Can You Hydro Dip a Paintball Gun – Hydro Dipping Process

Do you want to try out new tactics with your paintball gun? Is hydro-dipping an option you’ve ever thought about? Hydro dipping is a fun and simple technique to give your paintball pistol a one-of-a-kind appearance. From the tools required to the final product, this article covers everything when it comes to hydro dipping a paintball pistol.

What is Hydro-Dipping?

Hydro-dipping is a process of adding images to three-dimensional objects by dipping it into the water that’s why this process also known as water transfer printing or immersion printing. It is one of several names for the same technique. The process is placing the item to be decorated in a container that is full of liquid and has a special film that has been printed with a design on it. When the ink dries, the adhesive that it contains adheres to the item’s appear, producing a decorative look that is both appealing and desirable. Hydro dipping is a popular way to change the look of almost anything. It’s getting more and more popular in sports, especially ones that involve guns, like airsoft and paintball. With water dipping, people can use their own unique ideas to make works of art that look like they were done by a professional. By putting special paints or dyes into water tanks filled with the liquid polymer solution, users can make colourful patterns and designs on items that are submerged in these tanks.

Hydro-dipping a paintball gun isn’t too different from hydro-dipping other things. However, because of its size and shape, it needs a few extra steps. If you do it right, you’ll have a beautiful piece of gear that stands out from the rest on the pitch.

Step-By-Step Process of Hydro Dipping

Hydro dipping begins with material preparation. Before dipping it in the solution, clean and sand any irregularities. After this stage, the component may be dipped into the liquid to uniformly coat it with film. Before removing items from the tank, air bubbles must be eliminated to prevent adhesion issues. After the dip tank, wipe away the residue before drying and spraying a clear coat if required. Hydro dipping allows you to customise paintball guns, helmets, and other gear in creative ways without worrying about poor application or using the wrong materials.

Step 1: The first thing you have to do to double dip is clean the gun. Isopropyl alcohol can be used to clean. Then either scratch the gun or blast it with sand so that the covering will stick well. Next, you’ll need to prime the gun to make sure the paint sticks well. The third step is to put on the base coat, which gives the gun its general look. After the paint is dry, the fourth step is to tape up half of the gun to get it ready for dipping. In the fifth step, the printed film is put on water that is between 80 and 90 degrees and there is no air between the surface of the water and the film. After letting the film soak up water for about 60 seconds, the gun is dipped for the first time. Make sure to wash the PVA off the dip and let it dry completely.

Step 2: It is essential to use blue tape or a tape with a very low tack when taping. This helps to ensure that the pattern is not pulled off excessively while attempting to remove the tape. Make sure that there is at least a quarter of an inch of the film visible from the first dip when you do the second dip. This will guarantee that the second pattern will overlap the first pattern. In addition, this ensures that the completed design has a seamless appearance.

Step 3: The process of double dipping works particularly well for firearms that have a wide variety of small, complicated components. In order to get the best possible results from the second dipping of the gun, it is critical that the gun be completely dry and well washed before the second dipping. You may prevent the film from rolling over the edges of the container by applying tape to the sides of the container before putting it in water. There are dividers in the water that are keeping the film in place, and you can use the air from the activator pistol to smooth out any wrinkles in the film.

Step 4: After letting the film soak in water for approximately a minute, you may then run an activator down the edge of the film. When you dip the gun a second time, hold it at a little slant so that all of the film may cover the whole portion. This will provide an even coat. Once the gun is completely submerged in the water, you must first rotate the film about to remove any extra film from the dip, and then you must remove the gun from the water. The most significant benefit of utilising the blue tape is the fact that it can be submerged in water without losing its adhesive properties, which makes it much simpler to remove from surfaces. When putting the blue tape, it is essential to remember not to apply excessive force when pressing down on it. Put on just the right amount of pressure to get the tape to stick, but not so much that it becomes difficult to remove.

Step 5: Pulling the tape in the water keeps the pattern from getting messed up. You might need to fix some spots that catch air and throw off the design. Depending on your taste, you can either use regular heat to dry the gun or let it dry in the air. Most of the time, this is done at lower temperatures to improve how the gun looks in the end.

Step 6: The last step is  to add a clear coat  when decorating a gun using hydrographic techniques. Applying this technique provides a neater appearance and effectively seals the ink. The clear coat is applied once the paint gun has dried. Depending on the customer’s requirements and the type of gun being used, it may be necessary to apply a second coat.

Advantages of Hydro Dipping

  • Fast Process: For hydro dipping, you don’t need any special skills or tools, just the right tools and materials. From start to finish, the process only takes a few minutes, so you can be back on the pitch in no time.
  • Durability: Once the dip has dried, it will be extremely long lasting and resistant to scratches and wear.This ensures that your artwork will hold up well over time without fading or chipping. If further defence against dirt and moisture is desired, a clear coat spray can be used.
  • Affordability: Hydro-dipping is a cheaper way to fix a paintball gun than buying a new one.

