How to Find/Join a Paintball Team – Start Your Own Team

The fun of the game is doubled when you are playing with friends, whether it is paintball, cricket or any indoor game. If you join an unknown paintball team with whom you are not friends, then with time you will be able to make friends with your positive and friendly behavior.

Keep in mind that not all paintball teams are created solely for the purpose of competition, and not all paintball teams play speedball. Rather, depending on your preferences, some paintball teams play woodsball, some play landscape paintball.

Apart from speedball teams, most paintball teams are created just for fun. In speedball, only D1 – D3 teams play professionally, while D4 – D5 teams are just for fun. 

It would also be better for you to decide what kind of paintball you want to play. Once you’ve decided what you want to play, you can start following our techniques below.

How to Find a Paintball Team

If you have just started playing paintball and want to be part of a paintball team but don’t know how to do it. I am sharing some strategies or methods that give you a chance to find a professional team. If you follow all the methods mentioned below, you will definitely become a part of a team.

  • Play At Your Local Field
  • Use Social Media
  • Be Active in The Online Community
  • Be Loyal and Reliable

These are some best methods if you follow appropriately then you must get a team, lets define all of them briefly.

Play at Your Local Field

If you want to join a paintball team, start playing or practicing paintball at your local field. You must be consistent with this activity, it will not only improve your game, but you will also find success in building relationships with professionals.

Playing at the local paintball field may lead to an invite but not overnight as players need to spend some time getting to know you before asking them to join your team so consistency is important. And if they themselves bring up that they are looking for new members, then it’s okay to ask for an invitation.

Find out which days are their biggest games and try to keep up with them! You can also ask other players and field owners if they know of a team that needs new members, they will introduce you and you can join.

Use Social Media

Nowadays social media (Facebook, Instagram) is the best way to find anything. Whether you need to buy some paintball equipment or find a team, everything is there. There are many groups and pages where you can meet like-minded people, they like to share about their travels and tournaments in the form of photos and videos.

As a beginner or intermediate you can join these groups, explore them, read comments, learn from their experiences, and ask questions. Like you, other people are looking for team members from their nearby areas. You can contact them and schedule a match, play a game or two and find out how they are. If they are suitable, you can create a permanent team.

Be Active in the Online Community

Any reputable community or online paintball forum is another source where you can find professional teammates. Forums allow you to interact with other members, read and comment on posts, share photos, and interact with people who are relevant to you. Additionally they also allow you to search your regions section where all the members of that region will be present. This will make it easier for you.

You can also start a new post/thread saying you are looking for teammates or want to be part of a paintball team. Community members and moderators can help connect you with a team. If you get a chance to play with pro players, you should act like a pro by following all the rules of the game.

Be Loyal and Reliable

If you finally get a chance to be a part of any paintball team, play one or two games with them honestly and act friendly. Before making any decisions, assess them whether they are professional, punctual or not. Because later you will have problems. They should be according to your nature and there should not be too much difference in age between you and them, otherwise you will get bored. 

Loyalty and cooperation help build long-term relationships with them and they’ll be happy to invite you to future games.

How to Start your own Paintball Team

If you feel that you have enough skills and experience to manage or run your own paintball team then it is good to start your own paintball team. This section will help you find new colleagues who are interested in joining your team.

Follow the simple and effective methods described below to share your ideas with others, and let them know you’re starting your own team and they can join you.

Ask your Friends

First, find your closest friends who you think are interested in paintball, and ask them if they would like to team up with you.

Post Flyers

Flyers posting is an old method of advertising but still an authentic and result oriented strategy, so definitely implement it, but post the flyers in any place where you can get your maximum results eg. private business office, high school, college or nearby paintball field. 

Use colorful, creative and attractive flyers to make the process more impressive. If you can, include a picture of paintball equipment (gun, mask) or something similar.

Post Online

The most effective and best way to connect with like-minded people is to post on social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) or use paintball forums. Post the picture with a title and description, the title should be short like “Join our paintball team” and mention everything in the description like tournament entry fee and other related expenses, and your own experience level, So that only people who agree with your terms contact you.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find a paintball Team to Play With?

You can find a paintball team by following methods: 

  • Play At Your Local Field
  • Use Social Media
  • Be Active in The Online Community
  • Be Loyal and Supportive
  • Become a Better Player

Where do I go to Play Tournament Paintball?

Sacramento Tournament Paintball fortunately has a great community. Here in Sacramento, Capital Edge Paintball Park operates the CEPL, or Capital Edge Paintball League, where it offers a competitive venue for players ranging from 3-man beginners to Division 4 X-Ball.

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