Best 8 Anti Fog Sprays for Paintball Mask Review 2023

The blurred image can lose your shots, that’s why anti fog spray for paintball masks should be available in every paintball gear bag while playing. Almost all people stress on paintball guns and they think that it is the most important product in a paintball game when they go to buy paintball gears. It does not  matter what gun or clothes you are using during the paintball, the paintball mask will be with you all the time.

 If you can’t see anything well then a paintball mask will be useless for you. To play well we need to maintain our paintball mask to take them into the field. For that purpose various types of paintball mask anti fog sprays and cleaners are available in the market and you have to choose the best one from the industry. Your paintball mask will not be good for you when you can’t see out of the lens due to its blurry screen. 

Some other items are also available which make the paintball mask anti fog for one day but it can damage your lens composition. This is normal when using anti-fog sprays on your lenses but actually they aren’t specifically for paintball. All experts use anti-fog spray and also advise other players to always keep anti fog spray in their gear bag for use in a timely manner.

We are here to represent the best anti-fog spray or lens cleaner for your paintball mask and we believe are beneficial for everyone. With our experience and surveys, we’ve successfully identified and included the top 8 sprays that can prevent fog and allow you to enhance your paintball game. 

Various factors depend on the clarity of the paintball mask lens which would be achieved if we use standard spray. For this we have listed the best sprays so that you can get your paintball mask anti-fog spray and stay clean and safe on the paintball field.


Editors Choice

Optix 55 Anti-Fog Spray
  • All-natural ingredients includes
  • Clarity Vision
  • Easy to use

Best Overall

Empire Anti Fog Bottle Spray
  • Long-Lasting
  • For All type of Lenses
  • Effective in Foggy Environment




1- Jaws Quick Spit Anti-Fog Spray

Our first recommendation is going with Jaws Quick Spit which is very amazing and easy to use anti-fog spray. It is a very safe product as it is formulated with non-toxic and natural ingredients, consumers like its overall performance and it has a good impression in my eyes personally. 

Since it is not specifically designed for paintball masks, experts have found good results in cleaning their masks with this spray, as it is able to provide a clear view and to prevent fog. The main purpose of this product is to clean and protect cars, windows and such glasses, so we can use it for our mask lenses without any fear. 

This is a very long lasting product as it provides 200+ pumps in a bottle, if we use each pump before and after the game so we can easily use it for 100 cleanings which is a good number. In fact, it’s like a thick gel that acts like a spray that applies to everything you want to prevent fog, even for plastic surfaces. 

This is an affordable and everlasting spray that most people prefer to use in a paintball game rather than anything else, so we recommend you use it.


  • Natural ingredients
  • 200+ pumps
  • Applicable for both plastic and glass
  • Works effectively to prevent fog


  • Might irritate eyes

Our Opinion

This is a suitable product to prevent fog in any situation or material whether it is plastic or glass, it works well for cleaning and giving a clear view. This is a very safe product because it is made with anti-allergic formulas which has no harm, it causes eye irritation when you do not know how to use it effectively. By using this spray you will never claim that you have a problem with fogging during paintball.

2- Optix 55 Anti-Fog Spray

Do you ever want to use a mask lens that doesn’t fog up without a fan? so it is recommended to use the sprays that help to prevent fog and provide clarity even in bad weather, Optix 55 is one of the best anti-fog sprays with standard properties.

It is a tested product in bathroom mirrors, swimming goggles, windshields and many other stages where fog is created. And found good results regarding getting clarity in all these surfaces, so it is recommended by pro players to use to clean the mask as well. It is also useful for times when you cannot see anything due to fog which has a bad effect on performance.

It is a very safe and effective product made from natural ingredients with no side effects. It doesn’t require much knowledge to use it, just spray it on the lens and rub it well and you will get fog-free vision throughout the game. It applies to all surfaces and all types of lenses, be it non-coating or AR coating. My team and I have personally used it many times and we have not felt any bad effect on ourselves or our competitors who are using it.


  • Can be used on all kinds of lenses
  • Easy and safe to use
  • Made with All-natural ingredients
  • Provides clarity vision
  • Suitable for wet and dry surfaces


  • Improper use provides limited results

Our Opinion

As this is an easy to use product which has a great impact, everyone can buy it and will definitely get better results. The main thing in such a product is the negative effect, but fortunately Optix 55 made from natural ingredients is safe for us. It is useful for coating and non-coating lenses and is able to provide clarity even in bad weather.

