Best Budget Paintball Goggles for the Money Review 2023

Paintball masks are one of the most important facts of the paintball game, it is responsible for your clear vision and you cannot remove it in the game field. The worst paintball masks go through you with a hard time seeing when you are playing a paintball game, without good paintball masks you cannot see your enemies players that are against you and it does not matter how much better paintball gun you have during the game because it becomes difficult to shoot for you.

Paintball masks are always designed in such a pattern that increase the chances of your success in the game and ensure your safety and budget at the same time. Here we will provide you the correct information about the best budget paintball mask by our experience that will provide you eyes, nose, ears, mouth and even your throat protection while playing the game.

Here I’m going to list all the most important paintball masks for you and also describe their features and help for let you decide to choose the best masks. Lone Wolf is an amazing paintball player that uses masks and gives the best reviews regarding it. From his best testing Empire E-flex and Dye I5 paint masks are his favorite masks but Bukerkings CMD, Virtue vio ascend and Empire EVS are also great masks in the current trending market. 

These masks are anti fog and provide a good ventilation system around your mouth, nose and other sides of your face and create good breathability with your voice protection, they also give the distortion free 270 and more optical vision and prevent the players eyes from ultraviolet rays. I will also describe the buying guide in the last of this article that you should also have before purchasing the paintball masks.


Best Budget

virtue vio extend
Virtue VIO
  • Anti Reflective
  • UV protection
  • Durable

Best Technology

Dye i5 Paintball Mask
Dye I5
  • 290-degree ultra-wide vision
  • UV rays & glare protection
  • GSR Pro strap

Best Choice

Empire EVS
  • Thermal lens
  • Facial absorber foam
  • Multi-dimensional vents

List of Best Budget Paintball Mask

Image Product Details   Price
Empire EVS Paintball Mask Empire EVS  Size: One Size
Material: Fleece
Brand: Empire
Sport Type: Paintball
Check Price
Virtue VIO Paintball Mask Virtue VIO Package Weight: 0.57 Kilograms
Brand Name: Virtue Paintball
Check Price
Empire E-Flex Mask Empire E-Flex Package Weight: ‎0.82 Kilograms
Brand Name: Empire Paintball
Color: White
Check Price
Dye Precision i5 Thermal Paintball Mask Dye I5 Brand: Dye
Lens Coating Description: Anti-Fog Coating
Check Price
Dye Precision i4 Thermal Paintball Mask Dye Precision I4  Color: Black
Recommended: Paintball
Brand: Dye
Inner Material: Foam
Item Weight: 0.3 Kilograms
Check Price
H-World Tactical Protective Helmet H-World Tactical  Color: Black
Brand: H World Shopping
Item Weight: 2.8 Pounds
Age Range (Description): Adult
Check Price
Ehsbuy Paintball Mask Ehsbuy Color: Greenworks
Note: Can move freely while
clearing leaves and debris.
Check Price

1- Empire EVS – Most Recommended Mask

Reason To Buy

  • Easy to change and clean lens
  • Good ventilation system
  • Anti fog
  • Prevent the players from ultraviolet rays

Reason To Avoid

  • Affordable as compare to other masks
  • Facial face is hardened for initial use

This mask has a spherical lens that provides the wide range 270 degree clear vision in the field of battle unlike other masks. It uses cutting edge technology and cutting edge design that is totally based on records of experienced paintball players. Its mouth guard helps to keep the top lens from breath fogging while dual panes decrease the outer fogging when temperature has dropped.

Its lens is scratch resistant and anti reflective that protects the player’s eyes and other parts of face from harmful sun rays. During the game communication with your teammates is a very important thing so its internal design is according to this requirement that allows the player to breathe well and can talk easily with each other.

The empire evs head strap is non slippy built that grapes your head very well and comfortably and provides silicone back, its thermo-formed ear canal not only protect your ears but also enhance your hearing. The spherical dual pane lens is easy to change and cleanable, it did not take more than ten second to clean without using any type of tool.


