Empire EVS vs Bunkersking CMD – Similarities & Differences

Empire EVS and Bunkerkings CMD are very good paintball masks available in the market. In this article we are going to overlook these famous models of paintball masks and will finalize which one is better.

Similarities of Empire EVS and Bunkersking CMD Mask

Empire evs and bunkerkings paintball masks come with a nice fitting size and it is adjustable for players.

Differences of Empire Evs and Bunkerkings CMD Mask

Empire evs and bunkerkings cmd have different lenses. The EVs come with clear thermal distortion free spherical and scratch resistant lenses. While the bunkerkings cmd comes with anti fog, scratch resistant and glare reducing vio thermal lens.

Unique Factor of Empire EVS

he empire evs gives a 270 – degree wide vision while playing paintball game. Furthermore, it is a very advanced mask as it can be used with a head up display through wifi using gps feature.

Different Strap Security of Empire Evs and Bunkerkings cmd

The bunkerkings cmd has an ultra wide adjustable strap with high strong grip and non – slippery features which provide high protection during paintballing. On ther hand, the empire uses a silicone backed head strap for security.

Comfort Material Used by Both Paintball Masks

Both masks use high quality material in order to keep it away from sweat and moisture and provide a comfortable environment to paintball’s players. The evs have triple density face foam and bunkerkings have a very soft microfiber contact layer replaceable plush bunkerkings form.  

Design and Features

The bunkers have a HI-flow feature for providing a moisture free ventilation system. It also has a multi direction exhaust area, distortion free hearing and anti echo system. These things lead to clear communication through their mouth vents. The bounce flex zone of bunkerkings absorbed all the impact and gave prevention and a fast lens change system.

On the other hand, the empire evs contain dual pane lenses which feature anti fog, anti scratch and anti reflective to prevent ultraviolet radiations. It also has a microfiber bag and thermo-formed ears for your comfort and protection.

Differences in Width and Length

The empire evs has 9 inches width and length while the bunkerkings has 8.5 inches length and width.

Weight Difference

The empire evs weight is 2lbs and bunkerkings weight is less than 1.2lbs.

ASTM Certification

This is a certificate of maximum eye protection and empire evs is astm certified approved.

Color Variation

Empire evs comes with more colors as compared to bankerkings cms. Blue Azure or highlander camo is the colors of bunkerkings cmd while black, le olive tiger strip, gold/black, white/black are the colors of empire evs.

Warranty Time 

Both paintball masks have different warranty time as the empire evs has 1 month warranty time while the bunkerkings cmd has 1 year warranty time.

FeaturesEmpire EVS Paintball Mask / Thermal GogglesBunkerkings CMD Paintball Goggles/Mask
LensClear Thermal distortion-free spherical lens
Anti-fog VIO Thermal Lens
Glare reduction
Vision Angle270-degreeNot stated
Strap SecuritySilicone Backed Head-strapUltra wide goggle strap
ComfortTriple density face foamSuper soft microfiber contact layer
Interchangeable plush BK foam
Wireless CapabilityLast UpdatedFew Seconds Ago
Size OptionsHUDwifi and GPS capableN/A
Size OptionsOne SizeOne Size
Warranty30-Day Limited Warranty1-year
Key FeaturesDual-Pane Lens
Thermal Barrier to reduce fogging
Thermo-formed ear
Quick Tool-Free Lens Replacement
Protective Micro-Fiber Goggle Bag
Hi-flow Ventilation
Moisture Reduction Design
Multi-Directional Air Exhaust Zones
Anti-Echo Geometry and Materials
Distortion-Free Hearing
Direct Communication Mouth Vents
Bounce Flex Zones
Quick-Change Lens System
Color OptionsBlack
LE Olive Tiger Stripe
Blue Azure
Highlander Camo
CostCheck PriceCheck Price


Both empire evs and bunkerkings cmd paintball mask offer a good safety and protection and selection of mask will be dependent on your desire. Here I will explain some unusual differences of both paintball masks which will help you to choose the best one for yourself.

  • The empire evs is wifi capable
  • The empire evs is massy than bunkerkings cmd
  • The bunkerkings have good warranty time as compare to empire evs
  • The empire has astm certified approval which gives you mental satisfaction regarding the eye protection comparatively bunkerkings cmd.

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