Always Keep Your Paintball Mask Clean to Look Professional

Paintball is considered to be the foremost sport in all outdoor activities and we never want to spoil it by dirtying our mask. Dirty and dusty masks divert your focus and distract your mood.

It’s just like your clothes, you don’t like dirt on them, the same way you would like to see a clean mask. Paintball depends on your eyes because if you can’t see clearly due to heavy mud or paint color on their lens then it will begin to descend from your heart. Would you like to wear a mask that is full of germs, mud, and dirty paint colors that can cause odors after a paint gun fires?

Just a dirty mask can cause you to lose a game that ruins your day and the whole practice, so you need to be prepared in every way which is a sign of a good player. How dirty masks affect your game and what you should do, makes it difficult to focus on opponents, can lose targets, can destroy vision, and can even affect your eyesight. Safety and performance come first, so we need to take every step that can affect them, one of them is the process of cleaning the mask, which method is given below.

How to Clean Your Paintball Mask Lens

Before cleaning your lens must read the necessary precaution to clean with the Microfiber cloths, and approved lens cleaner. Don’t use a scrub and toothbrush on your lenses.

First of all, take your lens out of your goggles. Use an approved lens cleaner and wash it with a microfiber cloth to protect your lens from scratches. if you use other regular cloth or brushes to make it clean, then it is going to be ruined forever, and you will lose your favorite mask due to your stupidity.

Once you clean the edges of the goggles with water, make sure after washing it, let it sit out upside down, all the water drains off, and when it will dry you can install the lens in it.

If your goggles have dual pens lens then I recommend you to use microfiber cloth. Clean the water with microfiber because it has the maximum ability to absorb water from regular clothes.

Don’t use the towel or cloth that we use to clean most dust and surface floors. They can severely damage your glasses and interfere with your vision in the field.

If your glasses have a lot of paint and mud then don’t rub it with cloth. Dunk them into the hot water as long as the springs are covered with mud. When the dirt separates from the lens, remove them from the water and wipe with a soft fiber cloth.

What Product We Need to Clean Paintball Mask

If you are an expert and never want to lose a match in any condition then keep your mask clean with provided cleaners to use it long-lasting. You will see several regular soap in the market that can ruin your mask like Windex and something more like that. Always get a clean or soft cloth that the paintball community advises you to clean the mask thoroughly. Some major aspects that should be kept in mind before cleaning masks.

1- Soft Microfibre cloth

2- Dirt free water

3- Recommended lens cleaner

When choosing a cleaner, there are some things to avoid that can ruin it’s hard material and make it useless. Never use a bath towel which we use to dry our body after bathing as it leaves an indelible mark. Other Windex, glass cleaner, these chemicals get stuck into the deep part of the mask or lens and ruin foam kits, which helps to absorb sweat at 50 degrees Celsius temperature in very hot weather. 

Above the lens of the mask are delicate layers on the inside and outside that keep your vision clear in the game, get damaged with the use of local cleaner and you start to see everything blurred.

Why is it Important to Keep Your Paintball Mask Clean?

As we defined above, it is very important to clean the paintball mask before starting the game. Doing so in the game is just stupid and insecure, it directly affects our game. Let’s further discuss how beneficial it is for us to keep the mask clean.

Improves Your In-Game Performance

One of the benefits is that if our mask is clean, it definitely improves our game performance. If your mask is already full of paint, it will be difficult for you to hit the target. No matter how good quality lenses you have, if you are using dirty masks you will not get a wide angle view. 

Keeps You Safer

If your lens or mask has defects, you can easily identify it in a clean mask, it is a good practice to look for defects in it before using. Once you’ve identified the damage, you can take positive steps to protect yourself, as it is unsafe your health to use a damage mask, because we are using it for our own protection, if it is not fine then how will it protect us.

Clean Masks Last Longer

If you do not clean it regularly, it will accumulate odor which is difficult to clean and it can also damage other parts like ventz, straps, pads etc. Its durability will also decrease and soon you will have to change which could be expensive. 

Why Wear a Clean Paintball Mask?

In this section, we have explained some of the important aspects that explain why it is important to always wear a clean mask.

Your Personal Safety

Paintball Masks are used to protect sensitive parts of our face, playing without them or playing with dirty masks can be very harmful. Sports are for mental relaxation, we cannot sacrifice our physical health so we should not risk using dirty masks. 

Enhanced Confidence

When you are completely satisfied that you look great with full protection from every angle, you will enjoy it, and it will also increase the performance of your game.

Allows for Better Training

You are out of any fear or danger because you have a clean and complete coverage mask that gives you clear vision and the ability to breathe, so of course it allows you to train better with attention. ۔

It is More Professional

Wearing a clean kit including a mask gives you a professional look and you play like a champion. 

How Often Should You Clean a Mask?

You should clean the mask right after the game. Why? We are lazy in this regard and think that we will do it later or before playing next time, which can cause us huge losses as there is a chance that the mask will deteriorate quickly.

It should be your habit or routine to clean and pack your kit including all the products, this will be beneficial for you in the long run. These are the characteristics of all the great players who have a big name today (Oliver Lang), if you want to get a position like him, you have to adopt this habit too.  

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