How to Make Your Own Paintball Mask in 2023

How to Make Your Own Paintball Mask

In the game of paintball, it is important to protect your body parts by using specific and specially designed gears like paintball masks, elbow pads, knee pads, shoes, pants, etc. Paintball mask is the most important element used to protect our head, eyes, nose, ears, so we must use a full face coverage mask throughout …

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How Long Does Different kinds of Paintball Games Last?

How Long Does Paintball Last?

Here we clear some queries related to the paintball game, which new players are eager to know. It is their right to know everything about the sport they are starting to play, so that they can prepare themselves mentally or physically. With my experience playing paintball, let me tell you how long a paintball game …

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Speedball vs. Woodsball – Comparison Chart – Pros & Cons

Speedball Vs Woodsball

There are two main ways to play a paintball game: speedball vs woodsball. It is a really famous and stimulated outdoor sport which is also beneficial for human health. Here we will discuss in detail the difference between speedball paintball and woodsball paintball. Both of them are different in size of playing field, terrain, team …

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Airsoft vs. Paintball Comparison Chart – Which is Best?

Airsoft vs. Paintball

Airsoft is a simulated combat game in which participants strike with pellets starting from guns that resemble real firearms. It offers a realistic combat experience at an affordable price compared to paintball. Paintball is a popular and organized sport, in which participants hit each other using paintballs, starting with a special paintball gun.  Most people …

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