Best 6 Full Head Coverage Paintball Masks for Kids Review

For every parent, nothing in the world is more important than their children. Their safety is necessary in all activities, even if it is a game of paintball or something else like that. Paintball that advises adults to take special precautions will be very important for delicate children. Protect your child’s head and face a slightly dangerous paintball game from sudden hits, accidental collision, ultraviolet Rays with the best durable quality mask in the mock war zone.

If you want to free yourself from the fear that your children will be safe during the match, you need to find the best paintball mask for kids that gives full coverage on the field and keeps them safe. Here we are going to overcome most of the parents’ worries with the best protective mask that is in the form of a gift from you to your child with all the protective coverage of faces.


Best Value

JT Spectra Flex 8
  • 360 degree coverage
  • Adjustable straps
  • Good Ventilation System

Top Rated

JT Premise HeadShield
  • Proper Head Coverage
  • Swap Lens
  • Adjusted Straps

Budget Pick

  • Super Ventilation Holes
  • Soft Sponges
  • Polycarbonate Lens

Top 6 Safe Paintball Masks for Kids 2023 Comparison Table

Image Product Details   Price
JT-Premise-Headshield-Mask JT Premise Brand:  JT
Weight:  1.4 Lbs
Check Price
JT-SPECTRA-FLEX-8 JT Spectra Flex 8 Brand: JT
Lens Material:  Polycarbonate
Check Price
Closure Type:  Elastic
Material:  Abs
Check Price
Group-1194 Piscator Zone Kids Brand: PiscatorZone
Material: Thermoplastic Polyurethane
Color: Colorful
Check Price
Color:  Black
Check Price
Valken-Paintball-MI-7-Mask Valken Paintball MI-3 Brand:  Valken
Material:  Plastic
Lens Material: Polycarbonate
Check Price

1- JT Premise Youth Special Mask

Reason To Buy

  • Complete head coverage
  • Anti fog
  • Thermal lens technology
  • Swap lens with aftermarket lenses
  • Easy to clean whole mask
  • Comfortable adjusted straps

Reason To Avoid

  • Just come in black color

Premise comes with rare features that bring happiness to sad faces which turns even a losing game into a victory and gives you a sense of belonging. It has complete head and face protection for children including chin straps, a durable plastic quality that can withstand sharp blows, and much more.

JT has a complete head protection option for very early teens, for those who don’t know that a paintball hits their head causing a discount. Due to the full coverage of the head, it can be slightly more expensive than other masks, which protects players from head injuries from numerous shots.

In the early stages, children have no idea how they can protect their head like an expert from a paintball fire, so they should go with full coverage.

Due to the heavy fog inside the mask, the visibility of the players is not clear and there is constant difficulty in hitting the target, but JT premise comes with the features of the thermal lens which eliminates the possibility of fog and gives you clear visibility.

Thermal lenses are a bit expensive because they are made of high quality materials that are rarely seen in cheap masks.

It comes with two super adjustable straps, the first is a long chin pad that protects your chin from BB pellet fire and reduces the risk of injury to children or adults when they suddenly fall to the ground.

The 2nd thing is the back head strap, which allows the strap to be adjusted according to the cursor without wasting time.

Key Features

  • Safety:  Fully secured
  • Lens: Single Pane Lens
  • Material: High-end plastic
  • Ventilation: Small holes crafted all over the mask


  • Brand:  JT
  • Weight:  1.4 Lbs

Our Suggestion

As a parent, I advise you to buy a JT for your child, because of its hidden qualities, which you cannot see before you use it. This will protect your child’s entire face as well as provide smooth ventilation for breathing in or out of the hottest temperatures. This will strengthen the foundation in your child’s paintball.

2- JT Spectra Flex 8 Thermal Paintball Mask

Reason To Buy

  • Thermal Lens
  • Replaceable lens without any tool
  • Provide Proper head protection
  • Easy to Clean

Reason To Avoid

  • Expensive for Child

The JT Spectra is a bit more expensive than the JT Premise due to its thermal lens technology. If you prefer security over budget, go with the upgraded version of JT Premise.

It does not mean that this mask will require a huge budget like a thousand dollars, just a little more expensive than the rental mask because of its updated features.

It comes in Thermal anti-fog lens technology which is very effective against fog and keeps the player reflection-free. The feature of its multi-vent holes keeps the lens free from fog by breathing, even in rain, wind and extreme heat. Players can also replace their lens without requiring any tool kit, If an immature child suddenly knocks him down from the roof.

Flex 8 is designed for complete head coverage like JT Premise because of extra child protection in the match. They can hit anywhere without thinking, which can lead to an accident. 

That’s why it’s made of extremely strong materials with full coverage to protect against head injuries so that your child is protected from accidental collisions.

Moreover, There is a place on the forehead where players can adjust a go-pro camera that will record their child’s gameplay, and you will get that movie as a childhood memento.

Children with a fragile heart may be frightened by a sudden onset, that’s why foam comes with proper facial coverage to keep them free of tremors.

