Guide to Spray Paint Paintball Gun – Things You Will Need

Do you want to change the existing color of your paintball gun? Are you tired of the traditional black or hidden design? Whatever the reason, adding some spray paint to the paintball marker is an excellent method to give it some personality and a distinct style to your paintball marker. This article covers how to spray paint a paintball gun. We’ll explain each step.

Types of Painting for Paintball Gun

Anodizing, powder coating, and spray painting are three types of Paint to give your paintball pistol a new, more stylish appearance.


Anodization is a standard method for enhancing the aesthetic appeal of paintball markers. This method is predominantly employed on paintball guns primarily composed of aluminum. The process involves dyeing the metal rather than applying Paint to it. Anodizing provides a highly refined appearance due to the relatively thin paint layer, typically ranging from 0.0005 to 0.0001 in thickness.

The most significant drawback of this method is that it is rather pricey to anodize a paintball gun. If you want to anodize a paintball gun with a single color, it will cost you an average of $200. Still, if you wish to use several colors, a splash, fade, sponge, or unique color design, it will cost you an average of $250.

However, anodizing paintball weapons is only possible with standard aluminum paintball guns. Suppose you have a paintball gun made of metal, Glass Reinforced Nylon, or even die-cast aluminum like a Tippmann A5. In that case, you will need to go with another paint choice, such as spray paint, Duracoat, or the following form of painting that I want to address powder coating. If you have a paintball gun built from die-cast aluminum, you can paint it any way you like.

Powder Coating

The powder coating process involves spraying a plastic-like powder substance onto the surface of a gun, followed by baking the surface in an oven until all of the plastic particles melt together to give an attractive and long-lasting finish. Even though powder coating may not have the same level of durability as anodizing, it still outperforms other types of Paint in this regard. Powder coating is a technique that is frequently utilized on automotive components and heavy-duty industrial equipment.

The drawback of this method is that it costs a lot of money and is done at a professional level.

Spray Painting

It is a process in which Paint is sprayed onto a surface using the pressure of air squeezed in the cans. Spray cans come in a considerable number of different colors. This way costs the least and is the easiest to understand and use.

How to Spray Paint Your Paintball Gun

If you have chosen that spray paint is the best option for your paintball gun, let me instruct you on how to spray your marker to look its finest. The following is a list of everything you will need to purchase in advance to prepare for the event. 

Things You Will Need:

You will require a few unique pieces of equipment to paint your gun. 

  • Toolkit: To separate the gun into its parts.
  • Sandpaper: sands down the old Paint.
  • Painters Tape: removes paint chips
  • Primer Paint: provides your Paint a smooth gloss
  • Clear Paint: polishes your Paint
  • Stencils: if you want a particular design
  • Safety Gears: gloves, mask, and goggles
  • Actual Paint: this will make your gun looks new.

Let’s go through the procedure so you are completely clear on how to spray paint your marker now that you know what supplies you need.

      1. Select the color and design

      The initial step involves selecting the desired color for your marker. Consider incorporating multiple colors to create a design or pattern on your paintball gun. Whether you prefer a single color or multiple colors, it is important to explore various options from different brands when searching for paint colors. One brand that has been recommended by many is Krylon. This will allow you to find the color that you personally prefer.

      2. Disassemble the Paintball Gun

        This is an easy step. You will need to disassemble every component of your paintball gun. So that Paint does not go into areas that might obstruct the passageways. You may even paint the whole surface of your gun.

        3. Analyze the Parts

        After disassembling your paintball gun, cleaning the parts you intend to paint is essential. Specific components of the item, such as grips, logos, and eye covers, should be set aside as they are not intended to be painted.

        To clean your paintball gun parts, follow these steps: 

        • Prepare a sink with dish soap and water.
        • Scrub the pieces in the sink until they are thoroughly cleaned. 

        Ensure that all dirt, grease, and Paint are entirely removed. Wearing gloves when handling a cleaned paintball gun is essential for safety reasons.

        It is recommended to avoid getting oil from your hands on the marker as it can potentially disrupt the paint job before it begins. It is essential to allow your gun to fully dry before starting the painting process. 

        4. Sand Off the Old Paint

        For new paint adhesion, it is essential to thoroughly clean off the marker from the body. Once cleaned, the next step is to sand the body using 200-400 grit sandpaper. This process serves two purposes: removing the old Paint and creating a textured surface that allows the new Paint to adhere more effectively. It is essential to remove any dust or particles that may be present after sanding. A clean cloth can accomplish this to remove any remaining debris.

        5. Print the stencils

        Now that your paintball gun is clean, sanded, and ready to go, you’ll need to print out your design on printer paper and cut out the empty space to make a pattern. After making a stencil, lay the shape of your design on some painter’s tape and trace it with an Exacto knife. Some players also like putting leaves or plants on their marker and then spray Paint. This will make a great pattern; you won’t need a printer, ink, or paper.

        6. Tape Markers You Don’t Want to Paint

          Before spraying your gun, tape off the parts you don’t want to get painted on. Taping off any part of the paintball gun that won’t be seen once everything is back together. You should also take time and put the painter’s tape on your marker. If you get spray Paint inside your paintball gun, it could affect how well it works. Even a difference of a few microns in width can sometimes cause problems you didn’t expect.

          7. Hang your marker

          If you suspend your paintball gun with a fishing line or strong thread, you can paint your marker faster and more efficiently than if you lay down cardboard or newspaper. You can paint the entire gun without the cardboard or newspaper getting in the way by hanging your paintball pistol in the air. 

          8. Spray Prime Paint

          Shake your primer container for two to three minutes now that your paintball gun is hanging in the air. After shaking, hold your primer Can 8-10 inches from your marker and spray in short, steady strokes until you’ve covered the area you wish to paint. Your hand should never cease moving once you start holding the nozzle. You risk an uneven and blotchy paint job otherwise.

            9. Apply Actual Paint

            After the primer dries, paint your marker any color. Before painting your gun with several colors, consider your design to ensure you spray the right colors correctly. Again, hold the spray Paint 8 to 10 inches from your paintball gun and spray in short, continuous bursts. Spraying your marker too heavily can cause it to leak and take longer to dry. Apply many thin coats of Paint and allow 30–60 minutes.

            Safety tools are essential. Use your mask and gloves. Goggles are essential.

            10. Remove Stencils

            When the Paint is dry, peel off any stencil tape you put on your marker. You can skip this step if you didn’t use any stencils and only used one color to paint your pen. 

            11. Peel-Off Masking Tape

            After thoroughly drying your paintball gun, remove the masking tape and evaluate your work. The marker may function poorly if the Paint gets between the frame and the body. Just a few millimeters of thickness may make all the difference.

            12. Reassemble the Gun 

            The last step is to reassemble your paintball gun and then use it.

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