Best 8 Protective Airsoft Paintball Goggle 2023 Review

Like other supports, major pieces of gear are masks. Select those paintball masks that keep you in matches for a very long time and enhance your performance throughout the game. The best airsoft paintball mask is one which can counter the mock bullets while playing airsoft matches. It is very important for personal protection when we run around shooting BBs because at that time there is a huge risk of injury.

Now we are providing you with the best paintball mask for airsoft matches that provides adequate protection from the fire of an Airsoft gun. The most sensitive parts of your face like forehead, nose, ears, jaw and chin will be safe by using these airsoft masks. To provide various options for different players we’ve tested over 40 paintball masks and recommend you best 8 airsoft masks.


Editors Choice

NINAT Airsoft
  • Customaizable
  • Ventilation
  • Thermal Lens

Best Overall

Senmortar Mask
  • Visor
  • Distortion free
  • Anti-Fog

High End

  • GSR Pro strap
  • Anti-fog Lens
  • eVoke Wireless

Most Functional Buying Guide for the Best Airsoft Paintball Mask

Before you buy the best air mask, you need to keep in mind all the features that can protect your face from BB pellet fire. Your mask should have a list of all the features that are required for an Airsoft match.

Impressive Ventilation:

overall performance depends on a smooth ventilation process, If you are having trouble breathing then your performance will be very poor throughout the match. And this thing will be unbearable for you because you will not allow this to happen under any circumstances.

Eye Protection:

Eye is the most important and sensitive part of our face, their protection is the first priority. When the eye is lost, the purpose of life is lost and you are unable to do anything. Airsoft uses BB pellet fire which is very harmful to the eyes. If their particles enter the eye, there is a risk of damage to your eye.
We have a number of options in goggle lenses such as PC or Spectacles that are completely safe for your eyes from the fire of a shotgun or rifle and protect them from other small particles such as flying insects, sand particles or extreme fog. If you want to go with the best eye protection then choose POKONBOY 2, SenMortar, BOLLFO, these are highly recommended.

Adjustable Straps:

It is a little difficult to keep the mask if your strap is not working well during the paintball game. That’s why you will always try to find a mask that has the best straps to cover your head and avoid slipping in every move. Most manufacturers use double and adjustable straps to secure a mask which makes sure the perfect fitting of mask on your face. I suggest you find the best mask that has several straps AOUTACC, ONETIGRIS 6 for excellent adjustment.


The mask should be lightweight because if your mask is low weight then you can do your best to find opponents and eliminate them from the game quickly. The people who come with heavy weights may get more sweat due to the heaviness of the mask and they require comfortable and lightweight masks. We have some great options for an airsoft environment that come with low budgets and are perfect in weight. I suggest you buy NINAT, AOUTACC, Vismix if you want freedom of movement.

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High Durability:

Sustainability and durability are most of the important aspects of aerospace or paintball activities. Players are always focused on the material of paintball masks because they have to withstand shotgun or rifle fire in all shooting games. High endurance level masks help the players to stay in the field for a long time. You should go with those masks which provide high strength ABS material and 100% thermoplastic urethane. If you want to buy in Oxford or nylon fiber, choose AOUTACC, OneTigres 6 for cheeks protection.

Quick Summary of Airsoft Paintball Masks

Editor’s Choice: NINAT Airsoft Tactical Mask
"An excellent paintball mask for beginners and those player who want to play long or multiple innings in Airsoft field"
Best Full Face Protection Mask: Senmortar Airsoft
"A lightweight paintball mask with best full face protection to prevent athletes against airsoft gun ."
Best Budget Mask: VISMIX Airsoft
"This unique product has extra vent holes that keep player cool and provide stress free environment throughout the innings. "
Best Multi-Purpose Airsoft Mask: OUTGEEK M50 Mask
"This multiple purpose mask is design for kids and adult both for complete protection, comfort for the party matches. "
Best Protective Airsoft Mask: BOLLFO Best Protective Airsoft Mask
"A great paintball mask with comfortable nose bridge and detachable lenses in airsoft or other outdoor activities like motorcycling, riding, etc."
Best Runner Up Mask: POKONBOY 2
"A paintball mask for Qualified runner up airsoft player with soft sponges that absorb lot of sweat during long airsoft matches."
Best Foldable Mask: ONETIGRIS 6
"An incredible paintball mask with a foldable feature that you can carry anywhere in your pocket, without fear of losing."
"A durable budget paintball mask for lower face protection with mesh steel plates near the mouth and ears for cool breathing and clear transmission throughout the game."