Key Features

  • Visibility:  260-degree wide-angle view
  • Lens: Thermal Coated
  • Visor: Built-in Removable
  • Straps: Nylon Adjustable
  • Protection: Fully Protected


  • Brand: JT
  • Lens Material:  Polycarbonate

Our Suggestion

JT spectra are the best suitable mask for your child with outstanding amazing features which save them shots, collision, fog, or tight-fitting. Also ,Its long shades do not allow water to fall on your lens in the rain which gives you clear visibility over a wide area. Choose it as the best paintball mask, if your child is a beginner in paintball.

3- POKONBOY 2 – Best Mask for Small Heads

Reason To Buy

  • Made with Abs material
  • Soft sponges inside the glasses
  • Use Polycarbonate lens (PC)
  • Excellent Vented holes for airflow

Reason To Avoid

  • Without full head coverage

POKONBOY is a high-end mask that is the best in terms of durability, comfortable to wear and take off, and extremely safe for the eyes, especially young ones. It is also one of the favorite crafts for adults.

This reliable transmittance is made with a polycarbonate lens (PC) to protect the glass from scratches that occur when we use a local cloth to clean the mud or paint from the glasses. Its lens never fogged up due to the use of high quality materials even in the worst conditions.inside it, there is no small space where insects can enter your eyes and disturb you while playing.

Inside, there are soft sponges on the edges of the springs that fit easily on all sorts of big and small faces and prevent slip. Also, its super adjustable elastic straps that allow tightening according to the face so that it does not become loose in search of enemies.

Let’s also take a look at its durability, it is made with high-strength abs material which most brands do not use because it is more expensive than other materials. It has the ability to withstand Airsoft and other tournament guns or rifle fires without any damage which you may have never seen before in another branded mask.

Key Features

  • Lens frames:  Soft sponges
  • Material: Made with high polycarbonate
  • Easily Removeable


  • Brand:  POKONBOY
  • Closure Type:  Elastic
  • Material:  Abs

Our Suggestion

For my experience, I would use this product for airsoft or paintball because this mask is the perfect option for these activities. Also, This product is preferable if one is shooting nerf guns and orbeez. The entire set comes in two colors, white and black, so you can play in teams.

If you want to keep your child safe in the world of paintball, I suggest all parents go with the beauty of POKONBOY.

4- Piscator Zone Kids – Full Coverage Mask

Reason To Buy

  • Available Multi color lens
  • Easy to wear or remove
  • Sustainability
  • Elegant design

Reason To Avoid

  • Without Full head coverage
  • Strips may loose after some hours

Piscator is considered to be one of the cheapest masks which gives many times better results than others in quality. Youths can easily buy it with their pocket money because of the very cheap price. Sometimes parents decide that the low price will not protect the child well, but it is their delusion that goes away after buying it.

It weighs a lot less than other rental masks because of the lite manufacturing materials used in it. This paintball mask keeps your child comfortable during the match and will not let the head feel heavy.

Also, Its lens is made with Polycarbonate material due to which it is counted among the top brands. The special thing about this lens is that it can be easily opened and separated so that the dirt on it can be washed away. These goggles are available in the market in many beautiful colors with clear vision, from which you can see the field scene in different colors.

In addition, it uses durable materials that provide great protection to children’s faces and protect sensitive areas such as the nose, mouth, eyes, and ears from paintball fire.

It comes with large exhaust holes that will keep children cool even if they play in a covered area where they may experience shortness of breath due to low oxygen content.

Key Features

  • Material: TPU material
  • Breathability: Breathable filter sponge
  • Face mask: Detachable
  • Elastic and adjustable


  • Brand: PiscatorZone
  • Material: Thermoplastic Polyurethane
  • Color: Colorful

Our Suggestion

Picsator is a great mask for your child as a beginner in paintball. Make sure the guns your opponents are using are not as dangerous as the ones players use in airsoft matches. Adults cannot play with it because its sustainable quality is designed to meet the needs of children or adolescents. It can break if it is hit with a more harmful paintball mask. I personally recommend it for 10 to 15 year olds only.

5 – GXG XVSN – Best For Beginner Kids

Reason To Buy

  • Perfect exhaust holes
  • Lightweight as compared to other mask
  • Made with Nylon Plastic
  • Affordable price
  • Quick replaceable lens

Reason To Avoid

  • Come without helmet
  • Without visor

The XVGN comes with protection on both the inside and the outside, the inner part protects kids face from the hit of the paintball and at the same time the outer side protects its hard plastic from breaking. It is specially designed to meet the basic needs of paintball for the early child.

It also has a quick change lens release system that children can easily change during a match without wasting a minute. In addition, its lens has a super anti-fog coating that keeps the player free from fog even in dark or night matches and provides clear vision over long distances.

GXG is very light in weight, especially for children under 10 years old. It is heavier in weight and more durable than the rest, which makes it superior to others. There is a slight defect in the padding foam, which reduces the weight but leaks to protect your face from side shocks. Otherwise, it does its job perfectly.

