Good Ventilation System
  • Customizable


  • No ear pads
  • Fewer color options than VIO Extend
  • Single-piece body

Our Opinion:

If we repeat that it provides 18 lens versions, 16 stealth fan versions, and 32 straps then none of the others are good in this price range. You can buy this single piece and can use it in all places, no need to buy separate masks for speedball and woodsball.

9-  V-Force G.I. Grill Goggles


One of the most interesting and important things I have found in this mask is the VFlector forehead bounce panel for forehead protection, which means that they are aware of the health of their users. The only benefit you can get from this amazing element is safety, you can never get a severe head shock which is not uncommon. As well as safety, it also helps you to have a long lasting and good performance in your sport.

Its exterior looks great with the best color combinations and styles that give you a unique look among other players. It is equipped with an excellent ventilation system to provide better resources for easy breathing and exit during sports. 

This is a very comfortable mask with customization options, you can easily attach and remove each individual part of it. This is the best choice for entry level beginner players, its design and weight mostly attract them because they do not want to cover the whole head.


  • Light Weight
  • Unique shape
  • Anti-fog and Anti-scratch lens
  • Frame made of rubber and plastic


  • Not a glasses friendly
  • Not for big heads

Our Opinion:

Entry level people can use this mask if they want to take their game to the next level, as it never interferes with your game. With this lens you can see your vision clearly and you can easily achieve your goal by targeting your enemy. It is also good for those who want to get good material products on a low budget.


At no extra cost, the brand offers more features in its masks, including full head coverage with high quality soft material. This is great for people who want extra protection and safety without putting a strain on their pockets. You can focus on your game without any extra stress like fogging, UV rays, clear vision which affect your performance.

Its visor is the best source of attention for buying this mask, as it provides 260 Vision which is an essential part of the game so that no one can escape your gaze. In addition to the Visor, it has a removable double venting layer and 2 fan system for better breathing and also keeps you cool in woodsball.

It is like a helmet which is good in size and light in weight, players can comfortably wear glasses too inside it. It’s a good, long-term investment in yourself and your game. 

I personally used this mask for 4 to 5 hours even in the rainy season, I did not feel any fog compared to other athletes who are using different brands of masks. I’ve got a simple problem that my ear hurts from putting on and taking off the mask, but we can ignore it, where we are getting so much goods.


  • Full head protection
  • Effective for woodsball
  • Reasonable price
  • 260-degree wide vision
  • Lightweight
  • Hypoallergenic super-comfortable face foam


  • The space between the mirror and the mask is a bit narrow

Our Opinion:

This is a great option for those who do not need glasses inside the mask as the interior space is somehow narrow. This is a full option mask with double venting layers, fan system and full head coverage, we don’t need to buy anything separately.


11- Tactical Military Ballistic Helmet – Best Value Mask

Ballistic Helmet Comes with full head coverage to protect your head or face from paintball fire. It secures your sensitive parts, eyes, nose, forehead, ears, head and chin from wide- angle opponents’ targets.

This is manufactured in two parts, the first one is helmet which gives you complete head coverage in airsoft match from the opponents hitters, and the second one is full-face mask coverage that protects your facial parts from opponents paintball fire. The best part is that you can separate the helmet and the mask, if you are a pro-player  and can play by choosing one of them.

Furthermore, its modular military design makes you feel like a military soldier who is always standing on top of a mountain to protect you from enemies. They are designed for adult athletes only because they are too heavy for the child to enjoy.

This helmet has multiple color variants like BK, TAN, OG, GY but it looks beautiful just as in TAN because it gives a soldier feel.


  • Amazing Color Collection
  • Exchangeable lens
  • Good Quality  Nylon Fiber Material


  • Heavy-weight (1.45 Kilogram)
  • Tensioner did not properly work

Our Opinion:

If you are a beginner I suggest you to buy this helmet just because of its extra cover protection for your whole face and head. It comes with super built-in features like modular design, exchangeable lens, deformable open mask, high corrosion resistance and many more which are enough for your safety and comfort and help out in all wargames, airsoft, paintball and other outdoor activities. Just buy and enjoy it.