1- Senmortar Airsoft Full Face Protection Gear Mask

The Senmotor comes with full face protection which protects your eyes from air soft gun fire which can greatly affect your eyesight. In addition, it has a shield for your weak parts to protect you from sudden blows. However, it does not come with full head coverage as it is only designed for players who can play without using head coverage.

In addition to protection, it has a comfortable foam inside the mask that protects, when you accidentally hit with your partner or opponents. It uses an auto-adjustable nose foam that fits your size easily and makes it easy to breathe even in long innings. You can estimate the comfort level of the mask to bend the ear part according to your need. It is very lightweight, when you wear it, you can easily move without any distortion.

Moreover, it has a built-in visor shading feature that protects your eyes from ultraviolet rays and keeps your exposure clean even in the worst of weather. Also, their lens provides a clear view of the entire environment after absorbing more than one Airsoft gunfire.

It has been manufactured in multiple excellent colors like Black, Olive, Gray, Desert and many more, but you have complete freedom to wear it in your favorite color according to your field costume.


  • Lightweight
  • Extra comfortable
  • Available in Amazing Colors
  • Highly protected for face


  • Not Available for full Head Coverage

Our Opinion

Senmotor Airsoft mask has efficient protection to protect your facial parts in the airsoft match and other outdoor activities. If you are a beginner and want to play without any fear, this is one of the best options for you, which keeps your face secure from airsoft gun fire and provides long lasting comfort throughout the inning. You can also play multiple innings, because it gives you high quality durability during the game. If you want to be airsoft or other outdoor environment champion, I suggest you buy and play like a champion.

2- NINAT Airsoft Tactical Mask – Editors Choice

Ninat Design this mask to provide all the necessary precautions which are highly important to protect the player face from paintball fire. It is manufactured especially for eye protection which is a very important thing in airsoft matches, because the other body can be healed with time to time but loss of the eye leads to lifelong disability.

It uses two layers around your mouth that inhale cool air from outside and exhale hot air which comes into the mask due to heat. It also protects from entering soil particles into your mouth due to wind.

You can’t imagine its comfort level as it provides reliable comfort foam for your face and the area from where you unlock its strap, which keeps you cool in airsoft gameplay. Also, you’ll be getting clear comfort in communication with your teammates, and can hear your opponents’ footsteps easily.

Furthermore, Ninat provide Pc lens protection around your eyes to keep your vision clear, and secure eyes from mock airsoft shooting gun fires. Their lenses keep your visibility clean and fog free or provide a clear view in worst weather at every wide-angle.

In addition to the lens, its adjustable strap design can easily fit on heads of all sizes to suit the player’s needs. Their strap grips all parts of the head and protects them in collisions, or provides complete freedom of movement in the field during running.


  • Two Layers for breathing
  • Comfortable Cushion
  • Extra Lens Protection
  • Multiple Color Variants
  • Durability


  • Glasses are not friendly

Our Opinion

With my experience, I have played multiple innings of airsoft matches with a ninat mask and feel, this is a good option for those players who can start playing airsoft matches as a beginner, because the comfort, protection, visibility and durability of this mask is amazing which I can’t express in words. So, I highly suggest you purchase it because it does not break your trust.

3- VISMIX Airsoft Best Budget Mask

VISMIX comes with a new mini-fan feature that provides a complete ventilation system to breathe cool or fresh air and expel hot air from your mask. It also keeps your breathing process smooth during running or finding enemies in the match. The mini fan enables you to stay stress free and spend extra hours in the match. Their built-in fan keeps the goggles fog free and provides a wide-angle clear view of the field.

Vismix used spectacles lenses that protect your eyes from dangerous paintball hits, and also protect goggles from scratches which can show after the hits of the shooting gun fires. This mask used 2 types of lens, the first one is bright which players use in day environment, and the second one is dim that is used for night vision. What’s more, when it gets dark while playing, you can easily remove the bright and replace it with a dim lens.

If you are a pro and can play without protecting important parts of the face like nose, forehead, ears, jaw, chin, then it also gives the option to play only by wearing goggle lenses. You can Merge lens to your mask, if you are a beginner and want to play Airsoft, Hunting Games, Motorcycling etc.


