Dye M3+ – A Hands on Review 2023 | M3+ vs. M3S

When I first held the new DYE M3 Plus paintball marker in my hands, it gave the impression that it was just an extravagant version of the M3s. However, after trying it out in the ground, I detected some massive modifications in how it’s manufactured and just how it looks. You’re going to get a completely detailed personal experience of myself using the M3 Plus paintball gun.

The M3 Plus version comes with some amazing specialties, like a distinct Deuce-style trigger, a V4 Eye Pipe mechanism, an On/Off ASA, a two-piece barrel system, and a brand-new Flex Surface Bolt. And specialties do not end here! It’s also gotten enhanced at shooting and the parts that make it run.

There’s a big difference between the two models of Dye’s, the M3s and the M3 Plus. Dye worked really hard to manufacture the M3 Plus a widely held choice in the market


After shooting 7,000 rounds with this marker, the first thought that arises in my mind to define this marker is “remarkable.” Dye made some important advances to the FL21 Bolt mechanism by adding a two-stage Flex bolt face tip, and this surely set a high standard for the opposition. The benefit of two-stage Bolt is to get the best paint handling, even when you’re using lighter paintballs.

The FL21 face bolt works in two phases. The first phase is leisure and gentle, which is impeccable for handling paintballs with accuracy. The second phase is a speedy enhancement that takes advantage of the valve boost process. The bolt has a soft tip that helps in moving delicate paintballs from the crack and prevents them from getting broken as they’re fired.

Moreover, the FL-21 bolt provides excellent performance no matter what the weather circumstances. It comes with free, dynamic recoil elimination, and also possesses the lowest working pressure 115 psi. One thing that I like the most about the M3 Plus gun is its recoil elimination with zero bounce-back or kickback movement in all-time shooting. Its stability in continuous shooting is an enjoyable thing.

 Let’s talk about the shooting feature and air efficiency of DYE M3, no doubt it has no match. It is way more improved than LV 16 and Geo 4 markers. It operates on super low pressure and an advanced bolt system that brings a noiseless and suave gunshot.  I also noticed that it can work best even with delicate paintballs.

The Dye wisely modified its outdated LPR and replaced it with adaptable flow control. The slight modifications in style made this model more advanced than its old models. As compared to Dye DSR and Dye M3S, Dye M3 Plus has upgraded performance, consistency and expediency.


The next cool entity that Dye added to this version is the Airport On/Off ASA Slide Lock system. Operating it is super easy – no keys, knobs, or switches exist! Everything you are required to do is right here below the cover of Slide Lock. You just glide the lock to regulate the air supply, and it’s actually simple. This feature relieves me in maintaining my gun’s performance and stability, even when the air container is vacant.

Eye Covers – 4th Generation 


Exhausted by dealing with big outward eye covers and screws for fastening them? Well, I was too, and then I got my influences from the M3+. DYE has established the fourth generation of its better Eye Pipe mechanism, including its opening design. This is why the M3 Plus can function with variable sizes of paintball. Moreover, the Eye Pipe System cleanses itself by guarding the eye from smashed paintballs and dust. This cleaning feature guarantees that the eyes stay focused on the hole.

Trigger System – Better Control?


Disparate regular paintball markers, this dye marker has a different trigger scheme. The trigger edge is big at the end and stretched out from the middle. Before, I only used blade triggers or curved triggers, so I wasn’t sure how fit this one would effort. Amazingly, it actually makes it cooler for me to put my fingers on the trigger to switch the gun on or off, and it also makes it stress-free to hold. The trenches on the trigger relieve me from having complete control of the M3 paintball marker.

In addition to this, you can adjust the setting of the trigger system according to your desires. These adjustments include trigger angle, travel, return power, and others. Shooting skills are enhanced by doing alterations from outer sources.  

Key Features

  • Eye Pipe system 4th Gen
  • No uncovered screws or plates
  • Extravagance and ergonomic style 
  • upgraded robustness, performance, and plainness in design
  • Slide Lock Airport mechanism 
  • Flex Bolt face system Tip
  • Rapid Release Bolt
  • Two-phase bolt tip
  • Aluminum made body

User Intuitive Controls & Customization

After spending one year with it, I can confidently say that the M3 Plus provides the finest playing capability. Since it lets you modify almost everything via the Air MOS operating system. This helps me fine-tune my paintball marker without any restrictions, and it implements really well.

The M3+ has a great HD screen, a 5-way joystick, training modes, various mugshots, and options on the play screen. These features permit me to easily alter different settings while playing paintball. This paintball marker keeps the enthusiasm alive as so many choices are accessible on the field.

However, Dye needs to do some enhancements to the joystick because it still customs the old controls from the MS3, and it could be improved.

Rechargeable Battery

Just set the batteries in and have enjoyment at the arena! You don’t have to ask someone for batteries or go to the shop to buy them. Just attach the battery to an electricity source using a USB cable. Charge your battery and play!

The best part of it is the long battery life. I observed that the M3 plus battery persists for a longer time than the M3S battery. You can keep playing for hours without fearing battery discharging during the gameplay.

When I unwrapped the box, I noted that the USB harbor wasn’t working properly. So, I had to charge it by the pad, and after a few days, I acquired a new one over the warranty. If you face a similar problem, you can use the warrant to get a spare.

Grips & Frame

M3+ provides the best grip, you can hold the gun very comfortably. As I experienced this gun for a very long time, I would say that it has the best user-friendly system so far in paintball markers. 

The grooves on the body and complete covering grip will allow everyone to play like an expert in the arena. I appreciate that Dye used the double concentration material to guarantee an unwavering grip.


  • Metal-made rails, folding stock, and bipod
  • Extraordinary performance thru hyper-3 controllers
  • Continuous shot rounds
  • Stress-free to interchange barrels and detachable grips
  • The operating pressure is ultra-low
  • 6-year guarantee on renovation or defective parts
  • Can handle paintball of all sizes


  • Expensive Spare parts
  • A defect was spotted in the USB port of a few items.
  • No long-lasting grip material

 M3+ vs. M3S – A Quick Comparison

According to my experience, the Dye M3 Plus is equipped with 95 percent improved features. I want to spend time in the advanced version after experiencing the M3S for almost three years. Despite the little inconvenience, I declared M3+ more durable, highly performed, secured trial mount, and much more.

  • Eye pipe system (4th Gen )
  • ASA On/off switch
  • Two-phase speed Lock system
  • Easygoing Face tip
  • Better-quality solenoid casing
  • adjustable trigger
  • Micro-designed aluminum covering
  • Hard-wearing joystick
  • Eye pipe system 3rd Gen
  • Two Tools Rally
  • Bolt mechanism F21
  • No lock slide

Video Review

Bottom Line

Based on my checks and examination, let me start by saying that the M3 Plus has a wonderful design that’s truly calm and tranquil to control. It has some unusual features like a comfortable hold, an easy on/off button, a special trigger, a robust frame, and a distinct material that makes it outlook.

After considering their user’s feedback, Dye has upgraded how well this paintball gun shoots, how well it uses air, and how it handles paintball. It values the money since it does well, lasts an extended time, and is easy to use.

This paintball marker is a great blend of tools, chic, flexibility, and luxury. It actually aided me in performing well in big contests. I’d endorse every serious paintball performer to try this out and see how it boosts their performance.

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