What to Wear for Paintball to Protect Yourself Summer/Winter

  • Paintball mask is important for a 360 degree coverage face
  • A visor or eyeshade for hair and forefront prevention
  • The long blue jeans which can cover your legs
  • Full sleeve shirt with jersey on it
  • Depending on the zone of game you also need hiking shoes, running boots or forestay
  • For finer coverage and control on trigger you should have gloves and layers for prevention

What to wear for paintballing depends on the environments where you are going to play, usually there are two zones for playing paintball game one is indoor and other one is outdoor. So here we will explore all the precautions that players should have followed before going to paintballing.

Face and Head Protection

We will start with head and face protection, we all know that a mask is necessary for protection and it’s also called paintball goggles and helmet which aim to give prevention from ear to ear and chin to forehead.

On the other hand some provide protection from ears to face back and cover the whole head but these masks are not common and sensible. These have been made according to ASTM rules and regulation and fulfill their standards and its lens uses polycarbonate for eye protection. 

Some players want to cover their hairs from paint so it’s compulsory for them to cover their entire head using a baseball cap backwards because this is the only way to keep away the bill’s cap from the mask and give you a protection layer at the top of the head.

Necessities for Upper Body Protection

Necessities for Upper Body Protection

We all know that paintballs are available in different sizes and have different energy levels which hits your body very hard. Did you know ? .5 caliber paintballs have ⅓  mass of normal paintball which has not much wound so you don’t need to inflate yourself as you do for .64 caliber paintball but it is still a good thing for whole coverage because naked body gets sting more instead of having clothes. 

In our audience we have many people that use full sleeve shirts when they are playing. Our business is related to paintball masks so our main customers are adult people and they need a full shirt with a sweatshirt or some hoodie on the top of the shirt. The players can easily decide that they require more protection or not after getting a few hits of paintball. 

In Worth and Dallas paintball fields you can use sweat-shirts even in august because these fields are air conditioned. In the outdoor field, there are overheating, burn exhausting and also heat stroke so their sweatshirt is not good, you should consider the jerseys with low padding that have breathable panels for air crossing.

Necessities for Lower Body Protection

It is important for us to wear full length cloth or jeans for covering the whole legs and its doesn’t matter whether its indoor or outdoor environment. These things not only protect you from paintball hits but also save you from dirty surroundings. 

You should use such clothes in outdoor fields which can give you prevention from insects, tics etc also. All of us know that our indoor field is sheltered with Astro-Turf and if you are thinking of crawling behind the bunker then it will be impossible to get turf burn with non protective skin if you are a sliding or diving player.

Camo Coveralls

Another good option for you that will take care of your neck to wrist to ankles and full body is that you should wear such clothes which cover your whole body. These coveralls are also available for rent in just 5 dollars and its whole package available in just 10 dollars and it’s not a bad deal for us. This package contains a back and chest protector with a coverall and also gives you a strong armor on your body.

Hands Coverage

Hands are the best part of our bodies that enable us to take shots on enemies, sometimes we conceal ourselves behind the object in a specific corner and with the help of our gun and face can easily target the opponents. 

When they hit back at you it means that it will hit at your paintball gun, mask or may be on your hands. Shots on hands may be very hard because there is very little meat and mostly part of the hand has bones so when paintballs hit at your hand it feels like a snake’s sting so for this reason almost all players have used gloves in paintballing. 

If we are talking about the appearance of paintball gloves then players usually like fingerless gloves and it should be weight lifter and there should be no padding on the palm to cushion the weight-bar, it should have rubber on the back for the protection of the hand’s back.

Footwear For Paintball Game

Sneakers, running shoes, cricket or tennis shoes are normally fine for playing a paintball game, you can also use any kind of shoes that you use for other outdoor activity but if you are in some outdoor rocky place then you should consider some good hiking shoes which provide you more ankle comfort if you are running or walking some irregular surface. 

In the above section I already explain that our indoor fields using Astro-Turf and their normal palin shoes work well. In paintballing, most person’s like to wear cleats but there only plastic cleats are allowed because metal cleats can destroy the carpet in the porch. 

Age of the Player

Another important thing in the field of battle is the age of players and type of gun that he/she used. In paintball games low impact fields allow kids whose age is six or old to play while many other fields use standard paintball guns only and allow children whose age is 10 or more.

