Can Paintballs Break Glass, Home & Vehicle Windows?

Here we will look at whether paintballs can break glass, house windows, car windows, and whether paintball is a dangerous activity. To what extent a game played just for fun inside and outside the house can harm us financially.

Apart from us, there are other neighboring houses in the society who do not allow such games to be played outside their house because there is a risk of getting shot anywhere, including their car, even themselves.

No one wants to pay for damage caused by someone else, because a house or car window is not cheap, and paying for damage caused by someone else’s children’s play is more sad. In fact, our parents will not do the same. 

So before playing outside, it’s important to know if paintballs can actually break glass.

Can Paintballs Break Glass?

Paintballs can break glass. But there are some factors that decide whether paintballs break glass or not. These factors include the type of glass, the thickness of the glass, speed of the paintballs, paintball shell, how many times the paintballs hit the same point.

The strongest type of glass is tempered glass which is less likely to break when hit by paintballs of any speed, tempered glass is 4-5 times stronger than normal annealed glass. While laminated glass is more prone to breakage, it will break but stay together because of the plastic layer that is baked between the two pieces of glass.

Considering the strength to withstand breakage, tempered glass is considered stronger than laminated glass.

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Can Paintballs Break Home Windows?

Paintballs are not designed to break a house window, but if someone hits them at the right angle, they can break windows. However, there is always the risk of cosmetic damage such as paint stains in the glass. Nowadays, there are several types of glass installed on the windows of houses, some of which cannot be damaged by paintballs, but most of them are broken by it.

Paintball players who are interested in this game should play in an open field because most of the nearby houses use annealed glass which cannot withstand the force of paintballs. 

Home windows are based on single or multiple layers glass, if they are single-glazed, they can break immediately, but if they are multi-glazed, they can withstand paintballs hit. Distance is the important scenario in this situation, such as how far the paintball gun was from the window and what its pace was.

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Besides that, paintballs can damage windows in several other ways. 

As every enthusiast knows, paintballs are made of a hard shell and filled with paint, so pressure can crack the shell and cause paint stains. 
Moreover, paint used in paintballs are based on solvent paint which can cause more damage if we do not clean them from windows instantly.

Can Paintballs Break Vehicle Windows?

There are several factors that can determine whether paintballs break a car window, including the weight of the paintball, barrel length, wind speed, air density, and therefore ambient temperature.

The Weight of Paintball

It is a universal principle that if we throw a light object and a heavy object with the same force. So an object with less weight will go faster and hit the object in front with more force and be more efficient. In the case of paintballs too, lightweight paintballs have a higher velocity than heavy paintballs and therefore a lighter ball is more liable to damage. 

Another factor is air resistance, heavier paintballs face more air resistance and therefore have slower speeds than lighter paintballs. Therefore, it slows down and causes less damage to car windows.

Length of the Barrel

Barrel length can also decide whether or not paintballs can break car windows, the longer the barrel, the faster the speed of the paintballs. Paintballs fired from long barrels have a higher chance of damaging car windows. 

Speed of the Wind

How wind affects paintball speed and damages car windows.

  • Headwinds
  • Crosswind
  • Side Winds


If headwinds are in the direction of the paintball bullet. So the headwind will push the paintball palette backwards which will slow down the movement of the paintball. This will reduce the possibility of damage.


Crosswinds are blown from right to left or left to right between the paintball and the target, causing the paintballs to deflect horizontally. You can also claim that these winds caused the paintball to go in the direction of the target.

Side Winds

These tailwinds are directed towards the target. As a result, it causes special damage.

Winds will have a big effect on speed. Although the distances will change, if the wind direction is directly behind or in front of you, you will hardly feel their effects. Crosswinds will definitely be easier to see at speed.

Air Density and Present Temperature

Do you know how air density and temperature affect the pace of paintballs and how will it affect your target? You must have noticed that, as the air density decreases, the drag on the paintball decreases, which allows the paintball to move faster. Exactly like the temperature increases, the air becomes dense, which automatically increases the speed of the paintballs. 

The important thing here is that paintballs are not affected by temperature changes like air molecules, therefore, this is the reason why the effect of temperature on the speed of paintballs is much less than the density of air. So, it is important to take air density and temperature into consideration when hitting your target because on a hot day, paintballs will travel faster but accuracy will be lower, while on a cold day, paintballs will move slower but give more accuracy.

Can Frozen Paintballs Break Glass?

Yes, frozen paintballs are more likely to break glass than regular paintballs. Remember paintballs don’t freeze just by putting them in the freezer. Although the shell hardens and the paint thickens into a goo-like substance, it is nowhere near solidification.

Now if you want to go to the extreme, you can place the paintballs in a cold freezer or in liquid nitrogen which will solidify them. Frozen paintballs will still be very difficult to shoot because they will be misshapen and won’t fly straight.

Safety Precautions

There are some safety precautions that everyone already knows about so just a reminder:

  • Wear protective gear and a paintball mask and aim your gun safely.
  • Never point it directly at someone or something that could potentially injure them.

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