5 Simple Methods to Prevent Your Paintball Mask from Fog

Fog is a very common agenda that every expert and beginner has to face in a paintball game which is very disturbing and effective. Do you have the same problem and are looking for the best solutions? Everyone wants to get rid of this anxiety because it is not only annoying but also the cause of failure. We need a proper solution to make our mask fog free without removing it from the face as it is a dangerous act.

We need to adopt various good methods to protect the paintball mask from fog which we will talk about here. Before we know the methods, we need to be aware of the causes of fog, so that we can take care of them. Here we will explain the 5 suggested ways that you can adopt to avoid fog and in the end we will decide in favor of which one is the best and easiest to adopt.

Why is There Fog on a Paintball Mask?

Have you ever noticed why even at normal temperatures your mask is foggy, most people know but some newborns don’t know. So here we explain some of the major reasons why fog occurs and how. 

Lack of Ventilation

A mask must have a proper ventilation system to allow maximum air flow to keep a player cool. If the mask you are using does not have a lot of vents then you are responsible for the fog because you did not pay attention to the vents when you bought and this is a factor we cannot compose. But you don’t have to worry because you can use the following anti-fog devices to prevent fog or the last thing is to change the mask.


This is another major cause of fog, people often do not care, and it affects the performance badly. This is due to the moist air, and the difference between your breathing and the outside temperature. Because cold air has less water vapor capacity than warm mouth air, cold air can reach its dew point due to increased humidity, which can lead to fog.

5 Ways to Stop Paintball Mask from Fogging During Paintball

Now moving on to methods that help remove fog that occurs during game due to lack of ventilation or humidity. All of these methods are proven and really easy, everyone can adopt and get long fog-free vision.

Fog-Resistant Coating

Keeping an eye on fogging issues, some brands have launched new versions of masks with built-in fog resistant coating, which works to prevent fog. It is placed on the inside of the mask which gives you a better clarity than your mask which does not have a coating lens. This is really customizable, which means it allows us to remove it as per our need. Coating lenses are good for clarity but not as recommended as they do not apply to all weather conditions.

Lens Cleaner 

This is another great way to protect your mask from fogging, also called anti-fog spray. This is a very easy way to apply, just spray on the lens and rub it well with cotton, that is enough to give you clear vision. There are many anti-fog sprays on the market, you can choose from our collection and recommendations, choosing the right spray will be beneficial. If you do not want to buy it separately, you can use its alternative in the form of baby shampoo and shaving cream which is also cheaper.

Mask Fans

Use a mask with proper ventilation, otherwise a mask fan helps to improve air circulation to keep you cool and non-foggy. If you are a pro and you have a good budget then you can use the mask fan which is working with a battery which has a different price. But in the end you are able to play a fog free game more than any other player. 

In my opinion, it is not very easy to use, it also creates hassle and increases the weight of the mask, not all brands are selling standard materials, so you can check out our recommendations about the best mask fans for easy access. 

There is also a possibility to stop working a fan by hitting a shot while playing, so if you can take care of all these things, you should buy. 

Thermal Lenses

The best way to prevent fog is to use thermal lenses, which are really helpful in providing a wide range of clear vision even in bad weather. There are two types of thermal lenses, single pan and dual pan. Both have their own characteristics but dual pane lenses work more efficiently as single panes.

Dual pans have two sets of lenses, one made of thick glass on the outside and the other made of thinner on the inside, both working together to provide insulation that will prevent fog. It is also suitable for our face protection, and works effectively if you are using quality thermal lenses. 

Soap, Shaving Cream, or Vaseline

As we said above you can use soap and shaving cream as an alternative to anti fog spray, yes you can, let’s talk about how it is beneficial for us. This may sound strange, but it is a pro tip that you can apply to your mask to protect it from fog and you will get good results. But the question is how to apply soap and this type of material to clean the mask as it is very thick and difficult to apply. 

You should use a small amount of cream or Vaseline which will be easy to apply and rub, will give you better results as compared to more and thicker ingredients which is also very harmful for our lens and vision.  

Is Buildup of Fog a Big Issue?

Of course this is a very serious issue and has a huge impact on our game. As we know the importance of clarity and wide range of view in paintball games, the fog affects our vision and ability to see and as a result we lose the game. It is therefore recommended that you use any of the methods described above to make the paintball mask non foggy.

Final Words

Before you go on the field you have to make all the arrangements regarding the fog, there is no chance to take off the lens to clean during the game, it is unprofessional and dangerous for our health and performance. No single method is enough to fight the fog, you need to adopt any two methods to get complete fog-free vision, and the two recommended methods are thermal lenses and anti-fog spray. 

You can use anti-fog spray on thermal lenses, it will give you proper ventilation and will be good to avoid fog. It can be expensive but it is good to make you a champion.

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