6 Useful Tips to Avoid Paintball Bruises or Welts

Paintball is a healthy hobby, a source of happiness, a way to relieve stress but only as long as your mind is free from dangers like injuries, pain. When playing paintball, the body’s stress response is activated, leading to the release of adrenaline. As players navigate the field, they may experience a surge of adrenaline as they encounter opponents, make split-second decisions, and try to avoid being hit by paint pellets. 

The rush of adrenaline can make paintball an exciting and challenging experience, while also providing players with a unique opportunity to test their physical and mental limits.

Adrenaline increases heart rate, blood pressure, and respiratory rate, and dilates the pupils, among other physiological responses. These changes help prepare the body for physical activity, such as running away from danger or fighting off an attacker. Adrenaline can also cause the release of glucose from the liver, providing the body with additional energy to deal with the stressor.

Bruises or welts are common injuries that can occur in paintball when players are hit by paint pellets. While they can be uncomfortable and unsightly, they are generally not serious injuries and can be treated at home. Here we are sharing some tips that will help you to prevent and avoid paintball bruises or welts.

#1. Wear Multiple Layers of Clothing

To reduce the pain by getting hit on the body that may cause a bruise or welt, wear multiple layers of clothing. Recommended clothing includes long-sleeved shirts and pants that cover you completely. Be aware of the weather before wearing more layers of clothing as running during the game will increase body temperature and more clothing will feel hotter if the weather is warm. So wear that kind of stuff which keeps you cool and secure. A good choice of fabric for this purpose is synthetic materials such as polyester or nylon that wick moisture away from your skin and allow for air circulation.

#2. Keep the Mask On!

Always wear a mask to protect your face and head and never take it off in the field. We have already recommended the best paintball masks and their importance in our previous guides. If you feel fog on your mask during the game, use a microfiber cloth to clean, but never remove it from your head. I have seen many cases in the fields who were not aware of it and later succumbed to it.  

#3. Wear Body Armor and Gloves

Neck and hand bruises or welts are more difficult to hide in public or at work. So you should take extra care of these parts by using neck guards and gloves. You can also use a chest protector as an extra piece of safety equipment, if you don’t have one you can rent one. 

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#4. Play More Aggressive

Playing aggressively can also help prevent injuries or welts. By constantly moving and changing positions, offensive players make it difficult for opponents to accurately aim and hit paintballs. Additionally, aggressive players are often more aware of their surroundings and better able to anticipate incoming shots, allowing them to maneuver to avoid being hit.

On the other hand, playing defensively can also lead to a decrease in adrenaline levels, as players may not be as actively engaged in the game. This can make it more difficult to stay focused and alert, which can increase the risk of getting hit by paintballs.

#5. Stay in the Pack

A tip to avoid paintball injuries and pain is to stay in the middle of the pack, not in front or behind, why not in the back? Because pro players always try to surround opponents from all sides. So stay in the middle of the pack until you’re sure the enemy player can’t sneak up behind you. 

#6. Wear Camouflage

Wearing camouflage helps to avoid getting shot and thus reduces the chance of pain. Wearing good camouflage can certainly help you blend into your surroundings when playing in the woods, making it harder for your opponents to spot you. However, movement is also a crucial factor in remaining hidden.

While moving too slowly or not at all can make you look less, it’s important to keep in mind that the human eye is naturally drawn to movement. This means that even if you are completely hidden and not moving, an opponent who is actively looking for you can still see you. Try to avoid making sudden movements or noises that could throw off your position. 

Ultimately, a combination of good camouflage and careful movement will give you the best chance of staying hidden and dominating the woodsball.


We have shared some tips that help you avoid paintball injuries or pains, these tips will help you if you follow them properly. Paintball is a healthy activity, people come to play to relieve stress, not to get more pain. So play carefully following the rules and wear all equipment to protect yourself.

This is just for awareness purposes for those who are not familiar with paintball injuries, many people have suffered from them before so newcomers should already be aware of them. There is no doubt that injuries are a part of the game but we must take all precautions to stay safe.

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