9 Tips and Tricks to Choose Your First Paintball Mask

how to choose your first paintball mask

The use of rental equipment in paintball games is not highly recommended as you cannot play freely as they are not good enough. This is a really good decision if you have already decided to buy your equipment, as a newbie it will give you confidence and increase performance. But if you have no idea …

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Can You Use an Airsoft Mask for Paintball? Is It Safe?

Can you use airsoft mask for paintballing

If you are thinking this, you can easily play AirSoft without any practice because you have been the champion of paintball then this is your delusion. In airsoft matches, players use replica guns and BB pellet fires that you do not use in paintball activities. Their criteria is a bit changed from paintball so that …

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Why We Need to Replace a Paintball Mask Lens 2022

When to Replace Paintball Mask Lens

Each paintball mask lens has a specific time in which they perform at their best in a match. They act like an empire in their initial journey, but with each rise comes decline. There is a time when lenses get old and their performance is not the same as before, so we should replace them …

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