12- G1 Sportz Grill Mask

G1 has a super comfortable grill that makes you easy to breathe and enhances your overall performance throughout the field. Its ventilation exhaust pro-grills create a proper airflow system which keeps you fresh and distortion free in every worst weather.

It comes with multiple color variants for both body and lens to give a unique look from others. G1 sportz use different color lenses like rainbow, sunny, transparent and many more but most of the people like their transparent color because others provide a dummy look. But every color of the body is unique except white because it gets dirty very quickly. 

In addition, its sleek spherical lens provides peripheral vision against the sun’s rays and eliminates fog to clear your visibility at wide angles. Also, its 3D lens provides 160 degree horizontal and 260 Degree vertical vision in rainy weather without any distortion.

Featuring this mask, you can divide it into 3 pieces (mask, lens and form) which help to make it easy to clean and change. They cover the lens with film to protect it from scratches.


  • Uses sleek Spherical lenses
  • Cutting edges
  • Lightweight
  • Super pro-grills
  • Quick Dry Swap Foam system


  • Goggles are less friendly

Our Opinion:

With my personal experience, this mask is durable, efficient, comfortable and protected to keep you safe in airsoft matches or other outdoor activities. Its extra pro-grill feature makes your ventilation process smooth during running in the field. Sportz grill mask has built-in visor sleek spherical lens which keep fog away from line of sight.

I suggest that if you are a beginner and want to be a champion, just go and buy this product that carries multiple features to make you champion from loser.

Most Functional Buying Guide for the Best Paintball Mask

Before choosing the best paintball mask, you need to look at some features and attributes, which we have described below. 

Paintball Mask Vision and Focus

Vision is an important factor whose quality cannot be compromised, it helps to enhance the performance of the game, so you need to buy a mask that protects your eyes as well as provides a very clear and wide range of vision. Visibility depends upon the lens, the better the lens, the clearer the visibility and it will help you to target your opponent even at greater distances.

Hearing and Comfort

You need to choose a mask that will not affect your hearing, to plan with your teammates and to hear your surroundings clearly. You should choose masks that are slightly larger in size that provide you with a suitable space between the ear and the inner foam so that you do not experience any discomfort while putting up and removing the mask. 

Breathability & The Fog Factor

A major factor in the destruction of our vision is that the mask does not provide much breathability. Of course we don’t want to lose our game because of this factor, it’s obvious that you can’t pay full attention to the game and the opponents when you feel blurry. You exhale when you play, so your mask should be good enough to allow you to breathe properly and not suffocate. 

Head & Eye Health

We play for fun, not injury, so different gears are recommended for safety. We have to make sure that they are able to save and protect us throughout the game. Our head and eyes are very delicate and should be covered with a protective paintball mask that can protect them without disturbing our hearing and vision.


Low weight is effective for any goggle to facilitate running, jumping, or any other physical activity. The maximum recommended weight is 1.5 pounds which is helpful for any player to play long innings. Without compromising on quality, you should choose a lightweight mask that will not tire you out and affect your sport.   


If you are making a good investment and are going to buy 100$ + products, you should keep an eye on the maximum warranty factor to save your money. If after your personal inspection you find any manufacturing defect, you have the right to claim it on the basis of warranty


Beginners or under 18 players should wear a full coverage mask for protection, as many areas of paintball also do not allow players to play without a full mask. Protecting vulnerable parts from heavy hits and other hazards is a good step. 

Visor UV Protection

Take care of your eyes and be sure to use a UV protected mask without any compromise. With the safety of players in mind, some brands focus on improving visor quality to protect the eyes and skin from paint, water and UV rays. 


