Why Paintballs Break in Your Gun Barrel – How to Avoid

Paintballs breaking into the gun is one of the most annoying things that can stop your game and force you off the field. This happens due to various reasons which must be prevented but first one should know about these reasons. 

The first thing you need to do to fix this problem is to properly inspect and clean your gun, and if you don’t understand the mechanics of a paintball gun then don’t do it yourself without learning.

Here we’re going to explain the causes of paintballs breaking and the precautions that can help you avoid this problem in the future.

Reasons for Breaks

There are different reasons that we will explore here and also describe why these breaks occur. Actually there are three types of breaks including Breech Break, Ball Chop, Barrel Break and each has its own reasons. 

  • Ball Chop is caused by internal faults of the gun.
  • Breech Break is caused by user error
  • Barrel Break occur due to various reasons which we look in details

Let’s look at the causes of each type of break and learn how to prevent or fix them.

1- Breech Break

The breech is the part of the gun that precedes the barrel. This is where the ball is pushed out of the gun when the shot is fired. A breech break is a break that we think happens in the breech. This is the easiest break to deal with because there are only two main easy to fix causes. Let’s explore these reasons in detail.

Air Pressure

Too much air pressure will affect your game, especially your accuracy, and you may even experience breech break. Because the air pressure is more towards the gun and it cannot resist the air which causes the breech break. 

It depends entirely on what kind of markers you have and how much air pressure the gun you’re using can handle. If your marker is pneumatic, you may need to change the pressure. In a blowback marker, you’ll want to slow down instead.


Another cause of breech breakage is not cleaning the breech thoroughly, dirt and sand particles get stuck in it, which can harm you if not cleaned in time. Only way to solve this problem is to clean every part of the gun including the breech because most people just clean the barrel and leave the breech as is.

2- Ball Chop 

Ball Chop can happen when a paintball is too old, or if it is damaged. When a paintball breaks inside the barrel, it can cause a jam in the gun and make it difficult or impossible to fire. To prevent ball chops, it is important to use fresh, undamaged paintballs and to clean the barrel of the paintball gun regularly.

Other reasons of ball chopping are following


Always keep in mind that marking speed and loading speed should be the same. If you upgrade one thing and ignore the other, you will have trouble cutting the ball. Many people upgrade their guns to shoot faster, but their loaders can’t handle that speed. The low-velocity loader fails to push forward the bolts coming from the high-velocity markers, causing them to cut in half.

If you have purchased a new or used gun, bring it to an expert for testing purposes to determine what type of loader you should use that is compatible with your gun. So that you don’t have to face such problems later.

Dirty Anti-Chop Eyes

The basic way anti-chop eyes work is that they detect when the ball is in the breach. It will fire only when it detects that the ball is fully loaded in the breech. Chops usually occur when the paintball doesn’t make it all the way into the breech and the bolt pinches it. This is often due to the dirtiness of the anti-chap eyes, as they cannot sense the position correctly.


Overloading is a very bad mistake and unfortunately it’s a very common one that causes a lot of damage. It happens that people load their guns all the way, which causes the balls to compact together, pushing more than one ball into the breech at a time.

Always dispose of previously loaded balls before loading the next one. Because once the bolt comes forward, it will push the first ball out but cut the second ball from the top, which can be quite messy.

Loading Malfunction

It could also be that there is malfunction detent with your gun. If indeed so, two balls may fall into the breech, leaving one halfway in. After the bolt is activated, this ball will split into two parts, and the first ball cannot exit the gun.

The “ball detent” is designed to prevent the paintball from rolling out the firing chamber prior to firing.  

3- Barrel Break

If you want to know what a barrel break is, you can read the article below where we explain the difference between ball chopping and barrel break. 

Here we will learn the possible causes of barrel breakage and how to avoid them.


Your barrel may have a defect such as a rough or irregular bore, or a blockage in the barrel. In such a case, it’s recommended to check the barrel and clean it or replace it if necessary. 

To make sure your paintball gun barrel is defective:

Check Sound: Listen for any noticeable changes in the sound of the gun firing. A change in sound can indicate a problem with the barrel.

Check for physical damage: Look for any visible cracks, dents, or other signs of physical damage to the barrel.

Paintballs and Barrel Size

The size of the paintball and the size of your barrel should be compatible with each other, the difference in size can have a great impact. So you must choose the right size of paintballs because not all paintballs fit in all barrels. You can read more about the importance of the right size paintballs here.

Read: https://truepaintballer.com/how-to-buy-right-sized-paintballs/


Yes, barrel breakage can be caused by temperature. As we have already learned how to store paintballs and how temperature plays a role in the longevity of paintballs. Temperature doesn’t directly affect the mechanics of the gun itself, but it does affect paintballs. 

Paintballs are very sensitive, they cannot withstand extreme weather, so you should check the weather outside before starting the game, it should be normal, neither too hot nor too cold.

Ball Chop vs Barrel Breaks

Ball chopping and barrel breaking are 2 different things.

A barrel break occurs when the ball breaks inside the barrel after being fired.

A ball chop is when the paintball is halfway through loading and the bolt is fired causing it to chop the ball in breath and your offense just sticks to the paint.

So if the balls are in the barrel, your barrel is causing the balls to break. If your bolt has paint on it, it’s a chop.

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