Best 8 Thermal Lens Paintball Mask Review 2023 [Updated]

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Are you facing fog problems while playing paintball games ? and want to get rid of all these problems. I am a paintball game expert. I have come up with a solution in the form of the best thermal paintball masks which provide benefits to all big and initial level players. After comparing various products and my research work, I considered it a very safe and comfortable mask containing premium features which prevent the mask from fog and provide clear visibility without any distortion.

Here we enlisted the best 8 thermal paintball masks. These paintball masks are the best choice of our expert team and you will also like them. These masks have two special lenses: internal and external lenses, that work together to prevent the mask from fog and give you clear vision even in the worst case.
Let’s take a look at our best collection of paintball masks and review them. In our opinion.


Editors Choice

  • Anti Fog KLR Thermal lens
  • Rapid Lens Change
  • Affordable Price

Best Overall

Empire E Mesh
  • e.VOKE wireless air sync
  • Multi-layer foam
  • GSR pro strap system

Top 8 Thermal Paintball Masks 2023 Comparison Table

Image Product Details   Price
Virtue-VIO-Paintball-mask Virtue VIO Ascend Brand:  Virtue Paintball
Style: Flexible
Lens Coating: Hydrophobic Coating
Check Price
Dye-i5-Paintball-Goggle DYE I5  Brand:  Dye
Color: Storm 2020
Dimensions: 13 x 11 x 9 inches
Lens Coating: Anti-Fog Coating
Check Price
Base-Paintball-Mask BASE Paintball Goggle Brand: BASE
Color: Greenworks
Note: Can move freely while
clearing leaves and debris.
Check Price
Empire-E-Mesh Empire E-Mesh Brand: Empire Paintball
Color: Blue – Thermal Mirror Blue Lens
Frame Material: Silicone
Check Price
Dye-i4-Paintball-Goggle Dye Precision i4 Brand: Dye
Color: Dirty Bird
Style: Flexible
Frame Material: Rubber
Check Price
JT-SPECTRA-FLEX-8 JT Spectra Flex 8 Brand: JT
Color: ‎Olive
Material: Plastic
Item Weight: 1 Pounds
Check Price
: Blackout Neon Green
: Adjustable
Lens Coating Description
: Anti-Fog Coating
Check Price
V-Force-Profiler-Paintball-Mask V-Force profiler Brand: V-Force
: Blackout
: Adjustable
Lens Coating Description
: Anti-Fog Coating
Check Price




1- Virtue VIO Ascend Thermal Mask


There are hundreds of reasons why you select the Virtue VIO Ascend Thermal Mask as your attacking mask. Virtue provides various features to players such as design, comfort, high visibility and breathing in an affordable price range.
It would not be wrong to say that virtue vio is an excellent custom paintball mask, because it is a great combination of crystal clear vision, reliability, flexibility and anti fog properties.

It is nice in size, you can feel comfortable with the glasses and you will never feel any scene blurred due to fog as it has been tested and has got good results in 100 degree high humidity heat. Its dual pan thermal lens is resistant to UV rays and this lens works well even in dark and shady places and gives you clear visibility. 

With all the premium features it became popular in a very short time and became a hot selling product, it demands a one time investment and gives lasting durability. Another very helpful feature that players like the most is the easy to replace lens which takes just a few seconds to remove which saves their time.


  • Budget-friendly
  • Fully customizable
  • Protective and comfortable
  • Dual Pane Thermal Lens


  • Limited color options

Final Verdit

Our quick summary is in the favour of the Virtue Vio Ascend mask because it is a great budget friendly mask and after using their thermal lens we reached out that it provides clear and good exposure while playing the game. With good visibility and comfort you feel easy and secure. It’s my personal choice.

2- DYE I5 Thermal Paintball Mask


Dye introduced its new product in the form of Dye I5 paintball mask with various new properties, they improved the quality by learning from past experiences and customer reviews. Dye i5 paintball masks have a double thermal layer to reduce the fog and provide a wide range of enhanced visibility. On the other hand other player’s masks face a fog during the game and they are unable to see their enemies.

Dye i5 is the best paintball mask in the market, you will play with easy mode when you wear it. It uses thermal “dyetanium” lense which provide more comfort and visibility to players. Dye I5 is one of those best paintball masks that provide prevention from ultraviolet rays coming from the sun. UV rays can destroy your eyes if you don’t care for them, even during cloudy days the UV rays penetrate the clouds and hit your eyes. Make sure that you protect your eyes from harmful ultraviolet rays so that you can play paintball for years with safety.

Dye i5 has a Horizon 290 degree lens that works perfectly to provide authentic and clear vision and is designed to cover our face completely and provide full protection to our eyes from UV Rays.
The Dye i5 paintball mask is made of sturdy material and it is strong enough to protect your head from speedy paintballs. It never interrupts your performance because it works with an e.Voke system that is wireless which enables the players to alert them regarding the real time situation of a paintball game.

It also informs how much paintballs left, how much time is left and your elimination records.
You will find that it is the best paintball mask for big heads and large faces so this product is recommended for all those who want to play like a pro.


