How to Paint and Make Design on Paintball Mask

A regular paintball can help you to protect your face and eyes from incoming powerful paintball shocks and provide you with a good ventilation system for breathing and communication. It also gives you clear visibility and protects the lens from fog. But if you want to make it more creative then following detail will give you the best way to paint a paintball mask.

If you don’t want that paint to come on the lens and cause irritation in the field of battle then first of all you have to separate the mask and place the lens in a safe place. You should use the green polyester tape to cover the mask that you don’t want to paint. You have to invest in the right supplies to prevent your mask from destroying or having to paint it again.

Collecting the Paints

If you’re thinking of painting your mask into a base color then it will be a little bit easy and amazing for you. You need a special type of paints that can dye the plastic and some painter tape to prevent the area that you don’t want to get paint on. By using different designs applied on the paintball mask you can make it unique and dashing. You need a pre-made vinyl-stencil and blade to cut out the stencil for adding a design on the mask.

Not all paints can work on plastic, they  won’t stay on for long and might chip easily so you should have read the label before buying the paint for the mask. Try to use branded paint that has a special version of spray paint design for stick to plastic. So don’t worry about the paint coming off from the mask or use primer first.  

X-Acto Blade

X-acto blade helps when you apply the painter tape on the mask and cut the stencil and think of applying it later in the process. X-acto has been famous because of its cutting skill, It has a lot of options to perform different designs

Preparing Mask for Painting

Ensure that you have prepared your workplace to prevent the paint getting on the walls, floor and other surrounding items. Once you make sure all these then take your mask apart after that apply the paint tape on that area where you don’t paint. These are the lens, goggles and padded area of your mask. Here the X-acto blade will help you to cut the painter tape likely to your mask. Now it’s time to get your mask ready for paint by taking it apart first.

Paint the Mask

Before starting the paint to mask make sure that there should not be any dust particles on the mask’s helmet. Base color paint should be applied to the entire mask and then use the aerosol spray but forget to shake, at least apply the two coats of spray on the helmet to get the best result on the entire mask. When you have done your first coat of paint then put the mask on some safe place to dry it and repeat the same method until you do not get your desired result. 

Make Pattern on Paintball Mask

If you want to add different patterns on the mask then you should use the paint that contains some oil like acrylic paint because water based paint will be washed off once it faces moisture. Use a knife to cut off the different pattern design that you want to use on the mask. Now put the stencil on the mask and push it with the help of your finger around the frame so that patterns will be applied on the mask neatly. 

You should also cover the mask with a tape so that paint will not reach the other part of the mask and if the stencil paper starts to arise from the mask then hold it down with your finger.

Dry the Mask and Remove the Tape

Now you have to put the mask on a safe place to dry overnight, once it is dried then lift the emblem (decorative picture) and if the result is not according to your expectation then repeat the same process again for a good look. Here there are two news for you, one is good news and bad news, the good news is that every repeating process for making the paintball mask looks good does not affect its quality and bad news is that it will waste your a lot of time. We all know that practice makes man perfect so don’t think that you can do it on your first attempt.

Multiple Color on Mask

You can also apply multiple colors on your mask, the following procedure will help you to do this process:

  • You should place your testimonial image near to your eyes so that you don’t feel tightness if you are thinking of symbolic painting.
  • Now you have to draw a design on the mask.
  • Cover the specific part of the mask from the tap where you want to use different colors and prevent the mask from color overlapping.
  • Leave the area of the mask where you want to paint and cover the remaining part with tape to avoid any overspray.
  • Now you have to wait to dry the mask before moving to the next part because the wet area cannot stay tape for a long time. 
  • Once the mask has been dried completely, remove all the tape and stencil paper and cover those areas that have already been painted.

Put the Paintball Mask and Helmet Together

Once the final coat of paint on the paintball mask has been dried then put the mask and helmet together and if you don’t know how to put it together then read the instructions and come with a paintball mask.

Cover the Ventilation System of Paintball

To paint your vents, you have to apply paint from different angles on paintball for proper painting. You should not pay attention and time on specific as you spray, when you pass from different angles then the whole hole will be enough covered.  

Safety Tips to Paint a Paintball Mask

Here we are describing some tips for painting a paintball mask:

Paint in Open Space

You should always paint the mask in an open environment because paint contains very harmful chemicals inside it, these are spread on the surrounding when you open the cabinet of paint and these chemicals can stay in your environment upto 3 days. You should paint the mask when there is less air and make sure that your room has good ventilation if you are thinking of painting it in your room and place it in front of fans to remove harmful particles.

Usage of Respirator

Paints have some dangerous chemicals inside it that are called volatile compounds thats can have a threatening effect on our breathing as well respiratory system so always use the respirator during the paint. You can also buy a good respirator from a physical retailer shop and can also buy it online. Cartridge base respirator is a good replacement for an air supplied respirator that filters out all harmful fume-particles before entering your body.

Skin Coverage

Paints also contain isocyanates which are very harmful for both skin and lungs. Harmful chemical fumes not only affect the respiratory system and can cause lung disorders but are also dangerous for the skin. The only solution to protect yourself from these dangers is using a full body paint suit before painting, it will help you to protect your respiratory system and skin from different diseases.

Clean the Throwing Paint

First of all you have to clean all your paint that is thrown during the painting, because it can go inside of your home with harmful chemicals and make your house dirty. Because children are always present inside the home, it can also be harmful for your children.

Read the Material Safety Data Sheet Before Painting

MSDS sheets have a list of all toxic chemicals that are present in your paint and this sheet helps the user to access this information easily. If your area is neat and clean and you are using a mask then you can easily avoid these mendacious chemicals.

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