How to Buy the Right-Sized Paintballs – Do All Paintballs Fit All Guns?

It is very important to always buy the correct size paintballs for fair play, as the difference in size can cause difficulty in firing, the balls may not come out properly during shooting and the gun parts may be damaged. To answer this question we are sharing some points that will help you choose the right size of paintballs, the size of paintballs varies and it depends on various factors which size is more suitable for you. 

Here are some tips you can follow to buy the right size Paintballs.

Do Your Research 

It is very important to have the right size paintballs along with other paintball equipment that keep your game enjoyable. 

You need to do your own research because paintballs vary in size and quality, but first you need to be sure of the kind of paintball caliber you need. So you should visit various popular paintball forums to find out what paintballs other players are using in their guns.

Check the Price 

Cost matters a lot because it varies from manufacturer to manufacturer, and depends on material quality, and most beginners can’t afford expensive paintballs. You can buy balls as per your pocket without compromising on quality, but low quality can directly affect your gun and charge you more in the future. 

Other Factors You Should Consider

  • Paintballs should be perfectly round
  • They should be firm, this gives an idea of how fresh they are made, as they soften over time due to moisture.
  • Always choose one that suits your skill and expertise, if you are still training, it would be preferable to practice with cheap used paintballs.
  • Most importantly, use the caliber of your marker to select the size of the paintball.
  • The conversion kit helps convert any paintball marker from .68 to .50 inches and vice versa.
  • Always use clean, fresh paintballs, do not put dirty paintballs in the loader as dirt can clog the barrel and affect the firing ability of your gun.

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Do All Paintballs Fit All Guns?

No, not all paintball sizes will work with all paintball markers (guns).

The main size balls to look for are .68 and .50 cal, .68 is much more common and is what you will use in most areas of paintball.

Some fields and markers favor smaller sized balls primarily for beginner/young players. They are slowly being adopted into regular competitive play.

What Happens When You Freeze Paintballs?

Frozen paintballs become brittle and usually break when fired. If you freeze paintballs at home in the refrigerator, they will lose some of their properties. But some manufacturers also use ingredients that make their paintballs frost-resistant, meaning they won’t freeze or break when exposed to cold environments.

However, you can try freezing paintballs by placing them in the freezer or in liquid nitrogen. Although paintballs may freeze solid, they will lose their shape and will not fly straight when shot. So it is not recommended to do so, the reason behind it is explained in the paragraph below.

Can Paintballs Be Frozen?

If your paintballs are not frost resistant, you do not need to freeze them, but store them well. Because after freezing they lose their shape and are not useful for a game. 

Frozen paintballs do more damage than normal, or “Frozen paintballs are dangerous.” Don’t believe the hype, it’s a myth! Honestly, the only danger with frozen paintballs is what they will do to your paintball gun! Is it good to play with frozen paintballs?

Playing with Frozen Paintballs

Playing with frozen paintballs is not recommended. Freezing temperatures can cause paintballs to crack and break, which can cause injury. Additionally, cold temperatures can cause problems in the operation of paintball markers (guns) and other equipment. It is best to play with paintballs stored at room temperature to ensure safety and proper function.

Does Being Hit by Frozen Paintballs Hurt?

No! Frozen paintballs don’t hurt, it’s just a paintball myth. But they certainly affect other aspects of paintball such as shooting and paintball markers.

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