  • Mini fan system keep lens fog free
  • Detachable Goggle lens
  • Two Spectacles lens
  • Lightweight
  • Durable


  • Mini Fan (Not 100% Anti-fog)
  • Limited Color Available

Our Opinion

With our experience, our team has used Vismix in many matches like Motorcycling, Airsoft etc. This gives us the best overall survival rate in the match. Its mini fan system provides a good battery backup to keep us alive for 5 hours straight and 90% fog free. If you want to play long innings on the field, I suggest buying it.

4- OUTGEEK M50 Mask – Multi-Purpose Airsoft Mask

The M50 is made with pure 100% thermoplastic urethane to make it durable and explosion-proof in Airsoft, tactical games and other outdoor activities. Its durability cannot break easily any of the mock soldier gun fires in BBs Shooting games. The plastic material keeps your facial parts secure from sudden hits.

It also comes with two ventilation fans to facilitate smooth breathing or exhalation throughout the field. It keeps you cool and mentally fresh to make better decisions during the game. One of its fans ventilates cold air from outside and the other expels heat from inside and provides complete comfort in the match.

Outgeek has large goggle lenses that provide a clear view in every horizontal and vertical direction. Lens are anti-scrachedless, you can even rub it with a sharp blade. Also, their lenses are a great option for party matches. 

Moreover, M50 has the best security features that protect your whole face and provide a fear free environment for a long time. Its comfort foams that are fixed inside every facial part like nose, forehead, jaws provide hard security from jerks, and keep you safe from face injury.


  • Use 100% thermoplastic urethane
  • Two pairs inner glasses
  • Provide AA batteries in ventilation fans


  • Limited Color options

Our Opinion

This mask is designed for both children and adults for the protection of a full face. It has great features like double fan system, pair of inner glasses and thermoplastic urethane material for breathing, clear visibility and durability. For expert review, this mask gives you complete protection, comfort and every wide-angle view in both sunny and rainy weather.

5- BOLLFO Best Protective Airsoft Mask

This mask is designed according to the full face protection to cover all sensitive parts of the face from every angle. It has super comfortable nose foam that protects your nose from sudden collision with opponents in the airsoft environment. Its extra durable jaw parts keep your jaws safe from hits, otherwise it can break and cause bleeding. As a result, you may be forced to leave the match.

It comes with detachable and mergeable lenses that are used in motorbiking, cycling, riding etc. Goggles are very friendly and provide HD views in airsoft or other activities, and also protect your eyes from ultraviolet sun rays and make your visibility clear in every mock battle environment game.

It is available in several color variants including Green + Black Pattern, Clear, Colorful, Gray, Red-1 but most players prefer Green + Black Pattern as it gives the impression of a mock battle in the field.

At the same time, its comfortable strap is easily adjusted in both children and adults and provides extra freedom of movement without fear of slipping off the face. Its comfortable strap foam allows you to tighten your straps as much as you want.


  • Nice Colors variants
  • Adjustable strap for children and adults
  • HD goggles lens
  • Full face protection
  • Soft Sponge


  • Absorb less sweat

Our Opinion

If you want to go with this mask, I suggest you to buy it because of its full face protection, easy to adjust straps and its HD lens visibility, but I analyzed in my previous airsoft innings, If you sweat a lot, you should choose Vismix Airsoft Mask as it absorbs more sweat than bollfo. Other than sweat, it provides all these features that are necessary for protection and comfort in airsoft matches.

6- POKONBOY 2 For Runner UP

As per our first priority of durability this mask is manufactured with high-strength ABS material which provides much better quality rather than others. It can easily bear BB pellets traveling at less than 300 feet per second from five meters. Its outer surface is very hard which can easily withstand bb pallets used in matches, but in some other sports its shields leak, because its protection is limited to 300 feet per second.

Comfortable to wear, the Pokonboy 2 has self-adjusting straps that are easily adjusted to the size of the face and provide maximum freedom of movement. In addition, it uses a soft sponge on the edge of the eyeglass frame that fits easily into your face and prevents slipping.

The lenses are made of transmittance polycarbonate(PC)material that provide super eye protection from others. PC Material Lenses specifically designed to keep glasses clear of fog, so you can easily see your enemy’s movements. Curved lenses protect your eyes from enemy bullets that are fired from a mock gun in the field. PC lenses provide complete eye protection from flying insects, sand particles, and wind in all outdoor activities.

