4 Reasons Why Paintballs Curve and How to Avoid it

We all want to hit the target perfectly to achieve our goal in a paintball game. Which requires that when the gun is fired, the paintballs fly straight into the distance, but often the paintballs turn left or right due to various reasons. 

Here we will learn about the possible reasons why paintballs curve and how to fix it. The only and effective solution is to clean your equipment thoroughly after each use so that dirt and paint do not accumulate on them.

Reasons Why Your Ball Might Curve

Here we mention 4 major reasons which we’ll examine in detail and how they affect accuracy.

Wind Flow and Direction

Strong air flow from the opposite direction plays an important role in causing your paintballs to curve. So you should use high caliber balls to deal with this situation, especially when you are playing in an outdoor field. 

If you are experiencing problems such as a paintball curve despite the lack of air in the indoor arena, you should pay attention to the reasons below.

Old or Expired Paintball

As we have already explained in our article on how long paintballs last, after this certain period they expire, and we have to replace them. Because after a period of time they change their shape and using them disturbs our shooting accuracy. 

If there is paint on the balls inside your hopper, it can change the way your balls fly. If your paintballs have dimples or dirt on them, you should throw them away and buy new balls.

Paint Inside Your Hopper

While playing, paintballs break in your hopper and the paint falls into it which freezes if not cleaned in time, which later causes the paintballs to spin. First, do not use paintballs that are prone to paint spillage, if this happens during the game, remove the broken paintballs and clean the inside of the paintball barrel and hopper thoroughly.

Paintball Gun Cleaning Issue

We always recommend that you clean your equipment, including guns, masks, hoppers, barrels, etc., to keep them performing well for a long time. Like professional paintballers, you should get into the habit of cleaning your gears after each use. So that you don’t have to face problems like a paintball curve.


We mentioned 4 major reasons that we think could be the cause of paintballs curve. You can apply all of these to figure out the problem and blast your paintballs straight and far. On the other hand, you should always take care to clean your equipment after each use and never use broken and old paintballs. It is best practice to maintain your gun, hopper and barrel for longer.

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