Best Paintball Mask with Fans Review 2023 – Fogging Solution

When the mask fades in the middle of the game, it can be detrimental to any player as it interferes with attention, and makes it difficult to hit. The biggest reason for this is the increasing fog due to the temperature difference which we have to clear from time to time. This is not a good practice during the game so we need a proper solution to keep the game focused. It can be unsafe to take off the mask and clean it yourself, we should do it automatically and this will only be possible with a paintball mask that has a built-in fan. 

Here we are presenting such masks that will suit your needs in every environment and offer you a great game free from fog. This is a good investment to keep yourself cool and improve your game performance. It is more useful and recommended for hot weather as well as long term innings. This will help you to evaporate the steam and keep the temperature in balance to provide a sophisticated atmosphere. 





Best Value

Outgreek M50
  • Exhaust fan
  • Cusions Pad
  • Cheap Price

Top Rated

VILONG M10 Airsoft
  • Ideal for games like Airsoft
  • 6 adjustable straps
  • Designed well

Budget Pick

JadeDragon Tactical
  • High strength lens
  • Lightweight material
  • Better vision

Top 6 Paitnball Masks with Fan Review 2023 Comparison Table

Image Product Details   Price
CS Protective Tactical Airsoft Mask CS Protective Tactical Airsoft Mask Color: Worx
Note: Includes 10-gallon
reusable collection bag.
Check Price
H World Shopping Tactical Airsoft Paintball H World Shopping Color: Worx
Note: Includes 10-gallon
reusable collection bag.
Check Price
ATAIRSOFT Tactical Protective Skull Mask ATAIRSOFT Tactical Protective Color: Greenworks
Note: Can move freely while
clearing leaves and debris.
Check Price
JadeDragon Tactical Paintball Mask JadeDragon Color: Green
Material: Polyurethane,Nylon
Brand: Jadedragon
Sport Type: Paintball
Closure Type: Elastic
Check Price
VILONG M10 Airsoft Tactical Mask VILONG M10 Airsoft Package Weight: 0.45 Kilograms
Brand Name: VILONG
Material: Plastic
Check Price
M50 Protective Gas Mask M50 Protective Color: Black
Manufacturer: Aoglenic
Check Price

1- CS Protective Tactical Airsoft Mask

Reason To Buy

  • Shock resistance high strength plastic material
  • Elastic nylon strap
  • Dual circulation fan system
  • Cushion pads
  • Passed by ANSI Z80.3 drop ball test
  • Cheap Price

Reason To Avoid

  • Straps can break easily

The thing that sets it apart from all other masks is its material, it uses material that protects us in every way. I have personally been shocked many times when I used other masks that use batteries for the fan, but it has a shock resistant plastic lens to protect you, as well as provides two cushion pads for your head and nose which are also good for comfort.

And now the special thing you are going to know about here is its fan, yes it features dual air circulation fan system which works with 2x AA battery, it plays various roles like this fog Prevention, helps to keep you cool, fights with sweat, provides good breathing and vision.

For your extra comfort that helps focus on game performance rather than anything else, it provides flexible straps to adjust the mask with your head. players’ favorite thing is their cushion pad for the forehead, which does not allow you to feel any kind of burden on your head. 

As it passed the ANSI Z80.3 drop ball test, which assures us that it is effective for us in all seasons. It also applies to Outdoor Live Action CS, Cycling, Military Training, Filming, Zombie Soldiers, Halloween, but is not recommended for Airsoft.

Key Features

  • Anti-fog single pane thermal lens
  • Quick lens changing functionality
  • Accepts all spectra lens
  • 260 degrees wide vision
  • Built-in visor

Our Suggestion

This is a very useful product with a lot of beneficial factors that they are providing at a very low price, anyone can afford it. You can use it in the different areas mentioned in the last para, no need to buy a separate mask. Its shock-resistant plastic material attracts more and more consumers to buy it.

