How to Wash Paintball Paint from Gears, Clothes, Homes

Many times while playing paintball carelessly, we shoot in places where we don’t want to hit, there paintballs leave deep marks that must be cleaned, there can also be a scolding from parents, like the walls of the house, Vehicles, trees, clothes etc.

Experiences teach a person a lot as I learned what are the best strategies to clean these stains and which soaps are good and effective, which I will share with you all. 

Paintballs are usually filled with water-soluble substances like polyethylene glycol and color that is easy to remove or wash off of clothes, shoes, houses, trees, and anything else. Just make sure the paint doesn’t sit too long or it will start to blemish over time.

There are some paintballs that stain more than others. This includes all oil-based paintballs, paintballs with a lot of wax in the fill, and pink or red paintballs.

Oil-based paintballs are the hardest to wash off, and if you have a cracked barrel or chipped ball, it can damage your marker or even the inside of the barrel.

Paintballs with a lot of wax in the filler can also be difficult to wash, but as long as you leave your clothes soaking in warm water, they will wash out over time.

Paintballs filled with pink or red are more difficult to wash and dye than other colors, so they are prohibited in most paint fields.

How to Remove Paintball Stains From Clothes

I would recommend that you pre-prep the blemish areas like in my favorite pre-treatment Resolve blemish remover. This is due to the fact that the paint will have been on the clothes for 8 hours before you start working on the laundry at home.

If your stain doesn’t come off after air drying, you can try the following:

  • A cup of water
  • 1 TBSP Ammonia
  • Dawn dishwashing detergent one teaspoon
  • Soak your clothes in this mixture for about half an hour
  • Then put it through another wash cycle in the washing machine
  • After washing you want to let the air dry again
  • Hopefully the stain will go away completely

How to Wash Paintball Pants and Jerseys

First you soak both the pants and the jersey in OxiClean for at least 45 minutes to an hour in hot or cold water. All items should be put in the washing machine in cold water and delicate to wash.

It should always be air-dried like nylon, as most pants and jerseys don’t heat up well. If you want to get the most out of your clothes, hang them to air dry!

Also, you can use regular detergent instead of OxiClean because it can work, but I’ve noticed many times that it leaves a residue that makes pants and jerseys very itchy.

How to Remove Paintball Stains From Shoes

It is very easy to remove paintball paint from cloth and canvas shoes. Let’s look at steps to get rid of paintball paint on shoes but make sure you keep the paint wet while cleaning, if the paint is already dry use a stiff bristled brush before getting it wet.

  • Soak a clean cloth in water to remove any wet paint from the shoes.
  • Put the shoe under warm water to rinse off any remaining paint.
  • Clean the soles of the shoes with an old toothbrush.
  • Prepare a solution by mixing one part dish soap with one part warm water in a bucket and dampen a sponge or cloth in the soapy solution and wipe away any excess moisture before blotting the stain.
  • Repeat this process until most of the paint is gone
  • Apply a small amount of nail polish remover to a cotton pad and gently blot until all the paint is removed. 
  • Wash the shoes in cold water in the washer on a delicate cycle.

How to Remove Paintball Stains From Pod Packs and Vests

Method 1:

  • Fill a container with hot water and OxyClean.
  • Soak your Pod pack or vest in the mixture for an hour. 
  • After an hour, remove the vest or pod pack from the mixture.
  • Wash it in the sink or spray it with a garden hose until all the stain remover is removed.

Note: Dry only in the sun or with a fan to remove moisture from the pod pack or vest, and do not try any method, especially the dryer, as it may deteriorate.

How to Clean a Paintball Gun and Barrel

The materials you’ll need to clean your paintball gun are tools to take the gun apart, a towel to clean the parts, and maybe some water. When you’re cleaning your gun, the first thing you want to do is check the barrel, clean it for any obvious breaks or debris on the outside, and then when you’re done, you want to run a barrel swab through there and clean out the worst of it. 

You need to double check to make sure the barrel is clean after using the bottle swab, you can also use a squeegee feed on one end of it then feed it here on the rings. The hook is on, just pull it to give it a good strong tug. This should clean out any debris that may be inside the barrel. Now that the barrel is clean you want to set it aside.

How to Clean a Paintball Mask 

Method 1: Grab a wet washcloth and use it to clean your mask. Just be sure to use a separate microfiber towel to clean your lenses so you don’t leave any scratches behind. (You shouldn’t use paper towels, toilet paper, or other materials to clean your lenses.)

Method 2: Remove the lens from the mask and then rinse the mask thoroughly with warm water. (Do not submerge your mask in water as this can degrade the glue that holds the foam to the mask) And If you have trouble getting the paint out of the nooks and crannies of the mask, you can scrub it with a toothbrush.

Lean More : How to Clean Paintball Mask

How to Clean a Loader and Pods

Get into the kitchen and use the best kitchen appliances you’ve ever used in your life, the dishwasher. So let’s go ahead and clean your pods properly, the first thing you need to do is strategically place your pods in the dishwasher so they are safe throughout the wash cycle and add some dish soap and turn it on.

A sink can do the same job as a dishwasher, faster and better. A dishwasher can take anywhere from 45 minutes to 2 hours to complete, and they are never reliable enough to clean anything thoroughly most of the time. I can soak, wash, rinse, dry and put all those beans back in the gear bag in 10-15 minutes (and that includes the time it takes to fill the sink and put soap in it).

How to Wash Paintball Paint Off Houses

Method to wash paintball paint off the side of a house is following:

First, wash the area with a solution of soap and water (liquid dish detergent will work just fine). Use your garden hose on a high-powered stream to break up as many stains as possible. Then, use hydrogen peroxide to further work the stain.

Paintballs are made from oil-based paints, which break down easily on contact with hydrogen peroxide. Dip a washcloth in the peroxide and rub over the paintball stain until all the paint is removed. Rinse again with a garden hose to remove any excess paint or peroxide residue.

How to Wash Paintball Paint Off Trees

Although paintball paint may not be toxic, it can be unsightly if the trees in your yard are covered in paint splatter. And while rain will wash off most of the paint over time, you can always speed up the process by washing the paint off with a garden hose.

Now, if your garden hose is not long enough to reach the tree, you will need to bring a bucket of water and a cloth/sponge to wash it down.

How to Remove Dried Paintball Paint from Car

To remove paintball paint from the exterior of a car, first wash the car as you normally would. Use mild car wash soap, warm water and a sponge or cloth. Then dry the area with a towel. Use a bug and tar removal product by putting a few drops on a cloth or paper towel, then rubbing it over the paintball stain. After a few moments, dry the surface with a clean microfiber cloth to remove any paint residue.


Is Paintball Paint Washable?

Yes, paintballs are water soluble, non-toxic, and will wash out of clothes in a normal wash cycle.

Do Paintball Wash Off with Water

Paintballs are designed and manufactured to be hypoallergenic, water soluble and biodegradable, paintball splinters will be completely washed out of clothes if washed immediately after a day’s play.

Are Paintball Paints Permanent?

As we already know that paintballs are non-staining, non-toxic and biodegradable. That way, paintball stuffing won’t permanently stain clothes, they can be washed as usual to remove paint residue.

How do you Remove Paintball Paint from Vinyl Siding?

Use isopropyl alcohol and a cloth to remove as much of the paint as possible. Apply liquid wax to a ball of steel wool and wipe away any remaining paint. Then clean the area with a mixture of soap and warm water.

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