Disadvantages Of Hydro Dipping A Paintball Gun

Hydro dipping is a great way to make your paintball gun stand out and make it your own, but there are also some things to think about that could go wrong. 

  • Costly: Hydrodipping can cost a lot of money. The cost of the job’s goods adds up quickly, so this isn’t always the best choice if you’re trying to save money.
  • Skill Level: To achieve the desired results, hydro-dipping requires a certain level of aptitude and experience.
  • Few Colors Palette: In comparison to other coating processes, such as airbrushing or powder coating, hydro dipping’s colour selection is often more limited, despite the fact that it offers a wide range of hues. Because of this, it is possible that more elaborate patterns cannot be created without the inclusion of extra processes.

How Long Does a Hydro Dip Last?

A hydro dip can endure for many years if you follow the procedures outlined above. Some individuals even employ hydro dipping to make their paintball guns last longer. Hydro dipping paint is resistant to scratches and ultraviolet light. This means that after a few years, it may have picked up a few scratches and seen some fading, but it will still have a sleek and tidy appearance. This approach of giving your paintball pistol a personalised creative look lasts the longest.

Alternatives To Hydro Dipping A Paintball Marker

Are you looking for ways to make a paintball gun that doesn’t involve dipping it in water? Don’t worry, there are a lot of choices. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular:

  • Spray Painting a paintball gun is a great way to change it up without spending a lot of money. You only need spray paint, which you can get at any hardware shop or art store. Before you start painting, make sure to take the gun apart and clean it well. Put on a few thin layers of paint, letting each one dry completely before adding the next.
  • Another choice to think about is Vinyl wrapping. It lets you make patterns that are more exact and detailed than hydro dipping. A vinyl wrap is a piece of material with a sticky back that can be cut to fit and stuck to the gun. It comes in many different colours and patterns, like camouflage and unique drawings.
  • Airbrushing is a sophisticated method that involves designing intricate patterns on the paintball pistol using an airbrush and paint. Creating a unique and elaborate pattern using an airbrush takes more time and effort than with spray paint or vinyl wrapping, but the end result is worth it.

The ideal option to hydro dipping a paintball gun is one that works for your gun, your skill level, and your budget. Weighing the merits and demerits of each choice is essential before reaching a final decision.

Common Mistakes When Hydro-Dipping Your Paintball Marker

Hydro dipping is a great way to change the look of your paintball gun, but if you aren’t careful, it can also be dangerous. People often make mistakes during this process that can lead to fixes that are expensive and take a long time to fix. Here are a few examples:

Not Cleaning Properly: Before you start the hydro-dipping process, you should clean your paintball gun with rubbing alcohol and a soft cloth to get rid of any dirt or debris. Once dipped, any flaws on the surface will show up more, so taking extra care before will lead to better results later.

Using Too Much Film: Incorrect film application during hydro dipping might result in air bubbles and wrinkles in the final product. If you want your gun’s coating to be uniform throughout the whole surface, use as little material as feasible.

Temp Maintain: Some films attach well at higher temperatures, while others need to be heated to lower ones in order to stick without stretching or ripping. Before applying any film or finish, make sure to read the manufacturer’s directions thoroughly.

Hydro-dipping your paintball gun properly may give it a unique finish and preserve its surface from damage. You’ll have more luck with this customising approach if you know what to expect in advance.

Is It Possible To Hydro Dip A Paintball Gun At Home?

If you’re familiar with the do-it-yourself movement, hydro-dipping your paintball marker at home is entirely doable. But before you get started, check that you have everything you need. The following items are required for a successful at-home hydro dipping of a paintball gun:

 A container large enough to fit the paintball gun

  • Water
  • Hydrographic film
  • Hydrographic activator
  • Spray paint
  • Clear coat

Basic tools like gloves, a respirator mask, and a spray gun will also come in handy. Hydro dipping may be a dirty process, so make sure you take precautions and use appropriate gear. Hydro dipping is a process that may be practised at home to build a one-of-a-kind paintball pistol.


As a last thought, hydro-dipping a paintball gun is a good way to personalise your gear. However, safety measures and certain procedures must be used to prevent harm to your firearm. Hydro-dipping involves some talent, but with time and effort you can give your paintball pistol an appearance that is uniquely yours and that will hold up to regular use. It’s a lot cheaper than buying a new rifle, too. Take your time, pay close attention to detail, and use extreme caution to ensure that your paintball pistol survives the process intact.

There are specialists that will hydro-dip your paintball pistol for you if you are unclear of how to do it yourself or just don’t feel comfortable doing it. They have the tools and expertise to provide you a result that’s up to par with your standards.

Hydro-dipping a paintball gun, in general, is a fantastic method to give your gear a unique look. It’s a thrilling opportunity for innovation that can produce eye-popping outcomes. A custom paintball gun may be made with the correct materials, know-how, and time investment.

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