Indoor vs Outdoor Paintball – Comparison With Pros & Cons

People get stuck at this point and can’t decide whether to choose either indoor or outdoor. So let us tell them both are safe places you can choose any one according to your interest. The major difference between the two is that if you prefer the outdoors then you will have to endure sun, cold, heat, rain, the storm of Diyat, etc. But on the contrary, there is no such problem indoors.

Due to the small size of the field in most indoor paintball, the bases are made very close so that the players are able to catch the flags quickly and the match is over. Therefore, players who prefer long innings do not like it much. 
Both have a list of advantages and disadvantages so let’s try to go deeper into who will be more suitable for you from indoor vs outdoor paintball.

Indoor Paintball Pros

  • Inside the house, most of the floor is covered with artificial grass. If you suddenly fall down there is no chance that you will get injured. You can slide here and there without any fear of friction.
  • If you like to play paintball at night, you won’t have to worry about lighting because there will be LED lights installed on the roof above all the way so that the opponent will not be able to escape from your sight.
  • Indoor is the perfect place for beginners and kids to start their journey because they are unaware of paintball rules and regulations at this stage, So that’s why they can take their first step from here.
  • Here you do not know the wind, cold climate, storm, rain, whatever comes, because the temperature is the same here all year round, but in the outdoors, the match often has to be stopped due to these reasons.
  • Some lenses are specially designed for UV protection which protects the eyes from the dangerous rays emitted by the sun. The advantage of indoors is that you can be protected from these rays without buying these lenses.

Indoor Paintball Cons

  • One major drawback that most paintball athletes face is the size of the field compared to the outdoor area, which explains why paintball lovers prefer outdoor fields. If you do not have outdoor gear then it turns out to be somewhat advantageous, But due to lack of space, you will get bored ahead of time.
  • Due to lack of space, limited players can play at a time. There is a risk that you may accidentally hit your team member if you gather a crowd.
  • Here you have less freedom of movement than outside so you have to spend all your gameplay time in a limited space.
  • The second is that if you always prefer indoors then you miss the outdoor experience. Enduring the hardships of snow, rain, and sandstorms gives you more experience in paintball.

Outdoor Paintball Pros

  • Most people are keen to play paintball under the open sky because they feel suffocated indoors. They don’t care about the hot or cold weather outside because they are enjoying it. Everything here seems realistic to you because there are natural trees, rocks, land, etc. whereas indoors everything is made artificially.
  • Most paintball outdoor fields are very large and spacious. If divided into such small sections, several indoor fields can be formed. If you want to play in the field with freedom of movement, involve yourself outdoors. It will make you an expert from a normal player in just a few days.
  • Due to the large size of the field, it takes a long time to capture the opponent’s bases and kill the enemy, that’s why the duration of the match is longer than indoors. Here it takes a long time for you to hit the opponent accurately because the player usually survives because of the distance, but this gives you a lot of experience.
  • If your kids are stubborn about going out on the weekends or playing paintball, the outdoor field is the place where they will have a lot of fun and learn a lot. This improves their thinking style and increases their decision-making power.

Outdoor Paintball Cons

  • The biggest disadvantage seen in the outdoor field is the bad weather, and the accumulation of catchers, which led to the idea of creating an indoor shelter. So we don’t care about the weather here because air conditioners are installed to reduce the heat while heaters are installed to avoid the cold.
  • Excessive running and struggling causes sweating on the exterior, which causes steam to escape and invites fog, but indoor air conditioners and fans are provided that prevent sweating.
  • In most outdoor fields restrooms, snack machines, washrooms etc. are found in some places while in indoor these places are given separate areas where you take a short breath and charge to take yourself back to the field.

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Making Decision

Here I conclude my debate by telling you that there are strengths and weaknesses in both the fields but the choice is yours. 

In indoor you never worry about the weather and darkness but the match ends early due to lack of space, if you prefer short and multiple innings so there is no better place than indoors.

While my personal choice is the outdoor field because I love to play paintball under the open sky. The natural grass, trees, rocks, and fresh air give me a realistic feel which adds to my enjoyment.

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