Material and design should be our first priority, many things are affected by this factor. It should be high quality and lightweight, my team personally likes to use rubber masks that help to protect us and do not affect our performance. The main concern is the foam which should be doubled in layers which can easily absorb the impact and sweat so that we feel cool. The material also enhances the durability of any product, we talked about the mask (Dye I5) that its material is so good, even if we throw it from a height, there is no harm.


To prevent fog from lenses, which can damage your sight, a ventilation system should be fitted with a mask that will not only improve your vision or help you breathe. This is a source to pass warm air that should be in every mask so that the athlete does not feel short of breath while running and jumping. 

Holes should not be too large, they are good for better communication, but they can also cause paint to get into the mouth if you are not using a skirt. 

The Features of a Paintball Mask

Some main and important features that we cannot ignore, must be in the paintball mask that we are choosing for ourselves.


The average shooting speed of paintball guns is 300 feet per second, which is very high, at this speed paintballs hitting a man is not safe. If you have ever had such an experience or seen one in the field, you can imagine how deeply it leaves a mark on the body. So you have to choose a mask that can protect you from high-speed shots without breaking itself.

Scratch Resistance

Scratch resistance is a must-have feature in your chosen mask, don’t forget to consider it along with other features. It’s not in your hands to protect your mask from scratches when you accidentally fall on the field or bump into a player. A scratchless mask gives you more confidence to play more effectively on the field, and if the lens of your mask gets scratched, your vision will also be affected. 

Fog Resistance

Your fog mask is enough to beat you in this game, every time you breathe it gets more foggy and destroys your vision. Always choose an anti-fog paintball mask or mask with thermal lenses, there is no other solution, otherwise you need to spend more on anti fog sprays.

The Different Parts of aPaintball Mask

If you are choosing a mask for the first time, this section will help you learn about the parts of a paintball mask and how they are useful to us.


The bottom is the lower part of the mask that is used to protect your face from below the eyes to the neck. In most cases, masks fail to fully protect your neck, but covering your jawline is important. Keep in mind that there should be vents on the mouth area to allow for inhaling and exhaling well. 

Paintball Mask Lens

The paintball mask lens is everything and you can say that it is the most important element of the mask that not only protects your eyes but also allows you to see your target well. Some will be designed to use glasses that are suitable for people who wear eyeglasses, and also for those who want to use sunglasses to block UV rays. Make sure it allows you to quickly remove the lens if you want to clean it or replace it. Another important point that you should consider in a lens is its size and range of vision which can be at least 270 degrees for a good objective.   


As with other parts, your ears must be covered to protect against shots, so a mask should be large enough to cover your ears, not so tight that you have difficulty hearing. It is best if a mask provides you with ear padding that gives you comfort and allows you to communicate and hear well.

Chin Straps

For a good and fit grip, it is important to have a strap so that the mask does not slip off the head. Pros recommend double straps for horizontal and vertical adjustments that give your extra support from every angle. It is a great source of comfort and enjoy throughout the game.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Do People With Glasses Need A Special Type Of Mask?

There is no specific type of mask for glasses wearers, just choose a mask that is comfortable and has enough space for your glasses and gives you a full range of vision without distortion. If you are looking for one then you can read our article for more clarification. 

How Can I Clean A Paintball Mask?

You can use water, rags and lens cleaners that must be approved by your lens manufacturer, otherwise you may experience damage and scratches or fogging that destroys your vision. You can also read our article in detail.


Let’s conclude and decide based on all the features we talked about in the buying guide, a good mask should have all these features for effective performance and safety. We shared our reviews on the 12 best paintball masks we’ve personally tested on paintball areas in all weather conditions, then we were able to select from hundreds and give real reviews.
If we choose one of these 12 best masks, we suggest you buy Dye I5 and E-Flex which experts like to use. But you should buy one according to your body, like if you have a small head then you have to buy Dye Precision I4 Thermal, and if you have big head and wear glasses then the recommended mask is Empire EVS.

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