How do Magfed Paintball Guns Work – All You Need to Know

Mag-fed paintball guns have become highly popular since the first mag-fed marker was released. Magfed paintball guns are super popular among woodball players and Milsim enthusiasts. They add an awesome level of realism to the sport that we didn’t have before. Paintball players no longer have to switch to airsoft just to experience the sensation of using a real firearm. Now, players can easily purchase a mag-fed paintball gun and experience the thrill of being a soldier in a realistic war scenario. 

What is MagFed Paintball?

Magfed paintball is a variation of the common paintball format, with some differences in the guns used. Magfed paintball guns are a type of paintball gun that is loaded using a magazine instead of a hopper. This design choice is intended to enhance the realism of gameplay. A hopper can carry up to 200 paintballs, whereas a magazine can only store up to 20.

How Does It Work?

Mag-fed paintball guns don’t have a loader. Instead, they use a magazine. And just like a real gun, the magazine uses a spring to put paintballs into the gun. When you’re ready to load a magazine, press the release button to separate the magazine from the marker. After this, you must turn the turning device at the magazine’s top as much as possible. After that, you can slowly put one paintball at a time into the magazine. When the magazine is full, you can put it back on the marker and shoot when ready.

When loading the paintballs into the magazine, use the appropriate paintballs for that specific magazine. To determine if the paintballs are compatible with your mag-fed gun, refer to the information on the paintball box. If you are still determining whether this is the correct paintball, it is advisable to seek guidance from an expert. Here are some additional safety precautions to keep in mind when loading a mag-fed paintball gun ;

  • Make sure the weapon is pointed in a secure direction.
  • After you have started loading, you should keep your finger off the trigger.
  • Check to see that the muzzle is not hiding anything of value.
  • Put the magazine back into the paintball gun.

If you didn’t use all the paintballs in the gun, empty them before putting them away. Make sure the gun is directed in a safe direction before you press the magazine release button to get the magazine out. Press the magazine’s top with your thumb to push the paintballs out.

What are the Differences Between a MagFed and a Hopper?

The hopper and the magfed work similarly, but they do so differently. If you are new to paintball, you should get a paintball gun with a hopper or one with both a hopper and a clip. As a beginner, you might have more fun with a shooter that can hold a few hundred rounds at once than with a magazine that only lets you use 10 to 20 rounds at once. Some mag-fed paintball guns, like the Planet Eclipse MF100 and the Tippmann TMC, can change from a magazine to a hopper in less than a minute. 

But there are also some disadvantages to using a loader. The biggest problem is that you won’t be able to shoot First Strike rounds like you could with some mags. Hoppers also make it hard to be accurate because they block your view over the top of your gun. Magfed markers provide a clear field of view above the marker. Using a loader also makes it easy for your opponent to shoot at you because it’s the first thing they’ll see when you stick your marker out from behind the bunker. 

Magfed paintball guns have advantages and disadvantages

Advantages of Using Magfed Guns:

    • Magfed is more realistic, and many gamers prefer it. This affects gun appearance. Purists favor Magfed firearms like the Tippmann Stormer for their military look.
    • Magfed encourages more tactical play than paintball. Since firearms must be reloaded more often, spraying rounds and hoping for the best is not an option. Magfed requires thoroughly studying the opponent’s position, deeper strategies, and a shot counts approach.
    • Woodsball matches prefer Magfed. Dense foliage, obstacles, and cover may provide an interesting tactical setting. Reloading and aiming in an overgrown arena is the closest most individuals will come to a real-life military experience.
    • Advanced players generally desire to improve their paintball skills. Magfed paintball is known for its tactical edge and hyper-realism.

      Disadvantages of Using Magfed Guns:

      • Paint supplies are limited.
      • Prices of magazines are high.
      • Magfed paintball weapons are typically quite heavy.
      • Feeding problems with soft paint are caused by magazine springs.
      • Need help cleaning the magazines.


      If you’re looking for something more realistic, tactical, and demanding, think about trying out mag-fed. It is important to note that mag-fed paintball guns may only suit some.

      Being limited to shooting only 10-20 paintballs at a time can greatly disadvantage you when competing against players equipped with electronic paintball guns featuring 300-round hoppers. Suppose you’re looking for a challenge and seeking an authentic Milsim experience. In that case, a mag-fed paintball gun might be the perfect choice for you. 

      If you want to try out a mag-fed marker before purchasing, inquire at your local paintball fields to see if they offer them for rental. Nowadays, a surprising number of fields cater specifically to magfed players. If you’re fortunate, you can purchase a conversion kit for your existing paintball gun, like the Tippmann 98 Custom, and convert it into a mag-fed marker.

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