What’s more, its ventilation exhausts are perfect for small champions to breathe due to the several open holes.They will feel comfortable running away without any moisture or heat.

Key Features

  • Material: Strong plastic
  • Straps: Adjustable
  • Lens: Anti-fog and anti-scratch


  • Brand:  Gen X
  • Color:  Black

Our Suggestion

I bought it for my 8 year old son. After purchasing it, I feel that it gives my son complete protection on the paintball field with high durability and fog-free environment. If parents ask for advice on the best paintball masks for their children, I recommend GXG to them in second or third. Its elegant design and adjustable head straps make it one of the best masks for youth.

6 – Valken Paintball MI-3 Gotcha Kids Goggle

Reason To Buy

  • Sculpted visor shade
  • ASTM & CE Proved
  • Polycarbonate Lens
  • Inside Mask SBR foam

Reason To Avoid

  • None

Valken is an emerging mask in the paintball market with unique qualities. It is available at light price with strong as well as water resistance properties. It has beaten many expensive brands due to its merits. 

In general, many masks leak in water resistance which deteriorates very quickly and players are forced to throw them away. But the Valken seals come with SBR foam which you can wash and use at any time without any hassle.

In addition, its Sculpted visor for shade protects children’s eyes from direct ultraviolet rays and reflections that can repel their target.

It comes with a single polycarbonate coat lens that prevents fog and provides 160 degree horizontal and 26 degree vertical vision in dark matches.

Furthermore, the MI-3 has three extremely durable adjustable straps that grip your face firmly to the chin, top and back of the head to prevent the mask from falling off if the child is going through the learning process.

Key Features

  • Strap: Adjustable three-strap system
  • Material: Single polycarbonate
  • Lens: Fog resistant hard coat
  • Foam: Water-resistant
  • Visibility: 160 degree vertical and 260 horizontal


  • Brand:  Valken
  • Material:  Plastic
  • Lens Material: Polycarbonate

Our Suggestion

From expert reviews and my personal opinion, MI-3 is a very rare mask in the paintball community with the features of Ultimate Visibility and Straps. It has extremely holes near the mouth and ears that provide smooth breathing as well as clear transmission in communication with peers so that they can adopt different strategies against enemies. Thanks to Valken for creating such an amazing product.

Things We Need to Considered Before Buying Paintball Mask For Kids

Paintball is a sport where most injuries are likely to occur. In such a situation children need to be more careful, that is why parents should look at these few things before choosing the best one.


The durability of an item depends on its strength. The masks also have the same conditions that will give the result according to the best material. Most likely, the mask breaks due to high-speed shots, which they can’t stand because of the worst material leaks.

It is the parents’ job to check the strength of the mask, because if you go to the children’s choice, they will always like the thing that pleases their eyes, even if it is of light quality.

Try to find a mask that is made of pure polycarbonate urethane plastic as it provides heavy protection from the rest of the local material and lasts longer.

Full Coverage:

Masks come for both full and half face, but if your child is in the learning process, being a parent I suggest you buy full head coverage because it will protect your child’s entire head from right, left, top, bottom hits.

If your child has poor eyesight and needs to wear glasses all the time, then buy a mask that is wide on the inside because a tight mask will compress your spectless and cause pain.

Keep in mind that whenever you go to buy a mask, check it from all sides so that you do not have to worry later.


You will find all kinds of cheap and expensive masks in the market, but you have to buy according to your child’s ability as they leak to each other in safety or comfort.

If you prefer security over budget, buy a mask made with tough and durable quality that can easily withstand Nerf and airsoft guns without any damage.

If you want to give your child the best protection mask on a low budget then buy Valken MI-3, it is effective for low-income people.

Adjustable Straps:

Paintball masks are based entirely on the back of the head and the chin straps because if the straps do not fit your face, they will slip and fall off again and again.

Some masks do not allow you to tighten the straps according to the size of your face as their straps come with built-in features that cannot be adjusted, please make sure your mask has adjustable straps that you can fit according to the face.

Anti Fog:

Every paintball enthusiast has to face fog during a match and it is their heart’s desire to see a clean environment.

The most common cause of fog on the lens is goggles made of low quality materials that blur when you breathe and interfere with your vision. So always give importance to a single or dual-pane thermal quality mask lens that prevents fog and provides clear visibility throughout the game even in a dark environment.

Frequently Asked Question

Final Verdict:

I was also a paintball champion a few years ago and I know very well how important protection is for youth and children. This is the safest game for your child, if they play it with a proper paintball costume and mask, it is a healthy activity of childs for grooming.

Here we cover the best Seven half and full coverage masks that are most effective for your child in the paintball game, but the most capable one is JT Spectra Flex 8 which is the next level of JT Premise.

It comes with complete head protection, dual-pane thermal lens, Go-pro camera, super soft sponges which save your kids from every wide-angle hit, provide a fog-free environment, give little gameplay Video, and 100%  jerks protection.

Buy a good mask with proper attention and mind focus, because it is your child’s safety matter. I hope this article will be helpful for all parents to choose the right mask.

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