  • e.VOKE wireless air sync
  • Glasses compatibility
  • Multi-direction venting system
  • Dual-pane anti-fog lens
  • Durable product with high impact resistance
  • Breathability and ventilation is good
  • Multi-layer foam
  • GSR pro strap system


  • Only for Big Heads

Final Verdit

It has a lot of features attached so it is a bit big in size and can only be recommended for big head players, everything else is good including visibility, protection, eco friendly, distortion free and adjustable GSR Pro Strip system which gives comfort all the time. Most of the senior players in our team prefer and recommend using this mask more than anyone else.

3- BASE Paintball Goggle


Here is another standard mask with various unique features and functions that is commendable. This is a complete coverage mask that is a good element for our safety and protection. You can play a long game with this mask because it is very comfortable, which we get from its adjustable strap, and the strap has extra features like it never slips and provides a strong grip. 

There is a molded visor which is very helpful for us as it protects the lens and reduces glare to give us a smooth game. At a reasonable price you can get an excellent thermal paintball mask made of hard plastic with various facilities which are good for us such as chin strap, removable form etc. Because of its exceptional performance throughout the game in terms of safety, comfort and visibility, everyone, including me, is amazed after using it. 

It’s amazing ventz system allows us to breathe easily and well, you can hear and communicate without any distortion. That is why this thermal lens is protected from fog and gives clear vision due to the constant flow of air. And the amazing thing is that you can change the lenses and it will never take long. I have a personal attachment to this mask because it is good and lucky for me, I have won many games because of its merits.


  • Adjustable Strap
  • Sturdy molded visor for protection
  • Contoured profile
  • Optical Clarity
  • Built-in Visor


  • Changing the lens color could affect glare

Final Verdit

This is the most recommended product for any beginner as I also started with it and it proved to be very helpful in enhancing my game. Its adjustable strap will give you a strong and tight grip that will not allow the mask to slip, and stay you focused on the game. Its anti-fog lenses and vents are good for breathing and communication and at the same time they give clear vision without any disturbance.

4- Empire E-Mesh Airsoft Goggle System


This is another very suitable mask for paintball as well as airsoft, with an impressive shape and a standard lens. Not only is this a stylish mask but it also has a lot of quality factors that are beneficial for us to enhance our performance without any compromise. 

First of all, a very important element is the dual pane thermal lens which is sufficient to provide a clear vision and to fight against all kinds of optical distortion. It gives you a clear view from a wide angle and prevents fog on the screen, which is an important factor in a paintball to hit the right shot. 

The mesh skirt is a unique element I have not found in any other mask, attached to the bottom of it, which is intended to help players communicate clearly with their peers. I like this element because it makes me feel better breathing and keeps my temperature in balance. 

To maintain our comfort, it offers a strap with silicone beads which is beneficial to auto adjust our mask in one place and we do not need to fix it again and again, doing so is an annoying thing  and can ruin the game. In addition, its thermo foam pieces give us good inner peace and protection of our face.


  • Anti-fog lens
  • Good for paintball and airsoft
  • Mesh Skirt for breathing and communication
  • Stylish Look
  • Strap with silicone beads


  • Not ideal for indoor games

Final Verdit

It completely solved our problem of fog on any sunny / overcast day because fog is a big problem and it is enough to ruin our performance but you will never complain after using it. This mask provides full coverage to protect your face and its straps are useful for fitting like any other expensive mask. The thermo foam is also very useful for protecting our weak organs as protection is very important for any newbie or expert.

5- Dye Precision i4 Thermal Paintball Mask/Google

The popularity of the i4 has not diminished since its arrival, it is still a very preferred mask among mid-level and new players as it offers a lot of comfort, safety features. The main feature that adds to its purchase ratio is its thermal lens which is scratch proof and able to prevent fog and give clear vision in any situation. The lens replacement system works efficiently and we can do it in seconds by pushing the small tabs attached to both sides. 

It has a removable dual stage foam that works for our comfort by absorbing all the shocks, moisture and sweat to keep our body cool and we play with full attention without any disturbance. Comfort is just as important as any major factor that enhances our performance or impact on our sport.

It offers a clear and 290 degree peripheral view which is considered as an important element in paintball for keeping an eye on enemies and making excellent shots. As well as being clear, it is also very useful for eye protection as it is made of thermal coating material which protects our eyes from rays.

It is available in large sizes and is useful for everyone, even those who like to play with glasses, because it has a soft foam inside which makes us feel comfortable and Protects our head, ears, and jaws as well as our glasses.


  • Anti-fog thermal layer
  • Great ventilation system
  • Dual layer foam
  • Removable lens
  • 290-degree peripheral view


  • No POV mount

Final Verdit

This is an amazing and remarkable product as it provides maximum coverage and peripheral vision with safety and comfort, its internal size is ample and good for glasses wearers but according to personal experience it’s not recommended for big heads as they have some problems. I have personally used this product and found good results in everything that is necessary for paintball and also for woodball.