3- Splaqua Anti-fog Spray

This is an amazing discovery in the form of Splaqua which has the ability to prevent fog from lenses, glasses, goggles and other such products. It gives us lasting peace with clear vision and can fight all situations alone. 

You will be amazed at the immediate effect of its modest use, as it is very versatile and I like it because of its compatibility with camera lenses, glasses and other lenses. Apart from paintball, it is also very useful for swimming, snorkeling, skiing and other surfaces where fog is a big challenge, it helps to deal with blurring anywhere. 

It is available at a reasonable price which has excellent features that help it to prevent fog for a long time and you do not need to re-apply again and again. The formula of this product works effectively to clear the fog and other dirt sparkles that interfere with the game. It provides good overall performance with AR coating and non-coating lenses which is very beneficial for every user.


  • High defogging power
  • Reasonable price
  • Streak-free finish
  • Compatible with AR & non- AR coated lenses
  • Instant and long lasting results


  • Fonts with small instructions that are difficult to read

Our Opinion

This is a great investment as it ensures that its customers are protected from fog and dirt. This formula works well and gives a fog-free vision without any side effects, so it is recommended for anyone with bet. We are very confident about our recommendation as I have personally used it many times in paintball and swimming.

4- Z Clear Anti Fog Spray

In search of the best anti-fog spray, we found ZClear that meets our needs as it is well suited for different surfaces where fog removal is required. It is available in a very compatible bottle that you can keep in your pocket easily. 

With Z Clear you can get a wide angle view with clear visibility using sunglasses, eyeglasses, paintball masks and camera lenses, it helps to effectively prevent fog from all these products. 

You can feel safe because its formula works well to provide clarity by keeping all the surfaces clean and fog-free with only natural ingredients. In my case, I need to reapply after a few days to clean my mask, but it also helps to strengthen. 

With a lot of features, it’s still very easy to use and you can get effective results by spraying a little on the surface you want to clean and clear of fog. Rubbing or wiping it off the mask after each spray is a personal tip or essential element to keep it new.


  • Compact and travel-friendly bottle
  • Lightweight
  • Wide coverage
  • Suitable for all kinds of lenses
  • Simple to apply


  • Careful implementation is recommended

Our Opinion

It provides comfort and safety throughout the game. In paintball we can’t compromised with these factors. If you buy it, you will need to reapply it after a few days but it is a good habit that leads you to become a champion. This is not a difficult task, you can easily do it by spraying and rubbing cotton.

5- Empire Anti-Fog Bottle Spray (16 oz)

Everyone is familiar with the Empire brand, they also provide standard lens cleaners with masks which are very advanced in the market. Empire anti fog bottle spray is the choice of experts, they like to use it and recommend to others. Most of my paintball seniors are prefer for using this item. 

This spray has its own class and is very easy to apply for effective results. It is specially designed for paintball mask lenses and eyeglass cleaners so it works much better than others. It has more liquid than usual, so it works longer but another thing is a big bottle which is difficult to carry in a gear bag along with other products. This is a good investment if you are able to carry it easily, you should use this brand to get a wide range of clear view. 

The cleaning process is very simple, every beginner can apply it with just spray and cotton and it will look like a brand new lens that can work for a long time.


  • Specifically for paintball masks and goggles
  • 16 ounces liquid
  • Easy to apply
  • Long-lasting anti-fog effects


  • Bottle size is bigger

Our Opinion

Empire is a well-known brand and has many products, including masks, hoppers, tanks, etc, so they know the importance of clarity in paintballs and they present the best solution only for cleaning masks and glasses. In addition, they used their experience to take all the necessary precautions and designed a non toxic anti-fog spray to achieve clear vision for a long time.

6- Cressi Anti-Fog Spray

This is another popular and result oriented product called Cressi Spray which is used by my team members. I can say for sure that it will definitely satisfy you with its quality as it is made from pure natural ingredients which have no adverse effect on humans. This is a product that is always recommended by experts, you can use it if you want to enjoy a safe and clean environment.