From my personal use I highly recommended it for paintball players because it comes with a protective goggle bag and its low skirt is amazingly flexible and works effectively and easily bears the shots bounces. Most people choose it because of its spherical wide vision and allow its user to wear it along with glasses. If you are a player with glasses then the Empire Vision System mask is better for you than other masks. Its mask is easy to change; you just need to pull the plastic arm inside of the mask and rotate the arm with regard to lens as both arms have turned simply comout the lens and clean it. I also want to rate it 9/10.

2- Virtue VIO Paintball Mask

Reason To Buy

  • Provide great Breathability
  • Forehead and voice protection
  • Anti reflective, anti-fog and scratch resistant
  • UV protection and give wide vision
  • Durable

Reason To Avoid

  • Glasses prescription is not friendly
  • Sometime provide distort hearing
  • Loose fitting on some faces

Virtue VIO paintball game makes more delighted your paintball game, it has been famous because of its innovative design and technical-brilliance. The players can easily change any aspects of the masks according to the requirement, it provides comfortable straps, ear pads, lens, and ventilation system. 

The ventilating mechanism near the mouth and nose allows its users to breathe easily and kill the fog on goggles to provide distortion free optical wide vision, it also enables its users to communicate with other players comfortably during game. Its lens offers an amazing view that is ultraviolet protected and you can easily clean it with any regular wipe and change it within 10 seconds. 

Virtue VIO is a lightweight smooth-running mask that provides protection to your eyes, ears, nose and other parts of the face. These masks have no scratches, no sunlight effect and provide optical clarity on below-zero temperature because it has anti- reflective, anti fogging and hard scratch resistant coating.


Virtue VIO is recommended because of its roomy interior and diversity design, it allows users to change any aspect of the mask easily any time immediately. Its large spherical view helps you to see everything around you. Its thermal coated lens comes with ultraviolet protection that decreases the damage from sunlight rays. These above-mentioned reasons push me to use virtue VIO masks instead of other masks. If anyone wants an affordable mask with clear vision and good breathability then go with it. It can save you money by purchasing it with an anti fog lens that provides you 100% distortion free optical clarity in the field of battle.

3- Empire E-Flex – Best Budget Paintball Goggle

Reason To Buy

  • Easy to changeable
  • Easy to breathe and communicate
  • Highly comfortable foam
  • Affordable as compared to other masks
  • Good ventilation system

Reason To Avoid

  • Nose of the mask is little bit far from your vision
  • Mask is not glasses friendly

Empire e-flex mask is the best mask under the $100 it has all the features of empire e-vents as well as jt proflex. It has great clear vision for the players but not as good as other high end paintball masks but the breathability is best from other masks on current market, its ventilation system kills all the fog coming from players’ hot breath in game. 

Another best reason for its selection is it provide the clear visibility but sometime it become little bit blurry because nose of the mask is little bit far from your vision but you cant notice such blurriness while playing because there is very bit difference in both masks empire e-flex and dye i5/i4.

Empire E-Flex is extremely comfortable, the foam inside is too soft once you wear it you did not even have to wear a paintball mask. Its flexible faceplate can bear bounce the paintball shot and help you to win the game if you are playing with markers that I commonly do.


This mask is the solution to all problems related to breathing. It is the best mask according to the ventilation system that not only gives you good breathability but also allows you to communicate with your friends accurately. I never suffocate me any time when I play even in 90 degree hottest weather and also never fogging the lens and providing the clear wide vision, the only problem is single strap rather than two straps. I highly recommended it because of its low budget.

4- Dye I5 Paintball Mask – Best Technology Mask

Reason To Buy

  • Thermal coated anti fog lens
  • Back-straps grip the head perfectly
  • Lens and form are changeable
  • Provide wide 290 degree clear field of view
  • Prevent eyes from harmful UV-rays
  • Good for bigger face

Reason To Avoid

  • A little bit expensive
  • Limited in colors

Dye i5 paintball masks are considered the best anti fog masks of all time, I always preferred to use comfortable masks and dye i5 is one of them. Its pro straps with extra wide pad and soft foam fit perfectly on your head and ensure good grip and comfortness. Its GSR gear lock system helps the player to adjust the level of tension holding to the back of your head by simply rotating the dial. It also has a cheeks pillow which refers to compressed formed ears that are incredibly soft, durable, flexible and lightweight and cause increased moisture evaporation.

