Dye I5 vs Bunkersking CMD – Similarities & Differences

Bunkerking cmd and dye i5 are the best paintball masks available in the market. In this article, we are going to describe in depth these popular masks and will find out which mask is the better one?

Similarities Between Dye i5 and Bunkerkings CMD

  • Both dye i5 and bunkerking cmd have the same fitting size, they have ‘one size fit most’ and can be easily adjusted.
  • Both masks almost come with the same time period warranty. The dye i5 comes with 1 year warranty and bankerking cmd has 1.3 years warranty.

Differences Between Dye i5 and Bunkerkings CMD

The dye i5 and bunkerking are slightly different from each other in lens. 

  • The dye i5 has toroidal horizon anti scratch and anti fog with dyetanium standard lens and provide protection from uv rays and offer a broad peripheral vision. The bunkerking cmd comes with anti fog, scratch resistant and glare reduce vio thermal lens.

Uniqueness of Dye i5

The unique thing in dye i5 is that it gives a 290-degree wide vision angle while playing a paintball game.

Different Strap Security in Bunkerkings And Dye i5

  • The bunkerkings cmd have an ultra – wide adjustment goggle strap which gives great secure and non slip quality grip.
  • The dye i5 offers a GSR Gear Lock System (GSR_GLS) and it is known because of its PTC ( precise tension control ) and high distribution of force on the head, good comfort and patent pending ratchet strap system. 

Wireless Capability of Dye i5

Voke wireless air-sync compatibility connection is available in dye i5 paintball mask but this functionality is not accessible in bunkerkings cmd mask. 

Different Foams Used for Comfort By Both Mask

Dye i5 uses a soft touch multi layer foam and bunkerkings use a super soft microfiber layer interchangeable foam. Both forms are comfortable and absorb the sweat and moisture, both are fit for all faces.

Bunkerkings CMD & Dye i5 Have Different Design And Features

  • Dye i5 paintball mask is light in weight and has a flexible compression formed earpiece. Furthermore, it has a universal heads-up pove mount and a good multi direction ventilation system for easy communication and moisture disperse. The design of dye i5 is very nice as it has an easy to release foam kit and changeable lens without any tool.
  • The bunkerkings cmd has a Hi-flow ventilation design to reduce the moisture from the mask. It is made with multi-directional air exhaust zone, distortion free hearing, anti-echo geometry and direct communication vent holes for clear voice. It also has a flex zone that provides protection and a fast lens change system for player’s comfort.

Difference Between Width & Length in Both Paintball Masks

The dye i5 has 9 inches width and 9 inches height while the bunkerkings cmd has 8.5 inches width and 8.5 inches height.

Weight Difference of Dye i5 and Bunkerkings CMD

The bunkerkings is slightly heavier than the dye i5. The bunker is 1.2lbs and dye i5 is 0.78lbs.

ASTM Certification

The dye i5 is ASTM certification approved because it provides maximum eyes protection.

Both Paintball Mask Are Available in Various Colors

  • The dye i5 is available in storm, dyecam, onyx, white, gold, emerald and storm colors.
  • The bunkerkings cmd is available in blue azurea or highlander camo shades colors. 

Comparison Table of Dye i5 And Bunkersking CMD

 FeaturesDye i5 Paintball GoggleBunkerkings CMD Paintball Goggles/Mask
LensAnti-fog Dyetanium LensAnti-fog VIO Thermal Lens
Glare reduction
Vision Angle290-degreeNot stated
Strap SecurityGSR Gear Lock SystemUltra wide goggle strap
Wireless Capabilitye.VOKE Wireless Air SyncN/A
ComfortSoft touch multi-layer foamSuper soft microfiber contact layer
Interchangeable plush BK foam
Key Features and DesignHeads Up POV Mount
Sound Catch
Ultralite Construction
Compression Formed Ears
Scream Multi-Directional Venting
Easy to Change Lens
Hi-flow Ventilation
Moisture Reduction Design
Multi-Directional Air Exhaust Zones
Anti-Echo Geometry and Materials
Distortion-Free Hearing
Direct Communication Mouth Vents
Bounce Flex Zones
Quick-Change Lens System
Size OptionsOne SizeOne Size
CertificationASTM CertifiedN/A
Color Options
Blue Azure
Highlander Camo
Cost Check PriceCheck Price


Both paintball masks dye i5 and bunkerkings are safe and protective and its choice depends on your preferences, your liking and disliking.

Following are some notable differences which help the players in selecting the best paintball mask for himself/herself.

  • Dye i5 has border color range
  • Dye i5 is wifi compatible
  • Dye i5 is lighter in weight as compare to bunkerkings cmd
  • Dye i5 provides a wide range of 290 degree angle view.

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