This is the most suitable anti-fog spray, specially formulated for masks and eyeglasses, so it works well for a long time to provide fog-free vision. For less money you can get 350+ pumps in one bottle which can be spent in countless games more easily than others. This product gives us comfort with its durability and size which we can easily put anywhere, it does not run out quickly and we do not have to spend money again.

Here are some tips from our side on the use of cressi that are helpful in taking care of your mask effectively. Before wetting them, you have to spread it inside the lenses, and it is a good practice to apply it 30 minutes before the final use. We have taken these steps personally, so we suggest you do the same.


  • Pure and Natural ingredients
  • Hassle-free and convenient to carry
  • Perfect for outdoor activities
  • 350 pumps per bottle
  • Suitable for prescription lenses and plastic


  • Intended only for dry applications

Our Opinion

Within this price range, no one can provide more pumps in a single bottle, as it has many advantages along with quantity, and there is no major reason to leave it unattended. You can find the best anti-fog solution in a form of cressi spray which is easily accessible in the market.

7- iGK Anti-fog Spray

Empire Anti-Fog Bottle Spray

It should be your priority if you wanna get non-foggy vision in your mask lens, it has a great performance on all kinds of lenses. It will never let your investment go to waste as it also provides clarity on goggles that run the risk of accumulating fog. I found this product very versatile and compatible with both plastic and glass surfaces where fog is likely to occur, including sunglasses, VR lenses, swimming goggles and other eyewears.

I am convinced that this is a very safe product because its solution is formulated with a non-toxic formula which has no harmful effects on humans as well as lenses. It is available in the market in a 20 ml bottle which we can easily carry anywhere and it has enough solution which we use more than 120 times. 

By using this spray you can get a clearer view which is our main focus with the spray we are looking for. Best of all, it provides a lasting clarification on our paintball masks and we don’t have to re-apply again and again. But you need to be very careful to avoid any problem that is harmful to us because it feels very dry intermittently.


  • Easy to carry
  • Long-lasting anti-fog effects
  • Non-toxic formula
  • Suitable for glass and plastic surfaces
  • Applicable to all kinds of lenses


  • Seems to dry unevenly

Our Opinion

iGK has kept its promise and provided the safest solution and cleanest quality for every lens. It is a personally tested product and we can surely say that it is the most authentic spray to give non fog vision to their users.

8- Extreme Rage Paintball Anti-Fog 2 oz Lens Cleaner

Here is another most sought after lens cleaner that has excellent results in cleaning mask lenses as it is also specially designed for paintball masks. It is a very famous and experienced brand that has launched many products related to the game of paintball. 

Interestingly, this is a very competitive product with no lack of features. They offer a lot of liquid solutions in a normal sized bottle that is easy to carry even in the pocket. This cleaner is really great for cleaning masks and lenses without any blemishes. Basically, apply it as a finishing touch to your mask lens and it provides uninterrupted and long lasting vision. 

Overall, this anti-fog spray does exactly what it should do, such as clearing the scene and avoiding fog at the focal point and it has received very special feedback from users and is in high demand. 


  • Specifically designed for paintball masks and goggles
  • Easily Carryable
  • Long-lasting anti-fog results
  • Non-toxic formula


  • Improper use provides limited results

Our Opinion

This is another paintball company that has successfully launched many paintball products in the market so they have a great experience in providing comfort and clarity to their customers. They specially prepared their own solution specifically for cleaning mask lenses and achieved better results than other brands that offer cleaners for all surfaces such as windows and cars. So there is no doubt about investing in it.

Top 8 Anti Fog Spray for Paintball Masks

Image Product Details   Price
Group-1207 Jaws Quick Spit Brand: ‎Just Add Water
Color: 1 Ounce (Pack of 3)
Material: ‎Plastic
Check Price
Group-1224 Optix 55 Brand: ‎ Optix 55
Color: ‎2oz
Package Weight: ‎‎0.07 Kilograms
Check Price
Group-1256 Splaqua Surface Recommendation: Glass
Item Form:
Unit Count
: 1 Ounce
Check Price
Group-1215 Z Clear Brand: Z Clear
Scent: Unscented 
Item Form: Spray
Check Price
Group-1190 Empire Anti-Fog Bottle Spray Brand Name: ‎ ‎Extreme Rage
Package Weight: 0.9 Pounds
Check Price
Group-1237 Cressi Anti-Fog Spray  Brand: Cressi
Item Form: Spray
Item Weight: 60 Milligrams
Check Price
Group-1191 iGK Anti-fog Spray Brand: ‎IGK
Item Weight: 32 g
Check Price
Group 1244 Extreme Rage Lens Cleaner Item Weight: 0.1 Pounds
Brand Name:
Extreme Rage
Check Price

What to Look for in Anti-Fog Spray

Before finalizing the anti-fog spray, everyone should be aware of some important aspects (we have mentioned below). It will be beneficial for you if you consider these points properly.