If we compare paintball hits to being shaped with rubber band or with some towel because we can understand different people have different feelings about these hits, here I would like to explain that if I hit or snap someone with rubber band on naked body will be different from if I snapped that rubber band on one or two layer of clothes.

Lastly I will tell you that paintball game environment play an important role for evaluating the participant’s tolerance pain who participate in game, so always use above precautions before going to paintballing.

What to Wear for Paintball for Girls

Often girls come to play with skinny women’s pants which are not good for them because they are not secure and not very comfortable to play paintball. Paintball baggy pants specially designed for girls come in two varieties, one thick and the other slim. Thick baggy pants are the most suitable which provide comfort and protection at the same time.

For the Upper Body

  • Pro girls usually wear paintball shirts and sports bras with arm pads. But, it is good to wear a padded bra under your paintball shirt because it protects you from paintball shots, otherwise there is a possibility of breast pain.
  • A full head paintball mask is better suited for face protection than paintball goggles as they are not fully covered and you need to purchase additional items such as a hat, bandana, beanie etc to cover your head.
  • Be sure to use these things if you wear goggles, they will also protect your hair from paint.
  • Knee and arm pads are also very helpful since you’ll be crawling and sliding on your knees, so they protect your skin from scrapes and cuts.
What to Wear for Paintball for Girls

What to Wear for Paintball in the Hot Summer

Playing paintball in extreme heat can be dangerous for players, so they need to take some precautions before they suffer from serious diseases such as dehydration, clumsiness. We are sharing some suggestions and clothing tips that you should follow especially during summer days, because these are very harsh days that have a profound effect on the human body.

Hydrate Yourself

If you have never played a paintball game in summer, then it is very important to take care to arrange things like water coolers, juices, water bottles, etc. Because you will feel thirsty again and again and your lips will be dry. The effect will be directly on your body parts like kidneys. 

Use sunblock for skin care and wear full-sleeved shirts. Take small sips of water, do not drink all the water at once, it will make it difficult to make movements.

Wear Paintball Goggles

We always recommend the use of paintball goggles as they protect your eyes from shots but here they become more important as the hot rays will directly impact your eyes which need to be covered by goggles. It has happened that some people did not take precautions and lost the blessing of the eyes or the vision became weak and they had to wear eye lenses permanently.

You need to learn from the experiences of others and use dual lens paintball masks (dye i5 or virtue vio) which will be very beneficial to protect our eyes from ultraviolet rays. Along with the lenses they have a proper ventilation system that helps us breathe well and keep us cool, they will also prevent fogging caused by heavy breathing.

Less Gear

No need to carry extra stuff with you, just keep what you need, but keep all the things that are recommended (paintball jersey/pants, knee pads, elbow pads, shoes, and weaponry). Wear shirts that are soft enough to allow air to pass through, but with full sleeves.

Headbands, Bandanas, or Beanie

These things are a great alternative to a full head mask because you need protection too, helmets or masks can feel hot on the head which can cause dehydration. The specialty of a headband, bandana, or beanie is that they are lightweight so you don’t feel weighed down, absorbs your sweat and protects from the sun rays and paintball shots.

Bring Cooler for Paintballs

Bring a cooler to keep your paintballs safe and secure as the summer heat can cause them to perish. If you haven’t used a cooler, your paintballs become soft and cause loading problems and ultimately your shots won’t hit the target well. If you bring a cooler, it is a good practice but keeping in mind some following things:

  • Keep it safe from other players
  • Open it in a shadow, not under a sun
  • Before loading paintballs, place anywhere for few minutes
  • How to Store Paintball Guide

Some Valuable Paintball Clothing Tips for Paintballing in the Summer

These points are a summary of all the above points, so you can just follow these points to know what to wear in summer. 

  • Try to wear light and thin shirts that allow air to pass easily, but the shirt should have full sleeves, it is good for your skin, otherwise use any anti-reflection cream.
  • Like shirts, use full-length pants that are specifically designed for paintball because they protect us well and keep us cool with their built-in vents and pads.
  • Just enjoy the game and try to maintain your body temperature by taking breaks, play in shady areas as much as you can, don’t stay under the sun for a long time. 