2- H World Shopping Tactical Airsoft Paintball

Reason To Buy

  • Full-face protective mask
  • 2 fan units
  • Net Weight: 0.858kg
  • 2 pcs of lens
  • Reasonable price

Reason To Avoid

  • Fans durability is less

This mask is great and fits on the face as long as you adjust the glasses properly and gently move the face cover according to the distance required for the face protector. Since there is no definitive anti-Z rating, I felt that this purchase was a big risk, but I am really satisfied that goggles took four shots in a row from a G96 gas sniper about 20-30 feet away.

The goggles don’t hold up well, but it can quickly remove the fog and basically just sweat in the eyes. I had to take them off the field, if you decide to buy them don’t use them for high fps games and definitely not for outdoor.

Although it does offer 2 fan units, it is not a very useful offer as it shuts off during the game and does not last long, which causes breathing problems and the lens quickly fades and performance is in danger of deteriorating.

Key Features

  • Dual Pane Thermal Lens
  • Dual-layer face and interior foam
  • Ultra-durable back strap
  • Air Ventilation
  • Quick lens change

Our Suggestion

Because the fans aren’t very powerful, it can be dangerous that they don’t last long, which can make the game worse. As we want to use things that improve the quality and performance of our game and not endanger it. Therefore, we should give priority to those products which benefit us in every aspect, even if their price is a little higher.

3- ATAIRSOFT Tactical Protective Skull Mask

Reason To Buy

  • TPR polyester material
  • Exhaust fan
  • Gray & Transparent lens
  • Impact resistance
  • Cheap Price

Reason To Avoid

  • Batteries not including

This is another very popular mask due to its skull-like shape and various features that help to give 100% performance in a paintball game. Due to its mild size and weight, it is one of the most recommended masks by experts and they like to use it personally. It is made of polyester material which protects us from all kinds of resistance including scratches, fog, wear, age, impact etc.

As well as protection, it also provides comfort with its inner soft material which does not feel any load on the forehead and is good for long innings. Its cushioned sponge pad and wiping cloth give you a sweat-free environment and keep you focused on the game. 

There are no holes for ventilation, it requires an exhaust fan that works with 2XAA batteries which you have to buy separately which I personally find annoying. But the overall price is cheap in which they are providing a fan, sponge pad, mask, wiping cloth which are quite a factor.

Key Features

  • Scratch less thermal lens
  • Lens can change within 10 seconds
  • Shock and sweat absorber
  • Full Coverage
  • Ear protection

Our Suggestion

No doubt it is a well protected product as it covers all over our face as it’s polyester and inner material give us protection and comfort that must be our priority in paintball. Its transparent lens fades instantly so we need to turn on the fan throughout the game to get a clear view which requires batteries. So if you can easily buy 2 x AA batteries then you should use this mask, all other factors are good and our team has personally tested it.

4- JadeDragon Tactical Paintball Mask

Reason To Buy

  • Better vision
  • Lightweight material
  • High strength lens
  • Nylon Adjustable Straps
  • It tested with the ANSI Z80.3 drop ball
  • Reasonable price

Reason To Avoid

  • Battery doesn’t work well for long period

For better visibility, it has exhaust fans on both sides that balances the temperature and protects your lens from getting blurred. It improves our breathing and gives us a unique look with its shape’s design and colors. It doesn’t weigh as much with the built-in fan feature as it is especially designed with thermoplastic polyurethane elastomer rubber which keeps it light and strong. 

With this mask you can feel safe as it covers your whole face and its lens does not allow bullets and paintballs to touch you from anywhere. There is no condition that it should be used only by people of a certain size whose head is small or big, they can use both, there is no harm in it. This helps with its nylon adjustable strap which is beneficial for everyone to tighten the mask according to their size.

Fan-powered batteries do not work well for long periods of better air flow, they are not recommended to play for 4 to 5 hours continuously, especially in hot weather when the fan is a non-compromising element.

