5 Paintball Fields/Parks in Newark, Delaware (DE)

For a beginner, it can be difficult to find the best field in his area to play paintball. To overcome this, we list some paintball parks in Delaware (DE) with their reviews, address, phone number, opening hours, so anyone can easily contact them.

There are several paintball places located in Delaware (DE). Here are some of them:

Precision Paintball

Address: 18181 Asketum Branch Rd, Georgetown, DE 19947

Phone No: (302) 462-1948

Opening Hours: 

Monday to Friday: Closed

Saturday & Sunday: 12 – 4 PM

Website: precisionpaintball.net

Rating: 4.9

Players under 18 Age: Parents Signature Required

Review: https://www.yelp.com/biz/precision-paintball-georgetown

Precision paintball is a great field in Georgetown, Delaware. Above we have mentioned their opening hours where it says they are closed Monday to Friday but you can reserve them on weekdays too. They are very affordable including their field fees, gear rental cost as well as paint. They also offer a membership card which gives you more discounts but is more suitable for regular players.

They have prepared a big space for the spectators to watch the game, like other sports grounds they have covered the ground with a net so that the players can play easily and both the players and the spectators can enjoy. The hazards in their fields are quite amusing. Bunkers, tires, and other cover make for a great game.

Maple Shade Farm Paintball

Address: 151 Anchor Inn Rd, Townsend, DE 19734

Phone No: (302) 223-8025

Opening Hours: 

Monday to Friday: Closed

Saturday & Sunday: 12 – 8 PM

Website: mapleshadefarmpaintball.com

Rating: 4.9

Players 10 – 17 Age: Parents Signature Required

Maple Shade Farm Paintball is another must-visit place in Delaware, let’s see why. They have multiple fields that allow for paintball, woodsball, low-impact paintball and airsoft. Amazingly, they even host games after dark as their fields are well lit. Great for those who like to have fun playing paintball in the dark. 

In terms of prices, they charge a very reasonable price for field fees, gear rental fees, paintballs fees and paint fees. So you can plan to get all these things from them without any worry. Their field hazards are fantastic including bunkers, a truck, boats, tires and natural terrain.

Mansion House Farm Paintball

Address: 2656 Porter Rd, Bear, DE 19701

Phone No: (302) 753-8300

Opening Hours: 

Monday to Friday: Closed

Saturday & Sunday: 11 AM – 5 PM

Website: mhfpaintball.com

Rating: 4.0

Players under 18 Age: Parents Signature Required

Here you can play traditional paintball, low impact paintball, and airsoft in a minimal price range. Their field price, rental fee, paint fee are very fair, also offer a huge discount for groups of minimum five persons, membership pass is also available.

They have three popular fields where people love to play: Hyperball Pipe Field, Construction Zone Field, and Spool City Field. Apart from the paintball game, they are also known to host events. They occasionally organize special parties and functions on special reservation, you can also book them. Available dates are featured on their website.

Paintball Action Games

Address: 3130 Old County Rd, Newark, DE 19702

Phone No: (302) 753-5151

Opening Hours: 

Monday to Sunday: 10 AM – 5 PM

Website: paintballactiongames.com

Rating: 4.3

Players under 18 Age: Parents Signature Required

Review: https://www.yelp.com/biz/paintball-action-games-of-delaware-hockessin

Its popularity is due to its fields that span 50 acres, of which they have specially designed 4 monster woodsball fields and a hyperball field, as well as offering several other games including capture the Flag, Elimination, King of the Hill, Protect the VIP, Zombies etc. Their custom made hazards are just mind blowing which you will really like if you are a little challenging person. 

If you have a group of more than 5 people you will get a huge discount, although their prices are reasonable, you can get more out of it by visiting them in a group. You can find a team from your local area by visiting online paintball communities.

A2Z Paintball

Address: A2Z PAINTBALL Red Mill Road Newark, DE 19711

Phone No: 1-302-898-5189

Opening Hours: 

Monday to Friday: Closed

Saturday & Sunday: 10 AM – 4 PM

Players under 18 Age: Parents Signature Required

This is a paintball and Woodsball field that is completely covered with a net, so that players and spectators can enjoy it to the fullest. One of their fields is a hybrid hyperball-woodsball field which is most popular among the players. They love to play here and book it in advance (especially woodsball players) for tournaments and training. Their fees are very reasonable even newbies can easily afford it, you can get gear from them for very low rent. 

It’s not a paint only park, they charge up if you bring your own paint. They allow players to bring their own paint while not compromising on paint quality for safety reasons. Yes, they are more concerned about player safety, so cheap big box store paintballs are discouraged (they are often low quality and possibly too old to be reliable).

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