The thermal anti fog lens provides the great 290 degree wide clear visibility than any other masks, it comes with high quality hard-coat dip that prevent the both sides of lens from erosion and scratches and prevent the faces from harmful ultraviolet rays. It has an amazingly replaceable lens as well as replaceable foam now there is no need to annoying for clean it.


As per our experience dye i5 is the best thermal coated anti fog mask that remove all fog and provide comfortness to players during the game, its coolest quality is e.Voke communication system that allow you to connect any Mosair gun like M2, M3, M3+ and help to hear the useful information using a small speaker in the mask.

I also want to say that this mask is good for bigger faces and comfortable to wear due to its flexible and softness capability. It helps the user to protect their eyes, nose, ears from heavy paintball shots as well as provide prevention from harmful sun rays, this is good expenditure for champions but not good for initial level players and as its user i want to rate it 9/10.

5 – Dye Precision I4 Paintball Mask

Reason To Buy

  • Changeable lens
  • Low profile mask and good for small faces
  • Dual stage form provide comfort to ears
  • Provide distortion free and fog free visibility
  • Provide good ventilation and communication system

Reason To Avoid

  • Color limitation
  • Don’t have carry bag

If you are looking for masks that provide excellent ventilation and protect your chin, mouth and ears then dye i4 precision paintball mask is perfect for you. It is a thermal coated industrial leading mask that gives the distortion and fog free wide vision during the game. It has a changeable lens that allows you to change the lens in less than ten seconds while playing a game by just dragging the interior tab and dropping the pane free. Its facial form helps to absorb the sweat and moisture and provide comfort to any face type with its dual stage form. 

This mask is a low profile mask good for small face persons and provides the ears protection with our soft and durable earpieces and approved by ASTM and CE standards. It also has a good communication system that carries your voice to teammates and dissolves the moisture and heat and enables you to breathe easily.


In my opinion dye i4 paintball mask is one among the low profile masks in current market, this mask is good for small faced people that provide a good grip to head and do not get loose after facing jerks in the field of battle. The dye precision i4 mask has been approved by ASTM and CE standards and provides amazing protection to eyes, nose, chin and other parts of the face but if you are a big face person then its not perfect for you.  I also want to tell you that you can easily change its lens within 8 to 10 seconds and its dual pane form absorbs all moisture and sweat and gives you a clear wide vision.

6 – H-World Tactical Protective Helmet

Reason To Buy

  • Preventive helmet for paintball game with good breathability and airflow
  • Good head lock system for grip
  • Compatible for multiple attachments
  • High strength and lightweight
  • G4 facial system easy to attach or release

Reason To Avoid

  • Heavy mask as compared to other
  • Head lock system is difficult to remove

H-world protective paintball helmet is a glasses-friendly mask, you can easily wear it along with your glasses and adjust the outer visor for your comfort and face protection. It is different from a general paintball mask and not as easy as comfortable to wear and remove it. 

The helmet has been designed lightweight and stable enough while made with ABS plastic sheet with breathable network. Its lens is scratch resistant that bears a heavy damage load and does not affect the players but not good for play in cold weather causing fog on the lens. It also has a head lock system that fits on the players face with high stability and good grip and G4 facial system easily disclose and attach during the game. The cameras, night vision blinkers, helmet coverage, flashlight are its unique perspectives that push the players itself to buy it.


If you are playing in such a place where there are hurdles and your mask feels jerks and you need a heavy grip then H world tactical protective helmet is for you. This is also recommended because you can easily wear it along with your glasses. It provides you face protection and covers your eyes, nose, ear while playing it. It is stable enough to bear the shots of paintball and allow you to adjust its outer gear according to your comfort. I rate it 8/10.

7- Ehsbuy Paintball Mask

Reason To Buy

  • UV protective neck and gaiter
  • Can be wear as a set as well separately
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Sturdy and breathable
  • Covering face with soft and comfortable fiber
  • Good for both to use in winter and summer

Reason To Avoid

  • Fit for kids not for adult

Ehsbuy is the cheapest paintball mask ever, it is a super elastic and breathable mask. Its second name is Military tactical sun hat that is made with purely cotton. It is selected by most players because of its cheap price, lightweight and durability, it covers your face with high quality polyester fiber which is fine and comfortable. It also helps you to absorb your sweat and keep your skin dry and make your look cool. It comes in 2 pieces, one is a sun hat and the other is a neck gaiter. 