What to Wear for Paintball in Winter

Dressing properly in winter is as important as in summer, you need to wear warm and safe clothes to protect your body, we discuss in detail what you should wear for paintball in winter. 

A Complete Guide

  • Sweatshirts and pants are good to use for the upper and lower body, they will be beneficial in various ways such as helping to keep your body warm, plus they are great for absorbing paintball shots. 
  • Moreover, you must use a loose fitting paintball jersey which is very important to prevent you from getting hit.
  • The advantage of using specially designed paintball winter shirts and pants is that they are designed with adequate padding in key positions that keep you protected.
  • This is normal but it is very important to use underwear with paintball paint.
  • Another advantage of paintball jerseys and pants is that they have the ability to trap heat inside them which plays an important role in keeping you warm.
  • You can also use a special multi-pocket vest, which will provide both adequate protection and warmth. These pockets will help you keep the pods as they need a safe place, because they often break due to the winter cold.
  • Don’t forget to use knee and arm pads while playing paintball whatever the season.
  • Playing without them can hurt you while kneeling and crawling.
  • To cover your fingers, choose wisely thick, padded, quality gloves, preferably cold weather paintball gloves in most cases.
  • In cold weather, the chances of mask fogging increases so you should use a paintball mask that has features like, dual pane lenses, ventilated, UV protected etc.
  • For your feet, it is recommended to use quality waterproof shoes with woolen socks.

What Pro Paintball Players Wear

It is good to wear clothes that are specially designed for playing paintball because the manufacturers keep in mind all the important safety and comfort factors while designing them. You can feel more secure in these clothes because they have padding in key areas that give you the confidence to play freely, are usually more durable, and have ventilation to keep the player cool, which is essential in paintballing.

Now let’s briefly explain some of the important things that pro players wear and we should also use in every game.

Paintball Headbands and Head Wraps

Head protection should be your priority and you should use things that are designed to protect our heads from direct hits. For this, headbands and headwraps play an important role, which pro athletes have been using for years.

Many pro players say that it not only keeps our head safe but also keeps sweat dry and fade-free. 

The most recommended head wrap is the Dye-head wrap which provides protection to the head as well as many other benefits such as preventing paint from getting into the hair and keeping it clean.

Paintball Shirts and Jerseys

Paintball shirts and jerseys are considered to be another important piece of clothing that pro players use and recommend others to use as well. It looks professional when all team members wear the same paintball shirt and other most important benefits are that it provides padding and ventilation, both of which help keep us safe and cool for longer periods of time.

Similar to other sports where players wear shirts and jerseys with their personal name, number and team name, you can do the same with your teammates in paintball.

Paintball Elbow Pads

Falling on the field while running or moving from one position to another is likely, so in most cases our forearms and elbows take the brunt of the impact. Therefore, the most applicable to protect them are elbow pads that are specially designed for paintball. 

Some of the best paintball padding comes from Exalt Paintball because they are rugged, very well designed, and don’t slide around on your arm.

Paintball Gloves

Just like your elbows, it’s important to protect your hands and fingers from hazards, for which the use of paintball gloves is recommended. They also help in giving us a comfortable grip, the padding in them gives us confidence that our hands are safe. For quality and comfortable grip, you can use Exalt paintball gloves which are easily available in the market at affordable prices.

Paintball Pants

Pants play an important role in the whole game of paintball, obviously you need to run fast, move freely and be comfortable in other activities like sitting, crawling, kneeling etc. Helping you do everything well, you need pants that give you all the freedom you need. 

Therefore, no other pants can provide you with such comfort except paintball pants, as these pants are designed according to all the rules, to give you protection without any constriction, for which padding is attached at key positions.

Other features you can expect to benefit from in paintball pants are built-in knee, shin and groin padding that protects you from paintball hits and other falls. 

If you need any recommendations about pants then me and my mates are using  Social Paintball Grit V3 Pants and CK Fight Life Paintball Pants, which are great in quality and facilitate us in every angle discussed above.

Athletic Shoes and Cleats

Pro athletes use their favorite brands of shoes that help them run and walk better, thus the price of shoes varies. It is better that you can buy shoes according to your budget which have the following features. 

The shoe that won’t let you slip while running and gives you full range of motion to sprint, kneel and crawl across the field.

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