7 Easy Ways to Make Your Paintball Marker Quieter

Like most other players, you likely want to keep your paintball as quiet as possible. That’s of the utmost importance in situations with limited space, as the sound of your gun could tip off the enemy to your location. Numerous methods circulating on the internet no longer work or are falsehoods about how to make your paintball game quieter. 

In this post, we’ll share several strategies for reducing the noise of your paintball marker that we’ve found effective.

Upgrade Your Barrel

Invest in a high-quality aftermarket barrel that is specifically designed to reduce noise. Look for barrels with porting or muzzle devices that help redirect and dissipate the air pressure, minimizing the sound produced when the paintball leaves the barrel.

The sound of your marker can be significantly muffled by using barrels. Those barrels with a significant amount of porting work the best for the muffling effect. You may also search for an aftermarket barrel with many ports and flutes since this would help the sound travel further and distribute more evenly. Some participants in the paintball game favor long-barrel weapons. The long barrel helps reduce the sound, even though it does not significantly lower it. Be mindful, though, that a longer barrel may decrease the weapon’s overall efficiency. Look for a paintball barrel manufactured from lightweight materials, has heavy porting, and has been precision-machined to prevent vibration if you want to discover one that is silent.

Barrel Cover

You should fasten a barrel cover or sock on the barrel of your marker. These covers may assist in absorbing some of the sounds produced by the paintball gun when shot.

Clean the Barrel

Most essential, you must always clean the gun after each use by wiping it down with a clean cloth. To clean the barrel, unscrew it, then use a soft barrel swab to remove any dirt, paint, or debris. Pull through the barrel with a rubber squeegee to find any remaining minute particles that may have been missed. Before inserting the swab into the barrel, moisten it with warm water and pull it through. Clean your loader thoroughly. The loader is the component that rests atop your paintball gun and is responsible for loading paintballs into the breach. Washing your loader in warm, soapy water and then drying it will eliminate any remaining particles, grime, and paint residue.  Remember to clean out the breach in the structure carefully. Paintballs are loaded into the barrel through the breach located at the end of the barrel. Your paintballs will become stuck in violation of any paint residue left over from the previous round.

Choose the Appropriate Gun

Selecting the right paintball gun is the main tip in reducing the noise your paintball gun produces. Paintball guns do not all have the same noise; some are much louder than others. Therefore, as a first step, do some research on the manufacturer of the paintball gun that you have on your shortlist. This is because each paintball marker has a unique method of operation. Typically, louder noises are produced by firearms that feature an internal system in which all moving parts collide. Experience a quiet shooting experience with select manufacturers offering guns for minimal noise. These models utilize a precisely controlled burst of air to propel the ball forward, eliminating any internal components that may collide during firing. Experience the peaceful power of these firearms.

Specific paintball followers believe that paintball markers utilizing CO₂ as propellant produce less noise than those employing compressed air or nitrogen. Testing revealed a negligible difference of a few decibels, imperceptible to the human ear.

Use Appropriate Barrel Shroud

A barrel shroud is another way to make your paintball pistol less noisy. A paintball barrel is protected with a cover called a barrel shroud, which wraps around the barrel’s exterior. A valid license is required to purchase suppressors or silencers. However, this is different. Make sure that you check the regulations of your nation regarding the use of a shroud. A barrel shroud usually requires no licensing and can be used legally. Many paintball users discovered that installing a barrel shroud on their paintball marker might reduce noise without compromising the marker’s accuracy or range.

Upgrade the Gun Bolt

Upgrading the bolt in your paintball gun is another strategy to assist in cutting down on the noise it makes. There aren’t aftermarket bolt improvements available for every paintball gun, but if your marker has one, it could help reduce noise and improve performance.

Change O-Rings of Gun

One easy way to make your paintball gun quieter is to replace all the o-rings. Old, worn-out o-rings might not close as well as new ones, letting some extra air leak and making your marker noisier. 

Is It Legal to Use a Silencer for a Paintball Marker

Unfortunately, it is against the law to own a silencer in the United States unless it is permanently attached to your paintball gun or you have paid a registration fee to the ATF and have been given permission to make your own.

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