You can use it as a set at the same time and also use it separately. The ehsbuy paintball masks cover your head and neck to protect you from harmful ultraviolet rays, dust particles and sand.


Due to its cheap price and lightweight, it is highly recommended for paintball game players. This mask is good for hot and cold weather to cover your mouth and nose from dust, pollens while cape help to keep the head cool and protect the eyes in bright sunny weather, on the other hand in winter the cape also help to keep the head warm and neck warmer helps to stop the breathing the cold air and reduce the chances of chest infection. This is the cheapest mask for me and its rating from my side is 8.5 out of 10.their performance. It gives them confidence too.

Things to Consider Before Spending Money on a Paintball Mask

Before buying the paintball mask you have to consider some factors to fulfill the quality individual requirements. Following aspects will describe the quality paintball masks.


Paintball shots not only hurt your ears but it is also difficult for you to clean the paint from your ears, so buy such paintball masks which have efficient ears padding that not only provide comfort and protection to your ears but also give you a good communicating environment. Good paintball mask does not force you to shout for communicate with your teammate, it simply has enhanced ear padding inside it.

 Dye I5 and I4 have good ear padding that not only protects your ears but also provides a good sound system at the same time but it is a little bit expensive. If you want to go with a cheap paintball mask that also provides you with good sound then go with an empire e-flex paintball mask.


Lens is another important factor that users should have to consider before buying the paintball masks, because you cannot compromise with clear vision and bad vision can also cause to eliminate you immediately. A good paintball lens provides you a 260 to 270 degree field of view and it has a sphere shaped with no distortion, high graded lens also allow you to see from the corner of your eye. 

Paintball is comprehensive sport that generates more sweat and body heat causing the fog on the lens so also buy thermal treated lens that kills the fog and enables you to wear the mask with your glasses and provide you clean wide vision. The lens should be scratch resistant to increase the lifetime of your mask, an exchangeable lens option is also good for you that allows you to change the lens if it breaks during the game. If you have a font to play in sunny conditions then also examine the color and chromatin lens that not only prevent you from glare condition but also make beautiful your paintball masks.


High upgraded and reliable masks always provide you comfort and fit well on your face, if it moves a lot when you wear it not only discomfort you but also make scratches on your face and disturb your performance in game. You spend a whole day or many couple of hours on the field and your own body heat, sweat will irritate you if you do not use a high quality mask.

The good adjustable straps provide you usability and sympathy surrounding and its soft padding form enhance your comfort level while playing the game. Foam padding should be soft in masks because you have to play for a several couple of hours in the field, its bad quality causes irritation on your upper body skin.


Choose the paintball mask wisely so that it runs for a long time, your paintball mask should have such durable material and have dual pane lens instead of single pane that can bear any rough and tough conditions. Hard plastic is durable and resistant and is good for paintball mask but it can break after bounce to paintball so try to use high quality mask that is made with flexible strong material for long lasting of paintball mask, it gives you full face coverage and protection from UV harmful rays.


You cannot ignore the weight of the paintball mask, it should be lightweight so can never compromise with your gameplay and does not affect the performance. A lightweight mask will never burden your head and you can easily pay attention to your game. The paintball mask should be 1-2 lbs because this weight will never let you down in front of your enemies. 


During the game, a good ventilation system is very important, it enables you to breathe easily without any suffocation, a good paintball mask has a proper airflow system that dries the sweat coming from the body of players. It also exhales the warm air and inhales the cool air for users’ comfort. If the mask has a proper ventilation system you can also communicate with your teammate easily and you feel cool and comfortable in the sports field.


After the huge struggle on paintball mask research here i would like to conclude that paintball mask is one of the most intensive games in big sports. You need to save yourself and it can’t be possible without a face mask and it requires investment for everyone who have a fond of the paintball game. If you are one of them then you should buy a paintball mask which has all the qualities necessary for your mask like comfort, safety, ventilation system, easy communication system, anti fog, anti scratch etc. The above all paintball mask research will help you to choose the cheap and quality paintball mask according to your need.

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