Key Features

  • Light Weight
  • Soft Airflow Ventilation System
  • Soft cushion inside the helmet

Our Suggestion

If your budget is low then this product is recommended for you as it has been tested with ANSI Z80.3 Drop Ball and has got better results than any other mask available in this price range. The battery is good enough to easily maintain air flow for two to three hours and give you clear vision..

5 – VILONG M10 Airsoft Tactical Protective Mask

Reason To Buy

  • 6 adjustable straps
  • Exhaust fans
  • Ideal for various games like Airsoft
  • Designed well
  • Protected

Reason To Avoid

  • Batteries are not included

I bought this mask because its appearance is too good, and it looks like it has all the qualities that a good mask should have. As it has 6 adjustable elastic straps that will be good in our fiting, there are exhaust fans on both sides which will provide comfortable play with good air, clear fog and give good vision. 

But when I used it myself, I found everything contrary to the picture. It is safe from any angle, there is no possibility of anything hitting you but it is not as comfortable as stated. The straps do not work properly to tighten the mask from the bottom, which can cause you to encounter obstacles while playing like me. 

This mask is good as long as its fan is running properly, it does not allow fog to come on the mask, provides an airy environment, does not allow sweat to come and gives clear vision. But there is no special guarantee, because it is not so useful for me and my team, so your fan can be damaged too.

It’s good from a safety standpoint, it has holes in the front of the mouth that allow you to breathe easily without a fan, the inner cushion pads are able to absorb sweat, and even save our cheeks and nose from hits.

Key Features

  • Full Coverage Mask
  • Dual-Pane​​​​ Thermal Lens
  • Max Protection
  • Good Venting Throughout
  • Removable Visor

Our Suggestion

As a person with a small head, I felt uncomfortable with the strap. It may be suitable for you, if your size is as good as some of our team members noticed, then it is suitable and safe for paintball and other similar games like Airsoft, Live CS, Halloween, costume ball etc. This is useful for normal weather because it has holes for breathing, if you want to use a fan to breathe and clear the fog, you have to buy batteries.

6 – M50 Protective Gas Mask

Reason To Buy

  • Exhaust fans
  • Stretchy adjustable neoprene headband
  • Thermoplastic Polyurethanes Material
  • Cushion Pads
  • Low Price

Reason To Avoid

  • 2x AA batteries are not included

This is a bit of a nostalgic classic for me because it was album cool because they have a single piece lens like these to do with the MSA was of the MCU 2p and the Millennium but instead of being bulbous and stuff closer to the face you got two filters that are unique. The m61 filter in the same down here fit on the mask gives us protection on both sides. You can take one off while you swap them out so you stay safe and you can still breathe.

They worked a lot for clear and broad vision for players, as they provided a standard lens that would not break easily and exhaust fans that were attached to both sides to provide fresh air and prevent sweat as well as fog. Yes, all these factors are very important for a good and focused game.  

It is made of a high quality material and its durability is very long, you can get lasting comfort with a single investment on it. Its straps work very well, one of the advantages of being stretchy is that it can be adjusted according to our size, unlike other masks it does not bother during the game.

Along with the fan there are holes in the front of the mouth that will make it considered as another way to breathe and exhale warm air. That way we can play our game better and not feel suffocated even when the fan is off. This allows us to play our game better with soft inner cushion pads which absorb our grinding and give us a nice environment and we can’t get tired for a long time.

Key Features

  • 100% Anti-Fog Lens
  • Adjustable Chin Straps
  • Comfortable Foam

Our Suggestion

This is a reliable product that I have personally used even at very high temperatures and have had good results overall. I definitely recommend this mask to everyone as it has many features like cushion pads, exhaust fan, stretchy headband, ventz holes, these are the key factors that help us to focus 100% on our game. Its thermoplastic material enhances durability compared to other masks available in this price range.

