6 Best Paintball Fields/Parks in Alabama (AL)

For a beginner, it can be difficult to find the best field in his area to play paintball. To overcome this, we list some paintball parks in Alabama with their reviews, address, phone number, opening hours, so anyone can easily contact them.

There are several paintball places located in Alabama. Here are some of them:

PIG Paintball is Good

Address: 8651 Serene Dr, McCalla, AL 35111

Phone No: (205) 477-6067

Opening Hours:

Monday to Friday: Closed

Saturday & Sunday: 9 AM to 7 PM

Website: paintballisgood.com

Rating: 4.9

Players under 18 Age: Parents Signature Required

Review: https://www.yelp.com/biz/paintball-is-good-mccalla

PIG (Paintball is Good) is an amazing paintball field near Alabama, where people love to spend time with kids. Their specialty is providing entertainment to kids aged 7 to 14 years. They offer three types of paintball games including SplatMaster, Low Impact Paintball and Traditional Paintball. 

Traditional Paintball: 10 years and up

SplatMaster: 7 – 9 years

Low Impact Paintball: 7 – 14 years

It is really a great place of happiness, they support you in every way. Their knowledgeable staff guides the children well and looks after them in the fields. You can bring your own equipment, no weapon restrictions except paintballs, they provide their own paintballs which do not stain clothes and are safe from all damage.  

They offer other games too like speedball and airsoft which are more competitive then above defined but you need a reservation for them. They don’t compromise on player safety, so they don’t mix speedball and airsoft players with low impact and split masters, because their weapons are also different.

Southern Alabama Paintball

Address: 4901 Montee Rd, Theodore, AL 36582

Phone No: (251) 301-6004

Opening Hours:

Monday to Sunday: Closed

Saturday: 9 AM to 5 PM  

Website: southernalabamapaintball.com

Rating: 4.7

Players Under 18: Parents Signature Required

This is another amazing place to play paintball, highly recommended for those living near Theodore. They have a variety of landscapes and ground conditions to engage with. The facility could potentially have wooded areas, open fields, hills, and other features that can be used to create different play scenarios. Furthermore, terrain features can also influence players’ strategies and tactics during gameplay, making each experience unique and interesting. 

They charge 30$ for field and gear rental fee which is pretty good compared to others. For this price they give you 500 paintballs, if you need more you have to pay extra and if you bring your own gear the charges are 20$. They allow you to play laser tag, airsoft and also host other events on a reservation. You can check their availability dates on their website.

MT. Doom Paintball & Airsoft

Address: 3071 Co Rd 515, Hanceville, AL 35077

Phone No: 256) 339-1601

Opening Hours:

Monday to Friday: Closed

Saturday & Sunday: 10 AM to 6 PM

Website: mtdoompaintball.com

Rating: 4.9

Players Under 18: Parents Signature Required

Mt. Doom is my personal recommendation that you must visit, their theme events are one of the reasons for their popularity, the rest of their services are also top notch. They are old and experienced and know what players demand, what can effectively meet their needs and what excites them the most. 

They charge 10$ as entry fee for each player, they charge separately for the rental which is not that much any player can easily afford. Apart from paintball and airsoft you can also reserve them privately for family events and parties. They have great experience in entertaining their guests and making their day memorable.

The major reason for its popularity is the themed events they organize twice a year. You won’t want to miss one of their best themed events: Aliens vs. Marines or Zombie Hunt. We honestly can’t get enough of their Hunger Games and Quarter Quell Games.

Spattered Wood Paintball & Laser Tag

Address: 1371 Cantelou Rd, Montgomery, AL 36108

Phone No: 256) 339-1601

Opening Hours:

Monday to Friday: Closed

Saturday: 10 AM to 6 PM

Sunday: 12 to 6 PM

Rating: 4.6

Splattered Woods is a paintball park in Montgomery that is only open on weekends, but you can reserve them on weekdays as well. You must have a minimum of 10 people to make a reservation, with 10 or more people they also give you a discount. Otherwise they cost 20$ each they provide 200 paintballs, rental gear (mask, gun, CO2, paint). You can bring your own equipment but outside paint is not allowed.

As the name shows, they also offer laser tag for which they charge $150 per hour for a group of six people, $25 each. Yes, you will enjoy what you are paying for, they offer more time for laser tag than other places.

Brothers in Arms Paintball

Address: 4197 W US-84, Enterprise, AL 36330

Phone No: (334) 475-3058

Opening Hours:

Monday to Thursday: Closed

Friday: 6 – 10 PM

Saturday & Sunday: 9 AM to 5 PM  

Website: biappark.com

Rating: 4.8

Players Under 18: Parents Signature Required

Brothers in Arms Paintball is another great paintball field for all ages (minimum age must be 8). Kids (ages 8 to 12) play .50 Cal for fun, while players 10 and up can play traditional paintball. They are experienced in their service, they look after the players well, they organize matches with competitive teams, never pitting newcomers against pro players. 

  • .50 Cal players are only matched against .50 Cal players
  • People using rental gear will play against other people using rental gear

This is a great policy and gives confidence to players. It’s no fun if it’s a match between players who own their gear (Masks, Expensive guns, unlimited paintballs) and those who are renting and have limited resources.   

Central Alabama Paintball Park

Address: 55 Rosebud Ln, Calera, AL 35040

Phone No: (205) 837-4177

Opening Hours:

Monday to Thursday: 9 AM to 5 PM

Friday: 4 – 10 PM

Saturday: 9 AM to 9 PM  

Sunday: 10 AM to 9 PM 

Website: alabamapaintball.com

Rating: 4.9

Waiver Required: All age of players

Another amazing option for paintball that respects and cares for their customers/players. They treat them well on and off the field, designing air-conditioned lounges for players to relax in between games. They also offer private rooms for private groups. But it is recommended that you exercise caution, don’t rush into the air-conditioned lounges with the hot outside temperature and grinding body. 

In addition to paintball, they also offer other fun scenario games like capture the flag, zombies, respawn, and attack and defense, as well as low-impact paintball for kids (ages 6 and up). For this they have really great fields in which they not only offer these games but also host other family parties and events on reservation.

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