As well, it comes with a beautiful package that includes two tactical masks, in different color variants. If your partner wears one of these in a crowded environment, you can easily identify your peers.


  • Lightweight
  • Provide Full face protection
  • Detachable lens
  • Highly durable specially for childrens
  • Comfortable soft sponge


  • Impact protection that is limited to 300 feet per second
  • Googles are detachable but it little bit difficult

Our Opinion

In my personal experience, I have played excellent innings in various activities and the overall result has been excellent. It has super protection for every sensitive part of the face, especially the eyes. If anyone participates in Nerf Gun or Orbes activity, it will be very effective for them. In addition, the mask is a great option for players who have qualified for the next round of Airsoft matches. I recommend that you buy it if you want to enjoy all the outdoor activities.

7- ONETIGRIS 6 Foldable Half Face Airsoft Mesh Mask

ONETIGRIS 6 designed this mask specially for half face critical parts protection in airsoft matches. It is made with 100 percent pure nylon fiber material which is the best fiber for long lasting comfort. Also, OneTigres use a steel grill to cover the nose and mouth from fake shotgun fires. It has soft nylon sides to cover your cheeks from paintball hits.

Other than design, it comes with a very lightweight and foldable shape that you can easily carry in your bag or even in the dress you wear. A 3-year-old child can easily hold it due to its weight. This puts you much lighter on the field than other heavyweight masks.

Inside the mask is an air mesh that keeps the player’s breath smooth on the battlefield and does not suffocate. Some athletes feel suffocated if they wear a full head coverage mask, but they don’t have to deal with it as it comes with half face coverage which keeps you free from suffocation.

As well as, their straps easily accommodate all head sizes because they do not have complete head protection which causes problems before wearing. Athletes can tighten their straps as much as they want according to the size of their head, which prevents the mask from slipping.


  • Allow half-face protection
  • Durable steel grill for mouth and nose protection
  • Adjustable head straps
  • Foldable


  • Sometime straps become loose

Our Opinion

Onetigris is a great mask for supportive athletes who want to participate in an airsoft match, BB shooting game, or all outdoor activities, as it provides full half face protection with tight endurance and better comfort. If you are a beginner, we recommend that, don’t go with only half face coverage, as this can be harmful to you. We also have a better option for beginners with helmet coverage OneTigris multicam lower face mask & helmet cover with rear battery pouch.


Aoutacc mask has many features that every airsoft player wants for their better protection and comfort. It is made of durable 1000D Oxford cloth which protects the lower part of your eyes from the fire of a gun or rifle. It is also used for half-face protection except forehead. 

This mask uses mesh steel which is adjustable with most glasses. Steels are inside the mask in your mouth or ear area to protect them from pistol 6mm pellet fire. These holes keep you comfortable while breathing and provide clear sound in communication. 

Also, you can’t compete with its weight because it comes lighter than others which keeps you in the field freely while moving. It is not made of plastic material, you can fold it and keep it in a small space wherever you want.


  • Cheapest price
  • High protected for face
  • Foldable
  • Waterproof


  • BB pallet capacity is little bit low
  • Holes just cover 6MM BB fires

Our Opinion

I have used it in various Airsoft matches and it provides strong protection at an affordable price. It covers the lower part of your forehead. Their Oxford cloth protects my cheeks from the fire of a fake gun and swelling that can come after a gunshot. Trust me, no one will give you all these great features on a friendly budget.


We conclude the Eight best paintball masks for airsoft that give you impressive comfortability, High protection against BB pellet bullets especially for eyes and smooth ventilation process for breathing. Some of them are full-face coverage and the rest of them are half-face protection for both pro and beginners players to perform well in the field. 

If you want to go with full face protection and a good ventilation system Outgreek M50 and Visimix are the best that comes with twin mini fans and double inner glasses which keep you cool even in 42 degree hot weather and provide clear visibility in a foggy environment.

We cover some of the masks that come in half-face protection AOUTACC, OneTigres 6 with several head straps. They just save below the area of the forehead, it is offered specially for the pro level player, otherwise they also come with a proper helmet to keep beginner player head safe from shooting fires.

Always Choose the right mask which keeps you fully protected, because your victory depends on choosing the best one.

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