6- JT Spectra Flex 8 Thermal Mask

Another great option for those who are looking for thermal masks for paintball because they know the importance of lenses to get clear visibility. Yes, this mask has tremendous potential to provide full coverage and wide angle view to the players, and it has won the trust of them for a long time. 

Being lightweight, it is well-suited for long wear in the field and is still more useful for protecting your face and head. Moreover, it’s a highly customizable mask and allows us to remove extra features as needed, so you can easily put it on without any hassle. 

Let’s look at its thermal lens, how it is useful for you to enhance our game, as we know that it uses a thermal lens which is considered good for providing better vision and can prevent fog, so this mask is also good to use. It also has a built-in visor that works with a lens to give a 260 degree view which is useful for keeping an eye on enemies and for making accurate shots.

It has a good ventilation system which is very useful for easy breathing and exhaling, it keeps us cool and gives us fog free vision, it is also good for woodsball and provides enough cooling in trees too.


  • Full coverage and protection
  • Lightweight
  • Detachable parts opportunity
  • 260 degree view
  • Anti-fog lens coating


  • Less inside padding

Final Verdit

This is a good investment in itself, as it is very beneficial for paintball as well as for woodsball, you don’t need to spend money separately. With a wide angle view it is also perfect for protecting our eyes and gives us comfort in every angle wherever we need. The most amazing feature is its customization as it allows us to remove extra parts when we don’t need it so that we can maintain its weight.

7- HK ARMY Thermal Anti-Fog Mask


It is popular among mid level players because of its color scheme and shape that attracts them mostly. I consider this product to be my best choice because it has been very successful in protecting the players in every way. Safety comes first and they worked more on it and gave complete protection from opponents’ attack and shots. In addition, for your protection, a special thermoplastic elastomer is used to bounce back the enemies’ paint which can be dangerous to your eyes. 

Furthermore, it used KLR thermal lenses to block UV rays and make it easier to see anywhere, which is a good point for performance and 100% focus on the game. It also has a good ventilation system that is essential for every player on the field to feel refreshed and not sweaty, but also a separate dual-layer 3d padding for sweat that absorbs it instantly. 

Some people refuse to recommend it and are not happy after using it because they bought it without knowing if it was right for them or not. As I said, it is suitable for mid-size players and offers them more features including an adjustable strap, better listening airpads that eliminate communication gaps.


  • Affordable price
  • Rapid lens change
  • Comfortable and Protective
  • Anti Fog KLR Thermal lens


  • The forehead foam is slightly loose

Final Verdit

Hk army is a very beautiful mask. In this paintball mask you will find many features than your expectations. Its style and look forced me to buy it. I have used hk army in many paintball games and I feel safe, comfortable, and provide a good visibility and ventilation system. Beside this, It also allows me to adjust the straps according to my face size. Highly recommended. No regrets.

8- Profiler Thermal Paintball Goggle Mask


In search of the best featured thermal mask, we would like to add Vforce profiler to our list as it has many premium and standard features that can meet our needs. By wearing this mask you can easily get 280 degree vision which is good for our performance and comfort. It will never let you down with its design and weight which is very helpful for us to move and play freely. 

Despite its back and chin straps, it is not recommended for large heads as it is less adjustable than other masks, causing jaw pain. But in the meantime, it’s great for people with small heads and teens because of its size and reasonable price. 

Most people are not happy with this thermal mask and they are saying that whenever we breathe heavily in cold and high temperature, it is not much able to prevent the fog. Its UV resistant coating is not valuable but due to its built-in visor it can work in sunny weather, so it can not provide a good protection for our eyes. 

It is good for protecting our face as it is made of silicone material and the bottom is rubber and soft which makes it easy to wear for a long run and provides full time protection and safety.


  • Ultra-lightweight
  • Solid and sturdy frame
  • Dual-density foam
  • Maximum peripheral vision
  • 280 degree Peripheral Vision


  • A bit tight on the ears
  • No UV protection

Final Verdit

It is a good choice for beginners and teenagers in terms of reasonable price and size, it provides maximum features with safety. They can feel comfortable and play for a long time to enhance performance as it is lightweight and rubber material with proper ventz holes to breathe, it will never cause fog if you are playing on a sunny day.


Final Thoughts

Mask is the most important element of paintball which can greatly affect our performance. While buying, we should choose a mask that is comfortable as well as protective. We’ve listed the best and recommended thermal masks that are best for providing clear visibility from a wide angle without fog or any other distortion.  

We recommend the best products for those who want to play with glasses, and which masks are suitable for people with big and small heads, and which teens and beginners should choose. With our experience, we have highlighted each mask that can be good for the specific person, everyone can choose according to their characteristics and budget.

These are the best choices and they have their own characteristics and it is difficult to decide which one is the best. So we can help you with our experience and research, you should go with the VIRTUE and DYE brand, these will give you a long lasting comfort with extraordinary  performance. These masks are made with the latest technology and highly customizable which gives you the option to remove or add features as needed. Our team has been using these brands for the last few years and they have got good results so we recommend you to use them.

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