In our daily life we need anti fog spray for various purposes like cleaning windows, car mirrors, windshields, motorcycle helmets etc. So we need to know what we are buying for, if our only goal is to clear the fog from the mask lens and nothing else. So we have to go with the brands that only make solutions specifically for paintballs, not multiple use sprays.


You should buy a spray according to your use, i.e. if your goal is to clean the lenses then you should buy a small size bottle which is enough for you. If you want to do more than one thing, it is advisable to buy a little bigger spray for lasting comfort. I personally buy two bottles, one for paintball and 2nd for other purposes, this is a good and recommended practice. A bottle is always in my gear bag.


Quantity depends on your regularity, if you are a regular player and play every week you should invest once and buy a big bottle, and if you play occasionally take a small bottle because it also provides enough pumps.

Hydrophobic Coating

The most important factor is the hydrophobic coating that we never have to compromise on and most people are not aware of. It works effectively to prevent moisture on the lens, and helps to provide clear vision. So whenever you decide to buy a spray, always remember that it must have a hydrophobic coating.

Impact on the Environment

Buying anti-fog sprays blindly can be harmful to our skin and the environment as they are made from chemicals that react badly. That’s why we always urge you to buy a non-toxic anti-fog spray that has no effect on anything, you can use it safely. You can’t buy spray based on high prices, they will be good, in fact we have experienced that some high priced spray are not good for us, so you have to be careful.

Buying Guide for Best Anti Fog Spray for Paintball Mask

Buying Guide for Best Anti Fog Spray for Paintball Mask

It is a good practice to know the factors that are important and cannot be compromised before buying any product. Here we have outlined the following factors that can help you buy the right product that will get you the desired results. Instead of wasting money and time on the wrong product, you should follow the points for the best anti-fog spray.  

Ease of use

Of course, the products that grab the most customer attention are the ones that are easy to use. Timing is the most important factor in paintball, we don’t need to use products that will waste us more time which will affect our performance. So when buying a spray, keep in mind that it should be easy to apply, within seconds.

Length of Effectiveness

It is not a good spray that only lasts for a few hours, you should consider a minimum effectiveness length of one day or more. Our main goal is to get clarity, if its effect is not good or lasting then why do we buy it? We never compromise on it.


The size of the bottle should not exceed 6ml to 10ml, more than that can be difficult to carry. It also impedes free movement as it is overweight which can make you tired quickly. The small size reduces the weight, which is good for our overall performance and it allows us to carry it easily anytime anywhere.

Customer Demand

You should always buy products from well-known brands because they value their customers and they know what their customers are demanding. They improve the quality day by day as per the requirement of the customer so that the best product can be provided without any defect. Our recommendation is with the Empire brand which has launched many products used in paintball and they have been very successful in providing quality materials.

Materials Used

The spray should be made of standard material that is effective for AR and non-AR coating lenses. The solution material should be able to prevent fog and dust for the whole day, we do not need to apply it again and again. It also affects our health and can cause any serious harm, so we should always use a spray that contains non-toxic substances, we feel safe from using it.


There are several types of anti-fog sprays that have their benefits and harms. You should choose the best anti-fog spray that has all the features mentioned above such as easy to apply, long lasting effectiveness, suitable for the users, appropriate size and made of non-toxic material. 

Only such a spray can fulfill the desire of consumers who are specially made for paintball and from a brand that has already launched many products used in paintball games and consumers trust them. To get a fog-free view in the mask we have to buy a separate spray, which convinces people that we can play better now and there is no reason to buy it if it does not clear our vision long lasting. 

The Empire brand is the one that knows how to provide effectiveness through spray, many experts recommend it because they meet all the needs of consumers. In addition, you should go with Optix 55 and Jaws Quick Spit Anti Fog Spray, both of which are personally used and are definitely able to give you comfort in all aspects.

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