The Basics of Paintball Mask Fans

Here we will talk about two basic but important factors that are found in the minds of the players and you should know before buying this mask. Number one: How do fans work to prevent fog and keep us comfortable? 

  • Fans simply swap the warm air of the mouth inside the mask with the fresh air outside the mask. 
  • They can expel moisture from inside the mask.
  • They can get cool air from outside and it gives comfort to the player
  • They balance the outside and inside temperature and do not allow moisture to enter the screen/lenses

And the second is: Why masks fog up and how to clean them with the help of a fan system.

  • The hot air in your mouth and your sweat combine to produce moisture, which after a while becomes water vapor, making it difficult to breathe and fog on the mask. 
  • When there are no ventz holes, then you need an air circulation system for air to pass through which clears the lens and gives clear vision.

Do Paintball Mask Fans Really Help Prevent Fog?

This can be a long discussion if we think about mask fans especially in the context of fog protection, different people have their own point of view and experience about it. Lifting the mask to clear the lens from fog is really an unsafe process, it can also damage your game performance. So what can we do? For this purpose the fan system can be used to give clear vision without interrupting the game. But the question is, do they really help prevent fog? 

According to experts, the fan system is not suitable because it does not work properly in case of fog prevention. Some expert members of our team also agreed with the above statement but there is no certainty, so the discussion does not end here.

Anti-Mask Fan Opinion

The most important element in a paintball game is clear vision, if our lenses are not capable of giving us good vision then it is of no use. This can be one of the biggest problems in our game and no one can stop us from losing the game. Many experts have come up with a solution in the form of mask fans but they have not had much success, saying that it has not been able to help them properly and find a solution to the problem. 

They have had very little impact when we use it ourselves. They failed to meet the demands or wishes of the people as they have very small power batteries. But in my opinion, if you use a big battery the masks will gain weight, their sole purpose is to give you enough air to breathe well and prevent fog. 

The last thing we need to do before every game is put a weak little fan on our mask. Instead, we’ll use the time to clean up our markers, inspect our skins and other gear, check our paint for flaws, formulate strategies, etc. People want to be able to turn it on and off as they see fit, but they can’t, once you turn it on, it stays the same throughout the game, which is a hassle.

It’s not loud or noisy but still people complain about it which is baseless. In fact, no one else will listen unless they are within a few feet of you, so noise is basically a nuisance and it can’t bother you.

Pro-Mask Fan Opinion

If the mask fan is constantly blowing air in and out, it is usually best and enough to keep the fog at bay. A good mask fan should have a universal flow of air according to each environment where it is able to replace the warm air inside the mask with fresh and cool air from outside. 

People want their mask fan to act as an air conditioner, while its main purpose is to prevent fog from coming on the lens and only to give enough air so that the temperature stays balanced and the player stays cool and comfortable.

Another misconception is that it is very noisy, it is not at all, It only sounds at the beginning then everything becomes normal which you do not even feel during the game. 

You can get a good quality mask fan at a reasonable price which you can use not only for paintball but also useful for outdoor live action like CS, cycling, military training, filming, zombie soldiers, halloween etc. 

They are easy to operate and you can use them for your comfort as they are doing a good job of preventing fog on the lenses.

Final Verdict:

There is no doubt that mask fans are really helpful, they are effective in preventing fog and really help to give you clear vision in any tropical environment. It’s not that there’s a lot of noise, loudness and other superstitions that people say about them, it’s good for breathing, fully defensive and gives comfortable sports. 

If you want to buy the paintball mask with a fan then our recommendations are with CS Protective Tactical Mask, ATAIRSOFT Mask, and H World Shopping, they are all completely protective and made of good materials. They are all available at affordable prices with high durability and have been personally tested. The batteries are not included with the fans that you need to buy separately. 

If you are on the list of people who still think this is a problem then you should use anti fog spray or other lens cleaners which are also available in the market. But you should at least try the mask with a built-in fan (we have suggested above) to allow strong air flow and pass hot and humid air.

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